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In this story I attempted to cover two parts of the story at once. One was the fantasy. the * begins where he is fantasizing and what he is seeing in his dream. The _____ starts his reality. Again please let me know if its good as I am still learning.

He sat alone in the leather recliner, he tried to keep her out of his mind but is was a fruitless effort she was too sexy not to think about.
Slowly; almost unconsciously he slides his hand to his gray sweatpants and gently squeezes his cock causing it grow larger and firmer.

*She does a sexy little dance for him as she steps into the room, her body wet; water dripping down her slender, naked form making little puddles on the floor. He could smell the fragrance of the soap lingering on her skin from the shower and the aroma just about drove him mad.

________________________By now he had pulled the front of his sweatpants down and was gently stroking his cock up and down, enjoying the building pleasure. He licked his lips, closed his eyes and let heaven guide his every move as he sat alone in the leather recliner.

* She slowly glides towards his as he lay on his back across the bed, his stiff cock standing at attention and twitching as blood was pumped through the veins. Kneading and sucking on her nipples, first one then the other as she goes until finally she is next to him at the bed.

_______He licks his palm getting it nice and wet before continuing his massage on now solid penis, the new wetness making the sensation so much better his other hand cupping his balls and gently rolling the skin between his fingers.

*She climbs onto the bed and drapes her legs across his chest then leans down and plants a small yet sensual kiss on his lips; lingering no longer than couple seconds before moving to his ears, then his neck and chest all the way down to the purple tip. She blows softly and giggles as her breath makes his cock twitch. Finally after what seems like forever to him, her tongue reaches out and catches a drop of precum as it rolls from the tip.

________ By now he is pumping his cock faster, gripping just a bit harder and writhing in his chair as the pleasure goes through his body. He begins to raise his hips in the air as he hand fucks himself through his fantasy. He whispers her name and continues his fisting.

* She smiles as she takes him into her mouth, sliding her soft lips all the way down his shaft until his balls are touching her chin; she holds it and her breath, wrapping her tongue around then sliding back up. She never takes the tip out of her mouth. He reaches down and turns her around so her ass is now in front of him as her legs are again draped across his chest. He cups both of her ass cheeks and pulls apart so he can see what he has been wanting for so long.
Her pussy smells like vanilla. Must be from her body wash he thinks to himself. He leans forward and runs is tongue up the outside of her pussy causing her to shudder. She lets out a soft moan as she continues to pay attention to his erect member throbbing in her mouth.
They spend a few more moments licking and sucking each others private area before he flips he over on her back. Their eyes meet then he bends down and takes one her her tits gently between his teeth flicking his tongue at her hard nipple. He sits up on his knees, his ass resting on his heels as he lifts her up from her waist and pulls her body toward him, the tip of his cock now barely touching her wet pussy. He looks down and sees it resting their ready to enter her then in a quick motion he shoves himself as far as he could into her moist cunt, slamming her back wall and making her let out a startled yet very excited squeal. He was tired of the slow foreplay even though he enjoyed it very much. It was time to pound this tight pussy as hard and fast as he could. She wraps her legs around him as he begins to pump in and out of her with sexual abandon, letting his natural animal urges take over. “ Oh my fucking God!” he grunts through clenched teeth as her tits bounce with each thrust of his hips. She raises her ass to meet his thrusts as best she can and bites her lips to keep from screaming, she has never been fucked so hard in her life and would have no problem if this went on forever. He keeps up his pounding as she begins to feel herself go over the edge of bliss. “ I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!!! “ She screams. He pumps faster bringing her to the end, as her juices squirt from her cunt, covering his cock and running down his inner thigh. He continues to fuck her pussy, giving her no time to rest. Finally he feels his cum start to boil it's way up, pulls out and grabs her hair and shoves his cock covered with her pussy juice into her mouth just in time to release load after load of hot cum down her throat, she swallows every last drop even licking some of her own mess from his cock.

_____________ He fucks his hand faster now feeling himself about to explode. He lets go as his cock shoots all over his stomach and onto the chair.
He reaches for the towel he had laying next to him and sighs knowing it could only happen this way, she'd never go for a guy like him in real life.


2012-01-22 11:12:30
I agree with the negatives here, I tried something different and it didn't work out how I hoped, it happens. Oh well thanks for reading anyway.

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