Taking The School Part 1 The Start.

AUTHORS NOTE* Inspiration hit me tonight as I was sitting in my room thinking about high school. I of course got expelled from it but I was thinking about how so many people complain about it when they are higher up in the food chain than my people are. I swear so many preps bitch about high school....they have the damn school by there finger tips. While my group The rejects, Punks, Goths, Emo's, Shejects get shit on every damn day. But we don't complain. We know we're smarter and are going to have a better life then our "Higher ups" Are. So we just take it in stride. So I was thinking what happened if for the first time in History...Goths, Punks, Rejects and the rest of my people...took over their high school? I put this in the same setting of Gothic Amy and Me and I made the time line a year after John and Amy died. Just enjoy.



I was asleep as the car moved. Everything was pitch black. I felt every bump in the road and I heard Marilyn Manson blaring in the car. I also heard my friends or "Gang" Laughing and talking about the shit they where doing this weekend. I of course was sleeping in the coffin. No, don't get the wrong Idea. My best friend Greg bought a Hearse for his first car. He cleaned it up put a new sound system in it and for the finishing touch he added a coffin to put in the back. On the weekend's he'd stock it up with beer, Vodka, and a bunch of Munchies so when we where stoned out of our mind or wanted to get wasted we could. But during the school week he would clean it out so my ass could go right back to bed after he picked me up from my house. We weren't the only people in the gang. We had about 20 maybe 30 kids in our gang. I only knew 5 and called them my friends. Greg, Tiff, Mark, Crash, and Jessie. I felt the car stop and I heard Greg. "Alright, lets get the coffin out." I heard the laughter as my friends piled out of the Hearse and heard the back door open. I felt the coffin being pulled out and the blinding light of day seeping in as the two openings of the coffin opened. "Come on asshole time for school." I Heard Tiff say.

I stepped out and Greg put the coffin back inside his Death-mobile as he called it. I stared at my friends. Greg was the oldest one. 18, He was a senior. Dirty greasy long brown hair going down to his shoulders. He was wearing a black long sleeved shirt with a jean jacket over it with the jean jacket sleeves ripped off. He also had on jean pants and brown Nameless shoes. He really looked like he stepped out of the hair metal band era. Tiff was different. She always wore short skirts. Even in the winter. Except in the winter she wore leggings underneath. She always wore converses and band t-shirts. her short blonde hair always got in her beautiful green eyes. She had freckles and always was smiling. She had a little gap in her tooth. She was a freshman. Mark was different he was what you would call a pervert. I mean he would hit on everything that walks. From students to teachers. It was funny to see him strike out but from time to time he would actually get a girls number. He usually wore sleeveless shirts and tripp shorts. Crush was pretty cool pretty Artistic. He always wore black Kikwear pants. And he would by white shoes and design em with spray paint and ink. He had two sleeve tattoos and had long black hair which was dyed purple at the ends. Jessie was the coolest to me. Basically because she was my girlfriend. She was short like maybe 5 foot 3 as I was 5 foot 10. She always wore black skinny jeans and dark demonic shirts. She was pale and dye her whole head green. She had Liberty spikes and hair going to her ears. She was totally awesome.

Normally I hated going to school but today I didn't mind because today was supposed to be an ok day. We where supposed to have an assembly today on two fellow rejects who passed last year. John Fields and Amy May. I never really knew them. John was only in school for a short time but I would make small talk with them from time to time. Definitely my type of people to hang with. "Hey Matt we'll meet up at lunch, Smoke a bowl right?" Greg said walking away with Crush, Mark, and Tiff. "Ya man sounds good." I said smiling waving back. "Ready for the assembly?" Jessie asked me hugging me a little. "Ya, your going to speak right?" I asked. "Ya, after all I knew Amy. I mean we weren't best friends but I knew her since kindergarten and we use to hang before High school." She said shrugging her shoulders. "...What was she like?" I asked Jessie who tilted her head in wonder for a moment before answering. "She always had an attitude. Like she was the girl not to be fucked with. She was unique. But always was fun to hang out with." She said before kissing me for a good minute before pulling away. "See you at the assembly." She said smiling as she walked away to the school.

Ugh, Greenview high. I thought to myself. What a waste of space. It really wasn't a waste of space. The school itself was pretty cool. But the kids in the place made it a fucking brutal place to be. Not brutal as in I was afraid to go because of the kids. I mean brutal as in every time I went I wanted to shoot up the fucker. The whole school was made up of gangs. I guess in the 90's it was made up of different groups of kids. Even now they call them groups. But they're not groups, They're gangs. When you say Group you apply that you can talk to other groups. Not in this day and age you cant. You are apart of a gang as soon as you enter high school and you stick with that gang until you drop out or graduate. You know what I'm talking about. You needed to be apart of a gang for protection and friends. I mean if you get cornered by 3 members of another gang who is going to help you? Your friends. A.K.A your gang. I know I make it sound like a ghetto street gun and drug gang. But we're not. Most of the gangs here are Calm and cool. Don't start shit, they're wont be any shit. Hell most of the time we could talk to members of another gang like the Burnouts or skate rats and laugh and maybe smoke a joint or pack a bowl. But other gangs like the preps, popular, jocks, and Richie's. which where ultimately one fucking gang liked to throw there weight around in school to remind people who the top dogs where. It was funny because I know we were LETTING them rule the school. They didn't own it. We did. We just let them have their fun.

For parents reading this I have wise words of wisdom. For any of you parents that have ever said to your son or daughter. "You go to school to learn not to make friends." or "If you just go to school, Mind your business, and do your work you'll be fine." Ya FUCK YOU!!! That shit may have worked in the 60's and 70's but now in the 2000's when you go to school you don't spend your time thinking about school work and learning. you go there and think about how to survive. And being apart of a gang helps you survive. I walked up the steps and into the high school. Rows of dented blue lockers filled the hallway's with kids talking in they're groups. Every school had a pecking order or a food chain and everyone stayed in they're certain chain. At the top of the food chain it was the Preps and populars. Than the jocks because they where "Athletic" Than the Richie's. Just a group of rich people who LOVED to flaunt they're money. Than the Dealers. People who deals all sorts of drugs to every gang. they always had killer drugs and always threw killer parties. Than the Skate rats, Than the artists and musicians, Than us the Rejects, Than the nerds and geeks and that basically summed it up.

But every school had that one girl that basically ruled all the tribes. ours was worse because she was the Deans daughter. What she said went. Lexis was her name. And she was dating the leader I guess of the preps and jocks. Jayden, The captain of the football team. Lexis was this thin white girl blonde hair down to her back. Always wore either short shorts or yoga pants. Her ass had a nice jiggle to it and he big C cup breast always jiggled when she walked. I knew she gave most of the dudes in school hard on's. The guys who didn't get hard for her where gay. And some girls got wet at the sight of her. Jayden was a dude about my size. Basically same height and weight. Black dude. Who liked to try to intimidate people by talkin street and saying "Nigga" A lot. He was obnoxious. And the fact that the Dean loved him just added more power to him. I swear every day I went to school he would get kicked out and every time he would go down the hall yelling "ITS CAUSE I'M BLACK!!! THE TEACHERS FUCKIN RACIST DAWG, I SWEAR SHE CALLED ME A NIGGA!!!" he would go to the dean, who would give him a slap on the wrist and than send him back to class. Fucking pathetic. I was almost at my boiling point but like my gang would always say "Take it in stride, we'll come out in the future." So If you didn't know my gang was the Goth's punk's emo's reject's sheject's and outcast's. I liked it.

I walked to my locker and opened it letting whatever trash I had in there fall to the floor. I had a mirror in my locker that let me look at my face. White skin, Freckles, Blue eyes, Shaved head with a Mohawk going from the top of my head down the my neck looking like a main. Piercings in my left eye brow both ears, nose, lip, tongue, and Dick. I loved it. No tattoo's...not yet. I grabbed this small black case that had a bunch of different piercings that I had bought or stolen over the years. I was about to close my locker and go to class when I heard loud rap music coming from the entrance of the school.

"I COULD DIE NOW REBIRTH MU FUCKU HOP UP IN MY SPACE SHIP AN LEAVE EARF MU FUCKU I'M GONE....MU FUCKU I'M GONE, I'M GONE!!!" I turned my head to see Jayden with his varsity football jacket and a few members or the Jock crew holding an iPod stereo blaring Lil Wayne. "Out my way lil Nigga, You don't know who you fuckin wit." Jayden said to random people who were walking in "His" Hallway. "Yo Punk." I heard him say. I figured he was talking to some other kid so I didn't bother to turn around. "Yo Mohawk fuck you hear me talkin to you don't you?" I turned around and Jayden was a foot away from me with Lexis by his side smiling and popping gum. He eyed me up and down with his eyes wide he called it his crazy eyes. He sorta reminded me of R-Truth. It made me laugh. "Yo Dat your hearse outside lil nigga?" He asked. "Nope, It's my boys?" I said meeting his stare. "We'll tell dat bitch it's in my parkin spot. If it aint gone by period 9 lunch he goin need that hearse to take his body to the Greenview bone yard." He said as his boys laughed and walked away. Lexi took the time out of her busy day to step on my shoes and scoff at me as she walked away. Even though she was a dirty cunt watching her ass sway as she walked away made me want to strip her spit on my dick and prison fuck her right in front of Jayden and his crew.

I went through the school day as normal as I could. First period art, than second period science, Than third and fourth period science. It was a double. Ten minutes before science let out I heard in the hallway. "NIGGA'S RACIST DAWG, HE KICKED ME OUT CAUSE I'M BLACK!!! SHIT, SOME ONE BETTER TELL MR.WHITE BOY ITS 2012 WE GOT A BLACK PRESIDENT!!!" God it annoyed the shit out of me. I walked to 5th period religion study. It was the only class I had with Lexis. I walked in and sat down behind her like I always do. Her short shorts where riding a little low and I got a glimpse of her black g string. "Wanna stare a little more shit head?" She said making me look up. She was looking at me with a look of disgust. "I was hungry and was looking at my next meal!" I said to her making a loud slurping noise. "Ugh freak." She said turning around. I put my head down through a majority of the class. I noticed a black marker on the ground and got an idea. "So Alexis." The teacher started. "Please, Call me Lexis." I heard Lexis say. "Uh So Lexis what would you consider Satanic or against God?" The teacher asked. "Well...Hmm....I say Being Gay or Bi-sexual. It's in the bible. And People who Pierce they're face...Get weird haircuts like oh say a Mohawk, Listen to that god Awful punk music and wear shirts with skulls or pants with chains and smoke and drink freely...Like our own little Satan Servant Matt over here." I heard Lexis say and snickers from class mates. I had my head down and was waiting for an excuse to put my head up. "Mr. Alfred would you care to defend yourself?" I heard the teacher say. I put my head up showing the 666 I wrote on my forehead in marker making everyone laugh. "What?" I asked. the teacher took one look at me and got cross. "YOUNG MAN WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR HEAD?" "My Hair." I said matter-of-factly. I laughed getting up and heading to the front of the class. "I don't think I am a servant of the a matt-tt-tter o-of fa-faaaaa..." I started to convulse like I was having a heart attack. "FATHER...FATHER I HEAR YOU FATHER....I WORSHIP YOU UGGGHHHHH FATHER I WILL DO AS YOU SAY!!!" I said putting my hands out and walking like a zombie towards Lexis making everyone in the class go wild. "Father says he wants to impregnate you with his demon spawn." I said to her. "GO TO THE OFFICE MATTHEW ALFRED!!!" The teacher screamed. I laughed flipping her off and leaving class hearing the laughter.

Instead of going to the deans office I went to the basement of the school and texted Jessie who later came down and joined me. "I cant believe you did that!" Jessie said covering her mouth and laughing. She pointed at the 666 on my forehead and almost fell over. "So how are you feeling?" I asked. "Nervous about speaking at the assembly." She admitted biting her lip. I grabbed her hand and smiled anyway I can help? I asked giving her a look. She gave me a small smile "Maybe." Was all she said before she pressed herself against me.

I fell back on the floor wrapping my arms around her pressing her nice D cup tits to mine. She pressed her lips to mine. Kissing me passionately. Jessie snaked her tongue in my mouth. I grabbed the back of her head Hearing her whimper a moan as I shoved my tongue further into her mouth. She broke the kiss and kissed my cheek and than planted one to my neck. She smiled showing me her sharp teeth that her dentist had filed sharp for her. She attached herself to my neck sucking lightly swirling her tongue around my skin and gently biting. "Ahhhhhh..." Was all I could say as She bit down digging her teeth into my skin sending shocks up and down my spine. I felt her hands unbutton my tripp pants and I kicked them to my ankles. I took Jessie off my neck. I turned her around and laid her on top of me burying my boxer covered dick into her supple skinny jean covered ass. I grabbed her tit through her shirt roughly drawing a gasp from her. I unbuttoned her skinny jeans and dove my hand inside her thong feeling her shaven pussy. Her hot wet hole was calling for me. I drove two fingers in her pussy. "Oh God." She said twitching a little. I growled in her ear. "You need to relax...let me help." I bit the top of her ear lightly making her coo lightly. I buried another finger inside her wet box. She unzipped her jeans so I could have easier access. "Eat me." Jessie said. "With pleasure." I grinned. She kicked off her jeans and stood bottomless with only her converse on and her t-shirt. She stood over my face and lowered herself down. I opened my mouth and received her pussy. I shoved my tongue inside her tasting her, feeling around inside her making her moan. I thumbed her clit making her cry out in pleasure. She turned around grinding her pussy in my face. She was sitting on my face reverse cowgirl style. I grabbed her nice juicy ass cheeks and burying my tongue deeper in her. I felt her hands go to the waist line of my boxers and pulled them down releasing my seven inch hard on with a gold rod through it. She bent down. I felt her hot breath on the head of my cock. She licked my head and swirled her tongue around it. She planted a kiss on the head getting pre cum on her lips as she dipped her head low taking the head into her hot wanting mouth. Each inch she took in the hotter her mouth became until her nose rested on my balls. She started to hum and send vibrations up to my dick. I kept exploring her insides with my tongue and rubbing her clit as fast as I could. Jessie cept moaning and groaning faster and faster. She kept swallowing around my dick making her throat muscles contrast. It was heaven I didn't think I could last longer. I sucked my finger getting it wet and I shoved it into Jessie's asshole. That was her weakness. She screamed and her cunt tightened around my tongue. I thrusted up into her mouth and blew my load straight into her mouth. I clamped my mouth around her twat swallowing her juices. We stayed like that for a while until she rolled off of me. "How...Do you feel now?" I asked. "A wwwhhhooollleee lot better." She said smiling and panting.

She got dressed and checked her cell phone. "Time for the assembly." She said as she buttoned her skinny jeans and ran up the stairs to the assembly. I took my time and got there as it was starting. My gang was sitting in the front three rows. I took my place up front so I could see my girl shine. The dean droned on and on about the tragedy of teen suicide and death and how we should all look on the bright side of things....Eat shit. Than he said the words I wanted to hear. "Now boys and girls time for someone who knew Amy and than for Max Jones one of Johns Best friends. But please give a round of applause for Jessie Williams.

The applause was short and small but Jessie didn't mind. Things where going good until The preps opened they're mouth. "Anyway Amy was a really great girl, full of life." Jessie said. "NOT ANYMORE!!!" came from somewhere in the crowd which got a little laughter. Jessie went with it. "True, but She loved her husband so much she wanted to be with him in the after life." Jessie said. "WHO CARES SHE'S DEAD ANYWAY!!" Another voice came from the crowd. "SHE WAS A SLUT ANYWAY!!" Came another voice. Every gang was quiet except for the obvious preps, pop's, jocks and richies. "SCREW THAT BITCH!!! SCREW THAT BITCH!!!" the chant came from them. I looked over to the dean to restore some order but he was trying to stifle a laugh. Jessie looked down and said a small prayer and walked off stage annoyed and a little hurt. "Thats not right." Crush said to me. "Something has to happen." Tiff said leaning over her seat to me. I thought about it for a minute. "Your right." I started. "And I know just what needs to happen." I said looking forward as the dean wrapped up the assembly.

I didn't see any sign of Jessie the rest of that day. During period 9 lunch Greg and I where hanging out with the other fellow rejects and shejects outside on the grass smoking a little weed that Greg had stolen from his mom. We where relaxing and I was filling Greg in on the plan when I heard. "Yo nigga!" I turned around to see Jayden with two of the other foot-ball players walking towards us. They where dumb treading in our territory. The outside grass field where all the tree's where, where our territory. They took over the lunch room. As They where walking towards us Jayden made a point of trying to get tough with any of one of my brothers or sisters that walked in his path. He walked up to Greg and I trying to look tough. "Yo, you gunna move ya piece of shit car Nigga?" He said looking at Greg. "Fuck no." Greg said matching his stare. The two foot ball players stood next to Jayden as he got up in Greg's face. "Move it or I guess we gunna have a problem." Jayden said. Greg took a hit from the joint and passed it to me as he blew smoke it Jayden's face. "I guess we got a problem. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle which got Jayden's attention. "The fuck you laughing at?" He asked stepping towards me. "You." I said bluntly. "Your either brave as fuck or dumb as fuck you enter our territory and try to make threats." I said smiling. "What you sayin punk bitch?" He asked stepping forward. "Thats Mr.Punk bitch to you." I laughed. "And what I'm saying is, is if your gunna make better bring more than two guys." I said laughing. "look around you." I told him. Jayden and the two dudes he was with looked around and noticed all of the rejects, and shejects of all shapes and sizes forming a circle near the three jocks. "Just say the word Matt." One of the shejects said. "Not now." I stated. "You wanna talk all tough bitch I don't see you stepping up to us." Jayden said matter-of-factly. "Good point." I told him. "HEY EVERYONE....FOLLOW ME!!! WE'RE GOING ON A FIELD TRIP!!!" I yelled as loud as I could. I started to walk into school with 20 to 25 Goth's Punk's and Emo's following me. We entered the Jock and prep ridden lunch room. It got quite the only thing you could hear was the sound of out chains hanging off of our pants. the sound of our spiked combat boots hitting the floor or the screech of our converses scratching up the floor. I jumped on one of the table in the lunch room and started to speak to all of the gang's. "LISTEN UP!!! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW, I'M MATT ALFRED. I AM A MEMBER OF THE REJECTS. I AM THE SPEAKER AND SOME WOULD SAY EVEN THE LEADER." "WHY SHOULD WE CARE!?!" I heard someone say. Greg tossed me his knife and I opened it up. "Wanna speak up again?....No?...exactly....YOUR LEADER WHETHER YOU WANT TO ADMIT IT OR NOT JAYDEN HAD THE BALLS TO COME INTO OUR TERRITORY AND TELL US THAT WE HAVE YET TO MAKE A STATEMENT TO YOU ALL...WELL HERE IT IS....WE WANT YOU TO KNOW WE RESPECT THE PECKING ORDER AROUND HERE AS MUCH AS ANYONE...BUT THAT SHIT IS CHANGED. THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER FOR US...AND FOR THE WORSE FOR YOU. WHAT YOU SICK FUCKING FREAKS DON'T KNOW IS, IS THAT WE LET YOU RUN THE SCHOOL....WE LET YOU...WE COULD TAKE THE SCHOOL BACK AT ANY MINUTE AND WE WILL DO JUST THAT. UNLESS...." I started. Jayden jumped up on the table and tried to look tough. "Enlighten me...unless what." "We will let you guys to continue running the school if you admit we LET you own it. And that if we wanted to...we could take everything the preps and populars stand for...year committee....quarter back." Before I could say more. Jayden laughed. "You couldn't take my position as quarterback, I'm the best this school has to offer." He said. "No wonder why this school hasn't won in 3 years." I said. "You want to come here and publicly humiliate me....not gunna happen lil bitch. Lil man lets show this school what a LITTLE Nigga you really is." Jayden said before he jumped down on the table and tugged my tripp pants and boxers down with him. Everyone gasped and a few people giggled at the size of my dick when soft. 5 inches with a rod through it. I looked around the preps all stared at me wondering what I was going to do. I also noticed Lexi at the far end of the lunch room staring at my dick. "What do you gots to say now...LIL Nigga." Jayden said howling with his friends. "Gimme a hug." was all I said with open arms. "Scuze me?" He said. "Hug it out bitch." I said with arms open. "Nigga you's gay. Straight faggot." He said backing up. "Maybe I'll hug ya girl like this..." I started. "THE FUCK YOU SAY!!!" He started before the dean came in and stared at me "MATTHEW ALFRED GET YOUR ASS IN MY OFFICE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed. I pulled up my pants and smiled...the plan was going into motion.

I walked into the office with the dean following me. "Out of all the things you did....putting a hardcore porno in the VCR when the teachers not looking. Or panty raiding the girls locker room. Those I can forgive..." He started. "Forgive? I got suspended for a month for both of those things. Forgive my ass." I yelled. "But this...public nudity....this calls for expulsion." He said. "But I didn't pull my pants down. Jayden did and I was simply in shock to pull my pants up." The dean busted out laughing. He was laughing so hard that a tear came out of his eye. "Jayden did it...HAHAHA Thats rich...But since I have to be a dean I have to ask. Can anyone else claim your story true?" He asked. "My friends..." I started. "Please all your burnt out little tweaked friends like I'd believe them..." He said. I knew he wouldn't...this was going well. "Your daughter can testify." I said. "....Excuse me..." He said looking at me getting angry. "Your daughter saw Jayden do it...she'll tell the truth." I said leaning back in my chair. The dean got on the intercom. "Lexi Harrington to the Deans office, Lexi Harrinton to the deans office." He shut off the intercom. "After she tell's me that you'r lying. You will be expelled and escorted off of the premises." The door opened and Lexi walked in. I texted Greg saying "Now..." and sent it. "Hey daddy." Lexi said giving her father a kiss on the cheek. "Hey pumpkin. Now can you tell me if Jayden did pull down Mr.Alfreds pants or not?" Right before Lexi was about to defend her boyfriend the phone rang. The dean held up a finger and grabbed the phone. "Hello....Yes...Yes that's my car wh- wait what? WHAT? I'll be right there." He slammed the phone down on the receiver and looked at us. "It's an emergency I'll be right back." After he slammed the door. I took out my Anarchy tongue piercing and put another one In I had from my small black case. "You are so fucked!" Lexi said laughing. I went into her fathers drawer and got the keys to the room. I walked up and locked it. "No I'm not because your going to defend me." I said matter-of-factly. "Oh Ya..." She said cocking an eye brow. "What makes you think that?" She asked. "Because your going to want to." I said calm cool and collected. "Oh ya and why am I going to want to?" She asked. I turned around and looked at her with a sick grin. "After what's about to happen your going to want to do anything I say." I said grabbing her and throwing her on the couch in her dads office.

"What are you gunna do rape me?" She asked. "Yup." I said laughing. "I'm gunna tell Dad and you'll go to jail where you'll be the one getting raped!" She spat. "No I wont and you wont tell cause you'll like it!" I said before I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my tongue in her mouth. She slapped me in my face. I grabbed her short shorts and tugged them down and she laughed at me. "Please you think I'll enjoy that?" She asked pointing to my dick. "My boyfriend is black and has a much bigger dick than you. But if it makes you feel better you are the same girth." She said snickering. "Please girl you haven't seen me hard and besides I got a secret weapon." I said before putting a finger in my mouth and pressing a button on my tongue ring. "Oh and what's that?" She asked annoyed. I stuck my tongue out and showed her my vibrating tongue ring. "I'm talented with the tongue." I laughed. In one fast motion I got between her legs and moved the thong aside. burying my tongue inside her. "AHHHHHH" She squealed. She put both hands on my head trying to get my tongue out of her. "Get Out!!! Get It Out!!!" She shrieked. So I did as she asked. I took my tongue out of her shaven pussy and placed the vibrating tongue ring on her clit. "Ahhhhh!!!" She shreiked again. she keep trying to resist even though she took her hands off my head.

"No...Please...Ughhhh N-No." She begged. I licked two of my fingers getting them wet and than I shoved them into her tight preppy twat. "Ohhhh" She grabbed her big tits through her Abocrombie shirt. I looked up and decided she'd look good without that shirt on. I lifted the shirt up and she took it off. She was wearing a black lacy bra with pink ribbons on it. I grabbed it at both cups ant yanked it off of her body ripping it in two. "HEY THAT WAS DESIGNERRRRRR OHHH GODDDDDDD!!!" Lexis said closing her eyes and grabbing one of her big tits while her other hand was pressing my tongue into her clit as I was sucking and slurping it. I looked at her one tit that wasn't being molested by her hand. Big, supple, no sag and was topped off with small pink nipples. I brought my head up and took her nipple in my mouth. I'm pretty sure the tongue ring was sending shocks up her spine...good. "Oh...God I'm so damn it in me..." She said. I took my head up and unbuttoned my pants and took them off. I pulled down my boxers and shoved my dick in her face. "Suck it..." Was all I said. "Can't you be civilized and say please?" She asked. I brought my hand down and started rubbing her clit faster. "NOW!" I demanded. She bent her head forward and took about 4 inches into her mouth sucking and bobbing fast. I grabbed her head and shoved her head deeper. She licked the underside of my cock. Both her hands where busy one hand was rubbing her clit the other was groping her tit. She could only go 5 inches before she started gagging. I Wanted this slut to deep throat. I grabbed her head with both hands and started to fuck this preps bitchy face for all it was worth. She was gagging and her mascara was running down her face. I took my dick out of her mouth and watched as she coughed and sputtered. Before she could react I got between her legs and roughly shoved my dick in her tight twat. "OHHHHHH GOOO EASSSYYYY" She moaned. Screw her request. I grabbed her legs and thrusted deep and hard into her. Her tits would bounce up and hit the bottom of her chin. I bent down and attached my vibrating mouth to her tit giving her extra pleasure. Her pussy kept clamping on my dick milking it. I picked her up and carried her on over to her fathers desk I slammed her down mashing her tits against the wood and started to drill her pussy doggy style. "This feels sooooo g-good." She said moaning. Fucking slut loved every minute of it. "Fuckin lil slut! Take my god damn cock. Your getting your pretty little tight twat fucked on the desk that your father sits at. Does he know what a cock slut he raised? I don't think so." I said. I kept slapping her juicy ass making waves on it. I kept thrusting until I felt my balls tighten up. I pulled out and grabbed her by her hair throwing her on the ground. She got on her knees about to get up until I held her there. "Open your mouth!!!' I demanded and she did. I kept pumping until I couldn't take it anymore. I put the head of my dick in her mouth and shot load after load into her throat. Her popular mouth was swallowing all my little punks. She got up and started to rub her pussy. "Im So Close to cumming eat me..." She said getting back on the desk. I got up and put my pants back on. "Na im alright." I said sitting back down in the chair. "Excuse me." She said getting in my face. Was this bitch trying to get tough again? Hell no. I grabbed her by her throat and slammed her in the wall. "Bitch if you want to cum you have to earn it. You will do whatever I say whenever I say. I don't care if your boyfriend has a bigger dick than me. I bet my left nut that you'll remember this fucking for a long time. If you want to cum than you know what you need to do."

I let her go and she started to breath again. She got dressed and put her torn bra inside her short shorts. I sat down on the chair and she did she. We waited for 5 minutes and then her father unlocked the door and walked back in. "Who locked the door?" He asked. "I did daddy..didn't want Matt to try to leave." She said with a smile. "Good job dear so what happened?" He asked. "Jayden pulled down his pants. Im guessing Matt was a little embarrassed because he didn't have a chance too pull his pants up before you came and yelled at him." The look on her fathers face.....Priceless. "Honey...are you sure Matt didn't do it himself?" He asked with a nervous sound in his voice. "Because if he did...we can expel him more of him in school." He said trying to convince her. "Daddy.." She said flatly. "Jayden did it." Her father took a deep breath and finally said. "Uhhh Fine. Matt your free to go. I guess Jayden will have to be suspended for a few days." The dean wrote a pass for Lexi and I and let us leave. As we where leaving the office I grabbed her by the wrist and took her into the nearest Janitors closet. Thank God it wasn't locked. I threw her inside and pulled down her short shorts. I buried my tongue inside her giving her what she deserved. I licked three of my fingers and shoved them in her well fucked cunt as my vibrating tongue focused on her clit. "Oh God...Im Close...Im Close." She said grabbing her clothed tit. "Im Gunna....Gunna...Cuuuuummmmmmm" She let out a low sigh as she started to cum. I didn't want to taste the bitches juices so I got up as she convulsed and twitched. After she calmed down she fingered her sensitive pussy a for more times before pulling up her shorts. "Your number?" I asked. "Why?" She asked confused. "If you want more of that than give me your number. You help me get my people to rule the school and make it ours and you can have that all you want." I told her matter-of-factly. "Give me your number!" I said holding my phone. She grabbed it and typed her number in it. "We'll be in touch." I heard the bell ring and school was over. I walked out of the school and met my girl and Greg and every one else at Greg's hearse. "Phase 1 complete." I said smiling. Greg opened up the back door and grabbed the coffin opening it. "In ya go." He said laughing as I laid back inside the coffin as he closed the door and put me back in his car.

End of Chapter 1.

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