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Author's notes: I had quite a few requests for part three of the Alyssa series. I originally hadn't planned this, as everything in this final part would be purely made up, and/or fantasy. I was mulling over how exactly I wanted to play this out, and I believe I figured it out. I apologize in advance for any errors, as it's about 5am with no sleep on my end. As always. criticism is accepted, but please be respectful. If you're going to give my story a negative rating, PLEASE tell me what I can do to make it better, as I'd like to try writing a story (and/or series) that is completely made up. I apologize if the sex scenes aren't exactly of quality. I'm not familiar in those fields. >_>



The early morning sunlight was the only thing that awoken Blake. His wrists hurt, there was dried blood on himself and his sheets. Damnit, still alive. For Blake, this only meant one thing; another day of thinking about his heart break. He couldn't believe how calm and collected Alyssa was about rejecting him. She had to of been either some cold hearted bitch who just used guys for sex, or genuinely didn't care for Blake. It was something he'd have to think over later as he forced himself to get up. If he recalled correctly, it was Monday, a school day. Fucking perfect. He hissed silently, and did his usual morning routine before taking his time getting dressed.

His siblings had been awake already, most likely getting ready for work. They said their hi's and bye's before heading off, leaving Blake in the kitchen alone with just a few pieces of bacon. "Fuckers, can't even leave me enough food" Grabbing the few pieces, Blake charged out the door, heading for the bus which was getting closer. The bus ride was, for once, not bad at all. Barely anyone bothered him, and he sat alone in the back. The back of the bus was, as the jocks and other bastards put it, the "nerd" area. To Blake, it was just one bumpy ass ride. Not even a cat could sleep with all the damn bumps.

Once at school, Blake made a mad dash toward his first period class, hoping to avoid any asshole who wanted to cause problems, as well as avoiding Alyssa.

"Blake!" A feminine voice called, approaching him.

DAMNIT! Blake thought, and turned to look at the voice. As figured, it was Alyssa, who was dressed in a tight tank top, and a mini skirt which seemed shorter than school regulations. Whores really love skirts, don't they?. "Oh, hi Alyssa. What's up?"

Alyssa had wondered why Blake suddenly left last night, and why he seemed to be acting different, but figured to ask later when they had more time. "Nothing, getting ready for class. You got any plans tonight?"

"No, why?" He asked stupidly, knowing she'd want to spend time with him.

"Maybe you could come over later? My parents are gone for the week, and I figured we could hang out."

Blake almost said no, but paused, thinking. She'd been teasing him and breaking his heart for quite some time, maybe this was a blessing in disguise for Blake. "Sure, see you later." The rest of the day seemed to fly by for Blake, who was in la la land, thinking about his plans for tonight. Blake had never been one to harm others, especially females, but Alyssa was a cock tease, and a cold hearted bitch. If anything, he could merely scare her, then drop it and leave.

Helping to put his plan in motion, Blake dressed in a gentlemanly way, trying to keep Alyssa relaxed and calm. As he approached her house, he couldn't help but break out in a sweat, his nerves high as hell. This wasn't something he'd ever done, let alone actually think about. Ringing the door bell, he gulped softly. And so it begins...

Alyssa opened the door and smiled softly. "Someone's dressed for a night out of town." She smiled, and invited him in. "Want something to drink?"

Blake eyed her, not surprised she was still dressed as she was at school. "No, I'm good. What would you like to do?"

"Ohhh, I have something I want to show you, follow me!" She squealed with delight.

Blake raised an eye, a smirk forming. This was exactly what he needed. Glancing to the door quickly, he made sure it was locked, and followed Alyssa to her room. "Nice." he commented.

"Thanks. Now where was it.." She started ruffling around on her bed, which was a mess.

Blake's mouth watered as he looked at the sight in front of him. Alyssa was slightly bending over her bed, causing her skirt to ride up, and exposing some of her pink panties. Blake licked his lips, and closed her door slowly, and approached her. Parts of him were screaming to back off, this wasn't a good idea, but other parts said 'fuck it, she deserves it'.

Within seconds, Blake pushed her onto the bed, and sat on her ass, holding her down.

"BLAKE! Get off of me, what are you doing?" Alyssa tried yelling, but her face was pressed against the bed.

"You fucking heart breaker. I did everything I could for you." Blake took both her arms, and moved them behind her back as if she had handcuffs on, and held her by the wrists with one hand, while his other hand lifted her skirt, pulling her panties off. "My my, certainly looks amazing back here." From this position, it was difficult for Blake to move, as if he let up even a little bit, she most likely could've broken free.

"Let me go you fucker, or I swear you'll regret it." Alyssa squirmed against him, scared and angry. The air that hit her pussy made her gasp softly.

Blake just smiled, and unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down, along with his boxers. His 7 inch cock was fully erect as he thought about what he'd do to her. Blake rubbed the head of his cock against her ass slowly, and held her down harder.

"No, please. I'm a virgin, please.." She sobbed, knowing what was coming.

Virgin? This intrigued Blake, and he knew he'd have to check on her claims later. For right now, her ass was his target. Originally, he planned to be gentle with her, but threw that out the window the second he realized how lovely she looked naked from the waist down. "I'm going to release your arms now. If you attempt to fight me, it will be the last thing you ever do." He threatened, and meant every word.

Alyssa nodded, sobbing still She knew even if she managed to throw him off of her, he'd still have the advantage. All she could do now was wait for this to be over.

Blake lifted off her shirt, and tosses it aside, chuckling at the lack of a bra. His hands reached in front of her, grasping her breasts in his hands. With one quick motion, his cock penetrated deep into her ass, causing Alyssa to moan out in pain and pleasure.

"OH FUCK!" Alyssa yelled. She couldn't tell, but it felt like his entire cock had penetrated her. Her ass was hurting, yet she also felt pleasure. She blushed as her pussy became wet, and she had the urge to rub herself. I can't..if he sees I'm turned on, he'll use it against me...

Blake's thrusts become rougher, his balls slapping against her. Her ass was so tight, it felt amazing!

"Oh..ugh.." Alyssa moaned and grunted, unsure how much more she could take. Her ass literally felt like it was on fire.

Blake attempted to thrust harder, both wanting her to feel pain, and wanting to help himself feel even more pleasure. His hands tweaked and rubbed her nipples as his lips met her back.

"Ohhhh Blaaaaaakkkeeeee" Alyssa moaned without thinking as she orgasmed, the first time a male had ever made her do such a thing. Her orgasm lasted several seconds, possibly a minute before she regained herself, panting.

Feeling Alyssa cum drove Blake over the edge, and with one final thrust, he came into her once virgin ass, and held himself there. "See, slut? I'm not that bad."

Alyssa gritted her teeth at his comment. "Can I go now, you fucking creep?"

Blake pulled out of her ass slowly, a loud 'pop' being heard once the head was out. "No, I have more in store for you." He turned her onto her back, and got on top of her, grinning evily.

Alyssa's eyes went wide in shock as she realized he wanted more, and she began thrashing, slapping and hitting Blake. She could handle a cock in her ass, but she wasn't about to let him take her cherry.

A couple of her hits landed on Blake, only enraging him more. He wrapped his hands around her throat, choking her. "I told you not to fight." He hissed, and rammed his cock into her pussy, shredding her hymen.

Alyssa struggled under him, not able to breath. A loud, but gargled moan escaped her mouth at the intrusion of his cock. She cried loudly, not believing what just happened.

Blake glared at her as he thrusted faster. "The fuck you crying for, bitch? You've been teasing me for years. Yyou deserve this, and you enjoy it. At least, your body does, anyway." He laughed, moaning as her pussy squeezed his cock, trying to keep him inside of her.

Alyssa moaned over and over again, ashamed that she was enjoying her rape. she had always hoped her first time would be special, not like this.

Blake's thrusting only got harder as he tried to force all of his cock into her. Her pussy was so tight that it was driving him over the edge. "Mm, baby, at this rate I'll be cumming soon again."

Alyssa's eyes shot wide, and she sobbed harder. Up until now, that wasn't even a thought in her mind. "No, please..I can't become pregnant, please..." Alyssa attempted to kick him away, thrashing.

Blake only got more angry at this. He pinned her down completely, thrusting himself as deep as possible, moving his cock so he'd be rubbing her g spot.

Feeling this new sensation, Alyssa's moans got louder, her body starting to shake as she moaned loudly, having another orgasm.

Almost simultaneously, Blake moaned loudly, and came in her, before finally collapsing onto her. "Mmm, you're much better than I thought." He said with a wicked grin.

"Get the fuck off of me." She spat in his face, then slapped him, part of her nails tearing into his flesh.

Blake cried out from the pain, and felt his face, and noticed the blood. Within seconds, a new found rage entered him, one that scared Alyssa so badly she regretted her move. Blake's hands found her throat again, and he choked her viscously.

Alyssa tried to break free, his choking increasing. She couldn't breath, she got light headed, and tried thrashing more. I can't die like this...please...

Blake was lost in rage. He had never intended to kill her, but all the years of heartache at her hands, he wanted revenge. He pushed down harder on her throat, and crushed her voice box, choking her for several more minutes before he could see she was dead.

Alyssa's final moments were simple, she wanted her mommy, and she wanted this nightmare to end. She got her wish, but not in the way she'd hoped.

Blake, still on his rampage, wasn't finished. As he stared at her body, he became hard again, and moved his cock toward her face. He opened her mouth, then slid his cock in, and face fucked her. Knowing there'd be no resistance, he deep throated her, moaning loudly as her throat muscles tried to swallow his cock, but they only gave him more pleasure. His balls slapped against her chin repeatedly, and with a roar of pleasure, he came down her throat.

Satisfied, he pulled away, and got dressed. He started to leave, but stopped, looking back at her body He couldn't just leave her here, they'd find her, and collect semen samples, which would be trouble for Blake. Guess I'm doing some digging.. The hardware store wasn't far, which made it easier for Blake to run there, get a shovel, and hurry back. Blake went to the back yard of the house, and was surprised, yet pleased. The backyard was pretty big, which meant a lot of places to hide the body.

Blake started digging, and continued doing so until the hole was big enough to conceal her. Blake, making sure no one was watching, went into the house and got her body. He kissed her lips softly before tossing it like a rag doll in the hole. Blake tossed the dirt back in the hole until it looked good as new, and did his best to make sure no one could tell the ground had been disturbed.

Walking away, Blake sighed softly. You should have just accepted me...

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