1st story. please tell me what i did wrong, tell me if it was good enough for a part 2
Matt was an average kid growing up in an average town. he was 15 years of age and still attended school on a regular basis. he didnt have the best of grades but maintained an average grade. always well known and a very popular guy. he wasnt the best looker in the world. he was about 5'7, short curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and an athletic body. all together he was a pretty agerage guy

Shelly was a very beautiful woman. she also was 15. she had strait dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, she was 5'4, 36c breasts and a round firm ass that any man would die for. Not only was shelly beautiful, she was an A student in school, played violen in the orchestra, played soccer for the school team, and was one of the most popular girls in school. she was perfect in every aspect to everyman in school.

Shelly and Matt met at a summer camp taht Matt attended every year with his friends. When he first saw her he nearly creamed his pants. he ran back at warp speed to his cabin and got in the shower and pleasured himself. you see matt had never been with a woman before. he had never even kissed a girl. he was 15 now and was wondering if he ever would make it with a girl. but back to the story: after he saw this angel he knew if he ever wanted to make it with a girl this was going to be the one.

Over the next couple of weeks Matt was to shy to talk to shelly. it wasnt until the last day of camp that he talked to her. he asked her for her number and graciously gave it to him with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

Matt didnt know what to think of this but he instantly became hard. he tried to cover himself as he took his bagage to his moms car but shelly knew what he was trying to cover. He knew that he was in quite a bind because shelly lived over a hundred miles away from him. this was no easy task to accomplish but he musterd up the currage and called shelly. this is when she stated the fact that she liked him. he nearly jumped at this new idea that someone in the world how liked him.

For weeks and weeks Matt begged his mom to take him down to this little beach town that shellly had lived in. finally they reached an agreement but it wasnt an easy task. the first time that shelly and matt hung out, outside of camp they hooked up for hours on end.

weeks of this simple making out occured until one day at a friends house matt managed to slip his hand down shellys pants and vise versa. this was an all new experiance to Matt, so needless to say he was horrible at it. so horrible in fact he didnt do it again til much later.

After many weeks of the 2 steadily dating, the time approched for shellys birthday. Matt new that if he was ever going to get far with this girl he had to impress her bigtime on this special day.

Now let me give you a background on shellys parents. they were very high class with a very nice house. they had tried to raise their daughter to be like them, very snobby and not caring for the poor, but they were unsuccessful. when Matt was introduced to them for the first time they had instant dislike of him. shelly was never excited about anything that had to do with parting and sex. this was due to the fear that her father and mother would find out about what she had done. this was the cause of Matt and Shelly's low sex life.

Matts hands were dripping in sweat as he rung the doorbell of his girlfriends house. fear swept his body as it was her mother that answerd the door. as Matt stood there in the doorway with a teadybear that said i love you and a bushel fo roses in teh other hand. a smile came over her face as she realized that she had hated this boy for no reason.

Matt was then granted permission to go up to shelly's room. He did this in great haste as he was ready to see shelly. he jumped into the room as he saw her putting on her shirt. she was wearing a Red tank top shirt with a hot pink miniskirt on. under these she was wearing a matching black lace bra and panties. he ran and jumped on her and began kissing her.

"What are you doing?" shelly asked."hold on we have to wait a minute"

"umm ok?" Matt was confused but went along with what she said.

They went into the TV room that they owned and started to watch tv as Matt gently stoked Shellys head. All of a sudden his cock began to grow and he could feel it starting to poke shelly. he tried to play it off as his hands but she knew what it was. All of a sudden Shelly's mother came into the door.

"hey kids how are you" said shelly's mom

"Were fine mom" replied shelly

"oh yes were great, just watching some tv" Matt said witha big smile.

"thats good. Listen sweetie i have to go to work now i cant wait any longer. your father should be home in about 2 hours. will you be ok alone,(she really ment with Matt)?"

"oh of course mom. Im a big girl now" shelly replied

"ok hunnie i have to go now but i love you and happy birthday" shelly's mom exited the room

Matt jumped and ran to the window waiting to see shelly's moms car pull out of the driveway. As soon as the car was out of site Matt all of a sudden felt a push and he was up against the wall. shelly pressed her body up against his and they kissed for a long time. It was Matt who broke the kiss. he started to lift the shirt she was wearing.

"would you mind?" Matt wispered into her ear continuing kissing her neck.

She gave him a kiss in approval. he lifted her shirt and saw for the first time her beautiful breasts constranied by her bra in front of him. he could feel the pre-cum starting to drip from his dick as he started to kiss the top of her breasts as he fumbled with her bra trying to realease her beautiful breasts. she shoved him onto the couch and stratled him and removed her bra. he took her beautiful nipples into his mouth. he picked her up and carried her to her room.

so many thoughts were rushing through his mind as he was carrying her to her room. he didnt know how to do anything they might do. would he be so bad she wouldnt ever want to try it again? should he just stop right there?

he practially knocked the door down as he ran into the room and threw this angel onto the bed. he then ripped his shirt off and threw it on the floor and walked over to her.he lay ontop of her his naked chest touching hers sent him into a great feeling of extacy. he decided it was now or never and began kissing down her body. when he got down to her bellybutton he licked around it for a little while. this was making shelly very wet and matt could smell it in the air. this was turning him on so much he moved down further. he then ran his tounge inside of her panty line further teasing her. she then grabbed his head and shoved it down further.

he then removed her panties without ever removing her skirt, just folding it up to get an easy access. she was completely shaved with no hair left. he then began licking and kissing on her inner thighs getting closer and closer to her forbidden area. when he finally reached it she was so wet he didnt know what to do with it all. he then spread her lips reveal her glossy pink vagina.

it was the most beautiful he had ever seen. One this in particular caught his interest. he imediately began to kiss this foreign object and she began to squirm all over the place. he realized that he had hit the right thing. he began attackign this new thing to him, he was licking and sucking on it.


'oh so this is the clit' Matt thought. at this he intserted another finger into her tight, unpenitrated pussy. she began to buck into his face as she hit her first orgasm and he felt so good. almost as good as she felt.

she then got down on her knees and removed his pants. out flopped his 8 inch penis. she was mistified by the size of it.she had never seen a penis before her and she was very happy she had one right then. she immediately took it in her hand and started to stroke matts penis. he leaned his head back in ecstacy and almost came when he looked down and saw his dick in her hand. then something completely unexpected happend. . . she took his penis into her mouth. this was too much for matt to handle.

"OMG SHELLY IM CUMMING" Matt screamed as he shot his white sticky load into shellys mouth. he looked down and saw her sucking the rest of the cum out of his dick as it went limp.

after shelly cleaned the cum off of her chin and face she joined Matt on the bed

"Oh shelly i love you, today was so great" Matt stated as he kissed her deeply

"Wait. did you just say was. oh hell no Matt, were just getting started" Shelly said witha wink.

To be continued.........


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i liked it


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awsome story keep it up


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MORE! Wright part 2 SOON!


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