One day in a small country town during the school holidays a couple of teenage boys decided to have a movie marathon. Matt wanted to start by watching drop dead Fred but Cory wanted to watch the new fast and furious movie. Matt decided to let Cory chose the movie because he had already seen them all heaps of times because the DVDS where his. Matt just wanted to enjoy some private time with Cory who he had a massive crush on. Cory decided what movies they where going to watch and took them out into the shed which they had cleaned up and put a TV and a DVD player in along with a the back seat of a car to sit on. They also had chips and lollies already in there for the movie marathon. Cory put on the first movie on it was the new fast and furious movie with cool cars, high-speed pursuits and shot outs. As the movie got further in it come up to a screen with hot chicks walking around in bikinis, which got matt and Cory really horny. Matt looked over at Cory who was rubbing his cock thought his trousers, which made matt have an even bigger boner. Matt had recently realised that he was bi when he started having feelings for Cory but he didn’t think Cory was bi. But he still loved him anyway. When the screen in the movie finished Cory stoped rubbing his boner and so did matt they finished watching the movie and decided to go into the house to cook some hot food since it was starting to get cold in the shed since it was almost winter. On the way back to the shed they saw couple of hot chicks walking past. They got back in to the shed and put on the next movie then all of a sudden Cory asked matt if he new who they were matt said he didn’t but he wished he did. After a few minutes they both heard a noise outside they decide they better go see what the noise was.

It was the two hot chicks they had seen earlier. They walked over to the boys and introduced themselves as Maddie who was 19 the same age as matt and Cory and her little sister Leaha who was 18 They had just moved in next door to matt and thought they better get to no their new neighbours. But they didn’t expect them to be so cute. Matt asked the girls for their phone number so they could arrange to meet up and get to no each other better. They all exchanged numbers and then girls said they had to go finish unpacking. After they left the boys went back to watch the movie but after a couple of minutes Cory asked matt what he though of the girls. Matt said he though they where really nice people and that they were really cute. Cory agreed then all of a sudden he got a message from Maddie ask if they guys wanted to hang out tomorrow. Cory replied saying they’d love to hang out if the girls didn’t have stuff to do. Matt asked Cory what they’d do with the girls Cory said I don’t know but I want to get to no Maddie better and maybe she will go out with me since I haven’t had a girlfriend in ages and I’m almost 20. Matt said he thought Leaha was cute but he didn’t think he’d have chance with her because she really pretty and she wouldn’t want to go out with someone ugly like him. When the movie finished matt asked Cory to put in the blank disk. Cory asked him what it was matt didn’t answer he was to busy stuffing his face with food. After a minute the DVD started it showed a female in really sexy clothing then she begun to stripe of her top while dancing around this gave matt and Cory really big boners. They both began to wank while the girl begun to remove her jeans then her bra. Matt looked over at Cory who couldn’t take his eyes of the screen. When matt looked back then girl was starting to remove her g string then Cory spoke which made matt jump because he had forgot Cory was their because what was on the screen was so interesting. Matt asked Cory what he said Cory said he wanted to no how much longer the DVD went for. Matt said it only had a few minutes left just as the girl started to finger herself. Almost immediately the girl began to moan then with one big moan she cum then the video stoped. Matt asked Cory if he mind if he got his cock out and finished wanking. Cory said he didn’t mind as long as he could do the same they both got their cocks out. Cory caught matt looking at his cock and asked why he was staring at it. Matt got so nervous his boner began to shrink he told Cory that he was bi. Cory cracked up laughing but after a minute he asked Cory if he had ever done anything with a guy. Matt said he had wanted to but all the guys he liked were straight or that one of them would tell people he was bi. Matt asked Cory if he had ever want to do anything with a guy Cory said he had wanted to because he was curious about why guys were gay and how they had sex but he hadn’t ever done anything because he didn’t trust anyone enough to ask to try it and because he didn’t want people to think he’s bi. Matt was about to ask Cory something when he got a message from Leaha asking what they wanted to do tomorrow and said that she thought he was cute. Matt replied saying he didn’t no what they could to tomorrow and told her that he thought she was cute. Matt asked Cory if he wanted to see what its like to play with another guys cock. Cory said he would as long as matt didn’t tell anybody about it ever Matt quickly agreed. Matt asked Cory if he’d ever done anything with a guy before. Cory said he had loads of times but not in a while.

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2012-01-24 04:58:53
this story needs better editing, and better spacing it's just to closely spaced to read and follow online. i now it.s not the rules for paragraph breaks we were taught in english class but two or three line spacing is easier too read on any electronic medium. also pay more attention to your story codes, it help's so you hit your targret readers.

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