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From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 2.

Paul and I slept in the same bed in our new home. We had the same kind of sex every night before going to sleep the first three weeks. Then I realized I had missed my period. Not long after that I began having morning sickness. I would get up and not feel like breakfast. Usually I was hungry in the mornings. I didn't have a mother to talk to about being pregnaunt and I was afraid to talk to Paul's mother worried she would think I was being too emotional. Paul did have his three sisters Sara, Tina and Maggie but I didn't want to approch them either. I don't think they would have been much help either since none had children of their own yet. I don't know but I got the idea they seemed timid when it came to talking even talking about sex. I wondered if they were fridget and their poor husbands Greg, George and Tony yes another Tony were suffering from lack of sex. All three from the times all of us got to gether seemed very dominant and knew their minds.

It was funny Paul took more after his mother and sisters being more withdrawn with very little interest in sex. As Paul's brothers Jason, Ted, Mark and Tony were aggressive like their dad. I guess those things just happen in families. Even though we didn't see Paul's brother very often I always cought them louring at me and it made me uneasy but yet turned on at the same time. I was surprised Paul didn't even notice his brothers odvious roaming eyes on me. They often said to Paul. Your one lucky man Paul to have such a sexy woman that keeps herself in shape.

That would have been enough for any woman being secretly admired by her husband's brothers but what was even worse his sister's husbands. As I discribed all were great looking studs. Greg, George and Jeff made the same kind of comments about me and even went as far as to say. I wish our wives your sisters looked half as good as your wife Paul.

I went to my doctors for my examination and indeed I was pregnaunt. That first time must have been the day I got pregnaunt. In away I wish I hadn't given Paul the news of my pregnauncy because he stopped having sex with me completely saying he did't want to harm the baby growing inside of me. We seldom even hugged or even kissed from then on. He began spending more and more time at the construction site as well as gym and less and less time with me. I was feeling so lonely day after day. I hoped when I finaly gave birth he would want to spend time with me and the baby.

My mother and father and law didn't visit very often as well as Paul's brothers and sisters. Although when I did see Paul's brothes Jason, Ted, Mark and Tony they leared at me especialy when Paul wasn't watching. Like I said before it was sort of a turn on. Also his sisters husbands, Greg, George and Tony also learned at me. Other than that it seemed everyone had lives except me and Paul wanted me to be a stay at home mother. Our baby girl was born a couple of days early but was healthy and adorable. Especially to Paul who adored her and thught the perfect name for our perky daughter would be Sandra. Named after Sandra Dee.

What little sex life Paul and I had before Sandra went down the drain and I was often left unsatisied and loney. Paul's brothers and brothers in law still giving me the eye when Paul wasn't looking didn't help my lack of sex. The only time I got out was to go to the gym and food shopping. The years went by and little Sandra was growing into a sweet adorable teenager. At thirteen Sandra broght home her first crush. He was a nice enough boy. I thought he was on the dominant side. Also he was seventeen almost eighteen. I thought a little too old for Sandra. Paul agreed with me but he didn't want to up set his little princess so said it was okay for Sandra to goout with Vincent. Of coarse Sandra had grown out of the name when she became a teen and everyone called her Sandy.

Sandra and her boyfriend had been going out just under eleven months when she came home one day from school with Vincent of coarse. “Mom Vince and I will be going out one year next month. Can we have an anaversery pary. Please mom. Please dad.” Sandra pleaded.

Of coarse anything to please his darling daugher Paul said yes and every thing would be arranged for the night of festivities.

Sandra had brought her friends over to the house many times over the years she grew up so I knew them all. I don't know if she chose her friends by looks or they just happened to be the best looking boys and girls in the school. For some reason Sandra liked being around the older boys and girls at school and had no friends her age. They were all around sixteen to eighteen years old. The girls were very attractive and the boys athletic, tall, musculine and muscular.

I picked out my simple one piece light blue dress that fell just below my knees and came to my neck with short sleeves. I was proud Paul had worn his dress pants, light blue shirt. At thirty eight he looked like he was in his early thirties. His dress pants fit him well emphasizing his muscular legs and his blue shirt fit like a glove. I saw many a woman take a second look at him and knew they admired his looks. If only they knew what he was like when it came to sex they wouldn't go for him. I thouht. When we did have sex it was the matter of pushing his five inches into me, cumming, taking his five inches then, rolling over and going to sleep. I don't know how many unfillfilled, unsatisfied and restless nights I had spent over the years.

At last the day of the party arrived. Counting Paul and I there was an even twenty of us. I figured that was a good round off number to be at Sandra's first adult party. I expected all the boys and girls to dress cassually being teens but was surprised. The girls wore conservative dresses much like mine and the boys were dressed in dress pants and shirts. All of them emphasizing their great looking masculine bodies in the almost skin tight dress pants and shirts. I was also suprise when all the girls removed their shoes and the boys not only removed their shoes but also their socks. That was strange but I didn't want to make any big deal about it. As long as the party went okay and everything was going well so far. I don't know why but I felt relieved there were the same amount of boys as girls at Sandra's first grown up party.

I put potatoes chips and dip out for everyone to help themselves and Sandra had picked out the music with Vincant. I was surprised Paul actually stayed at the party. It wasn't too often Paul spent much time at home. I had a couple of dances with Paul and even Vincant. I did feel uncomfortable when I thought Vincant danced a close dance with me and pressed his body close to me. I was happy Sandra and her father had decided to have a dance together and didn't notice Vincent's body pressed so close to me. He was so close I could actually feel his penis pressed through his dress pants against me. As soon as the music was over I felt flustered and a bit turned on. I thanked Vincent for the dance and sat down on the couch. Paul came over and joined me sitting beside me reaching over and taking a drink of diet pop.

To my suprise Vincent sat on the other side of me. Sandra was on the other side of the room talking to one of her girlfriends Kathy. Yes like most parties the girls had gone to one end of the room and were talking while the boys at the other end. I guessed the boys were probably talking sports. I was the only one between two hot looking men although Paul didnt' count after all I was married to him.

It happened so fast I didn't have a chance to recover. I leaned forward and picked up my glass of diet cola and just as I set it on my knee holding it in my hand. Vince spread his legs and my hand moved slightly and I lost my grip of the glass of diet cola and it fell into my lap. “Oh I'm sorry Mrs. Johnson.” He said. For some reason Vincent had always called Paul and myself by our last names.

“Don't worry about it Vincent. I'll just go up and clean up.” I answered putting my glass on the table. None of the pop dripped on the floor it was only on my dress. My dress was soaked.

“I'm just going to change my dress Paul. I had accedent with my pop glass. Take care of the party.” I said standing up.

I don't think Paul was really paying attention but said. “Okay Joan.”

I went up stairs to Paul and my bedroom and picked out a new dress to wear. A simple dark blue dress much like the one I was wearing. Then I went to the washroom. I took off my soiled dress and put it in the laundry. Then took off my soiled panties and stockings. I wipped my legs and pussy clean. I forgot to bring a clean pair of panties in with me. I decided I would put my dress on in the washroom and then go to my room and finished dressing putting on my panties. Maybe forget about the stockings. I had deep taned legs and always kept my shaply legs smooth including my shaved pussy. I no sooner had pulled my dress on and it fell past my knees when the bathroom door opened. “Oh I'm sorry Mrs. Johnson. I didn't know you were in here. I thought you would have been in your bedroom.” Vincent said.

“Don't worry Vincent.” I answered. “I am done in here anyway. I'll be going into my room now. The washroom is all yours.”

“You look especially beautiful tonight Mrs. Johnson.” Vincent suddenly said.

I turned and was surprised Vincent was right beside me. I hadn't realized the new dress I had put on was lower cut than the other dress I had worn. I had not done up the zipper on the side and the dress hung part way down my breasts. Thank goodness I had my lacy bra on to comver the majority of my breast. Before I could move away from Vincent he had moved his long muscular arms around my slim waist and to my suprise had unfastened my bra. “Vincent! What do you think your doing. Your girlfriend, my daughter is just down stairs not to mention my husband.” I said trying to keep my voice down. I could feel my nipples harden though from the excitement of a young man taking an interest in me. I was thirty three at the time even though I kept in shap at the gym but I was still thirty three.

“Your daughter is so bossy so imature. Such a daddy's girl. But you Mrs. Johnson are all women. Your daughter is a scattered brain teenagers. I've always from day one had the hots for you.” Vincent said moving his hands forward removeing my bra at the same time as it fell from my small but perky breasts.

I know I should have pushed Vincent away and called for help but the feel the hands of such a hot muscular man with large hands working my nipples was intoxicating. I also think the thought of my daugher and husband just down stairs made me feel hotter. It was like my body was on fire. Never over the years had Paul made my body feel what Vincent was doing just messaging my breasts and nipples. Then he leaned over and took one of my breasts in his hot mouth. I felt my dress pushed from my hips and fell to the floor. Now I was nude not yet having put on my panties. Nude for the first time in front of another man other than my husband Paul.

“Oh Mrs. Johnson your so hot. Fuck your hot.” He whispered in my ear and I could feel his hand moving down my flat stomach and push into my pussy. “Your so fucking tight Mrs. Johnson. You need to be opened up. Feel what's going to open you up.” Vincent said.

It was as if I couldn't controle the movement of my hand as I moved it between Vincent's legs and could feel his stiffness through his thin dress pants. I could tell he hadn't worn any underwear. It felt so big. The only penis I had felt was five slim inches belonging to Paul. I had figured Paul was average size but compared what I could feel through Vincent's pants he was huge in comparison to Paul. Now my hands were out of controle as I wanted to feel what that penise really looked like.

Vincent let go of me long enough to undo the bottoms of his dress shirt and take it off. By then I had undone the top button of his dress pants and had pulled down the zipper. I was amazed as this thick eight inch cock came bouncing out. It was a cock not a penis. It was far too big to be called a penis. Before I could move I felt Vincent's stronge hands on my shoulders pushing me down to my knees. “Take it in your mouth. You know you want to Mrs. Johnson. You know you want it in your mouth.” He said.
The truth was I did want to take it in my mouth. The head of his cock was huge like a mushroom. I opened my mouth and took that mushroom in my mouth. In all the time I had been married to Paul he had never asked me to do this. I had always wondered what it would be like though but didn't want to push the matter with him. Paul seemed only wanting to push into my pussy and cum. He didn't think of my pleasures.

“Becarefill Mrs. Johnson you can do a lot of damage with those teeth of yours. They are fine looking teeth but not scratching my cock.” Vincent said. “Wrap your lips around your teeth.”

I wondered how many time my daughter had done this to Vincent. I began to feel guilty. I shouldn't be doing this to my daughter's boy friend. I looked up with his cock head in my mouth. I guess Vincent knew what I was thinking. “Don't worry Mrs. Johnson your daughter Sandra is still a virgin.” He said and pushed forward sending his cock further into my mouth. It was now at the entrance of my throat. I began to choke.

“Try breathing through your nose Mrs. Johnson.” Vincent whispered as he withdrew his cock from my mouth. I took a deep breath and let it out and then Vincent grabbed a hold of my head in each of his large hands and pushed his large cock into my mouth to the entrance of my throat. He repeated this time after time until to my amazement my throat opened up and his cock entered my throat.

“Oh yes slut. I knew you were a fucking bitch in heat the first time I saw you. Look at you clawing at that pussy of yours. You want me. You want me to fuck you. Fuck your cunt.” Vincent suddenly said in a rough whisper.

I was shocked the way Vincent had changed form his calm cool gentle manner to one of a boy, no man in full controle. He was a man and he knew what he wanted. I felt for the first time in my life really needed. I felt hot. Vincent was right unknow to even myself my hand was messaging my clit and pussy.

Lay down and let me fuck you like you've never been fucked before. I could see right from the start that your husband was useless. You've needed a real man to open you up to make you a slut.” Vincent moaned.

I didn't waist any time and laid down on the bath rug on the floor. I spread my legs as Vincent lay on top of me and rammed his cock into my hot pussy. He didn't kiss or hug me. He squeezed my nipples a moment before putting his hands on each of my hips and pushed hard into me. His cock rubbed against my clit as it entered me and something deep in my pussy that I didn't know was there before. I pushed up to meet every one of Vincent's plunges into me. “Fuck me stud. Oh fuck me hard stud.” I could hear myself moaning over and over again. I could feel myself getting wet as I had with Paul but suddenly something different happened. I felt as my pussy actualy spurting. Shit. I'd never felt myself do that before. “Fuck me, Oh fuck me you stud. Ram that big cock into me more.” I was on fire. I do mean on fire.

“Yes slut take my cock you fucking bitch. I can tell your on fire. Your like a fucking bitch dog in heat. You don't deserved to fucked like a woman.” Vincent said pulling his cock out my hot pussy.

“Don't stop. Oh don't stop Vince. I need your cock in me hard. I need you ram that big cock in me hard.” I heard myself moan.

“Roll over on your stomach and get on your hands and knees bitch. Bitch dogs like you get fuced like bitch dogs in heat.” Vincent said loadly.

I didn't hesitate a minute to obey my new Master and rolled over on my stomach and got on my hands and knees. I pushed my ass back. Moments later Vincent was behind me with his large hands on my hips. Then he drove his big cock into my hot pussy. “Yea take that cock bitch.”

“Fuck me hard Stud.” I moaned feeling my pussy spurt again. I could feel Vincent's cock deep in my pussy where not even Paul's cock had reached. I felt his cock expand inside me and knew he was shooting his cum into me. I wanted his cum in my hot pussy so bad. His cock was still rock hard when he pulled out.

He said into my ear as he leaned over my nude body. “But now is what you really deserve. I'm going to open that fucking ass of yours and truly make you into a true slut.”

“Not there. Oh not there. It'll hurt too much. Your cock is so big Vince.” I moaned.

I couldn't believe what I heard. Nothing but nothing had entered my ass. Only exited it. “To make it easier on you I'll start slow and when I push in you push out. You got it bitch.” Vincent said.

“Okay Vince.” I said feeling my asscheeks being spread open. Then I felt a couple of fingers spreading my pussy open.

“Oh by the way slut when I am with you in private from now on your to call me Master not Vincent or Vince. Got it bitch.” Vincent said into my ear.

“Yes Master. What ever you say Master.” I heard myself moan. I remembered the party going on down stairs and wondered if Vincent and I had been noticed missing at the same time. But I had little time to think as I felt Vincent finger scoop up my pussy juices and push his fingers into my asshole. My asshole hurt but I bit my leps. His finger had gone past my ass muscule into my hot ass hole now. Then he pulled them out.

“Get ready bitch for your first ass fucking.” Vincent said. “Are you ready.”

“Yes Master.” I moaned feeling his large mushroom size cock head pressed against my ass muscule then he shoved really hard and his cock head entered my ass. It felt like my ass was being split in two but remembered about pushing out as he pushed into me. His long thick eight inch cock inched into me slowly. His fingers had entered my pussy and also the other messaged my clit. My pussy was so on fire I didn't feel his cock as much entering my ass. Soon I felt his big balls slap my pussy lips. He pulled out of my ass and back in again. “Take my cock bitch. Take it all. Your a fucking slut now.” Vince said over and over again. I don't know if it was that I was finally getting dominated and screwed hard, or, how Vince treated me, but somewhere inside my ass was on fire.

“Fuck me Master. Fuck my ass hard Master.” I moaned over and over as Vincent rammed his cock hard in and out of my asshole harder and harder.

Could anything get better or scarrier than what was going on in the washroom on the second floor. My trusting husband and daugher downstairs enjoying the party to celebrate the one year anaversery of my daughter and her boyfriend. Meanwhile the boy my daughter adored and loved was up in the washroom with me screwing the ass off me and I was the hottest I'd been my entire life. Also my husband was probably still sitting on the coach clueless what was going on up stairs.

Mean while I was upstairs having been seduced by my daughter's boyfriend. On my part an easy seduction having to admit to myself I had had the hots for Vincent from the very first time Sandra had introduced me to this hot muscular tall hunk of a stud. He had fucked my pussy hard and now was ramming that cock into my ass. It is a wonder no one heard us down stairs because I could hear myself moaning loadly and Vincent was yelling at me to take his big cock and he was my Master and could fuck me anytime and where he chose from then on.

All too soon it seemed Vincent shot a second load of his juicy cum in my ass this time. He pulled out of my ass and stood up. “Now that was a good fuck Mrs. Johnson.” Vincent said with a calm breathless tone. To my suprise he began putting his dress pants on then his shirt. I didn't know what to say or do. I was still on my hands and knees staring at him. “Your not leaving are you Master?” I asked.

“Yes but you stay right there. I know some of the other guys at the party that would love to fuck you. I'll send them up one by one so your husband and their girlfriends don't catch on what your doing up here.” Vincent said.

Before I could say anything else Vince had tucked in his shirt and out of the bathroom. I just layed on the rug not knowing what to expect.


End of Part 2.


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Great story can't wait to read the rest of them..

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Just a single read of your own work would eliminate most of the typos and misspellings. Virtually every word processor has spell-check. The mistakes do detract from the story, making it harder to read. I had to stop to make sure of your meaning. I've written more than 100 stories for this site and spend probably 60% of the time reading and editing. That's a good idea for you too.


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I feel bad for anonymous reader 2012-01-28 09:29:43 I can not understand women turning you down because you have a special needs daughter. You have stuck with your daughter through thick and thin and most likely the reason your daughter is special needs in the first place is because your X was probably taking drugs when she was pregnant with your daughter in the first place. I hope one day you do find a caring woman unlike myself though. Maybe because I didn't get the love from one parent is the way I turned out the way I did. Foster home to foster home no one loved me. But I guess that is still no reason I have become a slut. Anyway that guy who commented about his daughter deserves the best in life and I hope you find her.


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That's some good shit. Fucking hot!

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Good story. I made both of my wife's into total sluts. As well as a couple of other guys wife's. It's not that difficult and I love doing it.

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