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First Post and First chapter of a much larger story. It could be Science Fiction but Its Not quite.
Earth. . . or at least that what it used to be called. I don’t know if you could call it that any more or not, but I guess to understand it all you need to start at the beginning.

The year was 2015, and thanks to a series of bad leaders the United States had pretty well ticked off every major country on the planet. China hated us, Russia had grown intolerant of us, hell even Canada and Mexico had closed their borders and were talking about opening them only if we unilaterally surrendered to them splitting the nation in half. We did still get along with the brits, Austrailia and New Zealand but that was it. Life was tolerable, the only person we had to worry about was the new dictator of China who everyone expected, would spend a couple years re-organizing the country before doing anything else.

That’s what everyone expected. We were wrong. Two weeks after solidifying his position a single solitary intercontinental ballistic missile was fired from China aimed at us. It was shot down but at a terrible cost. Mass panic and pandemonium took hold in the now un-United States.

Strike back, some said, run and hide others said. No one could come to a decision until someone noticed a flotilla of ships heading across the ocean at us. That was when several companies got together and decided to make their own plans. For years massive ships had been in development for a range of purposes, space exploration, space travel, space construction, space. . . ships were quickly and hurriedly reconfigured. Each ship was capable of holding one thousand people.

Some were chosen by Genetics, Some were chosen by lottery, some simply bought their way in. It was agreed that 40 men and 40 women from each state would be the bulk of the mission. An additional 2000 Men, Women and Children managed to fill out the remainders of the seats. People that saw this as an historic event, some of the only friends the United States had left.

On the day that the Chinese finally talked Mexico and Canada into going to war against us we were luckily ready. As Jets took to the air, As Tanks drove across borders, six massive vessels in six massive underground launch bays stood ready. As the first bombs and shells exploded over United States soil six massive starships tore into the sky. The Attackers first thought they were giant missiles intent on destroying the various countries. If they had actually looked they may have thought differently. Faster the ships rose into the sky and finally into the stars. Each ship crewed by a small group of people that had their own missions despite the future of earth. Each ship carrying one thousand cryogenically sleeping people. Little did we know we would soon be the only humans left.

According to scanners and satalites left in orbit the countries of the Earth all quickly destabilized. War was declared on global scales and the majority of the human populace was removed from the planet. That was then. We known as the fourties, by some, or the sleepers as others had no clue what was happening at, home.

Now the year is 2215. We the only remaining humans in the galaxy have been asleep for 200 years. Our ships were all pre-programmed to fly for 100 years before turning around and returning. We have no clue what awaits us on the planet we once called earth, but I can tell you this, we have come home, but this sure doesn’t seem like Earth any longer.

The small red light finally turned green as the first massive ship dropped into orbit around Earth. The Ship named Columbia had been the first ship to leave the surface of Earth, It was only fitting that it be the first ship to attain orbit as the bridge crew was awakened from their frozen slumber. A solidly built woman in her thirties finally sat up in her previously sealed sleeping chamber. She looked around at the other chambers in this room. Slowly the glass hatches were retreating into the wall behind the chambers. As if she was afraid of the floor not being there she peered out of her pod before finally swinging one leg out and setting a bare foot on a cold steel deckplate. It was Cold she thought, Damn cold, but there was work to be done and she wanted to be the first to set eyes upon the world she had left 200 years ago. Quickly pulling the olive colored flight suit on over her body that moments before had been covered by only a t-shirt and panties she zipped the flight suit up and headed for the bridge with her socks and boots in hand. She knew that the crews of the other ships would be doing this same ritual as their ships entered orbit. She hoped beyond hope that the systems she had set before entering her sleep chamber were even now running. Down the short corridor and finally a Door hissed open in front of her. The bridge was still dark except for the auxiliary lights, luckily it was warmer then the rest of the ship. Good she thought, staggering across the bridge. She took a deep breath and smiled. There it was the scent of hot tea being made at the refreshment station.

She dropped her boots in-front of the command chair, tossed the socks into the seat and continued across the bridge to wrestle a cup of hot tea from the station. Tenativly she sipped it as she walked back to her chair. Not bad she thought. As she set the cup into the holder on the arm of her chair she grabbed her socks and plopped into the seat. A Flip of a switch on the armrest and a large screen on the front wall of the bridge activated showing Captain Cathedra Anne Mozart exactly what she was afraid of.

As she pulled her first sock on she sighed as she looked up at what had replaced the once beautiful blue and green world she remembered and up till about 20 minutes ago had been dreaming about. In its place was a world of blue, grey and black. Some green still existed but from the looks of it that green was probably just starting to get a good foot hold. She continued to scan across the screen as Earth spun on the screen. She was startled to notice that all the major cities that she remembered being visible from orbit were now for the most part the large blackened areas. Whatever had happened after they left it hadn’t been pretty. Behind her the Door hissed open and she heard a Gasp as Lt. Robert Thomas’s eyes locked on the screen. His face said it all as he looked at the scene on the screen. The Color draining from his cheeks.

“I guess they weren’t kidding when they said we would return to a new Earth” he said with a bit of mock sarcasm in his voice trying to bite back the urge to cry or throw up.

“Yeah, it would appear we left at just the right time. Scanners are showing areas that are still radiating. They must have nuked the hell out of each other”

Robert stared at the screen as the planet rotated still. Just coming into view was America. Only a few green areas remained. The overall continent had been changed drastically. California now appeared to be an island, Florida was gone, and the Great lakes looked more like an inland ocean. As they watched in horror they realized where the nation’s capitol once stood now only a massive black and grey area remained. The scanner registered that that particular are was still hot with radiation.

“They really hated the president for not stopping us didn’t they” Captain Mozart said checking the radiation scanner. “I am guessing DC got hit with a dozen or more nukes to make it glow that hot.”

“Well the Mexicans and the Canadians swore allegiance to that little Chinese dick Zig Zag or what ever his name was.”

“Xin Shao” Captain Mozart corrected with a smirk.

Finally Robert pulled his eyes from the screen and headed towards his station. He sat down at the communications station and checked his systems. “Not picking up much from the planet. A few distress beacons still trying to croak out a warning. Do not approach, this planet has been destroyed, massive radiation . . .” he paused then began typing frantically until he finally flipped a switch just as 3 others emerged onto the bridge.

A repeating voice was heard over the speaker “this is General Anthony William Goddard of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. This message is to the returning vessels of Project Deep Sleep, the planet you see before you has been changed beyond imagination. Immediately following this message a coded transmition will send you the location of safe landing zones as well as updated maps and a history of everything that has happened. It will unfortunately be necessary to inact the revolution initiative for the propogation of the species. Good luck folks and sorry about the mess. This transmission ends now.” A high pitched squeal was heard after the message ended that appeared to last for about 25 seconds before stopping. 10 seconds later the message began to replay.

"Captain, I am received a Hail from the Denebian," Lt. Thomas spoke up as the door to the bridge hissed open.

"Ah, Sonya, get your scanners up and running we just got a burst of info including some landing sites i want to know what they really are." Mozart said as she watched Sgt. Sonya Gunder stagger to the science station. "On Screen Robert" .

The image on the screen flickered and was replaced by an older man. Captain Mozart knew this to be Captain Gerald Simmons.

"Good Morning Captain" Mozart started ignoring the fact that technically it was three in the afternoon by the ships clocks.

"And to you Captain" he said with his crisp British accent, "I wanted to confer with you about our options. I have heard the message sent by General Goddard, and my science station is still asleep" he said with a wry smirk. "do you plan to land?"

"Well captain that appears to be the million dollar question. My science officer it scanning the landing sites as i speak. Until we have figured out a good place to set down I plan to hang here in orbit. The drives on these ships can keep us up here as long as we need to. "

"Sounds like a plan, will you be thawing everyone out?"

"Presently no, I am going to wait till I know a little more of what is going on down there before I hit the microwave."

"Very well, I will pass it along to the other ships. Simmons out"

The screen blinked off to be replaced with the image of the husk of earth. The Bridge got quet Captain Mozart quietly sipped her tea as she relaxed in her chair. the silence was finally broken by the door hissing open. she swiveled around to see Commander Charles Emerson walk on to the bridge. his flight suit was zipped half way up allowing some of his chest to be visible. Captain Mozart thought to herself, "now that we've been told to enact the revolution iniative i may have to exercise the captains perogitive and propogate his species" a smile crept across her face as he realized she was staring at him and he quickly zipped the suit up.

"Sorry I am late. The Docs warned me I would have issues coming out of hypersleep. What have I missed?" he said with a bravado that turned everyones head with a smile. Captain Mozart give him the synopsis.

"Captain, I have completed my scans. Several of the landing sites are acceptable, however, honestly the planet is still healing. the season changes are extreme, some places are still experiencing radiation others are showing life forms that i can only assume have been mutated by the radiation. The bulk of the planet is a worthless shell. The one exception is underwater landing complex where the Denebian and the horseshoe were launched from. That complex not only appears intact and capable of accepting some of the ships but i think i am picking up faint life signed. possibly someone in a cryochamber."

"Very well, Commander I suggest you wake up a recon team and check on the shuttle., Sonya relay your findings to the other ships"

The Shuttle lept out of the small shuttle bay and headed gracefully towards the planet.

"Nearing the Coordinates Commander" the young woman said as she worked the controls of the shuttle.

"Take us in Lt."

The Shuttle continued towards the ocean. as it neared the surface of the water a tower projected up from the water. As it reached its full height a pair of doors began to open. The small shuttle entered effortlessly and landed as the doors closed behind them. With a groan and a rumble the tower descended back into the ocean.

"Commander whats is this" Lt. Lynn asked from her pilots seat.

"Well the complex we are heading for was the best kept secret on earth. nobody even knew it was there until the ships took off. This tower is a giant elevator that will transport us down to the main complex."

"Commander?" one of the technicians behind them spoke up.

"Yes Seargent Ring?"

"I heard a snippit of the transmission sent from earth. What is the Revolution initiative?" This brought a broad smile to the commanders face.

"Well Sarge, we are all that remains of the people of earth. So with such small numbers we are going to need to revitalize and repopulate the species. Men and women will be required to copulate as often as possible to increase our numbers. The women will be asked to breed until they turn up pregnant. after they have a child and are ready the cycle will start again preferably with a different father. If the women prefer not to take an active roll a more medical system will be put into place. In short I suggest you find a nice girl and think about getting busy." he smiled again.

Ring glanced at the young girl that had piloted the shuttled and blushed. The color change didn't go unnoticed by the commander who smiled broadly and glanced at the Lt. "Phase 1, Check" he said as he acted like he was marking a box on a clipboard.

"Ahem," the Lt. cleared her throat as she tore her eyes away from Sargent Ring. "It would appear that we have stopped sir" She checked her instruments "Everything outside looks clear."

"Open the doors. Marines I don't think we will encounter any thing but none the less stay alert."

The group exited the shuttle and began their search.

Several hours later on the Columbia, "Captain, signal from the surface"

"On screen" the captain said as she sat up a little straighter in her seat.

the image of the battered planet was replaced with an image of Commander Emerson.

"Captain we have found the main control center. There was a small contingent of people here in Cryochambers. Should I thaw them out?"

"I would commander. they are probably the only people that know how to run everything down there."

The commander looked off screen and pointed at someone and nodded.

"Done, Captain, If I am reading these charts and plans correctly This facility has utilized a number of Automated Robot systems over the last 200 years. I have sent a couple teams out to check things but I think we will be able to land the ships 2 at a time and off load all the people to this facility as a clearing house. from here we can start shuttling out to the surface as we choose to. Since we don't know exactly what the conditions will be everyplace I would suggest that the ships remain in orbit until with rotating skeleton crews."

As the commander was speaking to the captain his teams were searching the facility. well 1 team was searching the facility. the other team was searching each other. Sargent Ring and Lt. Lynn had volunteered to search the facility. at the moment they were passionately kissing.

Ming Lynn pulled her mouth away. "God i thought we would never get out of those freeze chambers. I swear half my dreams were about you!"

"I guess they can't complain if we have a fuck for the sake of the species" Ring said as he was quickly unzipping his flight suit as Lynn did the same. They had found what appeared to be a conference room with a large table. As soon as they had both shimmied out of their flight suits Ming Hopped on the table and Ring dove his face for her crotch. He roughly shoved her panties to the side and began eating her pussy as if his life depended on it. "Oh Ming, your Snatch tastes sooo good!!" he said between licks.

Mings hands were busy rubbing and kneading her tits and by now very hard nipples. She moaned as her lovers tongue bounced along her inner thighs and then dipped into the slit of her sex. He found her engorged clit and sucked it into his mouth with ferver as her moans became louder and her breathing started to become erratic. He pulled his mouth away from her clit allowing his teeth to graze it ever so slightly.

"Fuck me, Fuck my cunt, Shove your cock in my and plant your seed in me. Gawd!!!" she moaned as he redoubled his efforts on her clit. She screamed now. He shoved his tongue into her hole as deeply as he could muster.This was all she needed and suddenly Ming Lynn reached an earth shattering orgasm. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" she moaned over and over as her pussy spasmed around his tongue. He felt her juices flood over his face and he could feel her pussy trying to suck his tongue as if it were a cock in her mouth. With out a second thought he stood up and buried his cock up to his balls in her snatch.

"Oh my god!" she screamed "Fuck me, Pound me, God i forgot how good your cock felt inside me!"

Ring pushed and pulled sliding every inch of his manhood in and out of her pussy. "You want my cum?" he said as sweat began to bead on his fore head. "beg for it!" he said with an evil grin.

She was getting close to another orgasm, the moment, the mission and the Lack of anything between her loins for 200 years came crashing over her. She began sobbing, tears poured from the corners of her eyes. "Fill my cunt, Fill my belly with your Cum" she panted as she once again reached her orgasm. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer. She looked him in the eyes, "Kiss me, Fuck me, Mark me as yours with your seed and your child!" with that she locked her lips to his as he continued to thrust into her. She could taste her own pussy on his tongue and the thought of that combined with the thought that she was about to get his sperm shot into her waiting womb pushed her to yet another Climax.

She was lost in abandon as she kissed him. He could tell that she was melting, giving him her essence and every part of her being. Suddenly her pussy once again spasmed around his cock. Her sex fucked and sucked his cock to climax as he reached his own point of no return. His balls tightened up and what felt like an explosion erupted from his cock.

The sensation of his balls emptying their seed inside her clenching pussy was almost too much for her. Her legs tightened she pulled him closer and shoved her tongue into his mouth as her entire body shook. His orgasm seemed to go on forever as his hips tried to bury his cock deeper into her sex. Both of their bodies seemed intent on conception as his cock deposited what to Ming like a gallon of sperm deep into her womb. Finally panting and gasping for air they unlocked from each other a little. Ming looked deep into her lovers eyes and with a wicked smile said "thank you, thank you for that. I feel your cum sloshing around inside my pussy. You were bottoming out when you came, hopefully you shot that load straight into my womb" as she said that she layed back on the table she had been sitting on.

"That was intense" Ring said as he gently bent to kiss her breast through the shirt that still covered it. He was careful not to remove his dick from between her legs. "I can't remember when I have ever cum so hard"

"Well Robert the last time would have been about 200 years ago and if i remember correctly you filled my mouth because I said i was hungry." she said as she brought a finger with a small dab if cum that had seeped out around his cock to her mouth. "mmmm, still tastes great. I think I am getting hungry again. " she said pushing up to rest on her elbows.

"It will have to wait, we probably should continue our sweep before the Commander starts calling for a status report."

'Work work work, that's all you ever think about" she said with a wry grin.

Slowly he started to move to pull out from her.

"Don't let any of it spill out, remember we have a species to repopulate"

As he withdrew from her, he forced her pussy closed. Even with his efforts he knew it would be a wasted attempt. She slid the crotch of her panties back in place and hopped off the table to begin redressing.

"Since all you ever think about is work" Ming started as she zipped up the flight suit "See how this clouds your mind. Untill we get back to the ship I am going to be walking around with a womb full of your cum sloshing around inside me and . . ." she paused giving a slight shiver "And running down my legs. Gawd you filled my cunt so full that not only can i still feel it inside me i can feel a trickle of it running down my leg, my panties are already soaked and . . .

yep it's already at my knee"

"Glad I could be of service Lt." he said snapping to attention and saluting her. Her response was to fly her middle finger and walk towards the door.

"I expect you to service me regularly from now on, that's an order mister."

"Yes Maam!" he said with a drawl as they walked out of the room.

An hour or 2 later the teams returned to the command center to report their findings. The Marines that had headed for the landing platforms reported that it looked like there would easily be enough room on either platform to land the ships. They reported that the construction robots appeared to still be functioning and were apparently building what looked liked additional living quarters off one of the landing platforms. With their report done the commander looked over at Lt. Lynn.

"And what about your search Lt. did you and the sarge mange to find anything stimulating?" he asked with a tone of Sarcasm. In that instance she knew something was up. she looked at the commander as her eyes narrowed and behind one of the Techs that had stayed in the command center snickered.

"Well sir we found a series of offices, a couple conference rooms and some rooms that look like they might be living quarters. Nothing spectacular" she said with a hint of caution in her voice.

"Ahhh, ok cause where we were sitting in here that conference room looked very exciting" he said motioning towards one of the monitors. "So exciting that you left ass prints in the dust on the table" he said as the techs behind him began to openly laugh and chuckle.

"Sorry Commander, we uhhh, I mean I uhhh. . ." Lt. Lynn stammered and was cut off by the Commander.

"Lt. I am going to need to speak to the Captain about this." he said with a stern look on his face. He watched as Ming and Sargent Ring both looked crestfallen. "I intend to recommend you both for commendations. You evaluated the situation and realized that the re-population of the species was the more important mission and you took appropriate steps." he said allowing his stern demeanor to give way to a broad smile as he watched them both relax and give a sigh of relief. We enjoyed the show. Next time if you don't mind give us a heads up so we can make popcorn."

Lt. Ming didn't really know what to say. In the past 2 minutes her emotions had been smashed and then brought back to a high point. oddly enough as her lovers seed seeped slowly from between her legs she felt even more turned on that they had apparently had an audiance. Then she realized the Commander was waiting for her to reply. "Notice" She stammered her mind ablur. "Yes Commander" she said smiling and saluting.

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