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Clit to Clit

___I was telling my girlfriend Shelly, how it was at home with my two crazy older sisters. They were twins and loved to play fight and wrestle. I was use to hearing them do this before my dad got home. Moaning and saying: “Don’t touch my tits, bitch!.”
“No!…stop feeling my pussy!”
“Feel your own tits, and leave mine alone.”
“Hey! Damn you, that makes my pussy tingle!.”,….then girl sex sounds back and forth between them.

I ignored them as usual, but it was very hot to listen to.

Dad warned me once not to mess with them. They liked to try and get my attention by running around half naked when dad wasn’t home. They would say: “Are you going to wank tonight thinking about us Mike?…
Do you like our thongs?…” and more, to tempt me as I ignored them….but it wasn’t easy.

In the evenings they would play wrestle in the living room to entertain my dad and I.

Charleen, and Darleen were twins, but non identical. Char was a little bigger but Dar had the bigger tits. They would come out in tights. One in bright red, and the other in all black showing off their bodies. Then the hair pulling and take downs began.

“Don’t pull my hair, stupid.”
“Get off of me, lard ass.”
“Make me, dummy.”

They would grunt and groan, lock legs and arms together and roll and twist to get away from each other. Dad and I would always chuckle as they grabbed each others tits and pussy’s. They would get themselves all hot and then stop, stand up and take a bow. We would clap as they headed to go shower together.

Dad and I agreed that girls are just crazy, but fun to watch. I never let him know that it really turned me on watching them…..and I know he got turned on too. Char and Dar knew it too as they spotted our erections when we didn’t hide them good enough.

Shelly ask: “So…they liked turning you and your dad on?” I said yes, it was a little game they played to get attention.

Shelly said: “Mike, …I’ve watched porn vids of girls play sex fighting to get themselves all turned on, and it was very hot to watch. I bet your sisters in private are into ’tribbing‘.”

“Tribbing?, what the hell is that?” I asked.

Shelly explained that tribbing is when two girls rub their clits together and getting off doing it. Some girls play fight and hold the other one down and rub her pussy on the other ones pussy, a sort of playing ‘girl rape’ kind of thing. It gets them very sexually excited and they have very strong orgasms doing it.

I had one girlfriend when I was little and her and I were play fighting and we found we got sexually aroused doing it. When we first bumped pussy’s and our clits rubbed together, we kept it going. We got so horny we just locked together and rubbed our clits together. The sex feeling built up and we held each other tight and rubbed until we both had our first orgasms.

At our age it was the hottest thing we’d ever done. We did it at every sleep over. We developed a routine where we would play like a boy was force kissing us and feeling our bodies. One night we were in our night gowns, naked underneath. She held me down and she started kissing my pussy. It was a hot turn on for both of us. Now we would both kiss our pussy’s and play like it was forced on us as we resisted. We would whisper things that made us more excited: (“ ….get off me bitch!…no!…don’t do that…oooooo…stop it!…I’ll pinch your tits, you horny little slut!”).

The dirty talk excited us more. (“…hold still!, I’m going to fuck you girl, whether you like it or not!”), as we pretended to force trib us. We would get extremely turned on and this made our orgasms even more intense and thrilling.

I remember the one night and we were ’69’ and kissing pussy’s to get us all turned on when she lifted my nightgown up and kiss my bare pussy. Oh my god…the tingles I got in my pussy. I did the same to her. The room lights were out so her parents thought we were asleep. We had to hold back our moans as our tongues now found their way in our slits. To lick a clit while your is being licked was a new high sex thrill for us. Instead of tribbing to get an orgasm, we got a better one this way. From then on, we tribbed first, then licked for the final big orgasm.

I missed her when she moved away. I never found another girl into that kind of sex play, but I still would like to do it again,…. with the right girl. Ask your sisters if I would watch them sometime with you and your dad, Ok?”

That story of Shelly’s was hot and I knew dad would let her watch with us. I told my sisters that Shelly was going to watch with us sometime as they did their play fighting. Their eyes went wide open and they looked at each other. They really liked the idea and started whispering between them.

The twins…..

….this Friday night dad will be out late playing cards at his buddy’s house. Let’s do a show, then see if we can get Shelly all horny!. Oh yes! We can get Mike and dad to get erections, let’s see of we can get Shelly all hot! ….oh how I would love to have a private show with them in our bedroom ….naked!

No way, that’s not going to happen Char. If dad ever found out we’d be grounded for life.

The only way……omg…when dad goes fishing for the weekend!, we could do a secret show then! Let’s go have a talk with Shelly.


I was in Mikes bedroom and he went outside to do something. The twins rushed in and whispered: (“…we want to do a private show for you and Mike when dad goes away for the weekend, so get ready!”) I couldn’t help it, my eyes closed as I felt a bit shiver in my pussy,… then they ran out of the room. I told Mike of their plan….

”A private show?….no shit!…dad would have a heart attack if he knew that.”

Mike and I had not had sex yet and I bet this would put us together for sure. Secretly in the back of my mind I wanted to ‘trib’ with a girl and now…omg.. maybe two girls?….‘that’ thought gave me a warm buzz feeling, deep in my pussy.

The Twins…..

…did you see Shelly’s reaction!…she got all hot. I wonder if she is bi curious. She’s hot looking and we could have a good time with her if she’ll go for it.


Shelly’s parents kept a close eye on her and me both, so I figured a sleep over with the twins and I might could get lucky with Shelly.

I could tell Shelly was highly interested in my sisters. I bet she had visions of doing that ‘tribbing’ thing with them. It was sure ok with me and sounded hot to watch if she did.

Dad sat me down a while back and said that he was allowing the ‘horny little shits’ twins to relieve their sexual tension by doing their little shows for us. They were just like their mom who couldn’t control herself and ended up running off with some guy. He again reminded me: “Don’t you lay a finger on them, this will get all of you grounded and displease me to no end…Ok?” I lied, and agreed.

The twins started planning their show. The night came and as dad left we all giggled and the twins ran up to their room. Shelly and I did some making out on the couch as we were both excited.

“Come up here!” the twins yelled out. We went to their bedroom. They had two chairs for us to sit in. They were in their bathroom. Dar came out and said: “This is a fitting room and two lady’s have a disagreement over a dress.” She went back in their bathroom.

Out they strolled in some old time western dresses they must have got from the thrift store. They strolled out of the bathroom and Dar said: “Excuse me lady, that’s the dress I was buying, you’ve got on the wrong dress. Now take it off. Char looked it her and replied: “I like this dress, it stays on. “ Dar reached out and pulled down the front of the low cut dress and ripped it. “Why you little bitch!” Char said.

The hair pulling and fighting began. They ripped each others dresses and flopped on the bed struggling to gain control. Ripping and tearing their dresses off. Now in panties and bra’s they began to wrestle and squirm on the bed. I watched Shelly’s face smile as she squirmed in her chair. The twins locked legs and started feeling each others tits and pussy’s. Char said: “Get your hands off me you little slut, I’ll take you down and fuck you and teach you a lesson!” Dar snapped back and said: “I’ll do the fucking bitch, open those legs up and I’ll show you!”

The bra’s got ripped off and panties too.

Watching two naked girl getting themselves all horny in a sex fight was a real turn on. Shelly came and sat between my legs to watch. She felt my hardon against her butt cheeks and squirmed back on it, as she was all hot now. The twins began to moan and both started pushing their pussy’s together struggling to control the other. They rubbed their pussy’s together and moaned louder.

“I’m taking you bitch, hold still. You’ll orgasm when I decide you will, ….let go of my tits you little…..and then Char forced kissed Dar. “Damn you!, your making me all hot! I’m going to fuck you and nothing is going to stop me!” More moaning and kissing as they started to both orgasm. “Ohhhhhhh…damn you!…I’m too hot, …your making me..” as their pussy’s slapped together…

We watched them moan loud as their pussy’s rubbed tightly together. They both shook and orgasmed together. They moaned and then…. all was loving and calm….

It was my and Shelly’s first time to witness a live tribbing orgasm fest. Shelly was trembling as she leaned back on me. She put my hand on her tits and moved the slowly around on them.

We neither one had ever been this sexually excited. We went in my bedroom and off came our clothes. I got on top of her naked and rubbed my boner on her pussy. She was going crazy fucking me with her clit rubbing the under side of my cock. Her hips moved faster and faster until…..she shook…moaned and orgasmed hard. I almost shot my cum on her stomach.

Now she put my cock in her pussy and continued to fuck me hard.

I was in pussy heaven I was so aroused. I pushed my cock in her tight pussy and shot it seemed a never ending load in her many times. We lay there completely spent and groaning for a long time……

We then heard the twins giggle. They were at my doorway and had been watching us the whole time….

The twins…..

“I told you we could make Mike and Shelly ’do it’. “ “You did not, I told YOU we could make them fuck with our deluxe private show.” They went off to their room still arguing and pushing each other…..we were just to spent to go watch them go at it again. We just lay there and listened to them began to their sex moaning …again.


This was my very first sex with a guy, and Mike and the twins had made it over the top wonderful. Those twins made me so hot, my head was spinning with ideas for the future. Mike and I had sex a lot that night, and each time I would think of tribbing with the twins as I climaxed with him. I bet he thought of it too as it was great turn on and peaked our foreplay.

I had to talk to the twins alone and … in private…just girl to girl.

The next day I got my chance when Mike went to go play some game. The twins were in their bedroom just hanging out. I wanted to trib with a girl again, and now bad.

I got an idea. I walked in their bedroom and just looked at them. I stood there and with one hand felt my tits and with the other felt my pussy over my shorts. They stared at me. I said sternly “Are you bitches just going to hang around and do nothing around here?” Then I smiled. They smiled back and got up to walk slowly towards me. Dar said: “Who are you calling ’bitches’, you little dirt bag?” Char smiled and said: “I think she needs some manner training, Dar.”
…then I reached up and pulled Char’s hair… hard.
The fight was on. We all giggled as they threw me on their bed. Their hands and mine went for our tits and pussy’s.

I tore their t-shirts and they popped the buttons on my blouse. I was so excited and they were too. “You two aren’t fucking me, but I ‘might’ decide to just fuck ‘you’ guys.” That fired them and me all up. They held me down and took off my clothes, bra and panties. I acted like I was resisting…but this was making me so fucking hot, I loved it. I wanted to trib with them both real bad. They must have had the same idea as Char put her leg between mine and moved her pussy up to mine.

I said: “Oh no…your not tribbing me, now get off me you little sluts.”

My memories of my old girlfriend and I tribbing came back and the sexual thrill with it. I whispered out of breath….”…leave my pussy alone, it belongs to Mike now. “ They said “We just take what we want Smelly Shelly.”

We all giggled as they started taking turns eating my pussy while the other one rubbed her pussy all over me. They were getting me all wet for the trib I wanted from both of them. Char got the hottest first and began to hold one of my legs up and pull my pussy into hers. She started to rub her wet clit on mine… firm. Dar held my wrists down, climbed over my face and put her pussy right over my mouth. She began to hump my tongue.

I watched her pubic hair move across my lips. She was really panting and moaning as he ran her fingers thru my hair. I held her hips as they went into action. She was working for that orgasm she was in a frenzy for. I licked her clit right on the tip as she sounded off with gasping ’oooo’s’ over and over again.

This was my first time doing this with two girls and the triple moaning began. I was having an ultimate sex thrill and I felt it all over my body. Both girls and I were going to orgasm together and we listened to our moans as we all wanted big orgasms. We all cussed each other and call us filthy names….’bitch’, ’cunt’, ’whore’, ’slut’ as this just made us hotter and extremely sexually excited.

Char started first to make those pre orgasmic sounds and so Dar and I joined her and kicked up our actions. Dar’s clit was hot on my tongue as we all began to orgasm together….”Oh Fuck….Oh my god! …ooooo yes!…were just some of the words I remember.

Dar yelled and began to orgasm thrusting her clit hard on my tongue…all I remember was my pussy jumping inside with multiple orgasms. Char’s pussy was gushing on mine….all slick and so wet. I licked Dar’s clit as she jumped and moaned with each slow lick…..

The shower with all three of us was wonderful.
We couldn’t keep or hands off each other, soapy tribs and fingers in us was awesome. Dar and I held Char down on the warm shower floor and I tribbed her while Dar made her eat her pussy. She called us ‘fucking cunts’ and to get off of her. We finished her off and I made her lick my pussy as she lay moaning on the floor. Char and I licked her tits as she lay weak and helpless in euphoria…

I remember snuggling up with them both in their bed, feeling our bodies slowly as we all drifted into euphoria land…..

The next thing I remember I was being carried by some one. I had on Dar’s pajamas and I could smell a mix of her perfume and her pussy. Mike was carrying me into his bed.

We fucked all night…it was one wonderful time in my life.


My sex life just tripled.

If dad was gone even for an hour, the twins were on me with a hand job or blow job. They would sneak in my room at night when dad was gone somewhere, and I would wake up with Char or Dar sucking my cock, and the other one holding my arms down tight and putting her pussy on my mouth. When Shelly would come over, things got crazy.

They all fucked each other while I watched and then they would drag me into their bed and now I was their male sex toy. They all held me down and sat on my face, forcing me to lick them into moaning orgasms. They would get themselves all worked up and horny. When they were all at their peak of sexual excitement, they fought over who would get to suck me off and swallow my cum. Sometimes all three would share my cock at the same time. They all three would take turns sucking my cock. They would squirm fingering each other waiting for me to shoot my cum into their three waiting mouths.

I had no complaints…..

The twins secretly told me they had always wanted to have sex with me, but dad always threatened them not to mess with me…

They said they were always horny and wanted sex with me. They got on each side of me and whispered in my ears: “Daddy just can’t keep us both sexually satisfied…

… all by himself “…
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