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The Escape
What I did next totally caught her off guard. I looked in her large hazel eyes, and kissed her, long and passionately. My tongue moved around her mouth chasing hers, enjoying her sweet taste. After a couple seconds of this I released her, obviously she had never kissed someone before, her gasping and sputtering for air hinting this.
"Alice?" I asked her in a calm voice.
She looked up at me distracted at this sudden change of events.
"Yes?" she said in a terrified voice.
"Do you know what I'm going to do to you?"
"Yeah, you said you were going to rape me, please mister I don-"
I quickly shoved the sock back in her mouth.
"Now Alice I'm going to ask you a question, and I expect an answer, nothing more and nothing less. You got it?"
She nodded her head the tears subsiding a little.
"Now this can feel very good for you or it can hurt like hell for you. Which will it be?"
I took the sock out of her mouth.
"The first one, but are you goi-"
I put the sock back into her mouth a little more roughly this time. Losing all calmness I said
"Now Alice what did I just fucking say?! When I ask you a damn question you answer me nothing more and nothing fucking less!"
She started nodding and crying at the same, damn she looked so adorable crying.
"Now its obvious I have to punish you."
Her eyes went wide at this and started franctically flailing again. I took her and bent her over on my knee, and smacked her ass- hard.
"What was that?" I took the sock out of her mouth.
"I'm sorry! Please!"
"Sorry didn't catch that, again please."
I smacked her ass again with all my might.
"Ahhhhhh! I'm sorry I will be good I promise!"
"You promise?"
"Ahhhhhhhh! Yeessssssssss! Please I'm sorry!"
That last one was pretty hard, I admit. I flipped her over and cut her bonds off her arms and legs. She immediately started to fight me, forgetting about what had just happened before. I smacked her hard on her face leaving a nasty cut on her lip.
"Alright Alice I guess you forgot about what happens when you misbehave."
"Wait no, no, no I'm sorry please I forgot! Noooo!"
I put her in the missionary position, completely ignoring her pleas. I wasn't worried about lube I had enough precum oozing out of my dick already. I grabbed her small hips and thrust forcefully. All nine inches going in, completely breaking her hymen, along with some blood trickling out. I had just taken this girl's virginity. And it felt great.
A giant sigh of relief overtook me, damn she is so tight and wonderful. At the same time I grunted she let out a scream.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Please it hurts so much take it out!"
"You want it out? Alright, fine."
I took all but the tip out and just as quickly as the smile on her face went to contorted with extreme pain I thrust all of it back in. I repeated this same process over and over all the while her small vagina trying to eject my cock, all that did was squeeze on my dick which felt amazing. I feel like cumming, but I can't, I told myself. I'm not done with this little girl. I switched to quick, short thrusts and was rewarded with not screams, but moans.
"Oh God soooo tight! Alice you feel amazing."
"Stop mister please! I won't tell anyone just stop."
I looked at her pleading eyes and I came with one conclusion- I'm going to keep this little girl. She is going to be all mine and I will kill anybody who touches her. I pumped in and out of her touching her cervix everytime. Her small fists weakly punched my broad chest. I grabbed her small, smooth hands and used them as leverage to push in harder and faster. Goddamn this little girl is heaven. An unknown strength overtook me and I found the energy to pump faster and harder into this little girl, surely tearing her insides. She started screaming again, probably in the worst pain she has ever been in. I felt my balls ache, I knew I had held my orgasm in for too long.
"Alice are you ready? I'm about to cum."
She didn't even look at me, her face twisted up in the agony. One last thrust and I ejaculated. I looked up at the ceiling, oh my God that feels sooooo good. I had let go of her arms and just held onto her hips. Load after load of hot, sticky cum shot out of my dick, I had actually shot so much, some of it started to drip out of her vagina. I pulled out of her and immediatley cum flooded out of her pussy. This once beautiful girl now had a nasty cut on her lower lip, blood and jizz dripping out of her now sore and used pussy, and three bruises on her ass. She put her hands on her face and sobbed, just sobbed. I collapsed on top of her not worrying about tying her up, just fucused on getting sleep. I knocked out with the memories of Alice sobbing under me, asking me
"Why mister? Why?" Damn I am definitely going to keep her.
I woke up from my coma, looking at the clock I saw it was 6:00. When didI stop fucking Alice? I don't fucking remember, and speaking of Alice... I looked down expecting to see her sleeping under me but instead I saw the floor. A cold shiver went up my spine, where the fuck is Alice? I half-heartedly looked in the house for her. I knew she wouldn't stay here but had to look on the bright side right? God what the fuck am I saying? I just raped this little girl and I didn't even bother to tie her up! I'm so stupid! I gathered my clothes, quickly put them on and did my best to clean up, trying to erase any evidence of my being here. Alright I have to go get her, but where do I start? Damn my mind was reeling, I couldn't think straight. I don't know how long she has been gone, I hope not for long, my best bet would be by car but I didn't bring one, I have to steal one. With my mind focused on stealing this car I set off. As soon as I stepped out of the house, a large drop of water fell on my head. Great I thought, just great, it's fucking raining. No; more than that, it's fucking pouring! Since it's winter it was still pretty dark out, I ran to the next block found a pickup and easily picked the lock. I hopped in, hotwired the motherfucker and drove away in search of Alice.

I woke up and the first thing I realized was how heavy this guy was. Second was that he was asleep! Now's my chance! Very slowly I freed my arms from under him and noticed how numb they were. Miraculously I slid from under him managing not to even make him rustle. I thought about calling 911 but the loud beeping noise would surely wake him no matter how quiet I try to be. I went upstairs to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. The cut on my lip had become swollen, and the bruises on my butt were turning brown. Not to mention the horrible pain in my lady parts. I quickly went to my room, retrieved some clothes, and didmy best to dress myself (my body being very sore). Mom and dad didn't tell me where they were going and said they would be coming home soon. That was hours ago, so I couldnt't wait for them, my best bet would be going to the police station telling them what happened and then try to contact my parents. Sounds like a good idea to me I thought. I grabbed my hoodie, a pair of sneakers and went catlike down the stairs. I felt afraid of this man, hoping that he wouldn't wake and ever so slightly opened the door. I shut it and walked as fast as I could away from the house and breaking off into a run the minute I stepped off my lawn. I had an idea of where the police station was but I wasn't entirely sure. I don't know how long I ran but I did and eventually I got near my school which I knew was close to the police station. I decided to rest on the curb wishing I had brought something a little warmer because its had just started to rain. I looked up and before I knew it I was hit in the face with something large and hard.

I had been driving for what felt like hours and to make it worse it was still pouring. I drove by what felt like dozens of blocks and finally deciding on checking out the school. I made my way there and decided on parking in the back. I proceeded on walking to the front but stopped when I noticed something in the distance. It looked like something small huddling for warmth. I crouched and slowly made my way to the figure, Oh Alice my dear, you made it far, but not far enough. She didn't hear or see me, which was a good thing. Finally I was a good ten feet away from her when I said
"Alice, baby it's time to go home."
The figure didn't respond so I decided to take the initiative and approach it. I put my hand on her shoulder and almost simaltaneously she jumped up. What answered me was a voice that answered all my questions. "Who the hell are you?" exclaimed the deep manish voice. I saw an earbud fall out of his ear. Dammit! This motherfucker aint Alice!
"Sorry kid had the wrong person."
With that I turned and headed back to the car, with only one thought in my head; Where is Alice?

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