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Christina is about to marry my Uncle Pat, who’s my mom’s brother. I met her for the first time about three years ago when they came in from out of town and I’ve had a crush on her ever since. I was 14 at the time and she was 27, making her 31 now but despite that, she doesn’t look a day older than 26. She has a mature youthfulness about her looks, most likely due to her Latin heritage. My family and I, including all the relatives and my two male cousins, are visiting Uncle Pat and Christina this spring for their wedding.

Christina is definitely a sexy woman. I believe she is the definition of perfection. Standing at 5.5 feet tall with a full hour glass figure, she’s got big round ass and large breasts that make her a very yummy object for males. She’s always wearing a top with a high neck line to avoid people staring at her Double D cup tits and her sexy voluptuous ass looks so alluring from behind and constantly accentuated by yoga pants or a nice tight dress. She always wears tight fitting attires that strictly emphasize her sexy curves and humps. I always fantasize about what she looks like underneath it all. Overall, Christina is a very curvy mature lady with nice full breasts, skin that’s slightly tanned that glows under the light and a smile to die for. She has nice piercing seductive eyes that are hazel colored that always seem to gleam and soft silky looking lips. My uncle is not that much of a looker himself but from what everyone says, he is a really nice guy. I must say, he’s incredibly lucky too to be able to settle with a woman of this caliber.

I wouldn’t consider myself hot. Being Japanese, I’m kind of scrawny, weighing 120lbs for someone who’s six feet tall. I’m not particularly muscular but at least I’m not fat with man-boobs and a gut like one of my cousins. I can see myself having better luck with girls once I’m in college or maybe when I’m older and people are less superficial and catty but during high school, I’m definitely not amongst the top picks compared to all the wrestlers and football players. If I ever marry a girl like Christina, I would die happy.

We arrive a week before the actual wedding day. They live in a huge mansion with a swimming pool in the backyard and a guest house in the back that’s detached from the main house. Once we get to the house, my Uncle Pat greets us with big smiles and open arms.
“Hey, how are my favorite boys?” he yells out.
“Hi, Uncle Pat,” I greet him. “Congratulations once again.”
“Thank you, Shawn,” he says.
We all do the family group hugs before dragging out luggage into the house. He shows us to our rooms, each having its own small bathroom and mini-fridge. This is the life.

After we settle in, Uncle Pat invites us all into the pool for a dip. After we change into our swim trunks, we scatter towards the pool and Christina is in a leopard spot bikini. Her wet hair drips water all over her glistening toned body as she wades around the pool. This is my first time seeing her wonderful cleavage and her ample bosom underneath that bikini is to die for. My cousins and I develop an instant hard on. I wish my cousins would show some self-control. I get it, Christina is extremely hot but she’s going to be our aunt soon and if you’re going to stare at it with horny dogs, at least do it discreetly. I can tell Christina is starting to get uncomfortable and leaves the pool to go back inside.
“Way to go, you idiots…” I tell them.

Later on, I decide to help Christina out in the kitchen while my cousins play videogames. During dinner, my two cousins run to ensure they have a seat next to Christina at the table. I can tell that Christina is trying to be polite even though they come off as total pigs. I get to sit in front of her, oogling her beauty throughout the entire meal. Too bad for them, after they agree she says they’re going to be doing it alone while Christina plays video games with me. She pops in Dance Dance Revolution into the Playstation, whip out the dance mats and we start going at it while my cousins moan and whine about doing dishes. She keeps beating me at the game. Not because I suck, mind you – I’m actually awesome at DDR – but I’m constantly distracted by Christina’s breasts bouncing up and down as she jumps on the mat.

After a few games, I’m exhausted so I decide to go back to my room and rest. I hop in the shower to wash off and after jump on my bed with my laptop. I surf the net for a bit before getting a bit bored so I decide to look up some porn. Naughty America has an update on their My Wife’s Hot Friend section. As I’m watching, I hear a knock on my door. I pause the video and go to another tab on my laptop before closing the lid.
“Come in,” I call out. It’s Christina.
“Hey, your Uncle Pat says you know of some great dance tunes and I was wondering if I could check out your library to see if I could give it to the DJ for the wedding?” she asks.
“Sure, come take a look,” I tell her.
I open up my iTunes and show her some tracks. After a bit, I needed to pee so I head into the bathroom for a bit.
“Mind if I check my email?” she called out.
“Sure,” I yell back.
In mid-pee, I realize that I still have the streaming clip from My Wife’s Hot Friend loaded on a tab and if she uses the browser to check her email, she would see it. I flush and quickly wash my hands before bursting out the door.
“That’s all. Thanks for helping,” she says sweetly before putting my laptop down on the bed and walk out. I look on the screen and see that when she closed her tab for her email, it landed on the video page, showing a giant freeze frame of Tommy Gunn fucking Ava Addams doggy style.
“Oh crap…” I mumble.

That night, I decided to go for a swim to cool off from that incident. I do a few laps when someone opens the back door and walks out. I couldn’t tell who it is at first because of the dark so I swim over. It’s Christina wearing a burgundy bikini. Despite being under cold water, I develop an instant hard on.

“Hi Shawn, mind if I join you?” she asks.
“Ummm…sure,” I tell her.
We have a few moments of awkward silence that I just shrug off my continuously swimming. It is starting to get weird and I thought I should just get out of the pool and go back to my room but I didn’t want her to see the tent forming in my trunks.
“Shawn, you don’t have to avoid me,” she says. “It’s just porn. I watched it when I was your age. I still do. It’s nothing to be embarrassed over.”
“Look, it’s perfectly normal. It’s my fault for looking through your computer in the first place.”
“I’m sorry…”
“Don’t be. Plus, Tommy Gunn is kind of hot,” she jokes.
I laugh at the jokes and I finally relax.
“You like Ava Addams?” she asks.
“Yeah, she’s pretty hot,” I say embarrassingly.
“What is it about her that you like?” she asks.
“Umm…I guess she’s pretty voluptuous. Nice tanned skin and toned body. I love the way her boobs look.”
I can’t believe I’m telling her this.
“Yeah, Ava Addams’ boobs do look pretty yummy even to me. I can see why you like her. Personally, I prefer watching Japanese porn,” she says.
“Really?” I ask. “Why? It’s usually all censored and the girls scream like they’re in pain.”
“Not all the time,” she answers. “There’s a quality of innocence behind them. I find the performers demonstrate more skill than the typical American pornstar."
"Is that why you like Uncle Pat?" I joke.
"Haha, your uncle is not a beast in bed but he has a great heart that endears me."
"So what else do Japanese pornstars do that's different?" I ask.
"In Japan, the women there explore the guy’s body a bit more and the guy is a lot more attentive to the girl.”
“How so?” I ask with extreme intrigue.
“Well, in Japanese porn, the guy is usually a lot more attentive than their American counterparts. They do it similar to how the Europeans treat sex. It’s a lot more sensual and there’s a ton of foreplay before the actual deed. The girl would also stimulate more than just the penis. She goes for his earlobe, his stomach, his nipples...”
“His nipples?”
“Yeah. What do you think you have them for? It’s not like you have to breastfeed one day. They’re a really sensitive and if done right, a girl can drive you wild.”
I look at her in disbelief. It’s crazy how I am finding out exactly what drives Christina wild. I can have fantasies based on a lifetime with this information. Christina is kind of a sex freak. Man, my Uncle Pat is so lucky.
“Don’t believe me?” she says.
She swims right up to me and places a finger over my left nipple, slightly grazing it. I feel a tingle down my spine. She then starts to gently pinch it and the sensation is increasing in intensity. My dick is now so stiff, my hard on grazes Christina’s leg.
“See? Told you,” she says coyly before pulling back.
“Don’t stop…” I murmur.
I look at her and all I see is a woman who moments ago was practically trying to seduce me. This is the woman of my wildest dreams and I am this close in having my first sexual experience with someone so incredible that it is too good to be true. I allow my emotions and hormones to get the best of me and because of that, I could not let this opportunity pass up.
“Christina, I don’t want you to stop,” I tell her.
Christina stands there for a moment before making her way over to me. She leans in and I feel a kiss coming on but all she does is plant one on my cheek. Disappointment fills my heart but at least she didn’t scream and smack me in the face. I’m about to call this a night and sleep with utmost sorrow when she continues to kiss me on the cheek and down my neck. The tip of her tongue gently scrolls its way up and down the right side of my neck and she gently nibbles on my earlobe. Her right hand is back to grazing my left nipple ever so gently and this blissful feeling fills my entire being. I try to turn around to kiss her but she ignores me and continues what she’s doing. She pushes me over to the steps of the pool so that my trunks are exposed from the water. Using her right hand, she unties the knot on the waist and slips her hand in, reaching for my throbbing cock. She takes it out and moves her face to my chest. With her tongue out, she swirls it around my right nipple as she jerks me off. I am in utter awe. I can’t believe this is happening. This is incredible!

Her rhythm on my cock increases in intensity and so does her focus on my nipple, adding in gentle bites with the front of her teeth and the pressure of her lips along with that amazing tongue of hers. She brings her face down to my stomach and licks her way up to my nipple and she does this multiple times. I feel like I’m about to explode.

As if it couldn’t get any better, she kneels on the steps and brings her face close to my crotch. Placing each hand on my nipples, she starts grazing gently and brings her face down to swallow my shaft! I can feel her tongue swirling playfully around the tip and I’m about to lose it. I place my hands on her ample bikini covered bosom and noticed how hard her nipples are poking out of her suit. I can feel the outline shaped in her bikini bra and I flick my finger over it in an attempt to satisfy her, even ever so slightly as she satisfies me. She’s practically swallowing the entirety of my shaft now and bops her head up and down. I could feel myself about to lose control.
Upon hearing my hint, she brings her face back up, kissing her way up from my stomach all the way up to my chest and sucks hard on my left nipple while jerking me off rapidly. Within seconds, I cannot take it anymore and I feel three squirts of cum fly out into the pool water. My entire body is extremely sensitive right now but she continues to gently jerk me off and lick my nipple and I shiver in absolute delight.

Once she’s done, she brings her face up to me and gives me a gentle kiss on my lips.
“Our little secret, okay?” she asks.
I nod in exaggeration, still unable to comprehend how this happened.

I wake up the next morning and my entire body feels relaxed and tingly. Things seem like a blur but I can almost see what happened down in the pool like a play by play in my head. Did all that really happen or did I only dream about it. I feel a wet spot under my covers and take a look. It seems that it was all a dream after all…

I hear a knock on the door and Christina opens the door, popping her head in.
“Hey Shawn, breakfast is ready,” she says nonchalantly. But there is something about her eyes. Something about the way she said those words and looked at me when she said it.

Was this a dream or did it really happen…?

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2013-02-23 15:29:18
A Japanese guy named Shawn? Cool story, bro. Still definitely hot! :)

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2012-02-14 21:24:10
how is dis not rated higher? oh yah, cuz there's no incest or little girls...

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2012-02-01 06:32:44
I can't wait til you describe her naked next time.

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2012-01-29 07:38:03
I thought this was a very good story. Plenty of lead in and teasing. Part two should be as good I hope.

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2012-01-29 07:19:54
I thought this was a very good story. Plenty of lead in and teasing. Part two should be as good I hope.

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