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Once outside she wore the money belt like a bandolier it went sort of with her fashion sense, Blue synthetic leather jacket, synthetic silk shirt covering light body armor and real denim jeans that sucked to her legs like she never took them off. She hardly ever did, except for the occasional careful washing. Her boots were thick canvas with rubberized steel tips and shanks in them. They easily weighed five pounds. She tucked the belt under her jacket and headed for the highway.

She was maybe a mile or two outside the city when they started to appear. Biker’s, Nomads packing everything they owned on a motorcycle or modified car or RV. Typically you didn’t see the RV’s they were father away, the motorcycles and cars were the teeth and claws of a nomad pack. You had to be heavily armed or in large numbers not to attract them there was always someone watching.

She hit the breaks and made an easy power-slide to the right and stopped. The bikes circled around her curiously. Usually prey ran, this one wasn’t running. Finally a rugged old man pulled up and stopped four feet in front of her and killed his engine. Blue did the same. The rest of the group moved back. “What do you want?”

“I need to talk to the Gaia.”

“Yeah? What business you got with her?”

“That is between me and her.”

“Fair… will have to blind fold you, you know”

“I know” she said nodding seriously, Gaia was the mother of a nomad clan, anyone who asked to speak to her was allowed, It didn’t always end well if Gaia decided you weren’t worthy you got fed to your pack. Chained and naked, for the pack to use for pleasure, and later for breeding. If Gaia turned you down you were in big trouble, if you performed the ritual wrong you were in big trouble. She dismounted and a young Girl took her bike from her. She got behind the old man and another person fastened a bandana over her eyes.

Blue held on as the bikes roared over hills and across the plains. The trip took all of an hour. The bikes stopped and the blindfold was removed. She got off the bike and walked carefully over to her own and detached a backpack that doubled as a saddle bag and slung it over her shoulder. A young girl perhaps ten took her hand she was intrigued by the intricate markings from her shoulder down to her elbow. She was brought to a spool that served as a meeting table for the clan. A stool was placed on each side.

“Who wishes to speak to Gaia?” a haggard tenor voice cried out.
“I am called Blue and I seek the mother’s guidance.”

“Good Child blue” A woman wearing beads wrapped around her body but barely covering her walked out of the crowd. “You seek the wisdom of the land”

“I do mother” Blue lowered her eyes as the woman approached.

“What do you offer the earth.”

Blue reached into her pack and produced a gallon jug of water. She opened it and took a sip and set it on the table. “I offer water”

“You are wise to offer drink to the thirsty earth”

She pulled a blade from her pack simple steel she took it and held the blade against her palm and pulled, closing her eyes to prevent the wince that she knew would come otherwise.

“I offer my blood as a sacrifice to the earth”

“The earth accepts your sacrifice of blood freely given” Blue laid the knife on the table and for a few moments let the blood drip onto the blade.

“I offer spirit,” blue said clearly and pulled three bottles of alcohol whiskey from her pack. She set two of the bottles on the table unopened and opened the third she poured some onto her wounded hand and drank the mixture of blood and alcohol. It stung like crazy and her eyes teared up.

Gaia nodded, “and what do you bring for me?”

Again blue reached into her pack and produced two yellow glass goblets and set them on the table. Gaia sat down.

Blue bowed and then sat across from her. “Thank you mother”

“What is your question child?”

“I seek to save some children from great evil.”

“Tell me more?”

“Some children were captured inside of the city, they are made to do things that children should not do, for the pleasure of men, evil men.”

“You do not do this out of compassion?”

“No mother I do not, I do this for money, but in accepting this task my own life hangs in the balance”

“Your task is not one to take lightly. I have heard of this, I know where the shadows are. The pack has long ears”

“I know mother this is why I come to you”

“You are nomad to yes?”

“I was born of a chain”

“You know our ways”

“Yes mother”

Gaia let out a hearty chuckle “I will show you where to go to find what you are looking for.”

“Thank you mother”

“Now Eat, drink and rest we move tomorrow.”

The food was some bird, Blue didn’t ask it was tasty enough it had been a long time since she had eaten real meat. Meat was rare and expensive unless of course you lived in the wilds in which case you could eat all you could catch. She found a spot on the ground and lay her blanket down and settled into sleep, she was safe. When she woke to the noise of the nomad pack breaking camp she sat up. There were three people sitting near her. “Good morning” the first one said, he was blonde handsome a tribal tattoo covered his entire right arm up to his neck.

“Hmm yes” Blue said

“We would like to ask you something” a younger tanned black haired teen said.

“What’s that then?”

“We would like to go with you” A flame haired girl gushed “Help you, mother said it was important and a good thing so we would like to help you.”

“Okay” The last thing she needed was untrained kids along for the ride. But she couldn’t very well turn them away either.

“Mother said to give you this” She handed blue a pile of papers caught in a neat metal binder. She slowly looked through the papers maps, locations, contacts all very helpful.

“You have rides?”

“Yes” the two guys said enthusiastically.

“No” the Girl said sadly.

“Okay lets get this show on the road. She gathered her things which were right where she left them and packed her bike. The Guys came up with ratty looking dirtbikes, one was a Yamaha and the other was a Honda. “What are your names?”

“I’m Storm” the blonde said

“I’m Coyote” said the raven head.

“I’m Spring,” the girl said.

“Who are you riding with Spring?” Blue asked.

“I’ll ride with anyone but If you don’t mind I’ll ride with you.”

“Fine” Blue said. Just as the rattling of beads warned of Gaia’s approach.

“Good morning Blue.”

“Good morning mother” Blue said

“You will take the younglings?”

“Yes mother”

“Good they will guard and protect you, and you will help them grow”

“I will do my best mother”

“It is all anyone can ask, may your travels find shelter and food”

“Love and home mother” Gaia held her hand up in fond dismissal as the three bikes started and Storm led the way back to the road. They traveled for a good while the two older bikes were low on fuel when they reached the outskirts of the city. Storm hung back and let Blue take the lead. She headed into the industrial district. She peeled off and stopped her bike in front of a door that screamed go away. It appeared to be armor plated and three turrets tracked her as she walked to the door and banged loudly.

“What do you want Blue,” an intercom asked

“I need some things can you help or what?” Blue responded
“Blue if you got the money honey”

“Well then let me in”

“All right hold on don’t get your panties in a twist.” The door opened slowly and the three bikes pulled into a cluttered warehouse.

A graying man in dirty coveralls chewing a stub of a cigar walked over as the door closed with a loud boom, “You starting a youth camp or something blue?”

“Funny Metalwerks funny.”


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