Chapter 3 Terri talks me into letting Paul join us for some fun.
I lay in my bed that night thinking about what Terri had told me. About the most important things in a relationship being the wants, the needs and a special understanding. Well I had the wants and the needs but I did not understand any of it. I rather understood what she meant about the special bond we shared. I just did not realize what we did have at that time.

I mean sure they were times when we knew what the other was thinking and there were times we even finished each others sentences. However, that was simply because we grew up together, as babies one of us was always at the others home.

Then as we got older, we still did everything together. Hell back in those days we even had mumps, chicken pox’s and the flu always at the same time. I was the first boy she kissed, as she was the first girl I kissed. As far as I knew, we were each others first at everything.

Now as to her wants and needs I was willing to give her anything she wanted or needed especially sexually. However, at the same time, I wanted to give her my heart and I wanted her to give me hers. Fuck the bond, the wants and the needs I just wanted her to see that I had fallen madly in love with her. I would do anything just so she would be mine.

Maybe that is why the next day as we sat on the back swing and Terri asked, “How are we going to get Paul to join us in some fun?”

“You sure that is what you want?” I asked her.

“Yes, I am sure,” Terri, replied.

“Then you just leave it up to me,” I said as I smiled at her.

“I knew I could count on you John just like I always have.” Terri replied. Terri then draped her arm around my neck pulling me next to herself on the swing as she asked, “So just what is your plan?”

I told Terri we would call Paul to see if he wanted to join us today for some fishing at the nearby lake. Terri smiled at me as she told me so you are going to lure him to the lake giving a little laugh as she did. I gave her a laugh back as I told her yes and that once at the lake she would become the bait.

I ran inside and I called Paul, “Hey buddy how about some fishing today with Terri and me?” I asked him on the phone.

“Sounds like fun to me, be over in a few,” Paul replied into the phone.

I told him to wear swim trunks as we may go swimming as well before I hung up the phone. I ran back out to Terri where I told her my plan had been set in motion. I also told her I was going to need her help with my plan. Terri asked me what she could do.

“Well for starters how about you go slip into that tiny red bikini of yours, you know which one I mean,” I said to her smiling. “Make sure you cover it up real good as we do not want him taking the bait to soon,” I added.

Terri wrapped her arms around me as she whispered into my ear, “I just knew you would think of something and also make it exciting,” “My pussy is wet already John,” as she kissed me deeply and with passion.

Terri went in to change and I sat there wondering if I was about to do something I would later regret. However, Terri wanted it so I was going to make it happen. Besides, my dick jumped in my pants thinking about fucking her again. I went in, changed into my swim trunks, and got our fishing gear in order.

Terri walked into the garage carrying a small cooler. She had on a plaid baggy shirt that concealed those lovely tits of hers. Terri also had on a pair of baggy sweat pants that covered her long legs and pretty much hid that lovely ass of hers.

“I made us some lunch in case we got hungry,” Terri said.

I smiled as I replied, “I would rather have you for lunch,” as I flicked my tongue at her.

“MMmmmmm,” Terri said as she rubbed at her pussy with her hand.

“Now at the lake when I put my plan in motion you just go along with it and follow my lead OK,” I said to Terri as we walked out of the garage.

“I trust you John, I have and I always will,” Terri replied with those lovely blue eyes sparkling as the late morning sun shined upon her face.

I stood there just looking into her lovely face. Once again, I saw that bright yellowish glow only this time it encased her whole body, as I stood there just staring into her face. I just put it off as sunlight shining behind her. It was if something suddenly clicked in my brain as I stared at her. Inside my head I heard an voice that said," tell her, just tell her."

My hands started to sweat as I stood there listening to that voice in my head. I felt my heart start to beat faster as I said, “Terri, there is something I have to tell you.”

I looked down to the ground nervously kicking at the grass and the dirt as I did. I was searching in my head for the right words and the right way to express my feeling toward her. I had to say just the right words for I was going to tell her that I had fallen in love with her. I was going to tell her just how much she filled my heart. I wanted to know if I was in her heart as much as she was in mine.

“Well tell me John,” Terri said standing there waiting.

“Terri I…” was all I got out of my mouth.

“Are we ready to go catch some fish?” Paul asked coming up behind me.

I did not get to tell Terri anything instead we grabbed our fishing pole and we biked to the lake. We made small talk as we rode, about who was going to catch the biggest or the most fish. Terri smiled at me as she told us that she was going to catch two at once.

We arrived at the lake shortly and the three of us started to fish. The fishing was great; we were pulling fish after fish in. We fished until around noon and I told them lets eat I am hungry for that box lunch of Terri’s as I gave her a wink. Terri knew that I was putting my plan in motion as she smiled and winked back. Terri pulled our fuck blanket from the back of her bike as Paul and I stood close by. Terri laid the blanket out upon the ground.

I looked at her and said, “Terri, aren’t you hot in that shirt and those sweat pants?”

“Very hot,” Terri replied as she smiled at me.

“Then take them off you got your swim suit on under it don’t you?” I asked her.

Terri shook her head yes, as she turned her back to us slipping her sandals off; I moved next to Paul as I whispered quietly to him, “Wait till you get a look at her.”

Paul’s attention went right to Terri. With her back still to us, Terri started to remove her sweat pants. She gave a quick peek back to us; I think she was checking to make sure we were watching her. Terri slowly slipped her sweat pants off her ass and then down those long lovely shapely legs of hers.

The first thing I noticed, as Paul’s eyes grew big was that her red bikini bottom had been sucked up between her butt cheeks. Terri’s ass looked like it only had a small string covering her asshole, much like the string bikinis of today. Terri’s butt cheeks jiggled a little as she stepped out of her jeans. I looked to Paul standing there with his mouth hanging open.

Terri slipped her shirt off with her back still turned to us. Terri turned around facing us with the shirt still in her hand. Her tits looked like they were fighting in her red bikini top to bust free. Paul had his eyes fixated on her big round tits.

My own eyes traveled down her lovely fit body as my eyes fixed themselves to her crotch. I could feel my dick starting to get hard in my trunks. I could see some of her black pussy hair sticking out from the sides of her tiny red bikini bottom. I turned to see how Paul was reacting to all of this. My eyes stayed at the level of Terri’s pussy as I did.

Which meant I was looking right at Paul’s crotch when I looked at him? I could see his swim trunks were tenting out in front of him. My eyes went back to Terri who was playing our little game to the hilt. She stood there folding her shirt up nicely. She then bent down to place it onto the blanket.

When Terri bent over the shear weight of those big luscious tits of hers rather rolled up over her red bikini top. Terri’s tits bounced out over her red top. They swayed a bit as they hung there out in plain sight for our viewing pleasure. I believed that Terri was enjoying giving us a show as well because her nipples were hard as rock as her tits hung down. She placed her shirt down and as she leaned, back up her tits did a little bouncing number.

“OH dear,” Terri screamed out as she covered her tits with both of her arms.

Terri pulled her red top back up over those lovely tits. Her hard nipples still showed as they pressed tautly against her top. I looked at Paul who was smiling as he hid his boner with his hands to the front of his swim trunks. Hell mine own dick was hard and throbbing in my trunks. I did not cover mine as he did.

“Don’t worry about it Terri, I am sure Paul has seen tits before,” I said looking at her. “Haven’t you Paul?” I asked looking to him.

“AH oh shit yeah,” Paul stuttered out before he sat down on the blanket.

“Fine then I can take this off,” Terri replied as she unhooked her top throwing it to the ground. “It’s to damn small for my jugs anyways,” She added with a little laugh.

Terri went about getting the food out of the cooler we had brought along. She made sure that her big fucking tits were swinging this way then that way as she unloaded the cooler. Paul was eying those big tits up watching them sway and bounce as she made us lunch at least until Terri looked his way. Then he would turn his attention toward the lake or toward me. Paul had his hand still hiding his boner I even saw his hand rub across the front of his trunks a few times.

The next time he looked at me I looked at him as I said, “That girl does have some nice fucking jugs.”

Paul did not say anything to me he just took his hands to the front of his chest cupping them away from his chest. I knew he was telling me that Terri had some huge fucking tits. Terri walked over and she handed me a sandwich giving me a wink as she bent down to hand it to me.

Terri walked over to Paul and she damn near poked him in his eyes with those fucking tits as she handed him his sandwich. Paul just sat there mouth open staring at her big tits hanging in front of him. Terri came back over to us and she sat down between Paul and me.

“Damn girl you are going to put some ones eye out with one of those someday,” I said to her.

We all started to laugh; we ate and talked about the fishing. Paul was still staring at her tits as we ate. However, when Terri looked at him he did not turn away anymore. Terri took a bite of her sandwich and some mustard dripped down onto her breast. She was going to wipe it with a napkin when I stopped her.

“Here let me get that for you,” I said.

I gentle cupped Terri’s tit in my hand as I looked at Paul then back at Terri’s tit. I stuck my tongue out as I licked the mustard from her tit. I wrapped my mouth over her nipple sucking gently on it as I squeezed at her tit. Terri moaned softly as she stroked at my hair with her hand.

“I see you guys want to be alone,” Paul said as he looked at us.

I stopped sucking on Terri’s tit as I said, “She has two you can have the other if you like.”

Paul’s mouth dropped opened as he just stared at us both; Terri finally said, “Paul it is OK, John is asking you to share his lunch,” giving him a smile.

Paul closed his mouth as he scooted closer to Terri. He reached out his hand as he touched her tit. Paul then grabbed onto Terri’s big tit with his fat hand. Terri gave a little jump as he squeezed her tit a little too hard with his hand.

“Gently Paul they are attached you know,” I said to him giving a little laugh as I did.

I could tell that Paul had never touched a tit in his life. It was not as if I was yelling at him for being rough on her tit. However, Paul’s hand shot back off her tit; Terri gave me her little pout look as his hand left her tit. At least I thought it was her pout look, it may have been an angry look instead.

“Here buddy do what I do,” I said to Paul.

I gently started to caress Terri’s tit with my hand. I ran it all over and around her tit. Paul’s hand soon was following mine on her other tit. Terri’s nipples suddenly got hard as Paul’s hand caressed her tit. I took her nipple in between my thumb and fore finger rolling it between them as I did.

“AHhhh boys that feels good,” Terri moaned out as her eyes went closed.

I removed my hand from Terri’s tit as I said, “Play with both of them like that.”

Paul used both of his hands on her tits as I told him what to do to them. I had him pinching at them lightly and pulling on them. My cock was throbbing like crazy, as I told him what to do to her tits. I looked into Terri’s face just as the sun came out from behind a cloud.

Terri opened her eyes looking right at me. Those lovely blue eyes started to twinkle as they sparkled in the sunlight. Terri looked down at Paul who never looked up from her tits as he played with her nipples. Terri looked to me giving me a big smile as she mouthed “Thank you John,” with out saying a sound.

“OK buddy now just use your tongue all over her jugs,” I said to Paul.

Paul moved his mouth up to one of her tits. He stuck out his fat tongue awkwardly. Paul would press it here and there all over her tit. I had no idea what the hell; he was trying to do with his tongue. Terri once again gave me that look.

“Here let me show you what I mean,” I said as I leaned back in toward one of Terri’s tits.

I gently ran my tongue around that derby mound below her nipple. I ran my tongue up to her nipple where I flicked my tongue at it teasing it. I took her nipple into my mouth and I sucked on it. Terri started to moan softly as I did.

I removed my mouth from her tit as I told Paul to try it now. Paul followed my lead as he did everything that I had done to her tit. Terri’s moans grew louder as Paul started to suck on her nipple. Before long, Paul had it down and he was working on both of her tits using his mouth.

Terri pushed Paul from her tit as she said, “I am naked so you boys should be too,” as she smiled at us both.

We both peeled off our shirts; my chest was semi defined where as Paul’s was like he had tits. Man boobs is what they call them today. I stood up taking my swim trunk off revealing my hard throbbing cock with my balls hanging below. Terri and I both watched Paul as he slipped his swim trunks off.

His cock came into view; I thought it was rather small as it was only maybe four inches if that. However, his cock was like the rest of him I also thought. It was fat; I may have had the longer cock however, his was twice as thick as mine was. Paul had some hair down below but not as much as Terri or I.

Terri got onto her knees as her hands quickly wrapped around both of our cocks. I noticed that her small hands did not even come close to wrapping around his fat small cock. She squeezed at my cock as she started to work her hands back and forth on our cocks as we stood above her. Terri was mostly looking at Paul’s cock as she pulled our cocks.

I could see tons of pre-cum spewing from Paul’s cock. It was oozing down her hand and dripping. My cock was throbbing and twitching as I watched her pumping on Paul’s cock. I realized that I was actually enjoying watching her play with his cock. In fact, I was super horny watching her and I wanted to see her do more.

“Go ahead Terri show him how well you suck cock,” I said to her.

Paul’s eyes grew big as he looked at me. I just smiled at him as Terri left go of my cock. She crawled over to in front of him still on her knees, never taking her hand from his cock. Terri used her tongue to lick at his pre-cum first. She licked it from the head of his cock and from her hand.

Paul moaned out, “That feels good,” as he rather got weak in the knees.

“You have not felt the best part yet,” I said as I started to stroke my own cock with my hand.

Terri started to work her mouth around his cock. Terri had to stretch her mouth wide open to take Paul’s cock into her mouth. She worked at it a bit before she finally had it into her mouth. I saw her cheeks suck in and she started to suck on his cock. She started to move her mouth up and down on his cock. Paul stepped back from her mouth as his dick popped from her mouth.

Paul left out a moan then he rather grunted, “Ahhhh.”

Paul’s cock started to shot cum out inches from Terri’s face. His cum landed on her face and in her hair. His cum was thick and white just like mine. A blast of cum caught her in her eye. Terri stood up wiping cum out of her eye. She was a mess she had cum all over her face; it was dripping from her nose as well.

I could not help myself as I started to laugh. In a way, she looked just like one of the picture that was in the magazine we had looked at. Paul soon joined in laughing with me as Terri wiped his cum from her face. She even joined us when she realized how funny she must look trying to wipe his cum from her face.

“Dam Paul give the girl a warning the next time,” I said to him with a little laugh.

“Sorry about that Terri,” Paul told her.

Terri just ran for the lake as she yelled, “Last one in is a loser.”

Terri ran for the water, as did Paul. I was still standing there as I heard the splash of the water. I stood there my hard cock still throbbing in front of me. I was the loser as my cock slowly went down. I slipped my trunks back on as I watched the two of them splashing in the water.

“John, aren’t you coming in?” Terri yelled to me from the water.

I just shook my head no, as I sat back down onto the blanket. I had butterflies in my stomach as I sat there watching them splashing about in the water having fun. I picked up my fishing pole and fiddled with it, as I could not bear to watch them.

They soon were climbing out of the lake. They ran up toward the blanket hand in hand. Terri’s tits were bouncing up and down as she ran while his fat did the same. You could barely even see his tiny cock when it was soft I noticed as they neared the blanket.

Terri jumped on me pushing me onto my back. Terri straddled me with her wet body. Her big tits dripped water onto my face as she pinned my arms up over my head. Terri looked down at me from on top of me, I stared back up into her lovely blues eyes. They sparkled wildly as I gazed into them.

“You didn’t think I forgot about you did you?” Terri asked as she started to rub her body over mine.

In no time, my cock was hard in my trunks again. Terri left go of my hands as she moved her wet pussy over my dick pressing against my trunks. Terri started to rock on my dick as I toyed with her tits. Paul just sat there watching us. Terri leaned down kissing me deeply.

Terri broke our kiss as she looked at Paul and said, “Bring my sweat pants over to me as she got off of me.”

I figured that was it however, I was wrong. Paul handed her sweat pants to her. Terri dug into one of her pockets then into the other. I saw her pull a rubber from her sweat pants as she smiled at me.

“Sit back down Paul and watch, someday I may do you, She said to him.

I pulled my trunks back off revealing my hard throbbing cock. Terri used her teeth to tear open the rubber. She looked at the rubber then she slipped it down over my hard cock. I was about to get up when Terri pushed me back down.

Terri climbed back on top of me. She kissed me passionately for a while before she reached back down between her legs. I felt her hand on my cock as she guided it to her pussy. I did not know whether it was from the water or if her pussy was just wet. I felt the head of my cock pushing against the entrance to her pussy.

Terri sat her pussy down onto my cock. It slipped right up into her wet pussy. She left out a little moan as my cock went in a little more. Terri was smiling at me as she began to go up and down on my cock. Terri had her hands on my chest as she continued to take more of my cock into her pussy each time she moved back down.

Terri leaned down to me as my cock sunk fully into her pussy; she whispered in my ear, “Your big cock feels good buried in me.”

Terri started to pump her pussy up and down on my cock. Her tight little pussy gripped at my cock as it went up and down. I placed my hands on her butt helping her to ride my cock. I dug my fingers into her soft fleshy ass. God her ass felt good in my hands. Soon Terri was riding my cock fast and hard.

Terri started to moan out, “Fuck me, John.”

I started to move my hips upward driving my cock in and out as Terri rode me. My hands slipped a little on her ass what with all the motion going on. My finger brushed her asshole.

Terri left out a little moan followed by, “Ahhh John.”

I took my finger and I toyed with her butt. I did not stick it into her asshole. I just rather tapped my finger on her asshole as she rode my cock.

“Put your finger up my butt John,” Terri moaned into my ear.

I pushed my finger at her puckered hole. My fingertip slipped in just as Terri was sliding back down onto my cock. When she did it pretty much caused my finger to slip deep into her ass.

“AHHHhhhhhh John,” Terri screamed out as I felt her starting to shake on top of me.

Terri’s pussy gripped at my cock tightly as she shook on top of me; I yelled out, “Going to cum,” as my cock jerked up inside of her pussy.

Terri suddenly sat up on my cock and she just rocked on it as she rubbed both her hands over her tits. My cock was shooting its load into the rubber as she was grinding her pussy down onto it. Terri finally collapsed on top of me as I wrapped my arms around her.

“That felt so good John,” Terri said as she got off me.

Terri reached to the rubber still on my softening cock. She pulled it off spilling some cum from the rubber onto my cock. Terri threw the rubber into the lake before she licked that cum off my cock she had spilled. After Terri cleaned me up she lie beside me grasping my hand.

Terri looked at Paul as she said, “Sorry that I rather forgot about you its just when I make love to John, he is all I am interested in,” as she rolled her head back toward me.

“That’s OK watching you two do it was like watching a stag movie,” Paul replied.

I rather missed what he had said. Because I was lying there, thinking about what Terri had told him. When she made love to me. Maybe she did have feelings for me as when we had been having sex I had always considered it that I was making love to her.

“So just what is a stag movie,” Terri sat up letting go of my hand.

Paul told Terri that it was a movie, which shows people doing it. Terri asked him where he saw one. Paul told her that his dad had a bunch of them. I saw that smile come to Terri’s face.

“You will have to show me one someday,” Terri said as she smiled at Paul.

It was getting to be late afternoon so we all returned home. Before we got all the way home, Terri stopped and got off her bike. She went over to Paul, she wrapped her arms around him, and she gave him a long deep kiss. I could not tell if there was passion behind it or not as it was on his lips not mine.

All I did know was I was not thrilled about it. However, I did not say anything as I figured she would kiss me next. However, she jumped back onto her bike and away we all went. Paul went to his home as we pedaled our bike to ours. Terri helped me put the poles away in my garage. Terri grabbed me after I had put the poles away.

“I saved your kiss for when we were at home,” Terri said.

She wrapped her arms around me and I wrapped mine around her. We stood there in my garage kissing passionate. I ran my hand up under her shirt feeling up her big tits as we kissed. I unbuttoned her shirt freeing those lovely big tits. Terri had her shirt completely open inside our garage as I played with them.

Terri pushed me away as she said, “John, we are going to get caught,” as she buttoned her shirt back up.

It was a good thing she did as well for not a second later my mom opened the door leading into the garage and said, “Oh it just you two, I thought something had gotten into the garage again.”

The next morning I got up and as I looked out our kitchen window, I could see that Terri was sitting on our swing. I went outside and I joined her as I sat down I noticed that she looked somewhat sad. I asked her if everything was all right.

Terri replied, “Yeah, it just that time of the month again that’s all,” as she looked at me.

“I wish there was something I could do for you,” I replied giving her a sad look.

“There, is John, just hold me,” Terri replied as she leaned into to me.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly into the side of my chest. Terri laid her head against me there as I stroked at her long black hair. Terri pulled her head from my chest.

“I can hear your heart beating John,” she said as she laid it back in the same place.

“You should as it only beats for you,” I replied.

Terri’s hand rubbed on my thigh as she said, “That was so sweet John,” “I also want to thank you for yesterday,” before she laid her head against my chest again.

“I will always give you anything you want,” I replied as I ran my hand through her hair.

The rest of the summer was a fuck and suck fest. Terri, Paul and I would go to the lake to play or up into the woods for some fun. Terri would let Paul play with her tits, finger her pussy and eat her pussy and she would suck his cock. However, Terri would not let him fuck her, at least not yet.

There were three events during that summer, which stands out in my mind. One was the first time the three of did anything at the lake. The second happened a few weeks later when the three of us decided to go see a movie. The local theater in our town showed matinees during the summer.

We all decided to ride our bikes into town and see a movie one day. We walked into the movie house and we took our seats. We sat about in the middle of the theater; Terri sat down between Paul and me. As the movie started, I noticed that there were only maybe five or six more people in the place for the movie and no one was near us. As the movie went on, I understood why; it sucked.

About 30 minutes into the show, I felt Terri’s hand rubbing at my thigh. Her hand moved up to my cock. Terri started to rub her hand back and forth on my cock. My cock soon grew hard from her hand rubbing on it. I looked to see if she was rubbing Paul’s cock as well, she was not.

I leaned over to her as I whispered into her ear, “You got two hand’s,” giving her ear a little lick with my tongue.

Terri looked at me smiling as I watched her other hand go to the front of Paul’s shorts. Paul gave a little jump when she started to rub his cock with her hand. Paul looked over at me and he just smiled as we both settled down into our seats.

Terri fished my hard cock from my shorts first. Then she removed Paul’s dick from his. Terri sat there looking at the screen as she started to jack us both off at once. In a few minutes, my cock started to leak pre-cum over its head then onto her hand.

Terri made it as if she coughed bringing her hand to her mouth. From the corner of my eye, I saw she was really licking at the pre-cum on her hand. Terri did the same thing when Paul’s dick started to leak his pre cum as well.

Terri went back to jacking off our cocks after she had gotten a taste of our pre-cum from her hands. She was pumping wildly at both of our cocks. I was trying not to squirm in my seat as she did. I noticed Paul was squirming wildly in his. I looked to Terri; she was still looking straight ahead at the screen.

I felt my cock start to throb as my balls went tight and heaved upward. I closed my eyes as cum started to shoot straight up into the air. Terri just kept pumping at my cock until she had milked it all out. I tucked my cock back into my shorts and I turned just enough in my seat to watch her hand finish off Paul’s fat cock.

“AHHHHH Shit,” Paul suddenly yelled aloud as his cock started to shoot cum from his fat dick head.

Terri and I jumped from our seats laughing and running for the exit. We ran outside the theater. Terri was wiping cum from her hands onto the blanket on her bike as we were still laughing Paul came running out as well. Terri and I busted up laughing harder as we looked to Paul. His fat little cock was still out of his shorts with cum still dripping from it head.

“You have better put that away,” Terri said to him as we jumped onto our bikes.

The three of us laughed about it all the way home. Paul told us he could not help it; that it just slipped out as the hand job Terri was giving him felt too good. Terri told us that her pussy got all wet while she was jacking us off. She also told us it was very exciting to do that as she had.

The next stand out event took place late in July, as Terri wanted to see about fucking Paul. Terri and I were sitting on the back swing after a day of fun. Terri told me that she wanted to ask me something. I told her to go ahead.

“Is it OK if I would let Paul fuck me?” She asked.

I looked at her as I asked, “Do you want to fuck Paul?”

“Yes, but only if you are there and it is Ok with you,” Terri replied smiling at me.

“I told you before what ever you want I will give it to you,” I replied wrapping my arm around her and pulling her tighter next to me.

“Thank you John, I might have a surprise for you as well,” Terri replied smiling.

“What is that?” I asked.

Terri jumped off the swing as she replied, “I am not telling.”

“Tell me,” I said jumping off as well.

Terri started to run to the front of her house yelling, I am not telling. That girl was fast on her feet as she ran around our houses. It took me a while but I finally caught her in between our houses. As I wrapped my arms around her, I told her to tell me.

Terri kissed me deep and with passion between our houses then broke the kiss, as she said, “No I can’t or it won’t be a surprise,” “So stop asking me John.”

Paul was not in town that week as he was on vacation somewhere with his family. However, he was due back on Friday night so I suggested to Terri that maybe we should plan on another fishing trip. Come Wednesday of that week as I was out mowing our yard when I saw a strange car pull into Terri’s driveway.

Terri and her mom came out of their house just as the people got out of the car. I noticed it was a woman about Terri’s mom age. In fact, she looked a lot like her mom I thought as I stood there looking at her. I watched as a girl our age got out and join her as well.

This girl was short, a little chunky however not fat more big boned I would call her with lovely long blonde hair. I could not tell whether she was good looking or not, however I did notice a huge and I mean huge set of tits on her when she got out of the car.

I went on with my mowing and I saw Terri pointing to me as she told the girl something as they walked into the house. I finished mowing the yard and I went in to shower by that time it was suppertime. I ate and then helped my mom with the dishes before I went out back to the swing.

I sat there for about five minutes before Terri and that girl came walking down toward me. The girl with Terri was only about five feet two inches, her long blonde hair blowing sideway in the wind. She was wearing a white halter-top that barely covered those huge tits. The girl’s tits jiggled and bounced delightfully as Terri and she got closer to me.

“John this is my cousin, Carrie,” Terri said as they stopped in front of me.

“Hello Carrie,” I replied staring directly at her tits for just a second before I looked to Terri.

“You told me that he was good looking,” Carrie said as Terri smiled at me. “But you never told me he was sexy as well,” Carrie added as she smiled at me too.

“CARRIE,” Terri screamed at her as she gave her a push.

I believed that I turned about five different shades of red as I stood up from the swing. I told the girls to sit in the swing, as there was only room for two. I got a lovely view of Carrie’s hot round fleshy ass before she sat down. I could feel my cock starting to stir in my shorts. Terri told me that Carrie was from California and that she would be spending a week or so with them.

Terri smiled up at me from the swing as she said, “Remember that surprise I told you I might have for you,” “Well here she is.”

I looked funny at Terri and I asked, “Just what do you mean she is the surprise?”

Carrie said, “She means you get to fuck me with that big cock of yours that she has told me about,” as she gave a little laugh.

I was speechless for a few seconds before I grabbed Terri by the arm, I walked her a ways from the swing before I asked, “What is going on?”

Terri replied, “I figured that since you was going to let Paul do me, I would let Carrie do you,” as she wrapped her arms around me.

Terri whispered into my ear as I wrapped my arms around her, “Remember when I told you that no other girl could have you unless I said she could,” “Well Carrie can have fun with you but she can’t have you.”

I could feel my cock throbbing in my shorts. It was soon hard and poking against Terri as I held her. Terri and I kissed deeply as she rocked her body against mine, which only made my cock harder. Terri broke our kiss and she returned next to Carrie on the swing.

“What he is not up for some fun?” Carrie asked Terri.

Terri pointed to the big bulge in my pants as she replied, “Oh I think he is up for some fun,” giving a little laugh.

“DAM girl I would say so too,” Carrie said staring at my bulge in my shorts.

We all had a little laugh as I tried to hide my boner from them. The three of us moved up to the patio and we sat on top of the picnic table getting to know each other. I found out that Carrie’s mom had left her dad back in California. Carrie told us she was glad because all they ever did was argue and fight. I sat there looking at her then to Terri. I did not want Terri to think I was gawking at her and those big hard nipples that were poking through her white halter-top.

However, it was rather hard not to as her halter kept slipping down off her tits exposing more of her tits each time she moved around. Carrie asked Terri where the other boy was at whom she had been having fun with as well. Terri told her that Paul would not be home until Friday night.

“Is he a fucking stud like this one?” Carrie asked Terri with a smile as she looked at me.

“No, he is rather plain besides I do not think there is anyone in the world like my John here,” Terri replied to her as she wrapped her arms around me.

I placed my fore head against hers as if I was going to kiss her however instead I said, “Oh so I am yours now am I,” followed by a light kiss to her lips.

“Yes and don’t you ever forget it,” Terri replied before kissing me again.

“Girl he better me or I might just take him back home with me,” Carrie said with a big smile to me.

“Not my John, besides he has promised me never to leave me,” Terri replied to her smiling.

Terri was right as much as I did find Carrie nice and lovely. Terri was the one holding the key to my heart. The trouble was she just did not know it yet.

I looked at Carrie as I said, “She is right I will never leave her,” as I gave Terri a big long hug.

“Not even for these,” Carrie replied pulling her halter top down exposing her big tits to me and giving them a shake.

I gave her tit’s a quick look before I looked toward Terri. She smiled at me as she pulled up her own top showing her breasts as well as she said, “Why when he has these,” as she ran her fingers lightly around each of her nipples making them pop up hard from her tits.

The next thing I knew the two girls were standing next to each other making their tits sway and bounce. They were laughing and having a good time together. Carrie placed her arms around Terri as she pulled her toward herself. I stood there in disbelief as they kissed fully on the lips. Now this was not a quick kiss but a deep passionate one with some tongue I believe.

Terri broke the kiss as she said, “Carrie not in front of John, he will think we are lesbians,” as she pulled her top back top.

“We are just BI,” Carrie replied looking at me as she pulled her halter back over her tits the best she could.

Now I knew about lesbians and gay boys however I did not know what she meant by BI. I was just standing there with a dumb look on my face. At the time, I did not know you were BI if you enjoyed both sexes. I just took it as some slang from out in California. As we sat back down on the picnic table Terri whispered in my ear, I will tell you later.

“Terri, can I kiss him?” Carrie asked.

“Go for it,” Terri replied.

Carrie leaned across the picnic table as she wrapped both her arms around my neck. Her huge fucking tits lying on the table top. As Carrie placed her lips onto mine, I rather tensed up. Carrie dropped her arms from my neck as she looked angrily at Terri.

“Kiss her back John it is OK,” Terri said looking at me and smiling.

Carrie once again wrapped her arms around my neck. She placed her lips onto mine. It was a long wet kiss that we shared with Carrie giving my lips a few extra pecks before she removed her lips from mine sitting back down across from me. Suddenly Carrie dove across the picnic table wrapping her arms around my neck again and this time she kissed me deeply and slipped her tongue deep into my mouth.

Terri had been the only girl I had ever kissed. However, I could not help myself as I worked my tongue into Carrie’s mouth at the same time. I was just starting to enjoy her kiss when she broke our kiss as she let out a little moan.

“DAM girl you’re right he is a great kisser,” Carrie said looking at Terri.

“Wait till you see what else he is good at,” Terri replied before she laid her lips onto mine.

Terri kissed me passionately as her hand went to my cock under the table. Her hand squeezed at my hard cock through the shorts I had worn. I left my hand roam down to Terri’s thighs then to between her legs as we kissed. My hand encountered a wet spot on her shorts. I pressed my fingers hard into that wet spot. Terri rocked her pussy against my fingers as I did.

Terri broke our kiss as she cooed out sexily, “I can’t wait to watch you fucking my cousin,” “You can have her at the lake tomorrow when you take us fishing,” before she kissed me again deep.

I was kissing Terri back with passion when I felt another hand rubbing and grabbing at my cock. Carrie had come over and she was now sitting next to me as well. Carrie took her other small hand and she pulled my face toward her face. We kissed deeply and with passion as Terri used her hands to stroke our hair as we kissed. This went on for about ten minutes both of them kissing me and taking turns rubbing at my cock.

I finally removed their hands from down under the picnic table as I said, “Girls lets save it for tomorrow,” giving them both a smile.

Terri looked at me as she replied, “John I am so horny, if I knew we would not get caught I would let you take me right here on the picnic table,” as she rubbed her hand at the side of my face.

“Hell he can take me now and I don’t care if we do get caught,” Carrie said making us all bust up laughing.

Terri’s mom yelled out the back door that she needed them inside. Terri told her they would be there in a second. They both got up from the picnic table and they stood there for a few seconds looking at me.

Finally, Terri asked, “John, aren’t you going to walk us to the door?”

“AH I think I will stay seated here for a while if you know what I mean,” I replied giving them a smile.

Terri smiled then laughed, as did Carrie they knew why I could not get up right now. Each of them gave me another deep wet kiss before they went inside. I sat there not believing that this was all happening. My cock finally went soft and I was able to stand up. I was going to have to hide the wet spot on the front of my gray shorts when I went into my house. It was soaked from all the pre-cum they had teased from me.

I was up early the next day. I got the fishing poles ready for our fishing trip. It was only a little after seven in the morning when I went out back and I sat down on the swing. I was only there for about five minutes when I saw Terri walking out the back door. I noticed right away that she only had her short robe on.

I sat there on the swing watching that glow that seems to appear around her. Terri looked like an angel from above as I watched her bare feet touch the earth as she stepped from her back door. If there was ever a woman of my dreams Terri was she.

“You’re up early,” I said to her as I stood up letting her sit on to the swing before I sat back down.

“I knew you would be up early and I wanted to talk to you,” Terri replied.

Terri told me that she wanted to explain about kissing her cousin and stuff. She told me that when they had went on vacation last year out to California. That Carrie had shown her the fun and pleasure two girls could give each other. Terri told me that she still liked men but she also enjoyed women as well.

“John that is OK isn’t it?” Terri asked me with a worried look in her eyes.

“Terri, is that what you want to enjoy both men and women?” I asked her taking her hand into mine.

“Yes John,” Terri replied showing a little smile on her face.

I kissed at her hand as I said, “Then it is OK by me.”

“Good I did not want you to think I was a lesbian or anything that was why I never told you about having fun with her,” Terri replied.

I wrapped my hand around her pulling her tighter into my side I said, “Terri you could be anything you wanted to be and I will always still be here with you.” I looked deep into those lovely blue eyes as I added, “For I will never leave you alone,” before I gave her light kiss to her lips.

“John, I trust that you will never break that promise,” Terri replied as she got up from the swing and walked back inside.

I sat there feeling good but bad at the same time. Because Carrie seemed to have turned me on quite well as we had kissed. She was the only other girl I had even ever talked to let alone kissed other than Terri. The difference in the two was only my feelings toward Terri and the fact that I did not see that glow around Carrie that I saw around Terri.

End of Chapter 3

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