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Carole stirred in the bed beside me, which brought me slowly out of a very deep slumber.

She had her head propped on one elbow and was smiling as she watched me wake. “Good morning Sir.” She whispered, and then leaned forward to kiss me.

“Good morning slut.” I replied after returning her kiss. “Did you sleep well after our games last night?”

She lay back and stretched, reminding me of a satisfied cat. “Oh Yes! I was a really scared when I saw that you were going to whip me with the riding crop, but the sensations were amazing! I couldn’t believe how good it felt! My nipples are still tingling!” She said as she gripped both nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, and stretched her tits away from her body. “Uuummmm………. fucking fantastic Sir!” She moaned.

I knew she really been turned on when I whipped her nipples, and I was a little surprised that she had enjoyed it so much. It was as though our first fuck had started smashing through her inhibitions like a wrecking ball, and she seemed almost desperate to explore her sexuality as far and as fast as she could.

“I need to piss, come with me.” I said and took her hand. We went into the bathroom and I told her to kneel in the shower stall, and she looked up at me expectantly with her hands folded behind her back in a gesture of compliance. We had consumed several bottles of wine last night and my bladder was reminding me it needed to emptied, so my first jet of piss splashed over her tits, quickly creating golden rivulets that ran down her body and pooled in the V of her slick pussy. I slowly walked my stream upward so she knew where I was heading and she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as I aimed at her chin, and then moved my stream from side to side across her glistening face. I filled her mouth and watched as the overflow ran down from her lips, and was surprised when she swallowed her mouthful, licking her lips in appreciation. When I was finally dry she opened her eyes and gave me a look that oozed pure fuck-lust.

“Your slut thanks you Sir.” She whispered.

“Your turn.” I said as I helped her to feet and knelt before her. She slid a finger into each of the gold rings piercing her pussy-lips and pulled them back, exposing her glistening cunt to my gaze. She leaned back against the wall and released a tentative jet that spattered across my face. I licked my lips to savor her taste, which was noticeably different to Mom and Bec but quite pleasant just the same. She gave me a second spray, and then a steady piss-bath as she emptied out. As her flow slowed to trickle I gave her piss-hole a long swipe with my tongue and she squealed at the sensation that fired through her as I grazed over her clit.

We were both covered in piss and bathroom had a strong salty odor. “Can I wash you now Sir?” She asked.

“My new cunt needs to learn some patience, we have all day.” I laughed, amused by how anxious she was. “Besides, I’ve got you all dirty so now I have to make sure you are completely clean for later!”

I kept a variety of sex toys in the bathroom drawer and quickly found what I needed. I snapped a handcuff ring over Carole’s wrist and lifted her arms high above her head so she was touching the shower-screen rail. I snapped the second cuff over the rail and onto her other wrist so her arms were fully extended and shacked to the rail, and turned her body so she was unable to see me preparing for what was going to happen next. Her face and breasts were flushed and she was breathing deeply, uncertain as to what was I was going to do, but obviously anxious to find out. I squeezed a thick blob of lube onto my fingers and started massing between her butt-cheeks.

“So you worthless little fuck-slut, are you sure you really want to be here?” I hissed in her ear. “I mean are you really………..really sure?”

“Oh my God!” She groaned. “Yes….yes…..YES, SIR! I am sure; in fact I don’t think I’ve ever been so sure of anything in my life!”

I was now applying pressure to her puckered rosebud, smearing lubricant around her sphincter as my probing finger sought access to her clenched shit-hole. I smeared more lube on my fingers and resumed my probing, finally succeeding in slipping inside her. “We need to cover some basic house rules.” I said sternly. “Are you paying attention to me?” Given her present position shackled to the shower rail with my finger probing her shitter, I knew that would be virtually impossible, but taking her out of her comfort zone was my objective!

“Yes Sir!” She shouted. “Please tell me what I have to do!”

“You will keep yourself scrupulously clean at all times, inside and out. If you take a shit you will give yourself an enema or ask one of us to help you. When I fuck your shitter I may insist you clean with your mouth so this is in your best interests, clear so far?”

She nodded in compliance, starting to writhe gently as I slipped a second finger deep inside her back hole.

“You will keep your cunt shaved as smooth as a baby’s, and you will wear a butt-plug unless you have a cock or a tongue in your shit-hole.” She nodded again as I withdrew my fingers. I turned on the tap until the water felt pleasantly warm and filled the enema bag, squeezing a few drops of lubricant in for good measure. I hung the bag from the shower rail and greased the spout, gently inserting it deep into her ass. “You will never wear underwear in this house unless we are having visitors and I specifically instruct you to do so, you will either be naked or wearing lingerie or sexy clothing.”

I opened the valve to allow warm water to flow into her bowels and gave the bag a gentle squeeze. She groaned as she felt the water flow inside her. “Are you still paying attention to me cunt?” I roared.

“Yes…yes Sir!” She cried out. “I must keep my cunt shaved and a plug in my ass at all times! I must never wear underwear, only sexy clothes or lingerie Sir! Oh my fucking God! Please Sir! I feel as though I’m going to explode! Can I please go the toilet Sir, please!!!” She pleaded.

“Not yet slut, hold it!” I replied, ignoring her increasing discomfort and opening the valve further. “You will comply with any instruction I ever give you, regardless of how you feel about it. The first time you refuse will be the last, as I’ll throw you out and never allow you back, is this clear?”

“Yes Sir, I understand!” She sobbed. “But can I please, please go the toilet now, otherwise I think I’m going to make a mess right here!”

I slide the tube from her shitter as a stream of water ran down her inner thighs, and unsnapped the handcuffs from her wrist. I expected her to rush straight for the toilet but was pleasantly surprised that she stood still, clearly in some pain but waiting for my consent. I nodded my permission and she rushed past me, just making it in time with relief written all over her face.

When she had finished and regained some composure she looked at me. “Thank you Sir.” She said demurely.

I stroked her face and kissed her forehead. “You’ve done well slut, I know that was difficult for you! Now you can give me an enema.”

I stood in the shower recess as she unhooked the enema bag, and gave the nozzle a thorough clean before refilling the bag with warm water. She picked up the lube and gently smeared it around my sphincter, carefully easing her finger inside.

To my surprise she giggled. “Something funny cunt?” I asked.

“No Sir!” She replied. “It’s just…..I was thinking what my husband would say if he could see me now with my finger up a man’s ass!”

That was something I hadn’t considered, but I could see the funny side. Coach Bradley would not be impressed to see his wife fingering one of the students! “How are you going to explain not going home last night?” I enquired.

“It’s ok Sir, he’s away for the weekend and won’t be home until tomorrow night. Justin is staying clear of me after what happened last week, so he’s spending the weekend with friends. If I was at home I’d have the house to myself anyway.”

She inserted the enema tube and opened the valve on the bag, allowing the warm water to run into my bowels. Now you may think enemas are for old people and gays, because that’s what I thought before my first experience. Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth! Provided you use a little care and commonsense the sensations are quite erotic, and you do feel spotlessly clean inside when you’ve finished. I love anal sex, but am not that thrilled about sliding my cock out of a well-fucked ass and having it covered in shit. That’s why I insist that my sluts are always squeaky-clean!

Carole was watching me carefully to see how I was reacting, so I gave her smile and motioned for her to come closer. As she moved in front of me I gripped one of her nipples and started squeezing and stretching it. She closed her eyes and thrust her chest closer, so I gripped her other nipple and applied identical pressure. As I felt the pressure increase from the enema flow my treatment of her nipples became more aggressive. I squeezed them harder and was rewarded with a sharp gasp that escaped her lips. She threw her head back and pulled her body away from me, increasing the tension and causing her tits to stretch away from her body. I leaned down and took one nipple in my mouth, sucking it strongly before I gave it a sharp nip with my teeth. This time she groaned rather than gasped, so I nipped her other one to equalize the sensations and heard another encouraging groan. I was sure I could make her cum through nipple-play alone, but the pressure from the enema was becoming too strong to ignore. Reluctantly I released her captive tits and moved quickly, enjoying the sensations of releasing the cleansing liquid.

We enjoyed a long, steaming shower, spending plenty of time lovingly washing each other. She must have spent five minutes thoroughly washing my cock, balls and ass. I ensured her pussy and ass were squeaky-clean, and gave her tits similar care and attention. By the time we had toweled each other dry I had a rock hard cock and her cunt-lips were glistening with juices. She gazed at me through slitted eyes, and I knew she was begging me to take her. “Your slut needs a good fucking Sir!” She hissed, almost pleading.

“She certainly does.” I laughed in reply as I took her hand. “But she’s not dressed as I require yet.” I bent her forward so she was gazing at her reflection in the mirror as I picked up the lube. I massaged around her rosebud once more, this time meeting less resistance as she focused on relaxing her muscles for me. My finger slipped inside as I probed her back hole once more, ensuring she was clean and thoroughly lubricated. Once again I ratted through the toy drawer until I found a medium butt-plug, and she moaned when I held it up and carefully applied a coating of lubricant. “Have you forgotten my house rules already cunt?” I whispered.

“No Sir! I must have a plug in my ass at all times unless there is a cock or a tongue in there!”

“That’s better slut. I thought for a minute I was going to have to discipline you!” I smiled as I worked the head of the plug against the resistance of her tight hole. “Now, just breathe slowly and focus on relaxing for me. I want you to practice relaxing your shitter whenever you get the chance, because it’s a hole that I will use often. Think of it as a second cunt, because you will be butt-fucked whenever I’m in the mood, understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.” She hissed, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. I could feel her sphincter clenching and relaxing against the butt-plug, and she succeeded in relaxing enough to allow me to ease it into her anal cavity. Her eyes widened as the large bulb slid inside, ensuring it was nestled in place and would not slip free.

I kissed her on the back of her neck. “Now you’re properly dressed, I think you’d better come with me!”

I led her past my bedroom door and down the stairs, her curiosity growing with each step. We reached the kitchen and found the others had also enjoyed a pleasant start to the day. Phil was slumped back in a chair, his cock glistening with drying cum and a dreamy expression on his face. Mom was bustling around preparing breakfast as we kissed her good morning, and Bec as also sitting back with her legs slightly spread and a heady mixture of her cum and Phil’s oozing from her freshly-fucked slit. I whispered to Mom and Bec what I had in mind for Carole and they smiled broadly, moving toward her. They placed one hand on each of Carole’s tits and started massaging her, before squeezing and pulling her nipples. They dipped their heads in unison to take a nipple in their mouths, and Carole responded by moaning once more as she flushed in response to their loving attention. I moved behind her and nudged her legs apart, running my fingers softly from her sphincter to her clit in long, slow strokes. “You really are a total slut aren’t you!” I hissed in her ear. “You haven’t even had breakfast and you’ve had my finger up your shit-hole, and now you have two cunts sucking your tits while I finger your sloppy cunt!”

“Oh….my….God!” She replied breathlessly. “Yes….yes….I’m a slut! I’m a filthy fuck-whore! Oh shit, suck my tits and finger my gash! Jam your hand in there if you want to! Oh fuck, this is so amazing, I just love the way you use me!!!”

Her invitation to jam my hand in was one I couldn’t pass up, so I tapped Mom and Bec to interrupt them, picked Carole up and sat her on the table before pushing her back until she was lying down. I spread her legs wide apart and nodded for Bec and Mom to resume sucking her prominent nipples that stood proudly to attention like a pair of tiny pink cocks. Her gash was oozing pre-cum, Man, she was so ready for fucking! I burrowed between her legs and gave her pussy a couple of long, wet licks, adding my saliva to her steady flow. Two fingers slipped easily into her wet fuck-box, so I added a third and a fourth, stretching her wide as she tried to accommodate my probing hand. I could hear her deep breathing coupled with the occasional stifled squeal as Bec or Mom gripped her nipples with their teeth, and used their mouths to stretch her nipples away from her body.

With hands and mouths working simultaneously on different parts of her body, I could only wonder at the intensity of the feelings Carole was trying to process, and whether she had reached a point of sensory overload yet. Coming from such a restrained sexual background, this must be a mind-blowing experience for her, and I was determined to push her even further! I folded my thumb into the palm of my hand and worked to insert my fist into her steaming cunt, getting as far as the bottom thumb joint. She spread her legs even wider, doing her best to assist my attempts to slide my hand deeper. I looked up at Bec and Mom as they tugged at her nipples with their willing mouths, and across at Phil who was watching her being ravaged. It was time for some additional stimulation!

“Hey buddy, did you fuck Bec’s sweet little fuck-box this morning?” I asked.

“Sure did man, I dumped a big load of cum deep in her tight little twat!” He responded with a broad smile.

“She’s a fire-cracker fuck man; did she paint your cock and balls with her cum?” I responded.

He laughed. “My cock, my balls, and half my fucking body!!! She damn near blew me back out of her cunt when she came!”

“Though so! So why don’t you get up here on the table and shove your cock down this bitch’s throat. I’m sure this slut would just love to clean all that cum off your tool!”

A deep, animalistic groan escaped from Carole’s lips, and she tipped her head back and opened her mouth wide, inviting Phil to feed her his meat. He was on the table in seconds, kneeling above her head with his cock in hand, before he slid in past her waiting lips. He may have been soft after fucking Bec, but as I watched I could see the blood coursing through his shaft bringing him to hardness as Carole went to work with her tongue. I continued thrusting my hand into her slick pussy, until I finally succeeded in slipping my whole hand inside. She came instantly and I felt a massive spray of fuck-juice spattering against my fingers. She was moaning and groaning against Phil’s cock, and her body was shaking from cum spasms that rippled through her from head to toe. Her cunt clamped down on my fist like wet, velvet vice and restricted my movements for a few seconds, and I became aware that my cock was rock-solid and dribbling strands of pre-cum down my legs.

Phil was building toward his second cum of the day, thrusting his shaft deep into Carole’s willing throat. Saliva and pre-cum were oozing from her stretched lips and I reluctantly removed my hand from her gash, amazed at how wide it was gaping now that I was free of her sexual embrace. I joined Phil on the table hoping it wouldn’t collapse under our combined weight, and stroked my cock. Fisting Carole had brought me to an intense state of arousal, and it wasn’t long before I was aiming my shaft at Mom and Bec as they continued sucking her nipples. My first spurts hit Mom on the cheek before I aimed at Bec, and coated the side of her face with my thick fuck-juice. Neither of my bitches missed a beat as my cum ran down their faces, and Carole trembled through another shuddering orgasm, spraying her juice from her now unrestricted gash and spattering all over the table and floor. Phil roared that he was cumming and pumped a couple of strong jets into Carole’s mouth before pulling back and blowing a copious load over her face. Mom and Bec released Carole’s stretched nipples and Mom took Phil’s spent cock in her mouth as Bec licked and sucked his ooze from Carole’s coated face. When they had cleaned Phil and Carole they went to work on each other, licking and sucking my fuck-juice from each other’s face, and swapping cum as they finished with a deep girl-on-girl tongue kiss. It took some time to come back to earth, particularly for Carole as it had been a mind-blowing fuck session from start to finish! The heady scent of raw, uninhibited fucking filled the air like a sensual perfume, and Carole seemed to be in a dreamlike, faraway state for some time.

Mom and Bec got back to preparing breakfast and Carole came over and snuggled up to me on the lounge where I had collapsed to get my breath back. I kissed her and softly stroked her hair. “Are you still with us?” I enquired.

She looked up at me with a strange expression on her face. “I have been such a fool!” She said matter-of-factly. Now I had no idea what prompted that comment, and my expression must have conveyed my curiosity. “I am a middle-aged woman with a family.” She responded. “And it took a gorgeous young man my son’s age to open my eyes to how wonderful fucking can be. I have wasted so much of my life lying back with someone grunting away, taking their own pleasure, and I never knew how fantastic it feels to be totally fucked! I’m such an idiot!!!”

We all burst out laughing, not so much from what she had said, but the passionate way she expressed it! Mom walked over and kissed her. “You sound just like me after Rick had fucked me a few times. My ex was such a loser when it came to fucking, and I was too naïve to know any better!” More laughter followed Mom’s confession, and we sat down and enjoyed a hearty breakfast, all of us realizing just how hungry we were following our early morning workout.

When breakfast was over Carole and Phil gave Mom a hand to clean up the kitchen, and Bec came over and sat in my lap, slowly grinding her bare pussy against my cock. “Phil gave me a fabulous fucking this morning Sir, and I was wondering what you’ve got in mind for us today? We’ve got the whole weekend to play whatever kind of kinky games you can think up!”

Before I could reply Phil chimed in. “No fair! I had to promise my Mom I’d do a heap of chores tomorrow.” He said with an unhappy look on his face.

Bec lifted up slightly and reached under her butt, gripping my stiffening cock and sliding it into her juicy cunt. “Well Phil, you know what they say.” She said, giving him a broad smile. “It sucks to be you!!!! Oh my God, that cock feels sooo goooood!”

Mom gave Phil a hug, squeezing her bare breasts against his chest. “Don’t worry big boy, we’ve got the rest of today and tonight to wear you out!” She giggled, which seemed to lift his spirits.

In the meantime Bec was determined to “scratch an itch,” and was sliding her clenching pussy up and down my shaft. If you’d asked me five minutes earlier I would have told you I was temporarily fucked-out, but my sweet sister had other ideas and slipping my cock deep inside her tight, teen snatch always turned me on! She fucked me slowly and sensuously, sliding up until my cock-head would almost slip free, before easing back down until my balls were mashed against her pussy lips. Ever so slowly she picked up the tempo, and on every down stroke I could feel her consciously tightening her cunt muscles to provide even more stimulation. She may have only been fourteen but there wasn’t much I could teach her about fucking!

Her succulent B-cup tits were bouncing in time, so I gripped her nipples and squeezed, hard! She rolled her eyes and moaned. “I wish you’d let me get my nipples pierced like Mom’s, it would give you something to hold on to!” She hissed.

“We’ve had this conversation slut.” I replied. “And you know I’ll let you get them done when you turn sixteen, and not before!”

“No fair Sir! I would look like such a hot slut if my tits matched my cunt, and it would be just for you!” She teased.

“I think you’d better shut up and fuck, otherwise I might just have to come up with a new way to punish you!” I responded.

“Oooohhhh! That could almost make it worthwhile!” The little minx teased again, but she knew when to stop, and she was getting close to cumming anyway. “Uhhh…uhhh….uhhh!” She grunted out loud as she slammed up and down on my fuck-stick. It wasn’t often my bitches had the opportunity to take charge, and Bec was making the most of it!

I was starting to sweat and realized I wasn’t far behind her. “Are you ready to cum bitch?” I roared.

“Uuhh….uuhhh…uuhhh!! Yes! Yes Sir, make me cum….please!” She moaned.

Up until now I’d been passive and allowed her to control our fucking, but now I thrust my hips up hard, burying my cock balls-deep in her slick pussy. I managed to slide my hand between our bodies, and squeezed her slippery clit between my fingers as hard as I could. She screamed as she came and a gush of fuck-juice bathed my shaft and poured out over my balls. This sudden spray took me over the top, and I emptied a surprising blast of cum deep into her cunt as I joined her orgasm. We both pumped away until we were spent, and with a final squelching sound she dropped back into my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and leaning against my chest. “I swear, I will never get tired of fucking you!” She whispered in my ear.

“I glad to hear you say that.” I replied. “Because there is no way I’ll ever stop wanting your body. I cannot believe what a hot little fuck you’ve become!”

She smiled and hugged me tightly. “I think you were going to tell us what you had planned for today. At least that was before some shameless little slut distracted you!”

Well, the truth was I was just going with the flow and hadn’t had the opportunity to plan anything, so I gave it some thought. I stroked Bec’s hair and told her what I had in mind. “You’ve got such great taste in clothing, and the outfits you and Mom have worn lately get me rock-hard just looking at you. Why don’t you take Carole into town and get her something smoking hot!”

“Oooohh!” She squealed. “A girl loves to shop! Challenge accepted, come on Carole!” Bec tried to take Carole’s hand and go and get ready to hit the shops, but she came to me instead and knelt before me. Again Carole folded her hands behind her back in a submissive pose, and locked her gaze on my cum-covered cock. Her gaze never moved as she opened her mouth wide and bent forward. Without touching me with her lips she engulfed my tool until it brushed the entrance to her throat, and at that point she locked her lips around the base of my shaft. Ever so slowly she slid her mouth upward, carefully cleaning every inch of my cock with her lips and her tongue, what an amazing sensation! When she reached my cock-head she released her oral grip gently, and gently kissed the tip of my shaft.

Now I’m a great fan of oral sex, both giving and receiving, and Mom and Bec certainly weren’t lacking in cock-sucking skills but what Carole had just done blew me away! Her totally submissive pose, and the way she took my cock deep in her mouth without touching me until I nudged her throat had me stiffening up…..again!!!! There was deep well of pure untapped lust buried somewhere inside her, and this explosive experience made me determined to find it, and explore it! I kissed her and held her face in my hands. “Thank you!” I said simply. “That was amazing! Now run along and have some fun with Bec and we’ll hook up later.”

“That’s something I can really look forward to!” She whispered before she and Bec headed upstairs.

I looked at Mom and Phil who were waiting expectantly. “I think it’s a great morning to go for a drive. Why don’t we all get dressed and we’ll cruise out to the lake.” They exchanged curious glances, wondering what I had in mind but the truth was I hadn’t planned anything, it was a great day and I just wanted to get out of house for a while and enjoy some sunshine and pleasant company.

We threw on some clothes, jumped in the car and were on our way with Mom beside me and Phil in the back. The lake was about twenty miles out of town, and popular spot for swimming, wake boarding and bush walking. It was also one of my favorite places, and a great place to just relax, unwind, and generally get your head together. We talked about this and that, and enjoyed the sun and spring breeze that wafted through the open windows. Mom was wearing a bright yellow sundress with a plunging neckline that provided a tantalizing glimpse of her firm, braless breasts. She saw me stealing a glance and slid closer, resting her hand on my thigh and giving me a broad smile. “If you want to see my tits all you have to do is tell me to show you. After all, they are yours whenever you want them!” She smiled as she eased the straps from her shoulders and slid her dress down to her waist. “I’ve got to ask you about Carole honey. I just can’t believe she’s the same woman you blackmailed into fucking you and Phil a week ago. It’s such an amazing transformation!”

Phil and I expressed our agreement; after all it was hard to argue! “I’m kinda blown away as well.” I replied. “When Bec told me she was at the door I thought she might want to check my computer to make sure I’d deleted Justin’s porno, and then I realized she would know I could have copied it, so I had no idea. One thing for sure, I wasn’t expecting her to beg for more fucking!”

Phil joined in. “Man, when you rang me and told me Carole was at your place and looking really hot I honestly thought you were pulling my leg, big time! It wasn’t until I got there that I knew for sure you were serious, and even then I couldn’t really believe it! Fucking amazing!!!”

I replied to Phil but was looking straight at Mom. “Yeah. But she had some help from a sneaky little cunt, didn’t she Mom?”

Mom blushed with embarrassment and Phil pushed for more info. “What did you do Tanya?”

She half turned to face him. “Well……after you guys fucked her last weekend she rang me and asked if we could meet for coffee. I thought she probably wanted to lecture me about being a bad mother, and how could I allow my son to behave like that, so I told her if that was her intention she shouldn’t waste her breath and my time. She assured me it was nothing like that so I agreed to meet her. When we did she was really nervous, but when she finally started talking she told me she was experiencing some totally conflicting emotions and she desperately needed to talk to someone!”

Thinking back, Phil hadn’t arrived at our place when I had realized Carole had received some inside help, and I had convinced Mom to confess about her meeting and her “helpful suggestions.” He hadn’t seen me whip Mom’s tits as punishment either, so this was all news to him. “So if Carole wasn’t going to give you a piece of her mind after we fucked her, what did she want?” He asked, eager to hear more. “She was really pissed when she and Justin left, which was kind of understandable!”

Mom continued. “Carole told me that she was incredibly angry after you fucked her, and she was furious with Justin because his behavior had started everything. She actually thought about going to the police and reporting you for blackmailing her, but she realized you’d probably post the movie and her family would never live it down. But…..she was also struggling to come to terms with the fact that, despite the way it all unfolded, a part of her had enjoyed being used like a cheap whore. When she arrived home she was even more confused so she decided to get some sleep and see how she felt the next day.”

“Fuck!” Phil groaned. “We would have been in so much trouble if she’d gone to the police!”

I agreed I’d probably pushed the envelope to the limit, and made a mental note to be more careful in future as Mom told us more. “Carole told me she woke up the next morning and her pussy was on fire, she was literally climbing the walls! She spent most of the morning sticking her fingers, a hairbrush and even a big cucumber into her cunt, and she came several times but she still wasn’t satisfied; the feelings just wouldn’t go away. She tried imagining Coach Bradley fucking her and that nearly made her sick, but please don’t ever tell her I told you that! And then she thought about how she felt when you two fucked her, and even when you tricked her into thinking you were fucking her but it was really her son Justin, and she had a huge cum. She thinks she even passed out for a few seconds!”

If Mom had told me all this last week I doubt I would have believed her, in fact I probably would have felt like throwing up myself! But Carole’s transformation, and the way she eagerly accepted everything I had done to her since she arrived back on my door put the situation in a very different light.

“I honestly felt sorry for her!” Mom went on. “After I kicked my husband out for fucking our neighbor I was so horny all the time. He wasn’t that imaginative when it came to sex but I thought our sex life was ok, and I wouldn’t feel safe trying to pick up men so I went without for a long time. Sure, I masturbated when I got the urge to, but it’s just not the same as having a hard cock fucking you.” She looked at me and gave my cock a gentle squeeze through my shorts and I almost veered off the road in surprise! “It took forever to build up the courage to tell you I wanted to be your cum-bucket, and I was soooo scared you’d think I was some kind of sick sex-freak! I was so relieved when you said yes, and I can’t believe how good I feel when you fuck me and you too Phil, you guys are such studs! I knew what Carole was feeling and I just had to help her, so when she asked me if there was anything she could do to convince you to fuck her again I gave her some pointers, but I made sure she knew it was your decision!”

I glanced at Mom and laughed out loud. “Gave her some pointers?” I exclaimed. “I think you handed over the whole fucking play-book!!!”

“Exactly what did you tell her Tanya?” Phil enquired.

“Well……I might have told her to shave her cunt, buy some sexy clothes, and do something with her hair for a start.” She replied. “And…..I might have also told her that Rick was the boss and what he says goes without exception. I think I also mentioned that she needed to brush up her sex-language skills and loosen up a bit, and that Rick really enjoyed that Bec and I had our pussies pierced.”

“Sweet Jesus Rick!” Phil whistled to me. “So she had that done just to convince you to fuck her? That would have been something to see! Imagine Bitch Bradley laying back with her cunt on display while someone stuck a couple of rings through her pussy lips. I wonder how she plans explaining that to Coach Bradley?”

Now that was an interesting question, and one I hadn’t considered. That was going to take some explaining, or did Carole simply not care? I was going to have to ask her about that little detail!

Mom was ready to conclude her confession. “I know I should have checked with you first honey, and I should have realized you were smart enough to know Carole had been tipped off. And I deserved my punishment, though you could have whipped me a little harder!” She said to me with an evil little smile. “But I knew exactly what she was feeling, and it’s a real head-fuck when you are so horny you just want to scream! I’ve been so happy since you agreed to my proposal and……….it’s just so……….. totally liberating to give your body to someone you love and trust implicitly. It’s really hard to put into words, but I just feel so free and uninhibited because I’ve given you complete control, so I don’t have to worry about what you think of me because you are in charge, and all I have to do is whatever you want from me. Does that make any sense?”

Phil and I both nodded in agreement. I’d never really thought that much about this aspect, as I was too busy taking my pleasure and enjoying a sex-life most people would never experience. Listening to Mom express her deepest feelings gave me an understanding of why she had asked me to take control, and how much she was enjoying our journey. I was a horny teenage male so I was more than happy, but now I truly understood that she was just as satisfied.

“More than anything, Bec is the person I’m really happy for.” Mom added, which struck me as a strange statement before she elaborated. “You see, she isn’t carrying any hang-ups or pre-conceived ideas from previous relationships. I was shattered when she came home early and caught us fucking, but now I’m sure it’s the best thing that could have happened. Carole and I have to get over inhibitions that we’ve had for some time; but Bec doesn’t have any baggage to get rid of, so she is free to enjoy whatever she wants. I guess one day she’ll meet and guy and develop a serious relationship, and it could be she won’t want to have fun with us when that happens, but I know she’ll make sure he’s dynamite in bed, and if not….she’ll teach him!”

That comment had us all laughing heartily, as we could all picture Bec telling a boyfriend exactly how she expected to be fucked! We passed the entry sign to the lake and I suggested Mom should put her tits away, unless she wanted to explain her bare breasts to the local ranger! I parked under a shade tree and we walked along the shore for a while. It was a perfect day, and we could see speed boats powering across the lake and families enjoying picnics with kids splashing in the clean water. We continued along the walking trail until we’d probably gone a mile or so, and came across a secluded cove. Mom took her sandals off and ran into the shallow water, and then peeled her dress up over her head, threw it on the sand, and dove into the lake. She surfaced and flicked her hair back, enjoying the sun on her naked body. “Are you men going to join me, or are you wimps that don’t want to get wet!” She challenged.

We hadn’t planned on going swimming, which was pretty dumb with the benefit of hindsight, so we peeled off our shirts and shorts and ran naked into the cool water. Mom saw us coming and started to swim out, but Phil and I caught up with her in no time. I pulled her under and then held her tight as we surfaced in a tight embrace. We kissed and she put her arms around my neck. “You know, all that sex talk had my cunt so hot, I just had to go for a swim to cool if down!” She whispered in my ear. “Your little sIut missed out on the fun this morning, and she would just love it if her man could find a secluded spot and give her a thorough fucking. Would that be ok Sir?”

“That would be more than ok!” I smiled in reply.

We swam for a while longer and then made our way back to shore, and lay on the sand for a while as the sun’s rays dried us off. We tossed up about getting dressed, but decided not to bother so we carried our clothes and headed further along the trail. Mom and I were holding hands and we hadn’t gone far when she spotted a grove of trees shading a grass patch just off the path, and pulled me in that direction. She got down on her hands and knees and looked at Phil and I. “I need to fucked, and I need it hard, and deep, and I need it right now……please!”

You’d have to dead to ignore an invitation like that, and I was sure we were still breathing so we went to her. Phil stood before and smiled down at her. “Are you hungry Tanya?” He asked as he took hold of stiff cock and started jacking it with long, slow strokes.

“I’m always hungry for cock!” She responded. “In fact it’s my favorite meat in the world! So are you just going to tease me with that, or do you plan on feeding me some?” He didn’t reply, but slid his cock past her waiting lips until his balls were nuzzling against her chin. I watched her cheeks suck inward as she went to work, and Phil’s eyes closed as he enjoyed the feel of her wet willing mouth.

As much as I wanted to watch them at play, my cock had other ideas and was oozing precum from the tip. I knelt behind her and eased her butt cheeks apart before planting a long sloppy kiss on her rosebud. She moaned which only intensified Phil’s enjoyment, and I massaged her sphincter with my tongue until I pushed against her and slipped inside. Her scent and taste were genuine aphrodisiacs, and I enjoyed probing her as far as my tongue could reach. Again she moaned which brought an identical response from Phil, and I felt her body start rocking back against me, sure that Phil was now thrusting deeper and harder into her throat. Her muscle clenched open and closed as relaxed for me, and I knelt behind her, aimed my shaft at her slippery hole and pushed in deep in one long, fluid movement. When my cock was snugly in place I paused, enjoying the feeling of my balls mashed hard against her now-oozing cunt. Ever so slowly I started sliding in and out of her hot shitter, feeling her sphincter grip my shaft as though fearful I would pull out completely.

I was just starting to build up to steady rhythm when I heard the sound of someone running along the path. Fuck it! Great timing to be busted by a fucking jogger! There was no time to stop and hide or try to throw our clothes on, so I just kept going, hoping we were far enough off the path to avoid being seen. I looked in the direction of the steady footfalls and a woman came into sight, jogging along at a steady pace. She looked somewhere in her mid twenties and was an obvious fitness fanatic, as there wasn’t an ounce of fat evident anywhere on her body. She was dressed simply in a tank top and lycra shorts, long red hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, no makeup and plenty of perspiration.

Despite not being dressed to impress, she was strikingly attractive. I was almost breathing again when I thought she’d missed us, but she must have caught movement from the corner of her eye and she took a glance and pulled up. I wasn’t sure if Phil and Mom knew she was there as they were caught up in our fuck-lust, but I kept rocking steadily into Mom’s ass and looked our visitor in the eye. I was praying she wouldn’t scream so I didn’t say anything or make any kind of threatening gesture. She had a kind of “rabbit in the gunsight” look on her face as she took in what was happening, quickly glancing left and right to see if help was close by. I wasn’t sure how this was going to pan out but I wanted to avoid getting arrested, so I told Phil and Mom not to stop but that we had company. They both went stiff for a second until they felt me continuing to slowly fuck Mom’s ass.

“Look, we don’t want any trouble and we’re no threat to you, so you can relax.” I assured her.

She seemed to accept my assurance. “The only reason I didn’t scream the park down is that your lady friend doesn’t look like she’s being raped, but you guys are pretty bold out in the open like this!”

“Sometimes hormones get the better of you.” I replied simply.

She actually gave me a smile. “At your age I’m sure that happens a lot!”

I smiled back. “I’d find it hard to argue with that. So…….would you like to keep going with your run, or should we get dressed before you find a ranger or a cop?”

“Well…..I guess I could get back to my run, or…….I could just stay and watch you. I mean… must have crossed your mind that someone could have come along at an inappropriate moment, and I doubt if you and your friend there would enjoy the drive home if you don’t do something with those first!” She replied, nodding at our rock-hard cocks.

Well, I’d never fucked for an audience before but she was right, Phil and I had serious hard-ons and Mom’s cunt was oozing plenty of fuck-juice, so it would be an unpleasant and potentially painful drive home if we stopped now. I started thrusting back into Mom’s shitter, hard enough to push her forward onto Phil’s cock. Phil got the message and resumed pumping his shaft back into Mom’s throat and soon we had a steady rhythm going. Our voyeur stood back for a while, but once she was satisfied we weren’t going to rape her she started edging closer. She moved within a few feet of Phil and watched carefully as he slid deep into her mouth. Mom told me later that she was incredibly turned on knowing a stranger was watching us fuck, so she dribbled long ropes of Phil’s pre cum down from her chin, and really sucked him hard so the woman would see her cheeks sucking in.

A couple of times I swear she almost touched her cunt, catching herself at the last moment and casually rubbing her thighs just below her shorts. “Strange time for introductions I know, but I’m Rick, the guy at the other end is Phil, and in between is Tanya.” I said, trying to break the ice.

“I’m Roxy. Nice to meet you I guess, though the circumstances are a little weird.” She replied absentmindedly, her attention clearly elsewhere. Having seen enough at Phil’s end she moved quietly alongside me, and gasped when she realized my cock was thrusting into Mom’s ass, not her cunt. “Oh my God!” She whispered. “I’ve only ever read about anal sex, and you’re doing it out in the open! Aren’t you hurting her?”

I just stopped calling Tanya “Mom”, which may have been too much for Roxy, talk about a close call! “Tanya, Roxy thinks we might be hurting you. Are you ok?” She nodded her head vigorously, as least as far as she could without losing her grip of Phil’s cock. “Does it feel good Tanya? Are you going to cum from me fucking your ass?” Again she nodded vigorously, this time moaning around Phil’s shaft. “Ok Roxy?”

“Umm, I guess so!” She replied sounding half out of breath herself, once again just catching herself as her fingers wandered downward.

“’I’m getting close Tanya!” I warned Mom. “I want you to cum with me!”

“So am I buddy!” Phil joined in. “And if she doesn’t I will!”

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and looked over to Roxy, who had finally succumbed and had her hand down her shorts, massaging her pussy as she watched breathlessly. “Take my load Tanya! I’m gonna fill your shitter with fuck-juice!” I shouted as my cock spasmed deep in Mom’s clenching ass. Considering I had already cum a couple of times I still had a plentiful load, and I savored the feelings pulsing from my cock as I continued to slide in and out of Mom’s slick ass. Phil threw his head back and groaned at the sky as he emptied his balls down Mom’s throat. Mom came at the same time, and I can’t remember her gushing like that ever before. I was covered in her juices from the waist down and rivers of hot, frothy cream were running down my legs!

Knowing she was being watched, she made no attempt to swallow but allowed his thick cum to fill her throat and mouth until it was oozing down her chin. When she was sure Phil had finished she opened her mouth wide to show us his creamy load, before scooping some from her mouth and smearing it all over her face.

Mom was still trembling as she came back to earth. “Oh my fucking God! Nothing feels as hot as cum on my skin!!!” She hissed.

In the meantime Roxy was squealing and gasping as her fingers brought her own release to the surface. “Uhhh……Uhhh…….UUUHHHHHH!!!!” She shuddered as she came, leaning breathlessly back against a convenient railing.

Phil and I smiled and winked at each other, sure there was little chance Roxy would scream for the cops now! Mom crawled over to her on her hands and knees, and kissed her pussy through her shorts, which displayed a growing wet patch from her recent efforts. She made no attempt to resist Mom’s slutty advances, so Mom eased her shorts to her knees and started gently cleaning her with her mouth. Roxy kept her eyes shut tight, but put her hands on Mom’s head, encouraging her to continue. With free access to her sopping cunt, Mom licked her pussy lips clean and thrust her tongue deep into Roxy’s slick hole, savoring her sweet tasting cum.

I knew Roxy was in for a treat as Mom was a fantastic cunt-sucker, and all too soon she started squealing again as she enjoyed her second cum of the day. Mom’s face was glistening with juices in the sun. “I think I’ll need another swim before we get back to the car!” She laughed.

“I think we all might need to cool down after that Tanya!” Phil told her. “That was awesome! You are such a hot little cock-sucker!”

Roxy was trying to put herself back together, and an awkward silence followed as we all wondered what the hell to say or do next! Thankfully she spoke up. “Well…….I wasn’t expecting anything like this when I decided to go for a run this morning. I guess I should say thanks, especially to you Tanya, that was the first time a woman has performed oral sex on me, and it was fantastic!”

“So, would you like to head back with us?” I asked her, not really sure if this was going anywhere, but I couldn’t just leave it as a fuck-and-run could I? “We could grab a coffee at the café if you want to.”

She considered my offer for a second, and then gave me a smile but shook her head. “I think I’ve had enough excitement for one day, but who knows, I might see you around!” With that she gave us a wave and jogged off down the path.

We got dressed and headed back ourselves, but at a far more leisurely pace, stopping off at our little cove for a cleansing skinny-dip. When we got back to the car park we stopped in at café for coffee.

Mom was still coming to terms with being busted in an extremely compromising position! “That was just amazing!” She whispered as the waitress who brought our coffees moved away from our table. “When you told us we were being watched I nearly died, I thought I was going to be raped by some weirdo! But when you kept going I figured it must be ok, and it was such a mind-fuck knowing I was being watched with a stud fucking my face and another deep in my ass! How hot was that!!!”

Phil agreed. “That blew me away for sure! I mean, it was awesome fucking in the open with the sun and the breeze, but having Roxy watching us was……..just fantastic. It didn’t hurt that she was pretty hot either!”

Phil was absolutely right, but I smiled at the way he expressed his feelings. “So you’re telling me if she weighed 200 pounds and had a moustache it wouldn’t have been such a turn on?”

“Complete turn-off man, I would have had an instant soft-on!!!” That comment had me laughing out loud. Phil with a soft-on? There was more chance of a downpour in the desert!

We decided to head for home and strolled back to the car. I had just started the engine and was about to shift into reverse when there was a tap on my window. I looked across and was surprised to see Roxy standing beside the car. I lowered the window and gave her a smile. “Hey Roxy, I didn’t expect to see you again!”

She seemed extremely nervous, and was clutching something in her hand. “Ummm……you guys really surprised me back there, but… was really, really hot! If……if I gave you my number would you call me? Maybe you’d let me…….watch you again?”

Now that was an interesting offer and I was tempted for sure, but it was hard to keep up with Mom, Bec and Carole as it was, so I needed a little more time to think it through. “Roxy I’m honestly not sure. I could say yes and never call you, but that wouldn’t be fair. So if you want to give me your number I’ll think about it, but no promises ok?”

A look of disappointment flashed across her face for a second, and then she smiled. “I was hoping you’d say yes, but honesty is something I really respect.” She said as she handed me a slip of paper. “Here’s my number anyway, and I really hope you’ll call me. Bye!!!”

She walked away and we headed for home, and I was keen to find out how Bec and Carole’s shopping trip had gone. Mom may have been reading my mind, as she turned to me. “Baby, that was really honest and I’m so proud of you for being truthful. I’d like to ask a favor if that’s ok?”

“Sure Mom. What’s on your mind?”

She slipped her dress from her shoulders, once again putting her firm breasts on open display. Then she slid her dress up, gave her finger a sensuous lick with tongue, and started stroking her pussy lips. “I have a really hot idea for desert tonight, but I’ll need Bec and Carole to help me. Would it be ok if we had about half an hour after dinner to prepare a special treat for you?”

I slid my hand over and tweaked her nipple hard, and was rewarded with a sharp gasp. “Am I going to enjoy this little surprise?” I asked, squeezing her nipple again.

“Oh….Oh…..I think so!” She hissed.

“You only think so?” I pushed. “If that’s the case I don’t think I’m that interested!”

Her finger was getting busy down below and I could feel her nipple hardening like a miniature cock. “No…..I’m sure you will enjoy it!” She shrieked, keen to get my approval but being distracted by what was happening elsewhere!

“Slip two fingers into that cunt bitch, and frig yourself hard!” I instructed. “Are we going to have some kinky, filthy fucking tonight? I mean, Phil has to go home tomorrow so I need to make sure we don’t send him home with a hard-on!”

Her fingers were almost a blur as slammed into her cunt and rubbed her clit. She gave me one of her evil smiles through slitted eyes. “If it goes to plan there is no way either of you will go to bed with a hard-on, in fact us girls may get tomorrow morning off to let you studs recover! Uhhh……Uhhhhh….... ……AARRGGHHH!” She shrieked as she came, spattering all over her fingers, the seat and the floor.

I had no idea what she was planning, but if it made her this hot I knew I’d enjoy it!

“Ok Mom, whatever your slutty imagination has come up with….BRING IT ON!”

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