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Half true story. hope you enjoy
This is a story that some parts are true and other parts filled in with my own fantasies. My name is Lara and here's my story

Lara sighed contentedly as the hot water beat on the tired muscles of her back. She had
spent the day hiking ten miles through the woods with the children of Camp Kikicanoe, a
summer camp designed for underprivileged, inner-city youth. Well, it had been ten miles on the
map. In reality, she'd had to run back and forth along the line of tired, complaining kids, cajoling
them along, checking stubbed toes and the like. It had been a grueling, exhausting day.

Now the children and most of the counselors were camped out in tents at the far end of
the trail, probably sullenly singing songs around a fire. Lara, however, had drawn what was
referred to among the counselors as guard duty: watching over the half dozen or so kids who
were attending the summer camp due to a court order rather than by choice.

Had they been adults, most of them would have ended up in prison, but juveniles were
treated with far more leniency. Nevertheless, they still weren't permitted outside the ten-acre
fenced in area of the camp proper. So, while the other campers were roughing it in tents, they
remained in their comfortable cabins. It hardly seemed fair.

Fair or not, Lara didn't mind in the slightest. Because of the duty, she would get to sleep
in her reasonably comfortable cot tonight instead of on the ground, and, as an added bonus, she
had the women's shower cabin all to herself.

When she leaned back to wet her hair, she heard an excited gasp that was abruptly cut
short. Turning her back so that her large, firm breasts were no longer so lewdly displayed, she
grunted in exasperation. Time and again she and the other female counselors had complained
about the gaps in the walls of the shower cabin, but management still had done nothing about it.

As she glared at the thin, moisture warped boards that formed the wall from which the
sound had come, she could hear several low voices chiding the one who had given them away.
She wondered if all of the "bad kids" were out there, peeking in at her.

As ashamed as she was to admit it, sometimes she got excited thinking about a group of
black and Hispanic boys clustered along the outside of the cabin, peering excitedly through the
holes in the hopes of catching a glimpse of her tits over the low walls of the stall, or maybe even
a peek at her ass or pussy when she exited the shower to dry off and get dressed.

Sometimes when she knew they were watching, she even gave them a little show,
washing her boobs far longer than necessary and pulling on her hard, aching nipples. Thinking
about their hard young cocks tenting out the fronts of their shorts as they watched their teasing
counselor take a shower rarely failed to make her horny.

Tonight, though, she was simply too tired to be anything but annoyed.

"Get back to your cabins right now!" she yelled loudly. "Lights out was more than an
hour ago. If any of you are in sight when I get out there, I'll write up all of you. I bet there's still
plenty of room at the juvenile detention center."

She smiled in satisfaction when she heard their exclamations of dismay followed by the
sound of scurrying feet. When they faded in the distance, she leaned back into the hot spray and
started to wash her hair.

She was still rinsing when the door to the shower cabin banged open. Startled, she
reached up to cover her breasts with a hand and twisted around to see who had entered.

Deon, a sixteen year old black kid and the leader of the delinquents, stood smirking at
her. Behind him, looking decidedly nervous, were the other five boys, ranging in age from
thirteen to fifteen.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Get the fuck out of here!" she hollered.

His smirk grew broader. "We're not going anywhere. We got tired of peeking in at you
through those tiny holes, so we thought we'd just come in and get the full show." He paused to
brazenly leer at her exposed body. "And let me say that the show is fine!"

Lara was too pissed off to be frightened. "I'll tell the judge about this. He'll not only
send you to juvie hall where you belong, but add months to your time."

"Nah. You're not going to tell anyone anything, 'cause if you do there's six of us who
will say that you seduced us. That you wanted some dark meat between your lily-white thighs. I
doubt your fellow counselor David will support your story. Without anyone to back you up, who
do you think they'll believe?"

She was taken aback by his words. Why did he sound so certain that David wouldn't
help her? His conviction on the subject sent a shiver down Lara's spine. With all the stories in
the media about teachers seducing their students, management might well believe the boys over
her. It would certainly mean the loss of her job and maybe even prison.

She grabbed her towel and hurriedly wrapped it around her body. Her clothes were in a
locker at the other end of the cabin. They might as well have been miles away for all the good
they did her. She needed to get out of there, and she needed to do it quickly. David should be in
counselors' meeting shack, a small cabin at the center of the camp. If she could get there, she
should be safe, although Deon's earlier statement concerning the other counselor still had her

"Fine," she said. "I won't tell anyone. But the show's over now. Get to your beds."
Holding the towel tightly to her, she marched determinedly toward the door, expecting them to
get out of her way.

They didn't. As she tried to push her way through them, she realized that the towel was
short enough that they were certainly getting glimpses of the bottom curves of her ass cheeks and
maybe even a few brief peeks at her pussy. She blushed in mortification at the same time that
she felt her pussy grow moist.

Deon grabbed her shoulder and brought her to a stop. "Where do you think you're going.
We barely got to see anything but your tits, and we've seen those dozens of times before. We
always come running when we see you're going to take a shower. You're the hottest of the
counselors, even if you do act like a bitch towards us."

Dozens? Her blush deepened. Although she knew that they peeped in at her, she had no
idea it was so often. "Well that's all you're going to get to see. Let me pass." Although she
tried to speak with calm authority, her voice broke and quavered.

Deon didn't bother responding to her. "Grab her arms," he ordered his cohorts.

Lara tried to fight off the hands that reached for her with one hand while holding the
towel up with the other. She was bigger and stronger than most of the boys, but there were just
too many of them. Moments later at least two boys were holding each of her arms as she
squirmed between them.

Deon stepped directly in front of her. Taking the top edge of the towel in both of his
hands, he whipped it off of her, leaving her naked in front of them. She heard the younger boys
gasp with excitement at the sight of her heaving breasts.

"Nice. Very nice," Deon said as he stared at her tits.

She saw his hands rising towards them and renewed her struggles but she couldn't break
free. She cried out in shock as he squeezed them roughly.

He bounced them up and down and tugged on her nipples to the delight of his friends,
who were gazing at her exposed flesh with hungry eyes. "Firm, too," he commented. "You've got
great tits, Lara." He smirked again over the minor breach of camp protocol of calling her by her
first name.

Staring into her eyes with a malicious look twisting his dark features, he kept one hand on
a tit and trailed the other down the center of her stomach. Another camper immediately reached
in to grope the breast that Deon had left unattended.

Deon's fingers lingered on her mound for a moment before tracing along her slit. "I like
nice smooth pussies," he said, "but you haven't been doing a very good job with yours. It's all
stubbly. We can't have that." He turned to address the only boy who wasn't busy holding her
prisoner. "Elroi, run to my cabin and grab my razor and shaving cream. We're going to watch
this bitch shave her pussy."

"Don't you do it, Elroi!" Lara protested, but he was already gone.

She again tried to take control of the situation. Taking a deep breath she said as calmly as
she could with her tits and pussy being fingered and groped, "This has gone far enough. David
will be doing his rounds soon. Despite what you seem to think, he will call the police when he
catches you committing a felony."

Deon grunted in exasperation. Releasing her, he told his cronies to keep hold of her and
then headed for the door. He returned moments later dragging David by the hair. The other
counselor, a stern, older man with strong religious convictions, looked decidedly the worse for
wear: his eyes were blackened, his nose flattened down on his face, and a thin dribble of blood
ran from the corner of his mouth.

Pushing David down near one of the walls, Deon said grimly, "There's your big hope of

Lara looked at the other counselor with open mouthed astonishment. "You're insane!
There's no way you can get away with beating him up and ... and ..."

"And raping you?" Deon finished for her. Without waiting for confirmation, he
explained, "We decided that we've had enough of the bullshit here. We're leaving tonight and
heading to a place where no one will look for us. Before we go, though, we decided to get a little
payback. Speaking of which..."

Held by four boys, Lara could do nothing but squirm impotently as Deon pressed his body
against hers. She squealed as his mouth mashed roughly against her lips, and one of his fingers
slid into her pussy. He finger fucked her hard for a minute before pulling her away from his

He dragged her over to the bench in front of the row of lockers and sat down. He then
pulled her face-down over his thighs. Looking up at the group of boys who had dutifully
followed, he picked one out. "Pedro, she always looking down her nose at you. Want to get

Lara felt the rough cloth of the Hispanic boy's t-shirt rub against her hip as he got down
on his knees next to her. A callused hand groped her ass for a moment before smacking it hard.
A second blow soon followed the first.

As the spanking picked up speed and ferocity, Lara twisted and shook on Deon's lap. It
wasn't only the pain that was making her squirm - although the slaps did sting. Rather, the
thought of these delinquents - these boys that she was supposed to be keeping out of trouble -
leering at her naked ass and pussy while one of their friends disciplined her like a child was
causing a heat to grow within her loins that had nothing to do with her reddened buttocks. She
had never felt such humiliation, such shame. Yet these feelings only added to her arousal.

Deon easily held her in place with an arm across her back while fondling her heaving
breasts with his other hand. After a few minutes, he said, "Hold on a second, Pedro." Nodding
toward the other boys, he continued, "Grab her legs and spread them wide." Lara struggled
fiercely as they hurried to comply, but her efforts were futile. Her face grew even hotter and
redder as everything she had was lewdly exposed to the gaze of the young boys.

When she was spread out before them, Deon said, "Ok, Pedro. Now you can spank her
cunt and asshole."

Lara's eyes widened in shock. "No! Not..."

Before she could complete her protest, Pedro's hand slapped down on her defenseless
pussy. She squealed, screamed and shivered as the young boy's hand rained down on her clit,
labia and asshole. Over the sounds of her torment, she could hear the heavy, lustful breathing of
the other boys as they looked on. To her disgust, soon each of those smacks was accompanied by
a wet, splashing sound as her excitement grew no matter how she tried to quell it.

After a few minutes, Pedro came to a sudden stop, his hand cupping and squeezing her
sex. To Lara's mortification, he then commented, "I think she pissed herself or something.
She's all wet down here."

She could hear the amusement in Deon's voice. "Really? Hold her down for a second, I
want to check this out."

Deon's finger sought out her opening and pushed inside. He sawed it back and forth
within her a few times before pulling it free. She heard his inhalation as he sniffed it and then his
laughter. "Nah, it's not piss. The bitch is getting turned on by this."

Grabbing a handful of her long, blonde hair, he pulled her head back and leaned over to
the side to look into her eyes. In a hoarse whisper he said, "I always knew you were a teasing
bitch, but I never would have guessed that you were such a kinky slut. Do you actually like
having us spank you and look at your tits, ass and wet cunt?"

Squeezing her eyes shut in shame, Lara shook her head in denial.

With a laugh, Deon pushed his still glistening digit into her mouth. "Your pussy says
different, and I don't think it can lie."

After Pedro, each of the other boys took a turn spanking her; some on the cheeks of her
bottom, and the rest on her most private parts. With the exception of Deon, it seemed apparent
that the boys had never seen a live naked woman before, and each also seized upon the
opportunity to examine her in detail, spreading her labia wide apart, pinching and pulling at the
hood of her clit, and squeezing her tits. It wasn't long before Lara was cumming and cumming
hard. Her hope that her writhing and quivering would be mistaken for an attempt to struggle
against her tormentors was dashed by Deon's knowing chuckle.

Finally, after the last of the boys had spanked and fondled her to his heart's content, Deon
unceremoniously dumped her from his lap to the floor. She lay motionless except for her panting
breaths, still in the throes of the aftershocks of her most recent orgasm. Deon pulled her to her
knees by the hair and thrust a can of shaving cream and a razor into her hands.

"Now we want to watch you shave your pussy," he said with a chuckle.

With her insides still aflame, Lara couldn't muster even the most feeble of protests.
Obediently, she crawled to the sink, aware of the eyes upon her bare, undulating bottom, and
thoroughly wet the area down with warm water. Sitting on the bench, she held her legs as closely
together as possible as she slathered the shaving cream over her mound and outer lips. With an
amused shake of his head, Deon came over and took one of her knees in each hand and spread
her legs open wide.

"It ruins the point if we can't see your cunt," he said maliciously.

She drew the razor across her pubic mound with a wince, unaccustomed to using such
crude implements as a cheap disposable razor and Barbasol shaving cream for the delicate task.
When she heard the collective intake of breath, she instinctively looked up. The boys' eyes were
all riveted on her sex, their mouths were hanging open with tongues flicking endlessly across dry
lips, and the fronts of their shorts were tented out. Glancing over, she saw that David was still
crumpled in a limp pile, staring at her condemningly. Despite his expression, his erection was as
obvious as the boys'.

With a shiver that wasn't entirely fear, she returned her attention to her assigned task,
trying to complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After watching her for a few seconds, Deon grunted in disgust. "Not like that," he said.
"Do it sexy. Rub your clit and finger your hole while you shave."

She looked up at him pleadingly, but there was no mercy to be found. "Do it, or you'll
end up a lot worse than him," he said with a gesture toward David.

She did as commanded, noticing that many of the boys were unconsciously stroking their
cocks through their pants as they watched her masturbate in front of them. As she was pulling
her labia to the side to shave one of her plump outer lips, she heard one of the boys moan and
saw a wet spot appear on the front of his trousers. She blushed as she realized that the
knowledge that her wanton display had made one of them cum in his pants had turned her on
even more.

After she had finished shaving the parts she could reach while sitting and had rinsed the
remaining cream from her skin at the sink, Deon relieved her of the razor and pushed her down to
all fours with her head near the bench. She gasped as he applied more shaving cream to the area
around her anus.

"You missed a spot," he said chidingly. He then finished the job with a few surprisingly
tender strokes of the razor. "You do want your asshole to be nice and pretty when we fuck it,
don't you?"

Her eyes widened and she gasped at his words, but before she could form a response, he
stabbed a finger past her sphincter into her tiny backdoor. She squealed and tried to lunge
forward to escape the rude intrusion, but he wrapped an arm around her hips to hold her in place.

"You have a nice, tight asshole, Lara," he whispered as he stabbed his digit brutally in
and out. "I bet you can't wait to have us fuck it. Can you?"

When she remained silent except for grunts and whimpers, he took hold of her clit
between finger and thumb and pinched hard enough to hint at the pain he could cause her if he
wanted to.

"I asked you a question," he said sternly.

"Please don't...," she started before he cut her words off by pinching down harder.

She twisted her head frantically back and forth, but there was no avenue of escape. How
could this have happened? Less than an hour ago, she had been on guard duty, and now she was
on all fours with a delinquent fingering her ass and pinching her clit while his friends looked on.
Gritting her teeth after a particularly hard thrust of his finger, she grunted, "I can't wait for you to
fuck my ass."

He laughed and released her clit, using his now free hand to slap her already sore and
burning buttocks. "Say it again, and this time make me believe you really want it."

Knowing that resisting would only bring more pain, she howled out, "I can't wait to have
all of you fuck my ass! Please fuck all of my holes however you want!"

Deon's finger left her ass with a pop. Chuckling, he stood and walked around in front of
her to sit on the bench with his knees bracketing her lowered face. When he pulled her head up
by the hair, she found herself staring at his cock. It was every bit as big as any adult one she had
seen; long, thick and blacker than midnight.

"Suck it," he commanded. "And if I feel any teeth, I'll knock them out."

Rather than see if she would comply voluntarily, he used his grip on her hair to pull her
forward until the plum sized knob pressed against her lips. Not seeing any alternative, Lara
opened her mouth and let it in. He immediately wrenched her head furiously back and forth,
viciously fucking her face.

Between moans, he magnanimously gasped out to his friends, "I know none of you have
had any pussy since pussy had you, so go ahead and take a nice close look. Hell, finger it and
even lick it if you want. You just can't fuck it yet: I get to be first in all of her holes tonight. The
rest of you will have to make due with sloppy seconds."

As she gagged around Deon's cock and choked on the lubricating fluid that seeped
copiously from its tip, she heard the other boys jostling and fighting each other for the coveted
position directly behind her upraised buttocks. Moments later, she felt at least three hands
groping at her sex and anus. Another of the boys moved to her side and cupped her tits with his
hands as they bounced back and forth under the force of Deon's relentless tugs on her hair.

After a few moments, they worked out a pecking order and she felt the hot breath of one
of the boys on her bare pussy as he leaned in for a view normally reserved for her gynecologist.
Fingers pushed into her wet channel and pried her hole open wide. Again there was jostling and
shoving as they fought to look inside her.

"It's kinda wrinkly inside," said one of the Hispanic boys. "I bet that's going to feel
really good."

"Is that her clit?" asked another boy as she felt a finger brush against her pearl.

"Are we really going to fuck her ass?" asked yet another as several fingers from several
different hands tried to force their way inside the tiny orifice in question.

"She's soaking wet," commented a fourth.

She gurgled and gagged when Deon forced his cock into her mouth until his balls were
touching her chin. He groaned, and she could feel his hot seed spurting down her throat.

When his climax had passed, he pulled his fat dick from her lips and wiped the head
across her cheeks, smearing the last drops of his semen all over her face. "Not a bad blow job for
a white bitch," he said with a satisfied sigh. "I bet my friends want to find out for themselves
how good your mouth is now."

Lara was forced into an upright kneeling position as the other boys gathered around her in
a tight circle. They had all stripped from the waist down, presenting her with a buffet of boy
cock ranging in size from a little over five inches long to less than three and in color from a light
brown to deepest black. Under Deon's command, Lara took one in her mouth while stroking two
others with her hands. Every minute or so, Deon would shout, "Switch!" and she would rotate to
the next waiting cock.

Being forced to service these young criminals like the sluttiest street-corner whore was so
humiliating, so depraved, so vile, but Lara couldn't deny that it was also making her hot, stoking
the fire in her loins until it threatened to consume her.

Suddenly, the boy whose brown cock she was sucking pulled it from her mouth with a
curse. She barely had time to close her eyes before his cum sprayed across her face and forehead
to the delight of his friends. She moaned as the lewd and demeaning act ignited her own orgasm,
her body quivering as waves of pleasure and self-loathing coursed through her.

As young and excited as they were, it didn't take long to make the other boys climax as
well. Only one came in her mouth, the rest chose to target her face, hair or breasts. As the last
coated one of her nipples with his boy-cream, she couldn't help but notice that several of the first
boys, including Deon, were already hard again.

With a grin, Deon pulled her to her feet and dragged her over in front of the big mirror
behind the line of sinks. She recoiled at the sight of her reflection. Her hair, including her
eyebrows and eyelashes were matted and sticky with boy-cum. Strands, streaks, and strings of it
covered her face and chest and dangled from her lips and chin.

"What do you look like?" Deon asked as he forced her to gaze upon the mess.

She struggled to find an answer to the question. Sensing her confusion, Deon prompted,
"Do you look like our slut, like our little white whore?"

"Yes," she mumbled resignedly.

He smacked her ass hard three times, making her squeal. "Well, say it, then," he

With a sob, Lara replied, "I look like your slut."


"And your little white whore," she finished despondently.

"That's a good whore," Deon said triumphantly as he marched her back to the bench and
forced her back down to her hands and knees.

"I want my little white whore to beg me to fuck her," he said as he took position behind

Tears running down her face, leaving tracks in the semen that crusted her cheeks, Lara
looked pleadingly over her shoulder, begging for mercy with her eyes.

Again his hand came down on her ass. "Beg for it!"

Lara knew what he wanted. Stifling her sobs, she blurted out, "Please fuck me. Please
fuck your little white whore." As shameful as it was, part of her wanted it as bad as he did.

The words had no sooner left her lips when she felt the bulbous tip of his cock press
between her labia and force its way inside. His abnormally large member filled her and stretched
her like never before. With a groan, she collapsed onto her chest while he plunged in and out of
her at a furious pace, his loins slapping against her already reddened ass with each thrust.

"Like the big, black cock, bitch? Huh? Do you? Tell me!"

Trembling as she came yet again, more from the humiliation of being screwed like a dog
by a hood rat in front of his friends than the brutal fucking, she moaned out, "I love having you
fuck me with your big, black dick! Keep fucking me!"

He chuckled, and she felt his finger press between her bottom cheeks to circle her anus.
She gasped as it sank inside. He then held his hand against his lower stomach so that the thrusts
of his pelvis pushed his finger in and out of her ass in unison with the cock in her pussy.

Again taking her by the hair, he pulled her back up onto all fours. "We want to see your
tits sway back and forth while I fuck you," he said. "Don't put your chest down again."

As he held her head up, she was shocked to see an eye peeking in through one of the
holes in the shower cabin walls. She gasped as she realized that she had forgotten all about
Derrick, a nerdy young black kid whose asthma prevented him from staying in the woods with
the other campers.

Quiet, unassuming and bashful, the boy had always looked up to her, almost worshiped
her. Now poor, innocent Derrick was watching her get gang raped by the camp bullies. The
thought was so shameful, so hot, that she came again. Deon chuckled as both of her holes went
into spasms around his cock and finger.

Abruptly, Deon came to a stop while fully buried within her. "I'm getting tired, slut. It's
your turn to fuck me."

Gasping and groaning in shame and pleasure, she rocked back and forth, impaling herself
again and again upon him. One of the other boys came in to bat at her swaying breasts. The
peeping eye watched it all.

With a groan, Deon ground his hips against her backside, and Lara felt his member
twitching and a spreading liquid warmth inside her.

"Oh god, your cunt feels so good, baby," he moaned as he slapped her ass almost
affectionately. He lingered only for a few seconds before pulling his dick and finger from her
violated holes. Leaning down he whispered in her ear.

When he stood, Lara's face was burning with humiliation, but she said, as he had just
commanded, "I want the rest of you to use my pussy and mouth for your pleasure. Use my holes
however you want, as much as you want. Cum in me or on me. Treat me like the filthy white
whore that I am."

She saw the peeping eye widen at her statement, although she couldn't tell whether it was
from shock or excitement. What was Derrick thinking as he watched the woman he idolized beg
to be fucked by criminals?

There was no question what the other boys were thinking as they fought each other for
position in the line forming behind her. Having already experienced the pleasures her mouth
could give, only one of them came forward to use it. When he pressed the spongy head of his
brown cock against her lips, she obediently engulfed it.

She had only sucked it for a few seconds when the others finished working out the order
in which they would be raping her. She moaned slightly as a smallish penis sank into her until
the owner's balls smacked off her clit. He immediately started humping furiously, slamming into
her with youthful vigor.

At the same time, the boy whose cock she was sucking, prompted by Deon, took a
handful of her hair and held her head motionless. He, too, then started to hump his hips, fucking
her face at the same fast pace as the boy fucking her pussy.

Lara could do nothing but shake and moan as she was pierced and pummeled from both
ends, cocks sliding in and out of both of her wet holes. She couldn't believe how turned on she
was. She was being raped by boys who were barely old enough to shave, and she was having
more orgasms that she ever had before. She was so lost in her own pleasure that she barely
noticed Deon sitting down next to her writhing, rocking body until he started to pinch one of her

"You like taking it from both ends, don't you slut?" he asked as the electric like pulses
from her nipple joined the larger ones coming from her loins.

"It's a shame you can't see what all of us are seeing: his black shaft sinking into your
pussy between the lily-white cheeks of your ass. Every time he pulls back, his dark meat is even
wetter and shinier than before. What kind of slut gets turned on while being gang raped?" He
watched for a few seconds more before slapping her ass again. "This is their first piece of ass, so
you'd better make it good for them. Roll those hips. Slurp that cock. Be a good whore."

As she began to actively participate in her own gang rape, he leaned forward and started
working on both of her breasts, pulling and twisting as though he was milking a cow. "I've been
wanting to play with these sweet, white titties since camp started."

Excited at the prospect of losing his virginity to a hot, white adult, the boy fucking her
pussy didn't last very long. Barely a minute after he had first slid inside her, she felt his cock
twitch and spasm as he added his own seed to Deon's.

Seeing the look of ecstasy on his younger friend's face, Deon leaned in close to whisper
in her ear, "He's cumming in you, isn't he? Even a whore would make us use rubbers. How
does it feel to be used like something less than a whore?"

The boy behind her held himself motionless inside her for a moment before pulling free
with a wet slurp. She could feel the mixture of his juices, Deon's and her own dripping off her
clit and running in small streams down her inner thighs. The first boy had barely gotten out of
the way before the second shoved his cock inside her.

Without prompting, she again started to roll her hips, churning the small but very hard
cock in her depths. Her face grew even hotter at Deon's amused and malicious chuckle, but she
didn't stop - or even slow - her efforts.

The second didn't even last as long as the first. After only three or four erratic thrusts, he
slapped her ass as he came with a wild scream.

"Goddamn, that is some fine pussy," he said as he pulled out and wiped his cock on her

Deon laughed. "Like you'd know the difference, Tyrone. You are right, though. She is
one hot cunt."

As the third boy was taking his place behind her, the cock in her mouth erupted. Taken
by surprise, she gagged on the thick fluid and allowed some to dribble down her chin. Deon
immediately spanked her ass hard and fast.

"Bad slut! Bad!" he chortled as he brought his hand down again and again. "He was nice
enough to cum in your mouth. The least you could do is suck it all down. Show him you're
sorry by licking it off the floor."

Lara knew that the cured concrete was thoroughly cleaned every day and, because of the
outing, she had been the only one to use the showers since they had last been sanitized. Still, she
thought she would die from humiliation as she lowered her head and performed the degrading act
that Deon had commanded. She had only taken a few tentative licks when he pulled her head
back up by the hair and stepped around in front of her.

Presenting his cock to her, he said, "Suck it, slut. Make sure you get it nice and wet and
hard, 'cause it's going in your ass next."

With something between a shame-filled whimper and a lustful moan, Lara engulfed his
meat, taking it as deep into her mouth as she was able. As she began to bob her head, she
realized that the shaft that filled her mouth was flavored with his semen and her own essence.
Unable to help herself, she caressed his length with her tongue and sucked hard to clean it of
every last drop of their combined juices.

The boy fucking her lasted a lot longer than the others. Sloppy, slurping sounds echoed
through the room as he hammered into her from behind, his young cock piercing her again and
again. Under his relentless assault, she could feel the heat rising in her loins once more. The
sensation of her pussy contracting around him proved to be too much for the boy, and she felt
him squirting inside her as her own orgasm went on and on.

Deon pulled his cock from her lips when he saw his friend withdraw from her pussy.
With a broad grin, he said, "Get out of the way, guys. It's time to give her ass a try."

The smaller boys immediately scrambled back out of the way. Suddenly free, Lara made
a break for it, scrambling across the hard floor on her hands and knees. The boys went silent
behind her, keenly watching her toned, round bottom swing from side to side, and her breasts
sway back and forth. Initially chased only by a few wolf whistles, she had almost made it to the
door when Deon broke into a sprint to overtake her.

Laughing, he grabbed her hips and brought her to a stop. She kicked back at him, but he
easily dodged out of the way. He tugged and pulled on her until she was turned back the other

"What do you say, guys?" he asked the others. "I think our lil' white whore looks pretty
good crawlin' around. Do ya think we should make her do it some more?"

After the other boys bellowed their approval, Deon gave her ass a sharp wack. "You
heard 'em. Get crawlin'."

She could again feel their hot eyes upon her as she crawled back the larger group. Pedro
was waiting for her and sent her back to Deon with a laugh and another smack on the ass. She
crawled back and forth again and again as the boys hooted and hollered their appreciation. After
only a few such trips, all of their cocks stood out straight and hard, many still wet with her pussy
juice or saliva.

She had just turned around by Deon when he dropped to his knees behind her. She felt
the head of his dick touch her tight pink pucker, and then she squealed as he drove it deep inside.
Her body quaked with pleasure and pain as he immediately started to pump her ass hard and fast.

With a low, guttural moan, he spanked her bottom a few more times as he gasped out,
"No one told you to stop crawling, slut!"

Sobbing with shame and lust, she crawled awkwardly back toward the other boys. Deon
stayed with her the entire way, keeping pace on his knees and he continued to drive his thick
meat into her bowels. When she reached the others, they gathered in close around her, leaving
her no room to crawl any farther.

Pinching one of her bottom cheeks, Deon said with a throaty chuckle, "Shame on you,
Lara, for letting these innocent young boys watch a big, black dick fuck your flutterin' lil
asshole." He then added suggestively, "The only thing that would make it worse is if you reached
back and spread your cheeks to give 'em a better view and started screamin' about how much
you loved it."

Taking her cue, Lara lowered her chest to the floor and reached back to do as she had
been told. She then cried out, "I love having a big, black dick in my ass! It hurts so good!" The
most shameful thing about it was that it was true.

Breathing heavy, the boys took turns fondling her tits while eagerly whispering to each
other about their upcoming turns in her tight bottom. After a few minutes, one of them
complained, "Uh, Deon? You wanna hurry it up, ese? I haven't had my turn fucking her pussy

"Shit! Sorry, man!" Deon exclaimed. "I was thinkin' with my lil head. Gimme a
second." After a moment of silence, he continued, "Lay down on the floor there. I have an

Dimly, Lara saw one of the Hispanic boys stretch out face up on the floor next to her, his
brown cock sticking straight up like a flagpole. Deon pulled her hair back and leaned forward to
talk directly into her ear. "Okay, Lara, here's what we're going to do. You're going to get up on
all fours and crawl over until you're on top of him. Then you're going to take him into your
sweet lil white pussy. Got it?"

Lara nodded. Releasing her bottom cheeks to the disappointment of most of the boys, she
got up on all fours and worked her way to the side until the Hispanic was beneath her. He
grinned lewdly up at her as she reached between them to align his cock with her embarrassingly
wet pussy. Before she could lower herself, he thrust up hard, burying his cock in her to the hilt.

Lara could only moan and squirm helplessly as she was suddenly stuffed completely full,
both of her holes stretched tight around the campers' cocks. Sandwiching her, they humped and
groaned furiously, pounding into her with wild abandon while the other boys cheered them on.

With orgasm after orgasm crashing through her body, Lara had no idea how much time
had passed before they both came inside her at almost the same time. She shook and quivered as
they ground their loins against her while their cocks throbbed and twitched deep inside her.

As soon as Deon pulled free, the Hispanic boy unceremoniously rolled her off of him.
She lay limp and shivering with the aftershocks of her pleasure as the other boys closed in.
Moments later, she found herself between two more humping, grinding, moaning boys, and her
orgasms started anew.

She was so lost in pleasure and shame that she couldn't even force her eyes open when
her head was lifted by the hair. She then felt another cock press against her lips and
automatically opened her mouth to let it in. Its owner instantly started fucking her face at the
same wild pace that two of his friends were using her other holes.

As if at a great distance, she heard Deon chuckle and say, "Well, holy shit. Now that
bitch is watertight; all holes plugged."

Again and again they used her, taking their pleasure in all of her holes at once, until none
of them could get it up again. Until this night most of the boys had been virgins, but now they
had each taken a beautiful white adult woman - a woman who would never have had sex with
them willingly - in her mouth, pussy and ass.

They sat in a circle around her for a few minutes, watching the semen trickle in thick
streams from her pussy and ass. Finally, Deon stood. "We need to get moving. We have to find
a car, grab some shit to eat on the way, and see if anyone has any money in their lockers."

"What about her?" Pedro asked, poking her side with a toe.

"I dunno. Originally, I planned on just tying her up and leaving her here, but she is one
sweet piece of ass. Now I think we should take her with us. She could keep us happy on the
way, and when we get to where we're going we can sell her on the street for some extra cash.
Yeah! We'll pimp our lil white whore out!"

The boys laughed and joked about this plan for a few minutes before heading out to
collect what they needed. Lara couldn't muster the energy to even offer a token protest of their
plans for her, instead crying quietly. Before he left, Deon approached her with a roll of duct tape.

"Can't have our lil white whore getting away while we're busy," he said with a snicker.

Quickly he taped her wrists to her knees and bound her calves together, leaving her with
her chest on the floor and her bottom raised high.

He gave her ass a little smack. "You should get used to this position, Lara. You're
probably going to be in it a lot from now on."

He started to leave but quickly turned back. "Hey! Now that I think about it, poor ol'
David is probably all horny from watching you act like a whore."

Taking her by the hair, he dragged her over to where David still lay limp from his beating.
"Take his cock out, slut," Deon commanded.

She glanced up at David's face as she was carrying out the order, but turned away in
shame when he mouthed the word harlot. Despite his disapproval and the pain he was no doubt
in, he was rock hard, his cock surprisingly thick and long.

"Okay, David lift your hips, and Lara suck that beast in the whole way."

Again Lara did as she was told, taking David's cock into her mouth until it made her gag
and choke. Deon quickly strapped her head against David's lap with duct tape, and let out a
laugh. "I bet it's hard to breath around that big fucker. Oh, well. Make him cum, and it'll get

Deon quickly taped David's hands behind his back and bound his ankles together.
Laughing loudly, he then departed.

To ease her distress, Lara worked her tongue against the underside of David's cock until
he erupted down her throat. Ignoring his condemning mutter, she took gasping mouthfuls of air
to regain her breath as his massive member began to shrink. She then started to cry softly into
his lap, dreading the grim future that the boys had planned for her.

Suddenly, she heard a soft footfall behind her, but couldn't turn her head to see who it
was. Thinking that the boys had returned to collect her, her tears flowed more freely. She felt
fingers softly caress her upturned bottom before being quickly yanked away.

A timid voice then said, "I'm sorry, Miss Lara, but this is probably going to hurt." She
felt someone take hold of the tape at the side of her head and yank it off. He was right: it did

Confused, she turned her head to the side and found herself looking at Derrick. The
young boy's face was pinched with fear, and his eyes were wide.

"I heard them say what they were going to do to you," he said quietly while working to
free her wrists, "and I couldn't let them do that. We have to hurry, though, or they'll catch us
and probably kill me!"

As she rubbed the circulation back into her feet, Derrick fetched the robe that she had
planned to wear after her shower and draped it around her. Staggering, he then supported most
of her weight as they made their escape. They left David where he was; he was too heavy for
them to carry and too injured to move on his own.

As they made their way across the campground, he dropped them both to the ground
several times to avoid being seen by the delinquents . She heard their cries of alarm behind her
when they discovered her absence, but by then she and Derrick had made it to the row of pay
phones the campers used to call their families in the evenings.

Because Lara's throat was too raw and sore from the abuse to speak easily, Derrick called
911 and then helped her squeeze into the crawl space beneath one of the cabins while they waited
for the police to arrive.

They huddled together, shaking with fear, as they watched the delinquents search for
them, sometimes only a few feet away from their noses. After what seemed an eternity, red and
blue flashing lights lit the campground. Although they tried to run, the delinquents were quickly

Over the next few hours, Lara answered questions, signed a statement, and refused
counseling. She couldn't bring herself to admit to anyone, even a professional, that part of her -
a large part of her - had actually enjoyed being gang raped by a bunch of ghetto rats.

When it was finally over, she took another shower - even longer and hotter than the first -
and crawled into the cozy bunk in her cabin. She had barely closed her eyes when a tentative
knock sounded at the door. She didn't have to ask who it was; with Deon and his cronies
arrested and David at the hospital, Derrick was the only other person in the campground.

"Come in," she called out. She remained in bed, too tired to even sit up.

Derrick poked his head in and, seeing that she was decent, came in the rest of the way. "I
just wanted to make sure you were alright," he said while staring at his shoes.

"I am," Lara replied hoarsely, her throat still sore. "But only because of you."

She held her arms open, and he walked timidly over to accept the hug. As she held him
tight, she whispered, "I'm so proud of you. You were so brave tonight. You saved me!"

His feet shuffled on the floor, "Aww, I didn't do that much, Miss Lara."

She kissed his cheek. "Yes, you did. You're my hero, Derrick." Continuing to hug him
to her, she said quietly, "When I saw you looking in through the hole in the wall, I just knew you
were going to save me."

Pressed against her as he was, she couldn't help but notice his sudden erection at the
mention of what he had seen earlier that night. She couldn't resist asking, "Did you like what
you saw? Did you enjoy watching the other boys rape me over and over?"

His body stiffened, and he stammered out, "N-n-n-no, Miss Lara. It was horrible! I-I-I..."

She ran a hand soothingly up and down his back. "It's okay, Derrick. It's only natural
that a boy your age would enjoy seeing a woman doing those kind of things. So, tell me the
truth; did you like what you saw?"

"Some of it. When they weren't hurting you," he admitted in a voice so low she had to
strain to hear it.

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Yes! I think you're beautiful, Miss Lara!"

"Is that why you touched my bare ass before you untied me?"

"I'm sorry," he wailed. "I couldn't help it..."

"Shhh, it's okay. If it wasn't for you, I would be getting raped in a car right now on my
way to god knows where to be whored out by Deon and his gang. Did you like touching my

"Yes," he blurted out immediately.

"Would you like to touch it again?"


"You're my hero. Heroes should be rewarded. If you want to touch my ass - or any other
part of me - you can. In fact, the other campers won't be back until tomorrow night. Until then,
you can do anything you want to me. Anything at all."

"Really?" She almost giggled at the excitement in his voice.


Releasing him from her embrace, she rolled over on her stomach and pulled the long t-
shirt she had worn to bed up around her hips to expose her panty clad ass. "Go ahead, Derrick.
Pull down my panties and take your reward."

He didn't need to be asked twice. Darting in quickly - as if expecting her to rescind an
offer that had been nothing more than a joke - he seized the sides of the flimsy garment and
tugged the panties down her thighs. She lifted her legs to help him whip them the rest of the way

For a long time, he simply stood and stared, drinking in the sight of her naked bottom.
She heard him gasp as she spread her legs slightly to give him a good look at her pussy from
behind. It made her feel so naughty, so dirty, to be willingly exposing herself to such a young
boy, but he was her hero and deserved it.

His palms rubbed tentatively over the round cheeks that were still sore and tender from all
the spankings that she had taken earlier. As she lifted her hips up slightly from the bed to
encourage further exploration, she heard his breath become deep and ragged.

She expected him to quickly move his hands to her pussy, but he just continued to gently
rub her ass, soothing away the pain from her abused bottom. It felt so good and the trials of the
night had left her so exhausted that she soon slipped into slumber.

The next time she opened her eyes, light was streaming in through the windows of the
cabin. Still half asleep, she tried to brush a hand over her face. She came fully awake when her
arm was brought short by a rope tied around her wrist.

She whipped her head around frantically, fearing that Deon and the others had somehow
escaped the police, but the only other occupant of the room was an anxious looking Derrick. As
she calmed slightly, she realized that both her hands had been tied above her head and her shirt
had been pulled up to expose her breasts.

"Is this okay, Miss Lara? You said I could do anything I wanted...," Derrick whispered

She had to smile at the boy's boldness, tying her up while she was asleep. "Anything you
want. I'm your reward," she confirmed softly.

Eyes wide with excitement, he crawled onto the foot of her cot and lifted her legs up and
back, pulling her bottom slightly off the bed. Two other ropes were already tied to the supports
at the head, and he quickly secured them to her ankles. She was now spread wide open, her
knees up by her chin, just far enough apart that her tits remained in clear view.

He kneeled by her raised ass, his eyes moving hungrily up and down her body. She was
again reminded of just how young he was. She shouldn't be showing him her naked body. She
shouldn't allow what was obviously going to happen next. But he was her hero.

She gasped as his fingers traced over the lips of her sex, feeling herself beginning to
moisten as he touched his first pussy. His gentle explorations quickly drove her crazy. "Fuck
me!" she shouted. "Drive your cock the whole way into your hot counselor's pussy!"

His clothes vanished as if by magic. His body trembling in anticipation, he knelt between
her widespread thighs. In her position, she was able to see every detail as he rubbed the spongy
head between her lips, seeking her entrance. He soon found it, and a look of wonder appeared on
his face as he sank inside to the hilt.

"Fuck me, Derrick!" she commanded. "Pound my wet pussy! Pound it hard!"

His hands slid back and forth from her upraised ass to her tits, squeezing and fondling.
His hips moved in a blur, driving his hard boy-cock forcefully in and out of her. She kept getting
more and more wet until each thrust was accompanied by a sloppy, slurping sound.

"That's it!" she cried out. "You're fucking me so good! Keep fucking me! I love getting
fucked by my hero!"

His face frozen in an expression of astonished pleasure, he kept pounding away, too
excited to speak. After only a minute or two, she felt him twitch and throb within her as he
came, but he just kept on going, not growing soft for an instant.

The knowledge that she had just taken her hero's virginity sent her over the edge. "I'm
cumming! I'm cumming on your hard cock! Feels so good! Keep fucking me hard!"

Derrick gave her what she asked for. She could see their combined fluids bubbling
around his pistoning cock, churned into a froth by his rapid thrusts. She had long lost count of
her orgasms by the time he reached his second climax. The sight of the young black boy
throwing his head back with a loud moan as he came inside her again triggered a last orgasm of
her own.

He slumped panting between her legs until his softening member popped out of her,
releasing a torrent of their combined juices that ran down her bottom cheeks and dripped to the
bed. He then quickly untied her and cuddled up to her side, suckling on her breast as he
recovered from an experience that he had previously only known in his deepest fantasies.

They remained nude as they made breakfast and showered together. After the boy's
hands made certain that her private parts were sparkling clean, they finished with her kneeling in
front of him, his ebony cock sliding between her ivory, soap-slippery breasts. She squeezed her
tits tight against his meat, bending her head down to lick the tip of his cock each time it peeked
from her cleavage. Finally, he could take no more and pulled her to her feet. His erection led the
way as they practically ran back to her cabin.

Keeping to her promise to do anything he wanted, she allowed him to position her like he
would a doll. This time he put her on all fours and got on his knees behind her. She could feel
his bobbing cock brushing against her cheeks as he stared at her exposed bottom, committing
every delicious curve to memory.

She moaned deeply as he slid into her once more. Almost immediately, an orgasm
coursed through her body, more from the thought that she was allowing the young, innocent
black boy to fuck her from behind than the feel of his cock inside her, though that was a
delightful pleasure in itself.

He fucked her slowly this time, leaning over her back to fondle and squeeze her dangling,
swaying tits. After an indeterminable time, he straightened up. A shiver went through her at the
sensation of a smooth finger circling her anus before pushing slightly inside.

Hesitantly, he started to ask, "Miss Lara, would it be okay if I..."

She twisted her head around to look into his beaming face and gave permission with a
nod and a smile. Part of her rebelled at the idea of allowing this innocent boy to do something as
depraved as fuck her ass, but he was her hero and she was his reward.

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