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If you like it, I'll make more. This is a kinky fetish of mine, of being dominated and owned, but I've never had the nerve to actually do anything about to or mention it. WARNING: This contains underage sex. If you don't like it, tough. I can make this into a chapter story - I already have a sort-of plot. If I should continue it, let me know. WARNING: LOOK AT THE THEMES. If none of these things turn you on, click BACK right now. Don't go blaming me for writing this - it was my own kinky mind.
The room was quiet and hushed as men filtered into the auditorium, finding their seats in the shadowy darkness. Most of them were men, all of them finely dressed, and a few of them with women hanging onto their arms. The women were gorgeous - long, slender legs, full breasts, slinky dresses which looked deliciously flimsy. The lights were low and there was a lot of low murmurs as everybody complimented each other’s couples and groped the women frequently. The stunning women leaned into the petting and stroking, some of them even drawing their offender into a slow, open-mouthed kiss.

As people settled, waiters began to travel the aisles and pass out champagne. The seats were specifically spaced farther apart than usual, allowing room for one to kneel on the floor while another patron sits. A few women were already crawling down the aisles, their breasts skimming the ground, prowling in search of their prey. Several of the men were swapping training secrets, wondering when the bidding would start and what the surprise for the evening would be.

These meetings happened once a year - once a year, over two hundred of the top Masters displayed their best slaves, trained for months at a time, and sent them off to the highest bidder. Although there were a lot of more casual auctions during the course of the year, this one was the biggest and only the best Masters were invited to come. This year was going to be different, however - for the past three decades, Grand Master X had hosted the auction, and it had been going moderately well. However, this year, his son was taking over, a young man who said that this year the auction would be an event to remember.

Master J, as he was called, would be taking on the title of Grand Master when he hosted the auction this year, and people said that he was even better at training slaves than his father had been. This rumor was widely disregarded in public - after all, Grand Master X had been the best of the best - but in whispers they wondered which slave he would put up for grabs. His sister had been auctioned off five years ago in a thunderous war of bidding which ended up costing a lascivious man over three million dollars. During the entire show, the Grand Master and his son had watched impassively - Master J had even smiled slightly! - while their own flesh and blood was sold in a collar and nothing else.

The whispering stopped as the floodlights kicked on, throwing the stage into sharp light. “Gentlemen, welcome to the Annual Auction Spectacular,” A booming voice announced over the loudspeaker. “I trust you have all arrived with deep pockets and full wallets, because this year there are some young, beautiful girls just waiting to serve you.”

There was a polite patter of applause which rippled through the room.

“And now, your host, Master J!” The loudspeaker announced, and the applause burst through the rafters as the young man stepped onto the stage. The lights dimmed until he was surrounded in a single circle of white light.

“Thank you, thank you,” He said, hushing the crowd with a simple sweep of his hand. He had his father’s striking good looks: his hair was dark and swept back, his profile sharp, his hooded eyes flinty and the color of artic ice. He was dressed in the Grand Master’s costume - tight leather pants, two strips of leather crossing in an X over his pale chest, and cat-’o-nine tail whips belted to his hips. “I want you all to know what a pleasure I have hosting this auction tonight,” He said, his voice hinted with a lilt of an Irish accent. “And know that it is with deepest regret that I am taking over for my father, Grand Master X, who has not only done a superlative job of hosting these auctions, but also been the best Master on the face of this planet.”

More thunderous applause, and the spotlight rose to a viewing box set into the wall in the back of the room. Seated on a throne-like, plush chair, was a distinguished man, his hair graying slightly, but his good looks apparent and his physique still impressive. A young blonde was standing at his side, dressed in a leather suit which clung to her buxom curves.

“Now, gentlemen, if I can draw your eye to the side of the stage,” Master J continued. “There you will see the first of our wares tonight. Now, because this is my first year hosting these, you must forgive me if I’m a bit rude to them.” He said, and smiled winningly at the crowd. “But I wanted to get your attention.

“There is a twist tonight, ladies and gentlemen.”

Dead silence reigned over the crowd, thick with lusty anticipation.

“Any item in this auction which is not bid on over a million dollars will be given to the Cages before turned over to her Master,” Master J said.

The crowd went wild, some of them putting their fingers in their mouths to whistle sharply. Perhaps a dozen girls would be turned over to the hungry Dobermans and German Shepards which were restrained in the Cages. “Now, I realize most of you will want to continue the bidding while your wares are in the Cages,” Master J said with his traditional winning smile. “So I have mounted several plasma screens above the stage where you can watch as these young, helpless girls get pounded by some pretty horny pups.”

The crowd laughed and panted appreciatively.

“Without further ado, I wish to begin the bidding. Bring out Lot #1.” Master J ordered.

A young girl, dressed in a silver dancing dress was brought out onto the stage. She had long dark hair, held behind her head in a plait, and an elegant collar around her neck. She looked scared, but her training kept her expression neutral and her head bowed. Master J pulled her closer by her wrist, causing the girl to stumble at the sharp jerk. “Now, this is a girl from Ermine Farms, offered by Mistress Z,” Master J said. “And we all know what soft, spoiled girls come from there. Her training is pretty low, so you’ll have fun spanking this little girl,” He said, and the crowd responded eagerly.

He cupped her breasts in his hands, pinching the nipples sharply. “Unpierced nipples, folks, and some pretty meaty tits which feel amazing, I can tell you,” Master J said, continuing to fondle the girl. “She’s a blushing eighteen, so you’ll get at least a few good years out of her before you get bored. I’ll start the bidding at fifty thousand. Do I have fifty thousand?”

A red light blinked in the distance.

“I have fifty thousand, do I have a hundred thousand?”

Another light.

“Do I have two hundred thousand, gentlemen?” Master J said. “Two hundred thousand, ladies and gentlemen, and if this lot doesn’t go over a million, she gets turned over to the Cages. Do I have two hundred thousand?”


“Oh, I see,” Master J said, evidently enjoying himself. “Let’s make an example of this one, shall we?” He said, smiling wolfishly. “Sold, for a hundred thousand. Dirt cheap, gentlemen, and now we get to see this helpless little girl ravaged by some dogs.”

The crowd cheered, and the girl began to protest, her face knotted. “Aww,” Master J said, grinning. “Looks like her pain training didn’t go very far, did it? Turn your attention to the plasma screens, folks, and we’ll continue with the bidding, with Lot #2.”

The plasma screen blinked to life, and the crowd hummed in appreciation as they saw the girl getting stripped. The fluttering silver dancing dress was unzipped harshly, and she was left in nothing but her skin, shivering in the cages. She began to cry as a buzzer sounded, and two men growled a low command. Sobbing, she dropped to all fours and allowed the men to clip her collar to the ground in a hook designated for this purpose. Her wrists were secured near her head, forcing her to put her weight on her forearms and elbows, and her knees were spread apart, leaving her wide and exposed.

There was a whining bark as the dogs were unleashed, two big, muscular Dobermans with sleek black coats. They snapped and growled, and the biggest one jabbed his wet nose into her pussy, sniffing and rumbling a warning growl in his chest. He licked around her pussy lips, tasting the juices which were coming in spite of the girl’s fear, her arousal causing the well-hung dog to slobber faster. After a minute or two of snarling his way through the slave’s cunt, he mounted her, his unclipped claws digging into her hips, steadying himself the concrete floor.

From the dog’s point of view, she was incredibly hot and tight, and he began pounding into her the second his head was fully inside. She yelped as his teeth sank into her shoulder, his claws digging into her hips and leaving dark dents in her otherwise unmarred skin. His thrusts were rapid and quick, hot sloppy flesh meeting again and again with her pussy. One of the other Dobermans, apparently unhappy that he was being ignored, began sniffing and circling her until he found her lips, which were parted slightly in her discomfort. Without warning, the other Doberman mounted her head and began humping her face, eager to get his thick dog-cock into her mouth.

The crowd was trying to pay attention to the bidding, but the images on the screen were turning everyone on to such a high extent that several people were forcing their dates into their crotches to get off quickly. “And now, Lot #23, ladies and gentlemen, and this is a very special lot,” Master J said, smilingly. “Lot 23 is a pretty fifteen year old, and - get this - a virgin.”

All attention towards the screen was diverted at the sacred word. Master J smiled.

“Yes, Lot 23 is a virgin. Her training was completed without touching her virginity, and tonight, one of you lucky men will be able to take her hymen right here on this stage.”

Master J was going down in history as the best auctioneer ever, thought several men as their dates were ignored. A virgin slave was incredibly rare - most of these girls were foreigners, brought over on the black market, but there was one or two kidnapped little girls who were still innocent, tight, and oh-so-delicious. A shivering young blonde, totally nude, was dragged onto the stage, a crude leather collar clipped brutally tight around her neck. Master J hauled her upright with a fistful of her long blonde hair, pinching her nipples and nodding as his fingers dropped to her shaved pussy lips. “Mmmhmm, hot and tight, gentlemen,” Master J informed them. “And you can take her virginity as hard as you want - you can either take her here on stage, humiliate her in front of the whole crowd, or you can take her to the back room and have some fun with the toys there.

“Do I have two million on Lot 23?”

Three red lights blinked in rapid succession.

“Three million?

Another light.

“Four million, folks, such a hot, sweet little bitch.”

Two lights.

“Four and a half, folks, and some hot, tight virgin pussy is waiting for the winner.”

One last light.

“Anyone else? Going once? Going twice?

“Sold, four and a half million dollars, to Master D.” Master J said, and Master D approached the stage. He was a burly, stocky man with jaw-length brown hair and black eyes which never seemed to move. But now, those black eyes were glimmering with raw hunger, and he stepped up to the stage to take her from Master J. “Will you be playing with your little whore right in front of everyone, or would you like to conduct matters more privately?” Master J asked, passing the blonde girl over as if she were a bag of candy.

Master D grinned savagely. “I wanna play with some of the toys they got back there, but I want everyone to see her scream,” Master D said. “Turn on the cameras in the Playroom, so we can have the best of both worlds.” He said.

“Wise choice,” Master J said, and nodded significantly to an unseen techie who began fiddling with wires. Master D slipped his thick fingers under the girl’s collar and forcibly dragged her off the stage. The girl yelped, tripped, and was soon being hauled across the carpeted floors like a bag of flour. Several men reached out to squeeze her small breasts as she passed, and Master D permitted this with a chuckle on his lips.

After a few moments, the hot, panting crowd was granted a bird’s eye view of the Playroom.

The blonde was shoved into the picture, and Master D was crooning something in her ear. “Nice little slut, huh?” He purred, his fingers wrapping around her neck. “Are you gonna be a good fuck for Daddy?”

The Playroom was filled with all sorts of toys, ranging from the intensely pleasurable to the horrendously painful. The blonde was pulled over to a set of wooden stocks, and her wrists and head were secured into place. Her smooth, unscarred back glowed, and her ass was arched invitingly in the air. She was crying now, tears dripping onto the floor, and Master D began stroking her pussy. “Aww, what’s the matter, baby?” Master D crooned. “Not what you wanted? I’m gonna have so much fun playing with that tight little virgin pussy - and that nice, juicy ass, too,” He added with a slap to her cheek.

He crossed the room and began rummaging through the glittering array of steel implements, finally coming back with two metal nipple clips. He knelt and took one small, pert breast in his mouth, sucking on the nipple and nibbling it slightly. “I’m gonna keep those pretty little lips of yours open, honey,” He hissed. “Wanna hear you scream for all you’re worth.” When her nipple stood taut and beaded, he secured the nipple clamp on her left nipple.

She did scream, and he laughed when she did so, her back arching and bucking as she tried to dislodge the burning, fiery clamp which was stinging painfully. He went to the other side and rubbed his thumb over her breast, smiling, and then began playing with it, nipping, sucking, and swirling his tongue around the nipple. The other clamp was latched onto her nipple, and she screamed again, a fresh burst of pain spiking down her system and causing her sobs to become louder.

His fingers found her pussy and he bent to whisper in her ear. “You’re soaking wet, honey,” He purred. “You want my cock in you, don’t you?” He snarled, and his fingers began slipping into her slit. “And guess what? You’re gonna get a beating first, baby doll.”

Paddles were in heavy supply in the Playroom, and he selected a short one, essentially a ping-pong paddle without the rubber backing. He drew the edge of it along her wet and swollen pussy lips, her whimpers music to his ears. Without warning, he drew back and the paddle landed on her left cheek.


She screamed again, twisting in the stock, and each movement she made sent a dull, burning ache from her clamped nipples to her aroused cunt.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Each blow made her ass cheeks take on a beautiful red hue, and more pain began buzzing into her head. After a moment or two, Master D felt her now-dripping pussy and grinned to the camera. “Whore,” he announced, and then -

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

She shrieked louder with each blow, and then he stopped abruptly. “You are so fuckin’ wet,” He said, marveling. “Slutty little bitch,” He added, and then forced a thick finger into her pussy. She moaned a little and wriggled, the friction overriding the pain.

“Fuck it,” Master D said, and unzipped his pants. His cock came into view - a thick, wide shaft which was already glistening with pre cum. He spread her lips apart with his fingers, and then forced his cock into her virgin pussy.

Her scream drilled to the heavens as he began pounding her, her small breasts swinging as his nails dug into her hips.

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2016-12-03 17:08:19
awesome! although the ending could have a bit more detail ;-)


2013-12-02 22:10:33
Love to read more of this story. Especially about the slaves that didn't sale for enough or a mother and daughter set of slaves or twin sisters being sold. Again a first rate story that needs to be continued.


2013-12-02 22:10:29
Love to read more of this story. Especially about the slaves that didn't sale for enough or a mother and daughter set of slaves or twin sisters being sold. Again a first rate story that needs to be continued.


2013-12-02 22:10:25
Love to read more of this story. Especially about the slaves that didn't sale for enough or a mother and daughter set of slaves or twin sisters being sold. Again a first rate story that needs to be continued.


2013-12-02 22:10:13
Love to read more of this story. Especially about the slaves that didn't sale for enough or a mother and daughter set of slaves or twin sisters being sold. Again a first rate story that needs to be continued.

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