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Was good, then bad, then the best.
Ron got out of his 6 year old Dodge, sweat running down his face slamming the door. They shouldn't be allowed to make a car without air conditioning! Into the house, into the bedroom. into the shower coming out with a towel wrapped around him. I guess I'm a lot better off than a lot of people mixing himself a drink going outside and lays down in the hamock. All the aggravation was gone, he was at peace with himself as a soft warm breze touched his body.
"Hellllooooo?" That brought a smile to his face as Gina was home.
Coming through the screen door, she looked as fresh as a spring flower bending over to kiss Ron.
"How was your day my love?" What a dynamite smile she had.
"Now that your here, everything is perfect" smiling at her "You always look so fresh, like you just stepped out of the shower and smell so good too" now laughing.
"It's my Italian background, you know that...let me freshen your drink"
Walking away, Ron un-dressed her which caused him a feeling in his groin. Damn! How did I ever land a girl like that, I sure am lucky! Back she came, he'd seen that wicked look before putting the glass down on the table and pulling up a chair.
"I think my baby needs some special attention" rubbing his leg from the knee up. "Well, what do we have in here" laughing "oh my goodness, what a beautiful site"
With that, Gina took his well endowed dick in her mouth and everything was right with the world.

Ron was taken right out of University and hired by a company that distributed 1,427 items. He was perfect for the jpb, boring and non productive, all paper and computer work. He did streamline the system, made web page for the company but was grossly under paid. Raises came once a year and with Ron, the raises he got were like $5.00 a week! He reasoned that they would see how good he was at his job and the rewards would be his. Now in his forth year with the company, the owner called him into his office which he rarely did.
"Ronald?" he smiled sitting behind his desk, "i have just purchased Burhamthorpes, lock, stock and barrel" in the proudest voice he could muster.
"That's wonderful news Sir"
"Yes it is. They ran into some finacial problems and I Damn near stole it" now laughing "Anyway, with the additional staff coming in here, I'm going to need your office"
"Um ok, where do I go?"
"Well your end is all done with those computers and with the addition of what they handle, perhaps it would be better if you worked out of our warehouse. In addition to our stock, we will also have there's and there warehouse so you have a big job in front of you....they wanted there own man to run the stock and I said no, Ronald's my man and by God it's no deal otherwise....As soon as we get straightened around, I'm going to take care of ypu, ok?"
Was Ron pleased? No, more like thrilled as he left his office.

Hope Gina is home as he turned down his street! Hurray, yes she is, there's her BMW!
"Gina?' he shouted going in the house "I have sensational news" laughing.
"You do?" as she started undoing the bittons on her blouse as she backed down the hall.
Ron had dune this before and began telling her what happened as he too started to shed his clothes also. Off came her bra revealing perky breasts with raseberry sized nipples that he just loved to flick with is tongue. By the time Gina had backed up to the bed, Ron was naked with his ample spear standing at attention as Gina lowering her panties. Ron really loved this part as Gina was hairless from the shoulders down and as many times as he seen her bald pussy, he got a thrill from that site! In one motion, Gina put her hand between her legs, neither taking, there eyes not leaving each other with Gina oiffering her middle finger to Ron which she put in his mouth, easy like. Laying down, up and open went Gina's legs whispering,
"Just the way you like it baby"
Dropping to his knee's, Ron buried his face between her legs and as usual, it was warm, wet and wonderful!. God must love me a lot to make Gina mine like this!

Going to work the next day, he decided to go to the waregouse, a place he was only at once as Ms. Archer was not his favourate person. Talking business to her on the phone and even if he was her boss, she was all business and sometimes rude and abrasive! Well it has to be done so now is as good a time as any.
"Good nmorning Ms. Acher, how are you to-day?" Give her your best smile Ron!
"Fine! What do you want?" almost scowling.
"Well the news is not out yet but the company has just bought Burnhamthorpes and there moving me here" Why is her face turning red?
"They are, are they?" Quick! Say it and get it over with!
"Yes! Now look! I'm not here to interfer with the operation but we also have there warehouse to take care of and...'
"And your going to be where? Not in my office, that's for sure"
"Hey, take it easy will you? I haven't got that far yet"
"Look what ever your name is! I run this operation, get it? We don't make mistakes here, we don't have any thefts so you go, do what you have to do and leave me the Hell alone" She's shouting?
Son oif a bitch! She just left me standing there like a little boy who was told no for the first time!

For the first time in years, Ron was angry, so much so he had to sit in his car for quite a while till he calmed down. Well Ms. Archer, I'm the boss and your not! I'm going to hate to lose you as you have proved how valuable you are but when it comes down to the two of us like it is now, one of us has to go and it won't be me, you can take that to the bank! Going back to the office, he told Mr. Jameson what he had planned and he was upset.
"Look Ronald, I don't care what is required!" he shouted standing up "Get the Damn thing on line and lets get this operation in business"
Carte Blanche? Does it get any better than this? That very afternoon he had a contractor in the warehouse telling him what he wanted then telling Ms. Archer she had to move that stock, his office was going there.
"You have you nerve! Where the Hell am I going to put all this stuff bigshot?"
He had a low boil going to begin with but this brought out the very worst in him.
"I don't give a shit where you put it bitch!" coming right up into her face "When I tell you to jump you say how high, got it? As far as your concerned, I'm your Lord and master! Get it done!"
Turning, he marched out of there almost blind with rage. He had to pull over and stop as he looked down and the car was going 80 MPH in a 30 zone. Whew! I'm not going back there till my office is finished, I can't take another round like that!

Ron was on a high! The adrenaline was flowing, he was having sex with Gina 3, sometimes 4 times a week enjoying all the love juices Gina could produce. Two important things happened that day; his office was finished and Mr. Jameson announced that there would be an 'get aquainted party' at his house the following week to welcome the Burnhamthorpe group to there fold. He was on his way to the warehouse thinking, I get any guff from Ms. Archer and she's history! Poor Ron, he had an attitude problem ready to bite her head off. As soon as he went through the door and seen his office, he stopped dead. Holy! That's my office? It was huge, far bigger than he thought! Wow! Walking around to the enterance past all the wondows, someone ordered and installed a bright yellow rug! The window outside was installed and opening a door, there was this four piece bath! Wow! This is better than Jamesons office! Outstanding!
"Does everything meet with your satisfaction Sir?"
"Yes" not turning " It turned out...."
Turning, there was Ms.Archer smiling at him and she has a dress on! What's happening here, am I in the twight zone?
"I took the liberty of ordering the rug Sir, I hope your not disappaonted"
"No no that's fine!" Whats going on here? She's smiling at me!
"Um...Ms. Archer, what is going on here? When I left here the last time, we were at each others throats and now, well, frankly, your quite pleasent" He was holding his breath.
"You said it yourself Sir, I am your Lord and master. It has been a long time since I've been owned by someone. I have taken a few more liberties master, one moment please"

She disappeared through the door and now Ron was in a fog! Master? Owned by someone? I am her Lord and Master? I was angry when I said that, I didn't mean for her to take it literly!
"Bring it in and and be very careful, that desk is priceless!"
This was followed by a very large comfortable looking chair, a leather sofa, and other items with a huge TV. I tell ya Ms. Archer, maybe you've gone overboard here a bit! All the workers left with Ms. Archer smiling proudly.
"Master? The microwave goes there, the coffee pot will go over there, The small fridge will go here, I have a good supply of towels and lots of room in the closet for any personal items you may have. Also, when you pull this down, it opens to a bar"
No way Ron could speak! He wanted to say thank you but he was flabbergasted.
"They will be in to-morrow with blinds for the windows, the TV will be hooked up, a button will be installed where you can let someine in, you can see who's at the door but they can't see you and here are the keys for your office" This is to much!
"Um, Ms. Archer, I really don't know what to say"
"My old master called me Bitch master, I would be pleased with any name you give me"
"I'll have to think about that" giving her a half smile.
"I'll leave you now Master and anything you want, I am here to serve you! I am or was a good cock socker, I will fuck you any way you want, I am yours to do with as you please"
Sweet Mother of Jesus, is this possible? I need a drink!

Saying my good bye's at the office was sweet., I had my freedom! Did I tell Gina about this? One moment please till I stop laughing! No! Inflicting pain to myself is not my thing! Going into his new office, Ron was on a power trip. This was his domain, his own slave, what else is there?
"Excuse me Sir but usually I ship these to the office, what do I do with them?"
Ms. Archer had on a black leather mini skirt and red sweater when feelings tugged at his scrotum. What's happening, I want her? I never cheated on Gina but lets see what happens.
"Shut the door, lower the blinds and get undressed, your a fine looking woman!"
Like a robot she did as she was told removing all her clothes. Oh God, she's clean shaven like Gina, I love that so much! No, I can't do this but she does look yummy. Yummy? That's it!
"Ok, you can get dressed and from now on you'll be known as Yummy" smiling at her.
Her face turned from rejectiom to one of pure joy getting dressed.
"Take an ad in the local newspaper for a clerk, I need some help here"
"Oh master" she said pulling the sweater over her head " I rescued a girl from a biker hang a few momnths back, she would ne perfect for this job"
"A biker gang? Tell me what happened"
"I was in my way home stopping for something to eat. Five of these idiots came in with her treating her like shit. I was disgusted and was on my way out the door when one shouted, and don't be all day! Following me out, I took one look at her saying, want to get away from those jerks, get in the rec car! She's been with me ever since and is now ready to go to work"
"What about our relationsho[?"
"She does as she's told master, she would be perfect"
"Then get her in here and lets have a chat" This is getting better and better!

I was loading my new computer from the disks I brought with me and in they came. She was a sweet looking girl, not 20 with a fine figure.
"Get un-dressed" Yummy ordered and just like that, she took her clothes off smiling.
Nice skin, no pubic hair, nice butt with Yummy behind her holding her breasts.
"She likes to suck master, would you like a demonstration?" Decission time! What the Hell!
"Sure, lets try this!" I may regret this but right now, I don't care.
Around the desk she came dropping to her knee's and squealing when I took my pride and joy out from it's hiding place.
"I'm sorry Master" she said in an excited voice "it's been months since..."
"Suck it you slut, master is not interested in what you have to say!"
Sounds of passion were coming from this girl I didn't even know the name of when Yummy moved her back out of the way. Yummy took me in her mouth, her head moving around, her lips reaching out on my shaft to take more! Holy geez! Standing me up, she was looking up at me and my dick kept disappearing! I wasn't exactky panicing but how does she do that? Finally her chin was against his scrotum with the girl doing a little dance while crying but laughing! Yummy took hold of his dick with two fingers and again moving her head, his erection began to appear! Holy! She took it all. The girl brabbed her, hugging her and Ron was bumbfounded.
"If that didn't happen to me, I wouldn't believe it" Ron said putting his monster away.
"I worked for a sword swallower for one summer master" Whew!

Gina came on her period, thank God, he was still in a funk! The next day, Ron took Yummy on his desk as soon as he went in and Stella, the girl with no name after lunch. All that week, Ron was pounding them and loving every minute. He never had so much sex. So Saturday came, Ron and Gina was dressed to the nines being introduced to the department heads by Mr. Jameson. Yummy and Stella were there and did they ever look good. The evening wore on, both Ron and Gina probibly had one to many falling into bed exhausted. In the morning, Ron had a hang over so krept out of the house going to the office for a coffee and a cognac. Not in to good a shape but he's been there before and all he needed was time. What the Hell are they doing here? He seen the girls getting out of Yummy's car, both with worried looks when they came in.
"Are you all right master?" Yummy asked.
"I'm fine.... I have a hang over, to much to drink"
They stood there looking at him with Ron becoming nervouse.
"What! What's the matter?" They sure are acting strange.
Stella was nudging Yummy and clearly they had something to say but didn't want to say it!
"All right, lets clear the air! What's going on?"
"Oh master" Yummy said in a hurting way " your wife, that is, well, she is having an affair with Mr. Jameson!" Heads down, they were rocking from one foot to anotjer.
"What?" he shouted "Are you crazy?" leaning forward in his chair "Who says so?"
"We saw them master!" Yummy siad with a tear in her eye.

Ron found it inconceivable that Gina would do this!
"Explain and I mean this had better be true or else!" his face flushed with rage.
"Master?" Yummy began " Stella and I snuck away, I was kneeling over her face when Mr. Jameson and you wife came to that bench. They were so close i could have touched them.!She sucked him then he fuck her from behind saying. there ya go, and some for Ronald!"
Standing there with clenched fists, the girls didn't look up at him as his computer like brain started to put things in different files. Yummy and Stella are like girls? Gina was always dripping wet because she fucked Jameson before him? Only seconds went by as Ron visulized Jameson and Gina laughing about Ron liking his sperm! He started to gag as he rushed to the bathroom throwing up. He couldn't stop as yellow stomach bile ruptered his taste buds and sweat covered his body. From somewhere deep down inside, he got to his feet, wasjed his hands and face, took a drink of water and marched past the girls to his car. Now calm, he drove home going directly into the bedroom. Still asleep, Ron lifted the mattress dumping Gina on the floor and she came up screaming at him.
"Have you lost your mind? What did you do that for?"
"You sucked off Jameson last night and then he fucked you! You syre are greedy wanting all the goodies for yourself! Don't you want me to eat you?"
Gina was just shaking with rage.
"You are so stupid!" she screamed at him pulling a T shirt over her head "you work for nothing, at least I got a new car to drive! The only good thing about you is that 8 and a half in cock you have. You are the was of the year" smirking as she pulled up her shorts.
"Know what? There are women, then there are sluts, then there are cunts! You are the President of the cunt club!"

Ron moved to-wards her intending to throw her out the front door but insted. she ran out the door to her car yelling swear words at him. Tires were screaming as she went hurtling backwards down the driveway smashing into a police car! The cop was alright but he couldn't drive the car. Down the street she went at full speed with the cop on the radio. Listening to the radio, she side swiped two cars and drive her car into a convenience store injuring several people and wrecking the store. They took down all the particulars from Ron and he said,
"I don't know what's the matter with her, she went nuts!"
As soon as they left, he got in his car going to Jameson's house, a smile on his face.
"George!" Ron shouted when he opened the door "Lets go out by the pool and have a talk"
Jameson turned grey, he knew they had neen discovered.
"Well there no point in laying blame here, I have two witnesses. Your whore is in the hospital as we speak Geopge old boy, ran her new BMW which you know doubt leased for her into a covenience store. As soon as i leave, I would call your lawter and tell him to get down to that hospital and yell her to say nothing, know what I mean? Now then! I just got a promotion with 3 times my salary! Nuce, am I right? Lets call it a signing bonus of $25,000.00 and of course, I'll need a new car. The cops know nothing about this from me, if they find oout it will be from her so get busy! You don't want to do this then drown ypurself and the multi million dollar organization goes in the toilet. I will wait till noon to-morrow and if I don't hear from payroll, you've decided to end it all.! See ya Geotge old man, have a nice day, I know I shall"

Bright and early, Ron was in his office enjoying a do-not with his coffee.
"Oh master" Yummy said in a soft tone "Are you all right? We were so worried/"
"I'm fine, just carry on till noon"
About 11, he got a call from payroll congarulating him on his appointment and was sending the cheque to him by one oif the staff. About that time, Stella came Yummy came into his office with Stella very excited as she put the video on the slot.
"Master? I have just been to the other warehouse to change the tape and you have to see this!"
This teen age girl was pulling up panties, the very expensive ones up under her skirt an retail for $60.00 each!"
"I counted them master, she has 12 pair of panties on! Can I have her?"
Ron and Yummy look ay each other, then the glowing face of Stella.
"We have her dead to rights master! Either she does as we say ot she goes to jail!": Stella laughed "There's lots for us all, we own her!"
That brought a smile from both Ron and Yummy.
"Get hold of the security people, have a camera installed in here, no point in going out!"
"That's right master, we will know when to come in" Yummy laughed."and lets get some more hidden cameras working. Right now I have to go and see about a new Jaguar and Ladies, the question now becomes, whos' next" as all three hugged each other/


2006-11-30 11:04:59
very nice story and great storyline.


2006-08-10 08:09:57
Good story...Spell Check would help


2006-05-07 22:36:26
Well the story line was interesting but seemed like a film I could see anytime next time to give your story more intrest have a few really unexspected things. Idon't think you know how to type though I bet you didn't even make a rough draft first did you? I give it a 8/10. GOOD JOB!


2005-09-24 02:11:34
You all need some spell check yourselves, awful typing especially wiht the "u" (lol) and Eatn nice way to spell "thee" and "checke"


2005-07-04 00:05:02
It was a good story, but u need to work on ur spelling. I dont think it is the spelling itself that much, but u need to learn to type properly (no offence). I would suggest u to use Word to type ur story first n then u can copy it in

keep it up

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