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A young girl is raped on her 19th birthday by approx. 200 men
After a long 8 or so hour sleep, I came back into the room and found a guy dick slapping Stephanie, then making her suck him off. There was still 32 cocks left for her to suck off and she was already giving up. She was crying uncontrollably. "Please, I've sucked enough! I've been sucking for hours, my lips can't do it anymore! Just let me go!" she begged.

"Then don't suck, just deep throat!" I said and laughed.

"Also I've swallowed too much cum! There is too much in my stomach, I think I'm gonna..." she said and hurled, and thus puked semen onto the floor. I estimated it was about half of what was in her. Thank god the floor was marble, carpet would have absorbed it and it would have been lost. I walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair, dropped her to the ground, and pinned her face on the cum-filled floor.

"You just puked like half of what you've swallowed, I can't have that. Swallow every fucking drop off the floor or I will have these guys rape you."

"But you only said I had to swallow it, not keep it in my stomach!" she pleaded.

"Well too fucking bad! Drink it!" I yelled at her then slapped her in the face.

“Okay! You don’t have to hit me!” She said as she burst in tears once again as she started licking and slurping it off the floor. Her hands were still cuffed to her back. It was A LOT of cum. She was actually forced to swallow 168 loads of cum as I was sleeping! So I estimate the floor had 84 loads of cum she had just puked out!

"This is going to take way too fucking long, the last 32 guys, just jack off into a glass and make her drink the 32 loads from there!" I told them. They all did and they filled the glass more than half way with pure semen. I slammed the cup on a table next to her. After you're done with the floor, drink that fucking cup of cum." After she finished swallowing all the semen off the floor, I held the cup up to her and said "Come on, this is the last of it and you're free to go." She shut her eyes as I poured it into her mouth. It took her 4 gulps and she was done. And then a drop of cum fell from her chin onto her black tank top. "Swallow it" I commanded.

"I can't reach that with my mouth! And my hands are still behind me!" she said.

"Well the deal was that you swallow ALL the cum remember?" I said as I started to take off my mask.

"But that's not fair!" she said "I already swallowed all of your guys's cum!!"

"It wasn't fair either when you nearly neutered me with your kick to my balls, all because I was admiring you during practice." I said as I removed my mask. And she finally realized it was me.

"What the fuck are YOU doing here???" she yelled. "I'm gonna tell Ben and he is gonna fucking kill you!"

"He's going to TRY." I said, and suddenly stood her up and yanked her pajamas down, revealing her black panties and her beautiful legs. I instantly got hard. I quickly finished pulling her pajamas off from under her feet and I grabbed her black underwear with one hand and pushed her stomach with the other. I pushed her against the table and with one fierce pull I snapped off her underwear, making a loud tearing noise. “I’ll make you a deal. We are going to rape you, but not kill you!”

"Fuck you! Get off me you creep!" she yelled.

As soon as she said that I slapped her across the face with my right hand. "Don't raise your voice at me bitch! You're my bitch now!" I said, then slapped her in the face again with my left hand. With that she fell. I pulled her up to her knees. With her hands cuffed behind her back she couldn't block my slaps. I leaned her back up against the part of the table that had drawers and I repeatedly slapped her gorgeous face over and over and over again with alternating with both hands throwing her head left and right. I wiped the running blood from her lips with my 9.5 inch cock, and then started dick slapping her with it. I stood her up, turned her around and bent her over the table. The sight of her beautiful perfect ass sticking up at me got me even harder. I spread her legs apart and did a hard upper cut style slap to her pussy from behind her as she was bent over. Reflex made her close her legs upon being slapped there, and pulled them apart once more and slapped her pussy again, making sure to hit her in the clit.

"OWWW!!!!!!" she cried. "Please stop!!!" I ignored her and stuck my massive cock in her pussy doggy style. My head was the only thing past her pussy lips and she was already yelling. "OWWW!!!! FUCK! STOP!!" She was in pain from being stretched by the doorknob/skateboard-wheel sized girth of my cock. I grabbed her hair and pulled it hard with one hand and I grabbed her shoulder with the other and thrust the rest of my cock in with all my might. She screamed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hey, camera guy, make sure you get this!" I called the guy over. "Catch her crying too!" I said to the cameraman as I forced her head to face the camera. "I'm going to show this video to all of your friends bitch, I'm going to post it on you wall on Facebook for everyone to see!" Stephanie weeped loudly from the humiliation of being raped on camera, and knowing everyone was going to see the video. She held her eyes shut. I forced one of her eyes open with fingers. "Look at the camera bitch!!" I yelled at her.

"PLEASE STOP FILMING THIS! PLEASE!!!” She begged. But I ignored her and kept pounding her doggy style. I was so deep now that I felt the tip of my cock hit her cervix after each thrust. But my cock was too long and was still an inch or so outside of her pussy when I was deepest inside her. I decided to force myself deeper than her body was allowing, and slammed the head of my cock into her cervix pushing it up into her body until my lap slammed into her beautiful ass. She yelled and cried uncontrollably from the agony of having her cervix bruised and battered, but I just grabbed her amazing hourglass hips and kept pounding away. As I was fucking her hard, I started slapping her ass.

The sounds of my loud bare handed slaps to her perfect ass were soothing. I kept slapping her ass HARD over and over again as I kept fucking her. And after each slap, her firm ass jiggled beautify! When my right hand started hurting I used my left hand. It took me about 10 minutes straight of torturing her ass cheeks with slaps to make sure there weren’t any spots that weren’t bright red. She kept crying really loud like a little bitch so I duct taped her mouth again. After another 5 minutes of tearing her pussy up and slapping her ass to a glowing red color I blew one of the biggest loads of my life inside her. What can I say? She felt as good as she looks! I felt my cock pump wave after wave after wave of hot cum, deep in her pussy.

After I pumped the last drop of cum deep in her pussy, I sat her on a chair and pulled out my survival knife. “Stephanie, do you know how long I’ve been dying to have those tits in the palm of my hand?” I tell her and start cutting off her tank top.

(To Be Continued.)

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2013-03-18 00:27:41
WatIf that would of been ur mom like that bitch

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2012-08-29 06:43:43
yea men dont let 'em discourage you!
you're story a great one ill be waiting for the next parts!


2012-01-27 03:06:07
loves hotgirls, so you fathered a kid at 16, poor kid should be in care and kept as far away from you as possible, you are a sick freak and one who cannot write..see stories by fbaily or jackass and learn

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2012-01-26 20:47:55
I wouldn't bring back 200 guys. With a number that large, it loses it's power due to credibility and boring repetition. Stick with a much smaller core group to rape her. Remember that a group of five can do the same thing as 1000 in a shorter and more personal way.

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2012-01-25 23:59:58
Oh yeah, I forgot to say, this is LovesHotGirls speaking.

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