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more lesbian sex and a twist....
Brooke's tale part b

(synopsis : brooke, a college girl, goes to a party, only to be dominated and enslaved. on her way back, she is raped by the gas station hand. )

i finally reached my place at 3 in the morning. my body, especially my ass, ached. as i moved in, the bottle slipped out. although a part of me felt relieved, another wanted it back in. so i put it back, as naturally as a pad. the glass had become cold after falling, anf the chilly feeling made me horny again. so i sat there, gently pushing the object in and out, the mix of cum and juice making it easy to push all the way in. my hands went to my breasts, squeezing the well abused glands as i tried to reach the nth orgasm of the day. the funnel dug deeper as i rocked on the seat. i squeezed my ass muscles, taking in the plastic thing that 2 hours ago would have seemed abhorrent.

finally i came, pushing the bottle until only the tip remained, and my nipples felt like they would die. as i came, images of tina, the collar and the gasman flashed by. somehow it all felt so right. like a story with a happy ending. like a slut that's degraded and enslaved.

this last orgasm took whatever energy was left in me. i fell on the dashboard, hearing the plonk of the bottle on the floor. my head hit the steering, and i passed out.

i woke to my phone buzzing. it was carla. i groggily answered.

"Brooke is that you? whereve you been? i slept at a friend's place. tina said she'll tell you to take the car. where are you? "

i answered normally, and she hung up. little did she know what had happened. would i tell her? i never hid anything from her, not even my vibrators. i was spares the decision by a stray cat staring at me from the driveway.

i got out. it was impossible to keep the bottle in and walk, but the funnel stayed. i opened the door, and walked in. the house was dark. i had to change before she returned. but i didn't want to.

dragging myself to the bedroom, i stripped off my skimpy clothes and went to bed. then i noticed the collar. should i take it off? then again, what's the use of a collar if there's no chain. my mind went to a chain that clara had left her friends dog when they went on holiday.

taking the chain, i put the head in the loop, and checked myself in the mirror. tina had written slut on my forehead, and fuck on my cheeks, with arrows pointing to my mouth. no wonder the gas guy had taken me like a whore.

so there i stood, my face decorated like a pornstar, and a leash dangling from my collar. but something was missing. wasn't a slave to have nipple clamps ? maybe i should buy some. and some rope. and......

suddenly, i felt a tug on the chain. looking up, i saw carla staring at me, amusement and surprise written all over her sweet face. her smile widened, and i couldn't help know why she was so popular in college. with her 32-26-34 figure and face of a dirty angel, she fitted every man's wet dream perfectly. only now, i was the one getting wet.

" i always knew you were a sub" she said.

huh? what did that mean? i had only found out about 3 hours ago. carla suddenly reached out, and squeezed my flesh. her nails burnt where tina had scraped them, and gasman had bitten.she noticed the damage. her expression changed. i would have expected concern. but found a sneer instead.

" they used you well didn't they? " she smirked. "sadly, I'm not a lesbo, so you'll have to enjoy life yourself "

i knew that already. she had a steady bf, and a long waiting list behind that. but why did she think i wanted her? as i lay in bed, wild ideas went through my head. what would it really be ike? carla was hot, she was naughty (we talked everything ) and she knew what i was now.

just then, i saw her walk in wearing only a bra and shorts, and lie down beside me. we had slept likr this for ages, but tonight, everything seemed different. sexually different.

she seemed oblivious to my new feelings, anf soon started snoring. for some time, i just watched her lie there, noticing how thr bra clasped at the back, wishing i could open it, see the boobs i had seen every day for the last 4 years but had never wanted, boobs which i wanted now, desperately. gently, i reached out and caressed her skin. it felt cool and soft, smooth like silk. i got bolder as my desires got the better of discretion.

using as little pressure as possible, i gently unhooked the bra, and pushed it in front, giving me unimpeded access to her back. i knew she was a heavy sleeper, so i gently began kissing her back, moving up to her neck. i licked her gently, enjoying the taste of my friend. i could not wait to see more of her delectable body.

raising her arms, i removed the bra, turning her towards me as i did so. her snores assuring me, i reached out for her nipples. my fingers were cold, and her nipples hardened. it also woke her up. getting up, she grabbed me in a wushu grip, until she realized it was me.

anger changed to surprise, and she pulled away, disbilief on her pretty face.

"brooke ? what the fuck are you doing ? " she asked.

"you're sexy. i.... i want you". i stammered. truth be told, i was past caring what my best friend thought, as i lunged for her breasts, and devoured them eagerly. her nipples tasted great, and i eagerly sucked on her pert tits, licking aroung the areolae as she froze in shock.

before she could do anything, i wrapped my arms around her tightly, mashing her body against mine. her protests died down, and i pulled away to see her expression. again i was surprised, she had a lusty look hiddrn behind a confused visage. i moved up, and looking into her eyes, clamped my lips on hers. her eyes widened as i tasted her saliva, but i didn't let go
it was now or never.

pushing her back on the bed, i pushed my tongue inside her buccal cavity, licking her teeth, cheeks and then her unresponsive tongue. as our tongues entwined, she closed her eyes. her limp arms now came up and wrapped me in an embrace even tighter than mine. her tongue began playing with mine, as her grip grew tighter. i was in ecstacy, finally getting to do what i had wanted.

as our tongues played, my hands moved go her waist, and then her thigh. her clothes were soon at her knees, but she gave no protest. my hand now rested on her mound. it was shaved the way her boyfriend liked it. moving down, i found her hole dripping with lovejuice. i smeared some on my fingers, and licked them. the tangy taste made me want more.

abadoning her mouth, i moved to her vagina. it looked perfect, a pair of rose petals with no sign of any forest around. parting her lips, i begsn licking her sex. she grabbed my hair, pushing me deeper into her mound as i sucked in her feminine juice and scent. i obliged by increasing my licks, taking care to touch her clit every now and then. every time i did, she would jerk, and more juice would flow into my mouth. i loved it, the way her hips met my lips, and poured her tangy nectar into my mouth.

as i continued my love, she began to get hot. her rocking increased and i was pushed in deeper, so that i breathed cunt aroma only. i didn't mind, as long as i could keep loving her. she began moaning, her rocking spreading the juice all over my face. then she came, squirting juice all over me. i felt like i was bwing drowned in a,wafm ocean of love. her legs wrapped around me as she literally jumped in pleasure, and the two of us landed on the floor, me buried in her mound.

i got up, licking as much of her juice as possible, and taking some for her on my fingers. she had a contended dreamy look, as i parted her lips and made her taste her own juice. she eagerly sucked at them once she got the taste. we kissed, my cummy face pressed against hers. then she licked her own juices off my face. then we kissed again, wrapping our legs in each other , entwined in a lovely embrace. i guess we fell asleep like this.

we woke to a laugh , a woman's laugh. i rubbed my eyes to see tina standing before me, a cat o nine tails in her hand. i quickly got up and started licking her feet. novosy taught me this, but somehow i knew, like primal insticnt. tina liked it, and petted me on my head.

"good slave. so you've been having fun while i've been away. and with another woman too ? now taht's not so nice."

she kicked me off her boot, and i landed on the floor. she bent down, and checked out the chain. she laughed again. suddenly, she jerked me up with it, causing me to yelp. once up, she slapped me hard. and again. tears formed in my eyes as i tried to fathom why she would hit me. i didn't have to guess long.

"stupid slave. the first rule of slavery is that the slave does nothing without her mistress' permission. you, indeed both of you should be punished."

with that she strode to where carla lay staring at the to of us. she stood beside her for a moment, checking out her body. then she raised her high heeled shoe, and banged down the heel straight on poor carla's nipple. she kept it there, like a spike that had been embedded in her tit flesh. carla began howling in pain, grabbing tina's leg with both hands as she vainly tried to remove the heel. tina didn't budge, apparently enjoying the screams. i should have delt sorry for her, but carla lying there with a heel in her tit only turned me on.

tima finally pulled out, and carla made to get up. she recieved a well aimed kick on her vagina, and collapsed again. tina kept raining kicks on the prostrate girl, turning her body red. suddenly, she raised the whip and brought it down on carla's breasts. carla squealed like a pig, but all i saw was that her vagina was starting to get wet.
the blows kept landing, and screams changed to shrieks. her vagina seemed to get even wetter. it made me wonder, was she really like me ? was that why we got on so well ? was it why she said she knew i was a sub ?

"please, no more . i'll die, it's too.....ahhhhhhh
...... unghh.......aieeeeeee" and so it went on. out of curiosity, i walked upto tina and saw clara yowl at close range. it sounded sexym like a woman in heat. tina stood on her hands, as she liberally applied the whip as she thrashed under her.

tina finally stopped. she brought her foot to clara's mouth . clara obediently licked the nails and toes, sucking them like lollypops. taking off her shoe, tina pushed her foot into her mouth, as clara kept licking it like a dick. i was so turned on by this latest humiliation that i began fingering myself.

this attracted tina's attention. she whirled around grabbing my breast. she squeezed it like a sponge, using her nails to hurt more. the sudden pain made me pull back. using clara's tummy for a base, tina landed a flying kick on mine, making both of us gasp. i collapsed, cluthing my tummy.

i began vomiting, spreading it on the floor as carla and tina looked on. once I'd finished, tina kicked me over again. she looked pissed. grabbing me by the hair, she pressed my head into the gunk. my body refused to protest, although the bitter taste of bile made me want to puke again. i controlled myself.

"lick it up you dirty disobedient bitchm every bit. and you (pointing at clara), get your fat white ass over here. all this work has made me horny."

i dared not disobey. using all my self control, i began licking up my own puke. tears flowed freely from my eyes, mixing with the gunk on the floor. tina stopped looking at me, and i presumed she was busy with clara. i licked every bit of it, swallowing with great difficulty. but that same part of me held me to the humiliating task, and somehow her abusive words made me feel like i finally knew what i was. a useless bitch.

having taken in the puke, i looked up. tina had Clara's face buried in her hairy snatch, as she rocked herself back and forth on Clara's tits. Clara seemed to enjoying herself, and i saw one hand move to her cunny, rubbing it as she serviced her new mistress. the sight made me horny again, but before i could start on myself, i heard tina call out.

' if you're done cleaning up, get your ass over here. your girlfriend needs help.' i crawled over to the two. tina climbed off clara, and pushed me into a 69 position over her, so that i stared at clara's hole, and she saw mine. grabbing both our heads, ahe pushed them into each other's cunts.

i was immediately lost in the familiar tastes of my best friend. however, this time, i felt her tongue on my sex, probing away. if she had left us like this. i would have lived in Clara's cunt, but tina promptly sat down sideways on my back. clara struggled to get the extra weight off, but to no avail. tina grabbed our heads again, and began rubbing them all over the vaginas. my saliva trailed all over Clara's cunt lips as i felt her lips and nose on mine.

this made me hornier. i imcreased the licking as tina kept moving our heads up and down. i could hold it no more. wrapping clara tightly in my legs, i began to cum, throbbing between my friend and mistress. Clara followed a moment later, and i flet like drowning in her juice.

this time the ecstacy was cut short by tina, whol pulled us apart, and placed us back on each other, only this time facing the same way, so that our chins rested on each other.

"four holes, all in line" smiled our mistress, as she rummaged in her bag. i used the opportunity to kiss Clara deeply. soon, we were lost in each other's lips, our predicament forgotten. until i felt a penis enter me.

i felt a hand grab my hair and yank me away from her lips. the penis moved deeper and finally hit my cervix filling me. someone began to ride, using my hair for a leash. the focus of my pleasure shifted downwards, coming to rest on my clit. tina rode brutally, pumping mr hard with each stroke.

she began grunting, as she picked up the tempo. i felt her claws on my ass, squeezing and slapping alternatively each cheek. it began to feel good , as pain and pleasure mixed again in my demented mind. Clara began licking my neck, planting kisses wherever she could. it became too much for me. i began to orgasm, the two women taking mecto the peak of ecstacy.

once i was done, tina made us change positions again. this time, i was lying down, and Clara faced the opposite side, in a kneeling position. from my vantage point, i saw a huge dildo enter Clara, as Tina began pumping like she had pumped me. only this time, i began licking Tina's vagina, taking in the musky scent of mistress. i licked voraciously, as tina kept up thr fucking. i grabbed Tina's ass for support, and was pulled off by a nipple twist. still, i did my best, enjoying the threesome thoroughly. i devoured the juices as they flowed. i sucked on her clit and lips, and was rewarded with more juice. i finally succeded when Clara came, and mistress and slave (Clara ) came together.

the two of them collapsed on me. we lay there contented snd even Tina didn't move. suddenly i heard a sound. the door opened. there stood my stepfather's friend.

Tina got off,and Clara followed. he smiled at the sight of three naked women. i thought he would fuck us. instead, he took out a long instrument (a cattle prod, i learnt later), and pushed it into Tina's tit. she yelped, jumping and then falling onnher knees. He took some rope and bound her. strangely, Tina submitted, curling up as the ropes were tied.

he finally spoke. " Tina here gets a little out of hand at times. don't worry, I'll fix her u good. in the meantime, why don't you two freshen up? " his tone was casual. however, as we moved out dazed, he grabbed my tit and gave me a lerring smile. and i knew that my sexventures were far from over..

[end of part b]
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