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I started off with one friend, but why not have many?
Disclaimer. The following story is completely fiction. The people in the story are real but the events are all fantasy and made up. I hope you enjoy.

I’m Kaitlin. Some of the details have been changed to protect myself and the other people involved but it’s a story that I feel I should share. This happened not too long ago. I am now in college. I’m 5’9”, blonde hair, green eyes, only 105lb. You know one of those bony awkward teenagers. I was a cheerleader, too. I had pretty small boobs, honestly. I only had a 34a bra, but I had a lot of pride in my fitness since I was in track and cheerleading.

It started when I met a man on the Internet. His name is John. He was much older than I was. In fact he’s old enough to be my father. I was a teenager in high school and just had earned my license. I was now able to be a little more mobile than before. I was also getting to become more and more curious about boys, but I was really interested in men. Not really with boys my age but men.

We started talking just about things like random people on the chat. I was lonely and bored and so was he. We talked about the things I did in my life, which I was telling the truth, and so was he. He was talking about how his sex life was pretty boring and that he did not have the same feelings for his wife anymore. The conversation later led to me talking about my own fantasies with him. The fantasy I had wanted to have was a gangbang with a handful of men. I did not take it seriously, nor did I expect to even speak with John, or better yet meet him again.

Turns out that chat with John led to more of an online friendship. We began to talk as often as I could make it online to speak with him and he always got me into talking about my gangbang fantasy. I talked about the details of how it would happen, what the “rules” would be, etc. Sometimes we would roleplay my fantasy and it would be really hot and heavy. I enjoyed every moment of living my fantasy online.

Later down the line, John and myself became really good friends and actually had met up. In fact we had sex a few times and it was wonderful. We kind of had a no strings attached relationship. He would be very generous and give me nice things for the weekends we would spend together. I was honestly getting really used to it.

One weekend we decided to go to a hotel and meet. It wasn’t near our homes where people would know who we were, but it was close enough to home for us to live our lives fairly normally, just that on the weekends we have sex with each other. It went on as normal. I would drive to the hotel after school and meet him at the hotel. There we would do nice things like stay in the pool, give each other massages, have dinner, and then… you know.

However, this time, it wasn’t the routine. I drove to the hotel from school and made sure I had all the things I needed for the weekend. I made sure I had a fairly nice dress in case we did something formal, and had all the other things he liked for me to wear. He liked it when I wore boy short underwear. I made sure I brought that. I also brought a bikini that was cute, but nothing that was too slutty, so when people saw us in the pool, it wouldn’t look too bad.

The routine went on as normal – the drive, ice breakers, and dinner. Once we got back into the room, this is where things changed. John had actually brought some pot with him. I took a few big hits from his bong. I then decided to go change in a bikini and just wear it in a robe inside the suite. After I get out of the bathroom, I realize that I am starting to feel warm and good from the weed. I step out of the bathroom in my robe and realize that there are 3 older guys with John with him. At this point, I was starting to feel the effects of the weed and was really confused on why they were there. I then hear John say, “Kaitlin, it’s time.”

I am totally confused at this time. I then see his friend Tim, come up to me and start undoing the knot on the front of my robe. They obviously have had this planned out. He undoes the knot on the front and pulls it off of me. I am wearing a pink bikini top with a solid black bikini bottom. Tim pulls it off and gives me a good look. I am pretty stoned at this point so I do not know what to think other than to just stand there. Then, John’s other friend named Jeremy yells, “Wow, this one is good. How did you find her?” John replies with, “Oh, just another young one from the neighborhood.” Jeremy then comes up to untie the top of my bikini top and find myself topless. Tim then pulls my bikini bottoms off and admires my body.

The fourth man in the room, Chris, was in the room and called out to John. He had asked John if I was any good. John replied laughingly, “You’ll see.” Chris picked me up over his shoulder and laid me down on the bed. He then kneeled beside my head, with his pants already off, and offered his penis to my mouth. I opened my mouth instinctively. He fed his dick to my mouth and all I did was suck at him. He put both hands to my head and pulled my head deeper onto his dick. As all of this was happening, and as Chris’ dick was growing in my mouth I felt another man near my face kneeling with his dick out. I think it was Tim. He grabbed my hand and started to make me stroke his dick. John was just standing there smiling. Then, Jeremy, already naked starts to go between my legs and finger my pussy with his hand. I felt myself getting wet. I couldn’t believe that this was about to happen.

I felt my pussy getting real wet and by now I was swapping between two dicks in my mouth or hand. Suddenly, I start to feel that Jeremy has stopped fingering my pussy. I feel that Jeremy has grabbed a bottle of lube and wet my pussy with it and next thing I feel is him on top of me and he had already plunged his big fat dick inside my teenage pussy. It felt great.

Jeremy had started off slow strokes in and out of my pussy. I later felt that Tim had reached over to my clit and rub it as Jeremy was fucking me. He was very gentle and slow, but as each stroke went on he went on harder. He looked down at me with passion and he saw the same in my eyes. Then he started to fuck me really hard. I was breathing so hard. I can feel the heat in my body and through the bodies of the other men. This went on for several minutes with Jeremy fucking my pussy while I was entertaining Chris and Tim with my mouth and hands. Jeremy kept going and I felt that he was breathing harder now. I think he was about to cum.

Jeremy backs off of me and tells Tim and Chris to get off of me because looks like he was close. He then straddles my face while I lay down and forces his dick into my mouth. He strokes the rest of his dick while the head is in my mouth and I suddenly feel his hot cum flood into my mouth. It tasted terribly. But I instinctively swallowed it and felt his dick soften in my mouth shortly thereafter.

After I finished swallowing, I heard Chris tell John that it was his turn. I saw Chris sit on the edge of the bed with his big cock sprung up. He had a very big dick. I saw chris beckon me to come toward him. I wearily come over after I had taken another two hits of weed from the bong. He says, “Face away from me and fuck me. I follow his lead. He roughly grabs at my sides and forces me down on his dick. It turns out that he or Jeremy didn’t have a condom on, but we were so stoned at the time, it didn’t matter.

I felt his big dick just invade my body. It felt huge. I used my legs to pump myself up and down. Chris was helping me. I can tell he liked how he was feeling. I thought Tim was going to come up and make me suck his dick but I don’t think it was possible at the time. They just sat there cheering as all of this went on. I felt times where Chris was enjoying himself and even grabbed at my little breasts and called me names like “bitch” and “whore.” I loved it. As I was fucking his big dick I can feel myself beginning to get hot. My legs started to shake and I started to bounce on his dick faster and faster. I yelled and suddenly collapsed on Chris’ chest. I had just come.

Chris then laid me on my back on the ground and started to stroke his big 8” dick on my face and I felt his cum all over my face. He calls me a slut and then throws a towel over my face and walks away. I am in such a daze from the weed I just continued to lay there. I remember hearing Chris tell John that I was good and my pussy was tight.

I next see that John sits me up and asks me if I can still go and fuck Tim. From what I remember, Tim felt had an even bigger dick than Chris. I mean, he was the only black guy from the group. I had second thoughts about continuing, but then the next thing I know is that John had already started to get the bong ready to be lit up and the mouthpiece was set on my face. I just relied on my instincts and continued to take three huge hits from the bong. The next thing I knew, I was on the bed, on my back looking up at the ceiling.

I felt Tim rubbing my pussy a little bit again. I can feel that he is putting more lube into my pussy so I can take is extremely large dick. My brain was telling me to be nervous but I can barely move my body at this point. I feel my legs being spread and pulled up. I finally felt them rest on Tim’s shoulders. Then, I felt it. I felt him plunge into my pussy. First it was slow, with the tip, and then more. Then it was all of his dick. I couldn’t take it. I came instantly. I shook on the bed but he continued to fuck. I was shaking uncontrollably, and he continued to fuck me with his big dick. I caught a glimpse of his face and he was looking down on me smiling because he can tell I liked it. I was moaning loudly.

Tim asked me what I was. I kept on saying “Slut! A slut!” Then the old dirty men all laughed. Jeremy said, “Wow look at the bitch. She’s so young and already loves the dick!” I had heard lines from this go on for what seemed like hours as Tim was fucking me like crazy. I couldn’t count the amount of times I had cum.

Tim was obviously nearing the end. He was fucking me really fast and hard. His sweat was dripping onto me. I came several more times and honestly I couldn’t even move from the pot, but I was feeling so good at the same time. I was just letting these older men take over my teenage body. Tim also didn’t have a condom and honestly I didn’t care. I don’t think he did either, then I felt him collapse on top of me and I felt it. He came inside of me. I felt all of this black man’s cum just splash inside me. I loved it.

I felt his dick get soft immediately after he had come and he kisses me on the chest and backs off of me. They leave me on the bed as I can hear the men just getting ready to leave. Jeremy tells John, “Wow this bitch is good. Looks like we’ll have to do this again next week.” John says, “Well it looks like that is going to cost you.” Looks like this is the beginning of a new group of friends.

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