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if you are not into two young boys going at it, don't read this
The first time
I am fourteen, a bit young I know, and my name is Steve, for the past few months I have been feeling strong urges for a guy in my class, Mark, we are great friends and all, but I want to take it to the next level, he is the kind of guy that everyone would put in the surfing attractive guy group who gets to date any girl he wants.
It all started when we were in sports class, last period on a Friday, we had swimming so we were getting changed, slower than anyone else in the changing rooms, resulting in us being left alone, I wasn’t facing him because I didn’t want to get turned on by him like usual, for obvious reasons, I have never really had a problem with other people seeing me without clothes so I casually dropped my bathers and went about drying myself, without thinking I bend over to dry my feet, I stayed that way for ten seconds before standing up, the feeling of the towel running over my body turning me on slightly.
When I turned around to start getting changed, I saw Mark staring right where my ass had just been, and through his bathers was a very obvious erection.
“Oh, i..I’m sorry, I wasn’t perving or anything” he said, to this I dropped my towel which had been covering my own partial erection and walked slowly towards him, his mouth dropped open but I didn’t know why.
“it’s ok, you can look” I said as a sat next to him on the bench, my erection was getting to its full size of 6.4 inches, then, unexpectedly, he stood up, taking of his bathers revealing his long, thick penis, it was so big that I doubted it was real before he told me to get on my knees.
‘wha….why, I mean…it’s…really big” Before I could finish my sentence he roughly forced me down and tried to probe my lips with the head of his cock, it was so warm and it took me a moment to realize what he was doing and open my mouth to let it have entry, he was so rough with it, which I didn’t have much of a problem with, but he was also trying to shove it all in, I thought there was about seven inches of thick, hot cock probing my mouth.
He just kept going, deeper and deeper until I started to gag, at which he started to pull out and wank his cock, it looked slippery, probably due to my saliva, but also because of the pre cum dribbling out the end, I just lent back, trying to catch my breath until when I felt something hot hit me, right in the face and dribble down into my panting mouth, it tasted salty, butt really nice until I realized he had just came on my face and I drank some, I tried to spit it out but he just grabbed me and shoved his cock back into my mouth, after a minute or so he shot another, smaller load in my mouth.
“Swallow it” he said as he stood over me, cock still hard despite cumming twice, I obediently swallowed his cum, although it made me feel slightly wrong, he smiled at me and then told me if I tried to stop him he would hurt me, I didn’t know what he was talking about until he started to pee, right on my chest at first, it was lucky that I enjoyed that sort of thing as he told me to open my mouth, I did so and he started pissing all over my face and in my mouth, it was so much better than when he came on me, it was hotter, it smelled better and overall, tasted better.
It took him about thirty seconds to finish, by which time I was once again gasping for breath and him standing over me, wanting more, this time he let me recover before pushing me onto all fours, I knew what was coming, I knew that it would hurt, but I decided not to say anything, unless he got angry and hurt me more.

As I was expecting his cock to penetrate me roughly, I only received a gentle, tickling sensation, It felt wet and soft until I realized, me wasn’t fucking me yet, he was licking my asshole and trying to push his tongue in, but it was too tight and his tongue to weak, so he settled with just licking the exterior, it felt so good I think I would have came if he hadn’t have stopped, he told me not to turn around as I heard him rummaging through his bag, getting lube I thought, after a little while, I felt something cold and much skinnier than his dick pushing against my asshole, after teasing me with it for a good minute he began to push harder, making it slide into my ass, at first it hurt, but the pain faded and was replaced with pleasure, in and out it pumped until I heard a buzzing and felt a slight vibration, it was then I realized that he was using a vibrator on my ass, he turned it up to what he said was half power and left it to sit in there and pleasure me, I didn’t know what he was doing but I couldn’t care less, I was in heaven.
After what felt like about ten minutes he turned the vibrator up to full power and started pushing it in and pulling It out again, compared to half power, this was awesome, I think he hadn’t been using its full length before because it felt much longer as it pressed deeper into me, I could feel it pushing against the walls of my ass as he moved it around, making sure every inch had felt its pleasure, though I was disappointed when he took it out and told me I could look around at him.
I turned around and rolled over onto my back and propped myself up on my elbows when I saw it, a camera, he had been recording me taking a vibrator up the ass.
“Were you recording that?!” I said loudly as he smiled and nodded.
“don’t worry, no one will see it but me and you” I noticed that he had been using a much larger toy on himself, as it was lying next to the vibrator that was previously up my ass.
“Hurry up and get dressed before someone comes in and sees you” he said as he got up and put on his underwear and shorts.
I quickly got up and started getting dressed before asking
“Can we do this again?”
“Maybe, but not at school, this was a one of”
I nodded and finished getting changed and left the change rooms with mark, trying to look like nothing happened.

Authors note: this isn’t the first of Steve and Marks adventures together so stay tuned =)

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2012-07-24 07:23:22
steve i am going to shove my cock down your throat and hold your head so you cant move,than i am going to pee so hard in you,that you will beg me for more.


2012-04-16 23:43:47
Great story can't wait for the next part!

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