The title says it all
Sherri had declared her sexual preference the day she turned sixteen. Her mom Pam shrugged her shoulders and even allowed Sherri to have girlfriends over for sleepovers, knowing lesbian sex was what was really going on. Alex, Pam’s youngest daughter was very turned on by all these comings and goings.

Pam was bisexual herself and from time to time had long-term girl friends that often slept at the house. It was summer now and Sherri’s girlfriend was away on vacation and Pam was not in a relationship at the moment so there was a lot of sexual tension

Alex was 13 and like her big sister she had a pretty face and a great little body. Her titties were coming in fine, her belly was flat – no puppy fat in sight.

Sherri had been spending quality time together, today that meant taking in the suns rays pool-side in the back yard. Sherr was wearing a small blue string bikini, and Alex had swim shorts on that hugged her tight little ass and a tiny top that showed her small round breasts and nipples.

“I just don’t understand what you see in Jenn.” Said Alex. She was talking, of course, about Sherri’s new girlfriend – Jenn. Alex considered Jenn to be a bit of a skank and plain one at that, although she hasn’t said as much.

“Just what is your problem, sweetie?” asked Sherri, concerned with her kid sister’s doubts about her girlfriend.

“Sher… I don’t mind you being a lesbian… I can understand you coming out of the closet and having everyone talk about this… But, Jenn? She’s waaaaay beneath you, ‘I mean there are so many hot bi girls out there and I would have been happy for you if you with almost any one of them.. I might even want to watch…” She giggled at the last comment. Sherri was shocked, and amused.

“Oh yeah?” she snarled, an edge of mirth in it. “You like to watch girls together?” Her question was issued as a joke, but it was genuine all the same.

Alex smiled, “I’m not some perv peeper looking to watch girls together… But Sher that girl on the volleyball team…Julie, she like really likes you and she is so hot, and you – of course I think you’re hot… So if you had sex with Julie, of course I’d watch.”

Sherri grinned, a wicked thought crossing her mind. “Alex has a cru-ush… Alex has a cru-ush… You are hot for Julie Bennis”

Alex shook her head slow. “It’s not Julie I have a crush on… It’s you…”

There was a long pause. Difficult. Sisters don’t often admit to having crushes on each other.

The funny thing was, Alex wasn’t the only one in the family who had a crush … She hadn’t admitted it, but Sherri had a crush on Alex as well especially these last few weeks with Jenn away. . Could Sherri say anything? If she did, what might happen? Where would that lead?

“I find you attractive as well.” Sherri said looking into her sisters blue eyes. She didn’t reAlexze she was saying it until it was already said. The words hung there for a few seconds.

“So, so what does Jenn do for you?” said Alex, half changing the subject.

“She makes me happy, she makes me feel safe…” Sherri said softly, a dreamy look in her eyes.

“No,” said Alex, putting her hand of Sherri’s thigh, “what does she do for you?” emphasis on the word “do”.

Oooooohhhhh, thought Sherri, what does she DO for me. She thought about it for a few seconds, but the feel of her sister’s hand on her thigh was just too damn good to ignore. “You really wanna know what she does FOR me… Or what she does TO me?” she asked, the question dripping with sex.

Even in the heat, Alex shivered a little, ready to take this further but scared her big sister was only teasing. “I wanna know what she does TO you… To make you, you know…”

“Cum?” Sherri finished. “Oooohh, you dirty little girl! I never knew my kid sis was so curious,” but she said it in a way that made Alex feel comfortable that she wasn’t about to be ridiculed.

Sherri leaned over toward Alex, moving her mouth closer to her sister’s soft pink lips. “Well, first, Jenn’s a great kisser…” She moved closer still. “Do you want me to show you sis?” she teased.

“Mmmm-huh.” Alex whispered, parting her lips and let her mouth sit a little open as her big sister got closer.

Sherri couldt hold back no longer – she moved forward and pressed her lips on her sisters soft warm mouth, and slipped her tongue forward into Alex’s mouth. Even though she was waiting for it, Alex was shocked, she half backed away but Sherri already had a hand behind her head and she held her close. Alex relaxed immediately and allowed her tongue to react to Sherri’s. They pressed their wild tongues to one other and each taking turn sucking on the other sister’s tongue -- soft and wet.

Alex slid hand up to Sherri’s bikini bottom, hooking one finger inside, lightly brushing the soft firm flesh inside, seeking pubic hair but finding none.

Sherri gasped as Alex’s probing finger suddenly found pussy lips. She was already getting wet her cunt aching for attention from her young sister!

Alex was over taken with lust for her older sister. She knew it would be easier if she made the first more. Alex reached up with her other hand and grabbed the back of Sherri’s head, pulling her even closer, their mouths meshing together, tongues pushing and slipping over one another, inside one mouth then the other, impossible to tell which was there. Then a gasp from Sherri as Alex pushed her hand down the top of her bikini bottom and began stroking her wet pussy lips, then quickly pushed two fingers deep into Serri’s cunt and began to slowly pump her fingers in and out. They broke off the kiss for a second, breathing heavy and staying close, Sherri pushing her pelvis up to welcome the her sister’s urgent fingers.

“I didn’t think I’d be doing this when I woke up this morni,” giggled Alex.

“Say it…” Gasped Sherri, “Say the words…oh fuck … what you’re doing to me!”

“I didn’t think I’d be finger fucking my big sister…” hissed Alex, getting into the part. “I didn’t think I’d be finger fucking my dyke loving, pussy eating, slut of a big sister!”

Sherri arched her back again, throwing back her head, reached up with her hand and popped her large round tits out of her bikini top. Her nipples were rock hard and standing almost half an inch proud. She grabbed a tit and started massaging it, squeezing it, pinching the nipple.

“You love it, don’t you? Slut dyke cunt licker!” Snarled Alex– really getting into it. Pushing a third, then a forth finger into her sister’s sloppy cunt, ramming them all in fast and furious as Sherri squirmed underneath her. Even with Jenn she’d never taken a fist, but fuck she wanted to now… Her beautiful little sister’s fist!

Sherri reached down and grabbed Alex’s wrist, kept it’s pumping pace nice and even, allowing the pleasure to build. Alex allowed herself to be guided, and leant forward to wrap her mouth around one of her sister’s thick hard nipples. Alex let her tongue flick over the tip as she then nibbled the nipple flesh firmly between her teeth.

“Ooooooh, yeasssss,” gasped Sherri. “Fuck me harder…sis..fuck me harder. Bite that fucking nipples!” She pumped Alex’s wrist, forcing the four fingers deeper and faster in and out of her as Alex bit down harder on her nipple, a little too hard – but who the fuck is going to complain at a time like this? Sherri arched her back again as the first waves of an orgasm started to roll up her body. Heat. Pleasure. A little pain.., then a hot, erratic spurt of cum cascading around her sister’s fingers and all over the pool deck. Perfect.

Alex twisted around so that she was crouching infront of her big sister, between her legs. One hand was reaching up fondling a large tit, squeezing it hard enough to leave white finger marks and little red finger nail crescents; the other was pumping furiously in and out of Sherri’s cunt. Alex’s face was only inches away from the four finger cunt action, suddenly, on a whim, she spat everything she could hock up onto her sister’s pussy, then used the extra lubrication to twist her wrist and slowly, painfully, ease her thumb inside along with her fingers. Sherri groaned, letting go of Alex’s wrist and reaching back with both hands to grab her head, then the back of the sun-lounger, then her own tits, squeezing them tight then grabbing at her erect nipples and squeezing and pulling on them as Alex’s whole fist passed into her cunt, lips closing around her wrist as her fist disappeared.

Alex pumped her whole fist, punching her sister’s cunt, punching inside, as Sherri writhed and bucked her way to her second orgasm … Alex was still close, her face inches from the action, watching her sister’s pussy stretching to accommodate that little fist of hers.

“Here I cum… Here I cum… Here I cum…” gasped Sherri, arching and twisting in supreme pleasure before exploding into a loud and joyous orgasm. Not only loud and joyous – also wet.

Alex caught the first squirts full in the face, her mouth wide open in a smile of unbridled joy. As soon as the first girl-cum hit her face she recoiled from shock, pulling her fist free – which only had the effect of sending Sherri into a second orgasmic spasm and forcing another jet of creaming cum spraying from her cunt. The second jet also hit Alex, but by now she’d gotten over the shock and she started laughing as the cum hit her face and matted her hair – instinctively she dived forward, wrapping her mouth around Sherri’s pussy, sucking and little at it with zero idea of what she was meant to do. The sensations were delectable, but they were never going to have the desired effect on Sherri. But Sherri didn’t care, she was still spasming, writhing and sweating from the strength of her orgasm – oh to be fisted by a girl, and her kid sister to boot…. What could be better?

“So this is what you two get up to when I’m out shopping?”

The voice stopped them both dead. Alex’s mouth locked on Sherri’s pussy, cumin her hair and on her face. Sherri’s back arched, her hands gripping her titties, her bottom lip bitten.

They slowly broke from their positions and turned to see their mom Pam, standing about five yards away with shopping bags still in her hands. They’d been so into the fisting that they hadn’t even heard her car pull up on the driveway. She had a strange look on her face. Not angry. Not sad. Not disgusted. More – kind of… jealous.

“Do you two do this a lot?” she asked, trying to sound strict rather than curious.

“No mommy, this is the first time.” Sherri gasped.

“Ever…” confirmed Alex, wiping dribbles of cum from her eyes.

Pam paused, trying to think what the best thing to do was. Then decided very quickly.

“And how was it, incest between two sisters? Was your deviancy worth it?” she asked in a breathy voice.

The girls looked at each other. Not knowing how to answer. Then Sherri, still shivering in the wake of her powerful double orgasm, spoke… “You know mom, it was the best fucking sex I ever had, so I guess it was for me.”

Alex smiled a little, proud of her work. Pam looked from girl to girl, daughter to daughter. Bikini babies. Cute as cute could be – except for Sherri’s exposed and sloppy shaven pussy, and Alex’s cum soaked hair and face.

Then Pam cracked a wicked smile. “I would suggest punishing you… But I can’t think of anything to do that would hurt worse than ramming a fist up your pussy!”

“Ramming a fist up my ass?” joked Sherri – only half joking.

Pam gasped at the thought of it, then collected herself. “No… I don’t think so, sweetie… That would seem a little unfair… After all, you already had your fist… It strikes me…” She began to advance on her girls, putting her shopping bags down. “Little Alex hasn’t had any punishment yet.”

Alex giggled, “Well, I did get my sister’s hot cum all over me!”

“I know, I saw<” said Pam, unbuttoning her blouse. “It looked to me like you quite enjoyed it though.” She removed her top revealing her large tits jammed into a lacy bra. “Come here, I think Mommie needs to spank her girls.”

She removed her skirt, so that she was standing on the poolside in her high heels, stockings, suspenders, briefs and bra. The whole set in simple white. She moved over to the side of the pool and pulled up a sun lounger, sat down. “Who’s first?”

Alex stood up and wiped some cum soaked hair from her face, licked her lips, savoring the flavor of Sherri’s cunt juices. She shuffled over to Pam – hands behind her back, not sure if she should be nervous or horny. She was horny, but she wasn’t sure if she should be.

Pam patted her thighs. “Come on, over my knee you naughty girl.”

Alex dropped to her knees carefully and bent forward so her belly went over her mom’s thighs, her ass in the air. Pam reached down and pulled Alex’s swim shorts down as if she was about to chastise her. Without warning she smacked Alex’s butt once across both cheeks. “Bad girl.”

Sherri sat back, legs still apart, one hand idly resting between her legs outside her bikini bottom.

Pam reached a hand down under Alex’s chest and grabbed one of her firm little tities and started squeezing and massaging it as she swatted Alex’s ass again, then again, harder this time.

“You’re a bad, bad,girl.” She rubbed her hand around Alex’s ass, firm, rough, grabbing and clawing the occasional handful of ass cheek before slapping again, hard. “I can’t believe I raised a little slut!” She smacked again, hard. “I can’t believe that I raised the kind of girl who would eat her own dyke sister’s cunt!” another smack. “Do you enjoy eating your sister’s lesbo cunt!” Smack!

Alex whimpered a little, then looked up at her mother, not sure how she should answer – because she had really enjoyed eating her sister’s wet cunt!

“Well… I’m waiting!”

Alex nodded. “Yes… I loved eating my big sister’s pussy,” she sighed in resignation as she said the words.

Pam shook her head, a twisted smile crossing her mouth – then suddenly smacked Alex’s ass three times in a row. It shone red and rosy, the skin burned. Wetness trickled down Alex’s inner thighs.

Pam grabbed Alex’s butt cheeks and spread them wide apart, gripping hard with her long fingers, her nails digging into her teenage daughter’s ass flesh. She spread them as wide as she could, exposing her daughter’s virgin asshole. “You,” she said to Sherri, “Get over here.”

Sherri got to her feet and staggered over as Pam drooled a mouthful of saliva down between Alex’s butt cheeks and watched it roll down over her tight little asshole.

“On your knees, slut, on your knees and lube that little asshole up…”

Sherri dropped to her knees behind Alex and carefully began to rub her mother’s spit into the crack of Alex’s ass, paying special attention to rubbing it against her tight puckered asshole.

“No ,” Pam snarled, “Get your tongue in there. I’m sure you’ve licked Jenn’s asshole before!”

Sherri had licked Jenn’s asshole before – she did it a lot. This should be fun Sherri thought. She leaned in and planted her face between Alex’s 13 year old butt cheeks, pushed her lips around Alex’s asshole and formed a seal, then sucked a little before slowly easing her tongue forward deep into her sister’s asshole.

Alex gasped. “God, that’s good… Oh my God…”

Pam watched as her girl Sherri tongue fucked her littler girl Alex in the ass. Sherri’s head moving back and forth, hands spreading Alex’s ass wide, hard tongue sticking an inch inside then coming out. Alex’s little ass puckering up nicely, gleaming from the tongue job it was getting.

Sherri was looking up, trying to maintain eye contact with her mom the whole time she was sucking and licking at her kid sister’s asshole. Pam was looking down at her with an evil and horny glint in her eye. She let go of Alex’s ass cheeks, letting Sherri hold them open, and reached up to her own titties. She started massaging them through her bra, then she reached back and unlooked it, letting it fall to her lap. Her firm tits bounced free.

Alex was gasping and moaning for the rim job her big sister was giving her. Sherri knew what she was doing thought Alex. All that came out loud were gasps and moans.

Pam’s nipples were as hard as diamonds now, and Sherri could see it. She was transfixed. She figured it was at least 15 years since she’d sucked on them, and she wanted to try it again! She nervously reached up with one hand and grabbed one of them. Pam didn’t resist, she just smiled and moaned a little. So Sherri squeezed harder – he mom’s boobs felt good.

Sherri broke off from tonguing her kid sister’s asshole so that she could transfer her mouth to her mom’s tit. Pam gasped, Alex moaned – missing that tongue but not for for long as Sherri slipped two fingers up the very wet, well lubed asshole and started finger fucking her sister’s ass nice and fast.

Pam was gasping at the sight, and at the feel of her daughter’s mouth on her tit. Her panties were soaked… She needed to be fucked. Hard. Right now. She pushed Sherri away and stood up letting Alex fall to the pool deck, Sherri’s fingers still in her asshole.

Pam stood over them. “Now, my turn for some fun!” She spat.

Her girls looked up at her. Alex twisting a little as Sherri continued to finger fuck her asshole.

Pam stood over them, between them and removed her wet panties, then looked down and ordered, “Start eating girls.”

Sherri and Alex changed positions, getting to their knees, one in front and one behind their mother. Sherri leaned in, angling her head upwards so that she could start licking at her mom’s well trimmed bush. Alex squeezed her head in behind, reaching up to spread her mom’s ass wide enough that she could push her face in and start licking her mom’s sweaty ass crack. Pam sagged a little, her knees almost giving way, she crouched slightly and gave her girls a better angle, a wider target, to lick at – and grabbed her own tits as her lovely daughters slurped at her pussy and ass.

As they licked and sucked, the girls blindly groped around for each other’s tits – then started fondling and squeezing each other. Pam couldn’t see any of this, her eyes were closed.

“Oh fuck girls I need a fist inside me, Sherri get your fucking fist up my cunt from behind and little Alex I need you to suck hard on mommy’s clit . Oh fuck girls please make mommy cum!”
The girls shifted positions as Pam leaned over using a lounge chair to support herself.

Sherri was astounded at how wet her mother’s pussy was and after pumping four fingers deep into the sopping cunt several times, she was able to fold her fingers over thumb and press the head of her fist into the entrance of her mother’s big cunt.

Pam grunted and moaned as her daughter’s fist began making its way into her cunt, and at the same instant her little Alex sucked hard and long on her blood engorged clit.

“Oh girls that’s it, just like that, oh fuck don’t stop, don’t ever stop you are making mommy feel so fucking good!” Pam began to thrust her hips back on Sherri’s fist taking deeper than the girl’s father had been. She grabbed Alex’s cum damp head and began grinding her face back and forth over her large clit.

Watching her daughters fucking so hard and wickedly had made Pam more sexually excited that she had ever been in her life and now being fisted by Sherri while Alex began nibbling on her clit flesh with her perfect white teeth was too much.

She grasped the lounge chair for dear life as her legs began to tremble a nearly give out. Sherri’s fist pounded her g-spot once more and her body began to convulse causing Alex’s sharp teeth to grind on her sensitive clit. Sherri could feel her mother’s enormous climax as her cunt walls grabbed her fist and arm. She held the fist in place as a torrent of cum washed from her mother’s cunt and all over her face in body. Alex too ewers soaked again by the flood of cum that seemed to slowly push Sherri’s fist from the gaping cunt.

Finally Pam collapsed on the pool deck, cum still flowing from her cunt. Never before had she felt her body climax so intently. She was in lust with her daughters and her next order of business was to taste little Alex’s sweet cum.

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