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True story
Blondie boy

This is a true story, it is about my first sexual experience as a boy, although it has been many years since it happened, I remember very well must of the events that are described in this story, I may not recall in detail the conversations that took place but I do remember must of them.

A bit about me. I was born in Europe, when I was 3 years old my parents moved to a Latin American country where I was raised. Must of the population are dark skinned, not black, more like light to dark brown, I am white…. like milk.

I had just turned 11 when we moved to a three story building in a medium class neighborhood. There is where I met Raul; he was the son of a neighbor’s maid and at the time he was 14. Raul and I got along well, he was a nice boy and we used to play soccer, marbles and with toys typical to the country. I didn’t see him every day tough, I used to go to a private school and he attended a public school, but we still had time to play together and I enjoyed every moment since there were no other boys in the neighborhood to play with.

As our friendship grow, I became very comfortable with him, even although he was older, he liked to play games with me and he seemed to enjoy my company.

And then it happened. I have just turned 12 when it started, he was 15. We have had a few conversations about sex, nothing specific, just joking about it, everything I new about sex I learned at school with friends my own age.
That day we were playing with marbles and then he said, “I have a cigarette, do you want to smoke it?”; I have never smoked but I was interested, so I said, “Yes”. We walked up the stairs up to the roof of the building and once there, he showed me the cigarette and he produced a pack of matches and began to smoke the cigarette, he then gave it to me, I didn’t know what to do with it so he showed me how to do it. I did smoke of it, and after a few moments I felt dizzy. We continued smoking and then we started to talk about sex, it was an issue I liked, I felt comfortable with him and we talked about it freely, nothing different that I have talked with boys at school, you know, boys talk about it. And then he asked, out of the blue, “Would you let me fuck you?”. In Spanish, is more subdue, it is like, “Would you let me do you”? it is not at harsh.
I didn’t respond although the idea attracted me, then he said, “Come”, he got up and I got up from where we were sitting, we walked down the stairs all the way to the basement of the building without saying a word.

The basement was an empty room with windows near the ceiling that brought light into the room, there was a bathroom and it was darker there, and there is were he took me.

With his hands over my shoulders he placed me in front of the sink, he told me to remove my pants and I did, he then told me to remove my briefs and I did. I was nervous and exited at the same time. Pants and briefs were down to my ankles. And then I felt his cock, he grabbed me by my hips and he was rubbing his cock between my buns, it felt good, he didn’t try to enter me, and I didn’t expect him do it, and after a couple of minutes, he came, I felt the warm of his semen between my buns and then, before I expected it, it was over.
We got our pants and briefs up and starting to walk up the stairs with out saying anything, he stopped at the first floor were his mother worked and said, “Bye”, I continued walking up the stairs to my apartment. As I walked up the stairs, I felt embarrassed, but at the same time I was feeling the warm of his semen between my buns and I know I liked that, the feelings were mixed, embarrassed and horny at the same time. A moment I would never forget.

A day or so later, as I was walking up the stairs I saw him, he was walking down the stairs, he, with a big smile said “Hi”, I responded the same but without looking into his eyes.
The next day he knocked on my door and he asked, “How about playing some soccer”? I felt ok with that, and I followed him down then stairs and to the empty field next to the building. We played for a while, and at some point, I felt like before, we were just playing and kicking the ball as before, I felt like nothing had happened.

Then it happened again. He again came to my door asking me if I wanted to play soccer, I immediately agreed.
We went to the empty field and after playing for a while he came closer to me and asked, “Do you want to do it”?, I knew what he was referring to, I felt embarrassed and didn’t respond but he placed his hand on my shoulder and started to guide me to the building, I just walked with him knowing what was going to happen.
Again, in the basement, a carbon copy of what happened before, he came between my buns and after that we walked up the stairs and just like the last time, I felt his cum between my buns and again I liked it. In essence, it was the same, with one exception, I did not feel that embarrassed this time.

Two days later it happened again, we were talking outside the building and he asked me and I went along with it. This time I did not feel embarrassed, I guess I was feeling comfortable with it, secure in some way.

A few days later it happened again, but this time he took my virgin ass.
He fucked me. I was not expecting it, I thought it would be like the other times, I was wrong.

As before, we were playing soccer, he came to me and asked me, by this time I was so comfortable with him that I did not hesitate saying “Yes”, we walked down to the basement, and as before I undid my pants and lowered my briefs down to my ankles, he, as before, asked me to bend over the sink, I did. Then he lowered himself and moved my pants and briefs of one ankle and moved my legs apart, he never done that before.
He, as before, started to rub his cock between my buns and it felt wet, I thought he came, but no, I turned my head and I saw him putting saliva on his cock, this time he was trying to enter me. I felt very exited and nervous at the same time, I wanted him to do it but I was afraid.
And then he entered me, just the head of his cock, and it hurt! I said, “Ay, it hurt” and I moved, he immediately said, “just relax”, and I turned my head again and he was applying more saliva on his cock, I wanted him to enter me, but at the same time I was afraid, he tried again, and again and again. He was not going to be denied. And then he was in me. And the pain subsided, he went in me all the way, I felt his pubic hair, the feeling was overwhelming, he was fucking me and I liked it. He lasted more time than before or so it seemed. And then he came and I felt it.

We, as before, got our briefs and pants on and walked up the stairs, Oddly enough I did not feel embarrassed as I felt the first time. As the evening progressed I though of what had happened, I felt him even into the night, he was very much there.

Raul fucked me many times after that. The more we did it, or should I say, the more he did me, the more I enjoyed it.

That same year there were three other boys that took me, Raul never knew about them.

There is no doubt in my mind that Raul was responsible for what happened to me over the next few years. Several boys fucked me after him and also a man.

I guess I have to thank him for all the experiences that I had, my sexual life has been much richer because of him.

By the way, I am not gay, in fact, I got married, had two kids and my wife and have enjoyed a great sex life, and yes, she knows about Raul.

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2013-07-01 20:02:01
To all those here who say they hate "queers", then they must hate themselves as they read the story. There's nothing more disgusting than closeted hypocrites that secretly enjoy reading about gay sex but then like to dump on the authors/practitioners of such. Get a life guys and stop your Denial. You're such cowards that you can't even acknowledge your own secret proclivities. And for those who have never had anal sex, start with an oiled (vegetable oil or baby oil) carrot on yourself and see how you like it. My best sex ever was when I was 13 and spent a summer with my cousin in Maine sleeping in the same large bed. We did "everything in the book", but anal was probably my favorite. I am and always have been bi-sexual as I believe most people are if they allow themselves to explore and experiment. All the name calling of others just indicates your own juvenile repression. All judgment is self-judgment.

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2012-12-20 21:17:36
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2008-02-12 21:00:24
lol it made me horny lol ...
n' keep wrting.. no matter wat those haters say lol if they' arent gay ( y r they reading this )


2008-02-07 01:11:58
U son of a bitch fag!


2007-10-05 06:05:16
When I was a young boy I had a neighbor friend that I met frequently and we played with each others dicks, mostly just feeling and smelling, milking each other. Just one time did we put our mouths on each others dick - I don't remember either one of us cumming but I do remember the feel of his dick in my mouth and wonder now why we never repeated that day.

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