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Father and daughter love affair continues...
to get the most out of this story, it is recommended that you read parts 1 & 2 prior to reading this one.

What happens under the covers...stays under the covers...

Part 3

Chapter Five

Four days had passed since the unexpected confinement of Sarah and her father during the freak snow storm that had left them powerless, clinging to one another for warmth and security. Their lives had since fallen into a state of domestic bliss. Sarah now shared a bed with her father, falling asleep in his arms each night and waking wrapped in his warmth each morning. Everyday she would reluctantly disentangle herself from her father’s limbs, shower and dress for school, while Michael prepared for another day of loneliness, working in his at home office until her return.

Her father had warned her about the importance of keeping their love affair a secret, telling her that outsiders would see their new relationship as vile and perverted, not to mention immoral and illegal, but Sarah didn’t see it that way. She was in love for the first time in her young life and felt it was a beautiful thing to be proud of.

The sex was amazing, as was the contentment she felt afterwards when her father held her exhausted and totally sated body in his arms and whispered his love in her ear. She wanted to shout her joy from the highest rooftop. She didn’t, of course. For days she hid her happiness from the outside world, suppressed the newborn emotions that bubbled up inside her and made her feel as though she would explode into a million tiny pieces.

Her best friend, Claire, was not so easily put off, however. She immediately sensed the change in Sarah, witnessed the ravishing glow that crept over her face as she appeared lost in thought, daydreaming about something… or someone? She never saw her with any of the boys from school and Sarah’s unnatural silence only further piqued Claire’s curiosity and, after a lot of constant nagging and prodding, Sarah finally broke down and told Claire everything.

The words tumbled out of Sarah’s mouth before she could find the will to stop them. A great sense of relief washed over her following her confession, like a huge weight being lifted from her chest. Although she wasn’t certain how her friend would react to hearing that Sarah had fucked her own father, not once but multiply times, she did not doubt that her secret would remain safe.

Claire had not been repulsed by her best friend’s admission, as Sarah had feared, nor did it appear to alter their long standing friendship in anyway. If anything, Claire seemed intrigued, fascinated with the idea of Sarah having hot, sweaty sex with a MAN, the same man whom she herself had lain awake night after night fantasizing about.

“Was it good?” Claire whispered as she pushed open the heavy double doors and waited for Sarah to exit Stone Valley High School. Light flurries sprinkled the sky as they silently stood on the front steps, Claire watching her friend expectantly.


“Yeah.” Sarah said dreamily. “It was…amazing.”

“Is it…big?” Her best friend leaned in and whispered.

“What!” Sarah’s jaw dropped with disbelief.

“You know…his dick. Is it big?”

Sarah knew that Claire was still a virgin. The extent of her sexual experience being much the same as Sarah’s had been not so long ago… internet porn. She couldn’t help but laugh at her friend’s innocent curiosity.

“Huuugggh!” Sarah blurted out and then giggled uncontrollably.

Discussing her father’s cock size with her best friend should have been embarrassing, or at the very least uncomfortable, yet the unexpected jolt of heat that blasted Sarah between the legs, instantly dampening her panties with her aroused heat, caught her by surprise. Sarah thought it was just the topic of their discussion, the reminder of what she had waiting for her at home that had suddenly sparked her desire, until an explicit image of Claire, writhing with pleasure beneath her father’s magnificent body, flashed before her eyes and Sarah felt her knees start to tremble.

Holy shit!

Why was it that the thought of her father, the man that she was hopelessly in love with, naked and fucking her best friend, was starting to turn her on? She needed to hurry up and get home, her lust-filled mind was definitely working overtime and she needed to find relief.

“Oh my god, Sarah! Did it…you know…h-hurt?” Claire asked excitedly as they turned and headed away from school and the risk of being overheard.

“Um… a little, at first.” Sarah admitted shyly. “But he was very sweet and gentle.”

The far away, dreamy look in Sarah’s eyes as she described, in detail, her sexual trysts with her father, made Claire’s body temp spike dangerously hot with a strange mix of envy and lust. Michael Sheldon was absolutely gorgeous for his age and Claire had often touched herself while imagining it was his hands, his mouth, and his experienced cock that brought her virginal body to one earth-shattering orgasm after another. The fact that Sarah HAD experienced what Claire so often dreamt about left Claire feeling half excited and a lot confused. Should she be jealous that Sarah, who was younger by seven months, had lost her virginity before her? And to a man that she has desired since first discovering that wonderfully “educational” website. Or should she feel elated and hopeful because Michael had proven that he desired young, inexperienced pussy?

He was very sweet and gentle. Sarah’s words echoed repeatedly through Claire’s mind.

If Sarah could command her father’s desire, then why couldn’t she? Claire smiled as if a green light was suddenly flashing before her eyes, signaling the end to her restlessness, convincing her it was finally time to seek out and seduce the man of her dreams. Sarah had willingly shared everything with her since the third grade, why should this be any different?

* * *

Sarah barely made it through the front door before throwing down her back pack and kicking off her shoes. She raced through the house in search of her father. She found him in his office talking on the phone. His amazing brown eyes seemed to light up when he saw her standing in the doorway.

The unexpected visions of her daddy fucking Claire had lodged themselves in her sexually charged mind and haunted her the whole way home from school. Her panties were soaked and her breathing raspy. She needed to get laid. Now!

She pulled her tight pink sweater over her head and tossed in to the floor. When her nimble fingers began to work her little black shirt down her shapely legs, her father’s gasp could be heard from across the room. His voice faltered slightly as he spoke into the phone.

Sarah slowly, seductively padded across the carpet wearing nothing but her pink lacy bra and matching panties. Her father’s eyes watched her, entranced by her perfect, lithe body. She stopped directly in front of him, her eyes slithering down his body to where the outline of his enormous erection was sheathed beneath his loose sweatpants. His shirt was unbuttoned to the waist and giving her a glimpse of the soft thatch of curls that covered his chest.


Sarah licked her lips and instantly dropped to her knees before him. There was no time for the sweet kisses and soft caresses that was a routine prelude to their intense love making. Not today. Sarah was far too horny to require intimate foreplay, she just wanted to fuck.

Michael knew that look, the lusty gleam in his daughter’s eyes. As much as he wanted to hang the phone up and bend her over his desk, he knew that wouldn’t go over well with the fuming man on the other end of the line. Jack Spencer, his new boss, was young and hot headed and when he was set off on one of his angry tangents, Michael knew it was best to shut his mouth until the arrogant bastard exhausted himself. It was just one of the downfalls of working at home; all of his boss’ complaining was saved up for one long, drawn out bitch session to be delivered once a week. Unfortunately, today was that day. So when Sarah dropped to her knees, her fingers reaching inside the waistband of his baggy sweats and fishing out his engorged cock, Michael stiffened and pushed gently at her shoulders.

“Give me a minute, Baby!” he whispered.

Sarah paid no attention to his soft plea; her tongue darted out from between her lips and licked the head of his oozing shaft. He tasted so good. Her wet mouth slid up and down the entire length of his dick, tasting and teasing his throbbing flesh with her little tongue. She felt his entire body go rigid and the hand that had been pushing at her shoulder was now digging hard into her delicate flesh. Sarah briefly winced in pain but refused to stop. She opened her mouth and covered the wet, bulbous head of his cock. He slid easily between her moist lips and the deep growl of approval that tore from his lips was impossible to disguise.

The man on the other end of the phone must have heard it too. Michael forced himself to concentrate on slowing down his breathing, closed his eyes and fought to ignore the young beauty kneeling at his feet, licking and sucking the pre-cum from his turgid shaft.

“Yeah…J-Jack! I’m…fine!” Michael lied.

Michael felt like a million tiny electrical sparks were pulsing mercilessly up and down his cock. Cum began to churn in his nut sac, making it impossible to pretend like he wasn’t getting one hell of a blow job from his teenaged daughter. When he made the mistake of opening his eyes to peer down at his lap, he was a goner. The sight was just too erotic to dismiss. Sarah was perched on her knees, taking his huge cock into her mouth like the sweet little whore she had become. He had fantasized about just such a thing all day long while she was at school. The reality was even more amazing than he had envisioned, making him want to explode instantly. He fought back the urge, however, not only to prolong the immense pleasure his little girl’s mouth was giving him, but also because he didn’t want to alert the rambling asshole on the phone that he had better things to be doing at the moment.

Sarah sucked him furiously. Michael’s fingers were tangled in her thick curls, gently guiding her bobbing head. Whether he was encouraging her to suck him harder, or attempting to make her slow her pace, he wasn’t sure. He wanted to cum so bad he was trembling.

“Yes, Jack. I …I under…stand.” Michael suddenly stammered into the phone. Sarah couldn’t suppress her giggle. Her father’s obvious “discomfort” was a huge turn on. The thought of him shooting his hot cum into her mouth while he attempted to hold up his end of the conversation, as if everything were normal, was Sarah’s greatest aphrodisiac, adding to the lust already tingling through her aroused body.

Sarah abruptly tore her lips from her father’s pulsing cock and stood up. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her slender thighs, exposing her cum soaked pussy. Michael’s heated gaze watched intently, his wet cock throbbing against his belly in anticipation of what was to come.

Sarah turned around so that her back was facing her daddy, her pussy hovering over his long, hard shaft. Slowly, she eased herself down, her glistening folds opening and stretching over his swollen cock head. Inch by inch she slid down his length, gasping at the intense jolt of pleasure that shot through her aching pussy. She cried out, dug her nails into his muscular thighs and began to ride him with complete lack of restraint.

Michael was panting, his breathing hot and heavy into the phone that was now dangling loosely from the palm of his hand. He no longer cared who was on the phone, what the man was mumbling on and on about, or if he knew what Michael was really doing while technically still on “company time“. All that mattered at the moment was the feel of his little girl’s tight pussy, sucking his cock deeper and deeper into her scorching heat each time she raised herself up and then lowered herself back down onto his thrusting meat. He arched his hips and drove himself up inside her, again and again, creeping closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy with each glorious stroke.

Sarah’s body began to tremble, clenching him with her tight cunt muscles. Her husky whimpers filled the air, mixing with her daddy’s deep guttural moans. She was so close, ready to soak her daddy with her thick juices.

“Oh Fuck!” she mewled. “You feel so good!”

Michael‘s hand slipped off the receiver and the phone tumbled onto the soft carpet. He wrapped his long fingers around Sarah‘s waist and hammered in and out of her with maddening speed.

“I know, baby. You feel amazing too!” He grunted.

“Yes! Yes!” Sarah panted. “I’m going to cum. Oh fuck, daddy. I’m cumming!” Her muscles gripped his cock with fierce determination, milking his shaft until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Hot, womanly cum sprayed against his cock just as his balls tightened up and his own juices filled her tight passage.

“S-Sarahhh!” Michael roared.

Sarah’s limp body laid back against her father’s heaving chest, both struggling to catch their breath. Several long minutes passed before Michael’s mind was clear enough to recognize the annoying buzzing sound emanating from somewhere at his feet. He looked down and swore under his breath when he saw his phone lying on the floor.

Shit! Jack!

Chapter Six

Michael had a pounding headache. Not only was he wracked with worry over how much Jack Spencer had been able to hear of him fucking his minor daughter, and her crying out his name while in the throes of climax, but once again his animal lust had made him negligent. He had been so caught of guard by his sexy daughter’s raw desire that he had forgotten about his duty to protect her.

After the monumental snowfall last week, when his young daughter had become his lover, he had vowed to himself that as soon as the roads were clear he would make a trip to the nearest pharmacy and buy the biggest box of condoms they carried. And that’s exactly what he did. Although Sarah found the latex irritating and complained that their intimacy was marred by the annoying barrier, Michael’s need to protect his daughter from an unwanted pregnancy overruled a little discomfort. Today, stopping to go upstairs to retrieve a condom from the drawer of his nightstand had been the furthest thing from his mind when Sarah had directed her sexy ass at him and then sat her dripping pussy down on his aching cock. He came so hard and so deep inside her that it would take an act of God to prevent an undesirable conception. Michael had the distinct feeling that his incestuous behavior would guarantee he was not at the top of God’s “deserving of a miracle” list.

His worrying was for his daughter’s benefit alone. She was so young. Pregnancy at her age would change her life forever. And not necessarily in a good way. Her future choices would be limited due to early motherhood and Michael would never forgive himself as a lover, and more importantly, as a father, if his little girl became pregnant because of his selfishness. Selfish because if he were to be honest with himself he would admit that the idea of having a child with Sarah, a little girl that was a spitting image of Sarah and his lost love, Dani, would make him the happiest man in the world.

* * *

Sarah had just informed him that she had invited her best friend, Claire, over for dinner tonight and Michael had no idea what there was in the house to eat. He hadn’t been shopping since the power outage that had eventually spoiled every bit of food he had in the refrigerator, forcing them to maintain a diet of chips, cold spaghetti O’s, and cookies. They really hadn’t complained at the time. As long as they ate enough to keep up their sexual stamina, that was all that had mattered to the new lovers.

His daughter didn’t bring her friend’s around too often. Except for Claire he had only met Amy and some shy, skinny girl with a face full of acne, whose name he couldn’t seem to recall right now. He liked Claire, however. See was tall and slim, full breasts and chocolate brown eyes and matching waist length hair. While Sarah was a natural beauty, Claire‘s looks were enhanced by make up and wearing short, tight clothing. Not that Michael was complaining. Any day that he was in the position to watch a tight, young ass beneath an even tighter skirt, was a good day in his book. Not that Michael made it a habit to check out Sarah’s friends, in a sexual kind of way, but hey, if she was going to flaunt it, he was not about to look the other way. It didn’t mean he had to jump every sweet ass he saw and Claire Thomas certainly had a sweet ass!

Michael’s mind suddenly jolted from his perverted musings, startled back to reality by the dinging of the doorbell. Sarah came bolting down the stairs, nearly tackling her father to the floor, and then breaking out into a fit of girlish laughter.

“Wait!” she breathed heavily. Before Michael could open his mouth, Sarah was in his arms, kissing him deeply. Her tongue slid impatiently between his lips. Her hands stroked his solid chest and rippled abs lovingly and then made a quick pass over the bulge in the front of his pants.

Too soon for his liking, Sarah suddenly broke away from his grasp and stepped back. Her eyes were alight with desire, making Michael want to sweep her up in his arms and carry her off to his bedroom. The hell with entertaining Sarah’s friend, his cock was threatening to pop a button any second now.

“Fuck, baby girl! What are you trying to do to me!” he groaned as he watched her long, beautiful legs saunter over to the door. She wore a tight yellow dress that barely reached the middle of her thighs and pushed her breasts up into two enticing peaks of female perfection.

Sarah glanced back at him over her shoulder, giving him that sweet, sexy smile that made him feel like his legs were melting into two piles of useless, gooey flesh. She lifted up the hem of her short dress, showing off the smooth silky flesh that lay bare underneath, No panties!

“Just reminding you who you belong to!” she answered sassily as she quickly dropped her racy garment and reached for the door knob.

* * *

Claire stood in the doorway looking anxious and excited, yet noticeably nervous. Sarah couldn’t remember ever seeing her best friend look so frazzled or so…beautiful. Her long brown hair hung around her face in soft, wavy tresses, framing a face that was made up to perfection. Thou Claire was not that much older and certainly not yet as womanly, Sarah couldn’t help but feel like the ugly step sister in comparison.

After a quick hug, her best friend walked into the room with a pretense of confidence. Sarah wasn’t sure why Claire was acting so strange. It wasn’t as if she had never met her father before. She’d been here hundreds of times.

When Sarah entered the living room behind her friend, she was starkly aware of the tension that suddenly sizzled in the air. Her father and Claire had locked gazes and were silently, yet quite noticeably, assessing one another. Sarah felt a strange fluttering in her belly and couldn’t decide if she was comfortable with the drastic hike in temperature that made the room suddenly seem too hot and her body feel claustrophobic.

Claire gracefully moved across the room and wrapped her arms around Michael‘s neck. The gesture would have seemed innocent enough; just a polite gesture to thank her host for the dinner invitation, but when Claire pressed herself into Michael’s hard body and kissed him lingeringly on the check, Sarah sensed that there was something else motivating her beautiful friend’s unusual forwardness.

“Hi, C-Claire…” Michael stammered, unsure if he should continue to enjoy the feel of this incredibly hot body pressed intimately close to him, or push her away and risk Sarah witnessing the massive erection he was now sporting. Not entirely caused by Claire’s sweet curves either. A sudden image of being surrounded by two hot, young, naked teenagers, sucking and fucking him right here on the living room floor, had not helped his situation any.

A moment of guilt washed over him. He loves Sarah, wants to be with her more than he wants to breathe, so why was he fantasizing about being the meat in their teenaged sandwich? Had fucking one sexy teenager suddenly turned him into a sick and twisted pedophile?

“Uh…Sarah?” Michael pulled himself away from the other girl’s tantalizing embrace and turned guiltily towards his daughter. “I don‘t…I mean we … don’t have much here… How about I take you two out to dinner?” He stammered, forcing his hands to remain at his side when all he really wanted to do was pull her into his arms and remind her of how much he loved her.

Sarah’s wide eyes lingered on the front of her father’s pants for several seconds. He has a hard-on … for Claire? She should be angry, or at the very least jealous, but for some reason, just like earlier in the day, her body became overheated, aroused by the erotic thoughts that once again occupied her depraved mind. A vision of naked bodies, slick with sweat and entwined in a sexually charged trio, took root in her mind and made her pussy drip it‘s approval.

Sarah could feel the blush that crept across her face and steered her hungry gaze away from her father’s engorged cock and back to Claire. Her friend shrugged and headed towards the door. “Sounds good to me.” she looked over her shoulder, scanning over the entire length of Michael’s body and giving him a sexy smile. “I call shot gun!”

* * *

Sitting in the backseat while her father and best friend sat intimately close in the front of his compact car, should have pissed Sarah off, and maybe in some little way it did, but with no longer having her mother and never having siblings, these two people meant more to her than anything else in the world, and that love made it easy for Sarah to see past her little stint of jealousy.

Her father had been obviously turned on by Claire’s body. His cock had been so impressively hard he probably could have penetrated her from across the room, but it was just physical lust, Sarah reminded herself. The memories of all the pleasure she has received from that beautifully stiff organ made her pussy quiver with desire. Was it so wrong to want to watch her father fuck Claire, take her virginity gently, patiently, unlike the useless boys of their own generation were likely to do, and pleasure her in all the same ways he has done to her? It wouldn’t mean that he loves her any less. Right?

Sarah had seen the love in her father’s eyes when he looked at her, the tenderness in his touch when he made love to her. There was no doubt that she was the one who solely owned his heart, and she would settle for nothing less, but his body…now THAT she might be willing to share!

* * *

Lorenzo’s has been Sarah’s favorite restaurant for as long as she could remember. It had become even more special after her mother’s death, when her father refused to learn how to cook and started bringing her here nearly three nights a week. It had been the only constant in Sarah and her father’s turbulent life. They were treated kindly by the staff and came to know them all my name.

Since then her father has become a fabulous cook, even though it was Sarah you pleaded for the title of cook in their household, needing to feel, even at a young age, as though she were contributing to their shared work load.

Tonight, however, was the first time they would dine here as lovers. Of course, they weren’t alone to share the intimacy, but still, the joy in Sarah’s heart was enough to make her pulse soar.

They were directed towards a round table in the back of the quiet, nearly empty restaurant, knowing that the Sheldon‘s liked their privacy. Michael slid into the half moon shaped booth and a moment of perverse pleasure shot through him when he suddenly found himself sandwiched between two barely clothed female bodies as one girl slid in on either side of him.

The waiter had just taken their dinner orders when Michael felt a small hand slide up his left thigh. He didn’t want to draw any obvious attention to himself, not sure how Sarah would feel about her best friend trying to feel him up under the table, but when the hand came to rest on his semi-hard cock, he nearly jumped up out of his seat. Soft fingers boldly slid up the length of his dick, making him harder with each passing stroke. Michael closed his eyes, desperately struggling to stifle the moan that was fighting its way out of his throat.

Oh, fuck!

He felt his zipper being lowered. Felt cool fingers slip inside his pants and fish out his now very erect cock. Michael squirmed restlessly on the vinyl seat, wishing he could just relax and let Claire jerk his cock until he shot his cum all over her pretty little hand, but Sarah, his daughter, his lover, his heart, was seated right beside him and he was not going to lose her because of a desperately needed hand job.

All of his fears were suddenly laid to rest, however, when another hand, this one gliding across his right thigh, joined in with the fun. Michael turned his startled gaze to Sarah and almost forgot to breathe when he saw the intense look of love and lust in his daughter’s beautiful eyes. But that wasn’t all he saw…approval? Was she trying to tell him it was okay? Giving him the green light? Was the lust he saw in her eyes a result of watching her best friend fondle his shaft?

Fuck me! I’ve died and gone to heaven!

The fear of discovery only added to the excitement of two hot hands stroking his pre-cum dripping cock. Michael slid his own hand up under Sarah’s short dress and growled when his fingers met her bare pussy. Her very WET, bare pussy. He nudged her thighs apart and slid one long finger deep inside her blazing heat.

Sarah wasn’t as good at keeping her moans to herself. If any other patrons had been seated around them, they would certainly have known what was going on underneath their table. Her father’s thick finger was moving in and out of her sodden pussy. She was so wet she could feel the sticky juices running down the cleft between her ass checks, creating a puddle on the seat beneath her. Her eyes darted over to Claire and she couldn’t help but smile at the wild look of lust that glinted in her best friend‘s eyes. Claire watched intently as Sarah was finger fucked by her father, while at the same time the two young girls pumped their hands up and down his oozing shaft.

Claire couldn’t believe the enormity of the male flesh she was holding between her fingers. Sarah wasn’t exaggerating when she said her father’s cock was huge! She slid her hand up and down his entire length, amazed by how velvety smooth something so incredibly HARD could feel. Just this morning she hadn’t even seen a real cock before, except of course in the porn she sometimes watched on her laptop, but now… now she had a thick, hard cock in the palm of her hand, growing deliciously longer with every firm stroke. How much bigger could it possibly get? She could feel her body responding with a sudden gush of sweet cream from her virgin pussy.

There was something perversely exciting about Michael’s very own daughter helping her jerk him off. Their combined hands fit perfectly over his impressive length. Claire was fondling the sensitive head while Sarah lovingly stroked from the base of his shaft down to his swollen balls. In perfectly synced movements the two girls pumped the engorged flesh that pulsed between them. Michael’s breathing was growing deep and ragged and Claire knew, even in her nearly non-existent experience, that he was getting close to cumming.

Michael’s hips were arching up off the seat to meet the steady rhythm of their hands, oblivious to anything else but the feel of ten soft fingers working his throbbing cock closer and closer to climax. It didn’t matter that they were seated in a public restaurant, that both girls were underage and he was risking a lot by allowing this to continue. It didn’t even matter that one of the minors was his own daughter, all that penetrated Michael’s lust-encrusted mind was that Sarah was allowing, even participating, in this amazing hand job that was soon going to have him blowing his load all over the underside of the table.

Just when Michael couldn’t hold back one more second, their waiter sauntered up to their secluded table with a tray full of food. Michael growled with frustration and his cock jerked as if to express its own objection to the untimely interruption. He quickly slid his finger out of his daughter’s pussy.

The waiter’s presence, however, did nothing to deter the two young girls’ from their united goal. They continued to stroke him even as the ignorant man piled their table full of steaming hot pasta dishes. Michael struggled to keep his face void of emotion, watching the man intently for any sign that would indicate he knew what was happening under the table. When the young man just smiled and asked, “Is there anything else I can get you folks?”, Michael almost shot his load right then and there. Instead he shook his head and lowered his eyes to the unappealing food. All that he had an appetite for right now was the orgasm that seemed to be just out of reach.

When they were alone once again, Michael turned his head towards his daughter and was shocked when she planted her lips firmly against his. Her small tongue slithered into his mouth and engaged a slow, sensual dance with his own eager tongue. Then she pulled away and brought her lips to his ear, nibbling gently, her hot breath driving him wild. The she whispered softly, “Do you like that Daddy? Both of us stroking your big cock at the same time?” Not giving him a chance to answer and not really expecting a response anyways, Sarah continued on. “Isn’t Claire beautiful, Daddy? I bet it would feel incredible to be inside her tight, virgin pussy.” Michael groaned unabashedly, his lust spiraling out of control, his dick throbbing painfully hard beneath the pumping fists of his two teenaged vixens. “You wanna fuck her don’t you, Daddy?” That was all that Michael needed to push him over the edge.

An orgasm, so intense his entire body shook as though he were having a violent seizure, racked his body in wave after wave of euphoric bliss. Cum shot out of his cock like a geyser and he ground his mouth against Sarah‘s to stifle the moan that he knew would have caused the earth to shake.

Claire shrieked as endless streams of hot cum erupted into the palm of her hand. Amazed by the sight, her eyes grew wide and her hand continued to pump until every last drop of the sticky goo had been milked from his twitching shaft. She pressed her thighs together in hopes of relieving some of the pressure that had been mounting between her legs. She lifted her gaze from her cum-filled hand and watched as father and daughter shared a beautiful, sensual kiss. Claire was happy for her best friend, even if to most it was a forbidden, taboo love affair, Claire could see that it was so much more than that.

Michael was reluctant to end the toe curling kiss he was sharing with his stunning daughter, but when his head finally cleared from the lust-induced fog that had momentarily robbed him of his senses, he remembered where they were and pulled away. Sarah’s smile was ravishing, her eyes twinkling with love and desire.

God, she’s amazing!

He was certain his beautiful daughter was fresh out of surprises, but when she looked mischievously at Claire and then back at him, he held his breath and waited.

“Daddy, I think Claire will be spending the night tonight!”

Oh Fuck!!!

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