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How long has it been since I was informed I was sold? God, I am so fucking hungry! I'd give anything to have somebody to cum in my mouth just to give my stomach something to work on. What did he mean when he said F was rough on his bitches? They could have at least taken the jacking device from my mouth. My mouth is SOOO dry...

I think I am still bound to that bench. Hard to tell, the hunger and thirst are making it difficult to think. Hell, just to keep conscious!

It feels like a very long time. Hours, for sure. Maybe a day. To difficult to know...

Huh! What! My arms are being freed. Oooo. ugh. Can't move them. Huge pain in shoulders. Legs are being left tied. Something up my ass again. I know that feeling. It is that hook that was used to keep...

NOOO! Please don't tie my head back to that hook again!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

MMMMFPFFMFMFP. What was just pushed down my poor, sore throat? Can't say what. Flexible, smooth, mouthful around, pushes inches past my tonsils. Oh man, when is this going to end?! This thing in my mouth is apparently inflatable. It is pressing against every millimeter of surface in my mouth and throat. The pain. head being pulled tighter to anal hook. breathing very difficult...

Now where am I? Air is very cool. Goosebumps. Stiff nipples. Shrivel dick. Yet I feel warmth on my naked skin. I have to be outdoors. Yes, in a moving vehicle. Corrugated steel against my chest. Can feel every bump in the road. Puts painful pressure on my bound cock. I... I think I am in the back of a pickup truck. It is open backed, maybe. MY GOD, how many people are seeing my like this? Wait, maybe a trucker will see and call the cops...

Man, it seems like hours. We are still driving. My chest and pelvis have both been severely bruised. The ropes are biting into my wrists, shoulders, ankles, dick, balls... All feeling very cold and tingly, a "fallen asleep" feeling... not to mention the excruciating pain in my ass. Every bump bounces my head tugs on the anal hook. Uuumff! Big bump. Winded...

Huh?! What was that? Ooohh. I must've passed out again. We've stopped moving. The tailgate just fell open. Omigod! My heart is pounding so hard it hurts. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! MY ASSHOLE!! PLEASE STOP PULLING ON THE ROPE BETWEEN MY HEAD AND ASSHOLE!!!
I am glad I am so thoroughly gagged. F can't hear how badly broken I already am.

I must be too heavy for him to carry. Maybe he just enjoys dragging my naked, face down and bound body across the gravel driveway. I'd almost forgotten my gonads were bound so tightly. The pain on them is unbearable. Oh, now a grassy patch. Not roses... .

I should've realized there's be stairs. I got splinters from the 4 wooden stairs going to the door and my chest and 'nads are killing me from being pushed head first down 16 hard stairs into a cold, mildewy smelling area. A basement of some sort would be my guess.

Fuck, my cock hurts like hell! The binding is so tight that the skin feels stretched. All the pounding, scraping, rose bushes left it feeling as though I was being raked across a giant cheese grater. My chest and stomach are wet. Am I laying in a puddle? Is it my blood or does this room have high humidity? A combination? Do I have a cock left? My balls... they feel as though they been clamped in a vise... like I am still dragging the vice by my balls. This guy owns me?!!? GOD PLEASE HELP ME! What did I do to deserve such a fate? PLEASE GOD, TAKE ME NOW! Please, please take me now. Spare me the cruelties F has in store for me...

Wwhhat is tthhat? my asshole... my neck... I must be... whoooa... fuck I am being raised off the ground, spinning a little. Just enough to have totally lost any sense of where the stairs are. I can't take this constant darkness and absolute silence! Is this a nightmare? It has to be a nightmare... OK, now that I have it settled, it is time to wake up. OK, wake up... come on, wake up. I'm not kidding now, Wake Up... GOD DAMN IT, WAKE THE FUCK UP RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! please... please..... please................ please.... wake.... up.

Oooooowwwwwww! Mother fucker! What just happened to my dick? Ooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaahhhh! Fuuuuuuuuccckkk! What the fuck is my cock getting beaten with? Feels... uuuungggh, not the balls too!!! batting practice. The pain. Please GOD, tell me what I did to deserve this? Tell me what amends I need to make to atone and be released from hell? pleeeeeaase...
OOOOOOooooooooo! my ballllllllllls........

I must've passed out again. Thank you lord for intervening and giving me some peace for a while. Wait... what's happened. One of my hands is being lashed to an eye bolt in the floor (bench?) behind me. The other is FREE. Now's my chance! I just have to hit at the body next to me. Come on arm, HIT THE MOTHER FUCKER! NOW!! Why can't I move my arm? God, it must be my shoulders. ughn. yeah definitely my shoulders. How long were my arms tightly bound, wrist to shoulder behind me, at least 12 hrs. I can't believe this. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and I am unbelievably helpless. I can do absolutely nothing to escape. ooooooo ungh. There goes my chance to escape, he's binding my right wrist as well.

oooouu. The rope that just cinched tightly around my waist took all my air away. Aaahh! Fuck the coarse rope is pinching my flesh at every contact point. I am being secured in place by the rope around my waist as well. Aaahh. My left leg felt as though is dis-located at the hip. Man, that was like lightening shooting through my hip. OOOooohhh God... now my right leg. Oooooohhh shittt that hurts the hips. Damn it's a good thing I'm flexible. I am basically strapped down in the Chinese splits. ooooh Gooood. Thank you for untying my cock and balls. I thought sure you were going to leave them like that until they fell off.

He has finally taken the expanding gag out of my mouth. Now if he'd just take the jack out...

What an unbelievably helpless position. Tied down to bench top, yeah, a wooden bench top, arms and legs spread wide and tied. Held down at the waist. My cock, balls, asshole all wide open to my assailant's pleasure

Oh hunger. Hey, maybe I'll just die of hunger. And thirst. My mouth is so dry. How many hour/days has it been jacked open. at least when the expanding gag was stretching my mouth and throat tissues, my saliva was trapped in my mouth for some comfort. Right now, I could drink piss, if this guy made me.

Ugh! What is that pasty stuff he is putting in my mouth. God, who cares. I'm fucking hungry. Please take the jack from my mouth so I can eat. All he hears in unintelligible mutterings. I know it. As if he'd care. Peanut butter, that's what it is. Best peanut butter I've ever tasted! Ugh. Hard to swallow with this fucking thing jacking my mouth open. OMIGOD. Peanut butter stuck all over my dry mouth and throat. He is still packing it into my open mouth. HE'S TRYING TO KILL ME WITH PEANUT BUTTER. Some fucking wacko that ties bewildered, frightened men up and packs peanut butter down their throats until dead. Come on death. Take me, please, I beg you. Any spirit, good or evil that can hear my thoughts, if you will take me in a swift painless manner, you can have my eternal soul. Anyone listening.

I'll show F, I won't die from his peanut butter death trap. I'll live to see the day he is wearing this thing on his head and I am stuffing peanut butter into his gaping mouth.

Glug, gurgle. He is pouring some liquid into my mouth with the peanut butter. Thank you so much!! A little salty. Maybe Gatorade. Of course. Why would he buy me for all that money (more than I've EVER seen in one place, at one time) and just kill me. Money is still worth something, right. Peanut butter and Gatorade. He wants to keep me healthy. Amazing how much easier it is to swallow the pb with the gatorade, jacked open or not. Thank you F. These tears are tears of happiness for your gracious hospitality. I'll do anything you want.

What does he look like? Am I ever going to be allowed to see and hear again? To touch something other than my confinements, my thoughts? I hope so...

Please. F. Please give me more peanut butter. Please. I am still hungry.

He has turned his attentions to my cock. He is attaching something to it. Ooowww. It completely encircles my dick from top to bottom. It is prickly on the inside. Like the surface of a hair brush. AAAAAAAaaaaahh. Omigod. Take it off. Take it off. TAKE IT THE FUCK OFF MY COCK. YOU HAVE TO. THE FUCKING PAIN. NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO, NOT TIGHTER!!!!!

Apparently, my screaming is annoying him. He's stuffing the inflatable gag back down my throat, packing in the last of the peanut butter. AAAhhhhh. I wish I could stuff this thing down his throat and expand until he thinks I'm going to burst HIS throat.

OOOOOooh fuck! No more. Please don't tighten that "iron maiden" on my cock anymore. I feel blood running down my poor, abused little tool. What's he doing? Oooh, OooOOooOOOooH! I don't believe it. My balls are being licked as if someone was trying to lick the flavor right out of the skin. OH FUCK, NO. My asshole is being licked and tongue fucked as well. Very skillful, very strong tongue. I can't stop it! I'm getting harder. OOooohh that thing encompassing my staff. I'm pushing into it. Oh shit! Ahhh fuck! OMIGOD! What did he just pull tight around the base of my poor, battered, broken manhood. Hey. Owww. It's pinching. OOOOOOWWWWWWW AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCKKK! Man, that thing must have sucked some skin into it. Sharp edges. Cutting into my delicate flesh. Uh-oh, the way that thing pulled tight, it is going to need to be cut off. When that time comes (if it comes), I am sure to loose some cock skin in the process.

Oh come on, don't tighten that tortured device anymore. No... No... no ..

Shit! He is tying my nuts back up again. At least he took his attention from my poor, punished, prick. AAaahhh. each is getting many windings of something rough around the base of it, until each is standing well away from each other! I feel like I've been kicked in the balls on top of all the other fucking pains this guy is giving me. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! What are you doing? God no... what is he sticking my nut with. It's fucking pointed and small, possibly a needle into my ball... p l e a s e . . . d o n ' t . . .

UNNGAHHHHHHFFUUUCKK! please don't do that again....

AAAAARRRRRGGHHHUUUGGGGAAAAAHHHSSHHIITTTT! I gotta needle or something sticking all the way through each of my poor, sore, nuts... gotta stop crying. I'm gonna drown in my

Am I here alone? I haven't sensed movement in the vicinity in several minutes. Good. I am all pained out. I think I can ignore the pain in my 'nads for now if I could just get a little sleep...

Woooowwww. Whatever I just got stuck up my ass, it is very hard and cold with a big bulbous head he had a difficult time forcing through my exposed anus. I think I was sleeping when this new invasion landed. I hope he used some sort if lube. Uuughnn. How far up my ass is he sticking that thing. I feel as though he is trying to burst through a fold in my intestine. Aaahh. Aaaahhhh. OOohh. he managed to push the intestine to a straighter path and push what felt like an additional 6" length up my ass.

No. Please. Not another twist of the fasteners of the "iron maiden". I know he punctured my cock in a bunch of different places already with that thing. The fresh twist of the screws of this treacherous cock cage made the blood start trickling again. I can feel it oozing down my cock. I think.

I think maybe he is gone again. I don't feel any movement of the air on my skin. Just a rest from all the new pain. Just a little while... sure could use some more peanut butter and gatorade.

I'm sure I just felt the air move. F is back. He is dragging something cold and round across my inner thighs. Suddenly, it comes in contact with the needle in my right nut. OoOoOoOoOoOoHhHh ShIt!! some kind of electrical charge jumped from the cool round object through the needle searing the hole around the needle, leaving behind the unmistakable odor of burned flesh.

It contacted the (apparently) metal rod in my ass causing my sphincter to firmly embrace the intruder only to suffer an electric burn as well.

AaAaAaAhH aAaAaHhHhH EeEeEeEeEeAaAaIiIi He must've turned up the power. Everywhere the object comes in contact with my skin, the surface in contact burns with a puff of singed skin wafting to my nose (my only fully functioning sense permitted me), stinging my nasal passages. The muscles under the skin at the point of contact are viciously contracting in response.

Oh-oh. Something is different. OMIGOD! The electrical torture object is just lying on my lower abdomen. Uunghugn. Those muscles can no longer tolerate the cramping contractions. Maybe I can move a bit. Just enough to get that thing to roll off of me. At the same moment the electrical wand actually started moving off of me and came in passing contact with the needle through my right nut and landed solidly against the metal tool of invasion buried deeply into my intesines. F was releasing the inflatable gag from my mouth, leaving the jaw spreading device continuing to do it's duty on it's own.

PLEASE MR. F GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME. . I will not give him the satisfaction of whimpering or crying. Shit! Please take it out of my mouth! GaaaGgaaAaHzzzttt! please go back to torturing my stomach. the fucking fillings in my teeth are sending unbearably powerful shocks deep to the tooth's root.

I must've passed out again. I'm starting to notice that he must be quitting whatever cruel behaviour he is involved in shortly after I pass out. This has to be... I remember the exact cause of all but a couple burn scars. Maybe it isn't as much fun for him when I am not able to squirm and cry out. This info might come in handy sometime...

He is touching the invasion instrument in my asshole. NNNNoo! OOooh! It's burned in good. I could feel it tearing skin as F twists the cruel tool right, then left several times in rapid succession. Suddenly, in one quick, dispassionate move F pulled the straight out of my asshole so quickly it made a popping noise.

My relief was short lived as he immediately replaced it with the electricity device with the same quick, dispassionate action wriggling it violently, searing the intestinal lining at every contact. He has taken it out, what's... Aahh shit, not the needles! not at that power.

Please GOD, I know this is just a nightmare. Wake me up! Please!

AAAAAAAAHHH! Not the nipples....
Seemed like hours, even days that I was being hurt with electrical thing. It must've given F a tremendous thrill to hurt my cock as he spent more time on it than any other part of my body. Once he took off his evil version of an iron maiden, he spent so much time hurting my swollen, punctured, bleeding, manhood, it was like he was savoring each moment. Like saving the best part of a meal for last. He slowly, methodically ran it across every swollen inch of my 7" fucktool. Then, he started hopping it from top to bottom, side to side. Quickly. Random locations all.

Now that he has left (I think), I can relax a bit.

Whooooaa. He isn't gone. FUUUUCK!! AAAAaaaaahhhh! He is slowly forcing something through my right nipple. Not a needle, not sharp enough. FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK! Hurts so bad! Whhhaaaa? He just stopped. He pulled it back out and stopped. Thank you GOD!!

Oh-oh. He set something heavy on the surface I am tied too. Very near my head. I could feel the vibrations... What? OOOOWW! Something very hard just banged into my head. Omigod, he lifted up my head, slid something under it and let my head drop back down. This something was so hard that I saw stars and probably would have passed out again had I not realized this was some sort of vise and F is squeezing my fucking head in it. I couldn't help myself. I screamed, as long and as loud as this menacing bondage device spreading my jaws open would allow. At that, F roughly cranked it tighter yet. I know I passed out for sure from the pressure on my skull as well as all the other, sadistic things he as been doing to my body.

I don't think I was out long (unless F sat there patiently for me to come to before continuing brutally slow nipple piercing). Now all I can do is scream during the piercing. This vise is far too heavy to allow my poor, mal-nourished neck muscles to be able to move. GOOOODDDDD, it feels like he's slowly pushing, and twisting, a nail through my tiny, male nipple.

I think it actually is a nail. It is all the way through, he's just leaving it there. OK, brace yourself, the left nipple will undoubtedly be next... waiting... ready... go ahead... get it... over... with. But. What. Hey! My dick. What is he doing to my dick? Oooo, maybe he'll take off that strap he put around the base of it. After all, it's gone numb. No more fun for him.

OOOOOOO, nnnnnnoooooooooo! Please don't put anymore of that shit on me!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHH! Ben Gay? Is that what he did to my cock. It is! Ooooo man! OOOOOOO MAN! It hurts worse with each passing second! PLEASE WASH IT OFF! PLEASE!!

He has my cock in his hand once again. He is twisting, pulling my poor blood engorged penis. Like some weird examination. Fuck... you don't suppose I'm going to be sold again, do you? Dare I hope? Anyone else would have to be a kinder, gentler owner...

No such luck. Suddenly the tender underside of my manhood is on fire! What he's doing to is making my meat burn in tiny little points of heat all over the undersurface like that! The patience he is displaying for whatever it is doing in impressive. If he wasn't hurting me, I could admire him for that. Ooh. I think he is going to remove the strap at the base of my cock. Yes...

Aahh. Careful. AAAaaahh! You cut me in the process. Feels like a large, open cut. Maybe more than one. OMIGOD! SALT. F is shaking salt water over all the freshly damaged skin of my prick. My nipple too! Oh-oh, he just sprinkled my left nipple as well. Oh shit! NO! FUCK! F is now piercing my left nipple. Slowly! Twisting! Forcing the dull nail-like object through my remaining nipple. It hurts so much more than whatever it was he did to my dick!

Cable tie. That must be what he used to tie off my cock while hard. The only thing that makes sense. He had to cut it off. Fuck, this is one very cruel mother fucker.

Now would really be a great time to wake up.....

Uuughn. He's through. He is just playfully flicking the nails (or whatever) in my nipples. GOD THAT FUCKING HURTS! STOP DOING THAT YOU ASSHOLE!

MMMNNMNUUPFFMMUUNP. Is that? Oh GOD no, hair. It's his dick. He is fucking my throat while pulling, twisting, and pinching the things impaling my poor fucking nips. The more this mother fucker hurts me, the harder he pounds his balls into my nose. Oh man, oh no... please god... bad dream.

Oh my fucking nipples. I hope the amount of pain I'm getting means he is about to cum and this torment will end. Man I wish I had more people in my life. No one I know even knows I am missing yet. I don't have many friends. Those I do have are used to not hearing from me for long periods at a time. It'll several months before one of them finds me missing and reports it to the authorities.

EEEYYYYAAAAAHHHHHH! I can't believe he timed his orgasm and the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life to coincide perfectly. Pulling on my nipples (by squeezing them against the objects protruding through them) so hard I felt as though he was going wrench them from my body, he had given one last thrust down on my face so deep it hurt my teeth in both jaws, and proceeded to spew his spunk straight my throat. As bad as all that was, and with what little food I'd had since my abduction, my stomach actually welcomed his sperm. In fact, I wish he'd have cum more... I am so hungry...

Fuck man, the least you could do is pull the hairs from my teeth. Do you know what is it like to get a pube stuck in your tonsils on swallowing?

OOooh. more peanut butter. focus on that. doesn't taste as good as before, but I guess I shouldn't expect much since he burned the insides of my mouth with that electric thing. At least he's feeding me. great, more gatorade to wash it down with. thank you, thank you. thank you... Oooo. OOOOO! The saltiness of the Gatorade is torturing the poor, damaged, inner flesh of my mouth...

How long have I been feeling as though I am alone? Seems like a long time, but how do I judge? This headgear thing effectively neutralizes and visual or auditory clues.

I think it has been a long time. Maybe F is eating. or sleeping. OOoo, maybe he is getting drunk and will be really mean when he returns. Wish he'd taken my head out of the vise before leaving. Giving me a nasty headache. Try to sleep. sleep...

Huh! Wha... AAHHH FUUUUCK! I am soaking wet! He just threw water on me, presumably to wake me. Oh-oh. The scabs at my privates are softening up. OOOHHH! OHMYGOD! MORE SALT WATER.

GOD, please, what did I do to deserve this...

What's he doing? He is uncovering my ears...

"Welcome to your new home, bitch!" The voice boomed "This is where you will live out your remaining days, short though they will be..."

What the fuck?! Short though they may be?!

"You are here because I very much enjoy hurting people. Fortunately for me, dear Daddy left me his billion dollar empire when he died suddenly one day... Anyway, I have more than enough money to purchase shit like you to torture to death"

Torture to death?!

"You are my 11th 'project'. I must say, I am getting really good at it. I've found it is a lot more fun to do lots of little injuries than just a few big ones. Bitches expire to quickly with the big ones, so I now put off that pleasure until I am ready to kill them."


"No, you are not dreaming"

Yes I am. I have to be. I've GOT to be.

"You were trapped by a very dear friend of mine, Ozzie. He gets his jollies choosing a his prey then stalking it. He stalks it for weeks, learning it's habits. He then takes the animal out at the perfect moment. His captives usually have no clue. They just wake up one day bound and hooded. So that, bitch, is how you got here" He emphasized his last words by hitting me in my balls with something. The way they are bound, it felt like it was a ball bat.


"As soon as your tattoo heals, I will be removing the hood entirely. So you can see your new home. I'd like to be able to say 'I hope you like it', but you won't. Not at all"

This all is REALLY happening? How? Why? I've always been a God fearing/loving man. How could God let this happen to me?! Tattoo? What tattoo?

"I get my jollies torturing bitches like you to death. Slowly. You'll cry so much, you'll run out of tears. You'll scream yourself hoarse. It'll continue anyway. I am particularly fond of cock, ball, nipple and anal tortures. And of course, everyone's favorite S&M activity, whips. Different types for different desired results"

"As you have already experienced, I enjoy using a cattle prod, as well as lamp cords, hot with 110vac jumping from the bare wire ends. Needles. Nails. Piercings. Punctures. Cuts. Anything that hurts you gives me a corresponding pleasure. The greater your pain, the greater my pleasure. I love my pleasure!!"

"I also have a variety of pets. Male pets. Since we are on a farm, I have dogs. Big dogs. Horses. Bulls. Goats. Pigs. And they love to fuck my bitches. In both holes. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons you are still wearing the jack and have to swallow the 15" inflatable dildo. Gotta stretch your jaw and throat if my horses and bull are going to deep throat you. And trust me, they are going to deep throat you."

Dear GOD. I know I haven't been your greatest follower. I may even be going to Hell when I die, but it couldn't be worse than this. Could it. Please take me, Father. Now. PLEASE!!!

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True Story: Probably had the best and worst day combination's of my life yedstreayBest Part: I take my girl to this Japanese steakhouse and we sit with this woman who is filthy rich. Like her husband is the "leading manufacturer & supplier of glass to the world" rich. So we're talking and we give her directions to TJ Maxx & Marshall's. Just super nice and down to earth. Told us to take our time getting married and don't rush to have kids. yada, yada.So I go to pay for my food, but the check hadn't come yet. I ask the waitress and she said the lady paid for our food. I'm floored, it was like a $60 tab. So I thank her & she thanks us for the directions and conversation.I'm on cloud nine and head to work.Bad part: Like 5 people on my shift call off, an employee gets in a fight w/ a customer, someone just left out the blue, & a customer throws up in our restroom. I just keep thanking God that woman showed kindness to us or I might have killed someone last night. So I really nee

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