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Lori didn't start out to be a mother at 17, but I got her pregnant the night we broke up, with some help from a friend
Once I graduated from High School, I moved out of the house and back to my home town. I was the typical country boy just out of school. Friday nights meant hanging out with friends, parties, and girls. While I was single at the time, I still went out and tried to have a good time.

I often hung out at the house of 2 younger girls I got to know in High School. Edna ,17, was the older sister and she had long brown hair and Jenny ,15, was a blonde 2 years younger. Edna and Jenny’s parents were older and didn’t pay much attention to what went on out of their sight. The sisters had a large dressing area outside the bathroom with a huge 8' long mirror over 3 sinks and a matching vanity. Edna was not shy about her looks or her body, and she had the reputation of being a slut since she lost her virginity at 13 to my cousin. She would frequently walk around between her bedroom and the changing area in nothing on but her lace panties and bra while getting ready to go out. Edna was 5 foot 4 inches tall and only about 100 pounds. Her ass was only about 14" wide, she had a thinly furred brown triangle of pubic hair that was clearly visible thru her lace panties, and her tits were a nice B cup with quarter sized areolas. More than once I wanted to bend her over the vanity and stick my cock inside her, but she was dating a friend and didn’t want Scott pissed at me.

One afternoon when I stopped by her house to see where the party was that night, Edna had a friend of hers over. Her name was Lori, and she was about a 6 on a 1-10 scale. She had shoulder length brown hair, nice B-C sized tits, about 5 foot 5 inches and weighed about 125pounds by my guess. Edna introduced us and she smiled when our eyes met. As it turned out there wasn’t a party going on that night, but Edna and Scott still wanted to get out of the house. I told her I’d be back after dinner and we’d figure something out for the evening.

When I came back around 7pm, Scott and Edna wanted to get some beer and drive around the back roads having fun with my Chevelle. Lori was still there and Edna said she was spending the night and wanted to come along with us. I had the feeling this was a set-up. Edna whispered to me that Lori liked me and wanted to hang out with me. Considering my lack of a girlfriend and my need to get laid, it sounded good to me. Lori got in front with me, and Edna and Scott got in the backseat. Scott had the money for the beer, and I supplied the gas for the car. As we drove around the roads jamming out to the radio and having a few beers, Lori was working herself close enough to me to allow her hands to find my thigh. I played it cool and she seemed to like the feel of my leg and even tried to cop a feel of my cock.

As the night wore on, we found ourselves across state lines and looking something to eat. We managed to find a pizza joint open late and got a 12 cut to go. We were a few hours from home and everyone was tired and drunk, so we decided to get a room at a motel and get some sleep. Scott and I got a room with 2 king sized beds while the girls waited in the car. Needless to say, after meeting Lori only a few hours earlier that day, I would be getting to know her in a biblical way.

Once we choose our beds, the lights went out and everyone got ready for bed. As soon as I was under the covers, Lori reached out, grabbed my cock, and starting giving me a handjob. I didn’t need things spelled out for me, and my lips soon found her lips and nipples while my fingers started working over her clit. Within minutes Lori was starting to moan as her pleasure started to rise. I continued to probe Lori’s lightly furred pussy with my fingers and soon her juices were flowing over my hand as she moved her pubic mound against my slick hand.

Feeling the need to empty my balls, I moved between Lori’s legs and positioned myself to fuck my new found sex partner. Before I started my journey into her dripping pussy, I could hear and see through the darkness that Scott was between Edna’s slim legs fucking her good and hard. As my cock made it’s way though her hot wet love tunnel, Lori reached out, grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her young womanhood. When I reached the end of her velvet tunnel, Lori wrapped her legs around me as I paused to give her a kiss before starting to pumping her pussy. Lori’s pussy wasn’t the tightest I’ve had, but it did feel nice wrapped around my cock and would serve the purpose of draining my balls well.

After 15minutes of fucking her pussy, my cock had Lori quivering and biting her lip from the orgasm that overtook her body. I couldn’t wait any longer and I need to release the cum that had been building up for weeks. Just as my load was heading for the innermost depths of her womb, I pulled out and blasted her pubic hair, stomach, chest, and chin with rope after rope of my man sauce. It felt so good to finally have my nuts emptied with a girl under me that I decide to keep Lori around for a little while. I got off of her and watched as she wiped my cum into her skin and tasted my seed with a smile on her face.

After sleeping for awhile, I got up during the night to take a piss and think of the events of the last day. While I was sitting in a chair watching over the room, Scott stirred out of his sleep and also headed for the bathroom. Since we were both up, an evil thought crossed my mind and I hoped Scott would go for it. Seeing Edna parade around in her see-through underwear had me wanting to fuck her for months and since Scott was looking to dump Edna and fuck her young 15yr old sister Jenny, I hoped he would go along with my plan. So, I whispered to Scott about switching beds and letting me fuck Edna while he fucked Lori. While he was taken aback by the idea, with some convincing from me, he soon saw it as a means of dumping Edna and hooking up with her sister Jenny. As we changed beds, I slipped up to Edna’s naked body, parted her legs, and positioned myself to slide my renewed cock between her previously off limits pussy. As I readied myself for a journey to her womb, I noticed Scott was also in position to penetrate Lori’s sleeping body.

I gently grabbed Edna’s legs, lifted them up, and pushed my cock into her forbidden crease. The feeling was exquisite as her warm wet flesh wrapped around my cock and tightly held my foreskin. As my penetration moved deeper into Edna’s pussy, she opened her eyes and was shocked to see me leaning over her body instead of Scott. Lori had a similar reaction to Scott’s cock entering her pussy. At first they protested and tried to push us out of their brown furred recesses, but as our cocks reached the end of their journeys, both Lori and Edna reached out and grabbed our hips and pulled both Scott and I tightly against their naked bodies. I leaned over and kissed Edna while whispering to her “ I’ve been wanting your pussy for months, and It feels so good wrapped around my cock.” She whispered back to me “you feel good inside me too, but enjoy it while you can because this is a one time fuck.”

With that bit of info, I started pumping Edna’s pussy with the intent of filling her with my seed. Over and over I rammed my 7" cock as deeply into her as I could. While fucking the shit out of Edna, I looked over and saw Scott burying his cock into Lori’s writhing body. She had her hands around his neck while her legs were wrapped around his waist and seemed to be enjoying herself. After 5-10 minutes of pumping away, I pulled out of Edna’s pussy, turned her on her right side [so she faced Scott and Lori], lifted her slim left leg up, straddled her right leg, and plowed my cock into her dripping pussy. Edna let out a loud grown as my cock hit her cervix and my hips rammed into her pelvic bone. With every thrust into her pussy, Edna let out a soft moan. Soon she was sending her womanly honey across my cock as her pussy clenched and gripped at me while experiencing her orgasm. 15 minutes of fucking her forbidden pussy had my balls aching and cock swelling in preparation for my own orgasm. When I finally couldn’t hold out any longer, I buried my cock as deeply into Edna’s velvet vagina as it could reach before sending ropes of cum blasting towards her womb. Edna was on the pill so pregnancy wasn’t a worry and as my cock delivered it’s load, I leaned down and sampled her baseball sized tits with my hungry mouth. Her quarter sized areolas were protruding slightly from their silky home and had 1/4" wide nipples pointing outward. As my load of seed was making it’s way into Edna’s innermost recesses, I whispered to her, “Thank you. Being with you was worth the wait and your body is amazing.”

After my cock softened and slipped out of Edna’s pussy, she kissed me and gripped my arm tightly. I fell asleep with her in my arms and a tit in each hand. I woke Edna the next morning by working over her clit with my tongue as my cock dangled above her face. Edna enjoyed the “69" wakeup so much, she sucked my cock into her mouth and preceded to deep throat me until she had a protein drink blasting the back of her throat. I had my taste of her womanly honey shortly after my balls emptied and it made for a great morning drink.

On the ride home, Lori sat next to me up front while Edna gave Scott the cold shoulder. As I drove down the road, Lori had her head on my shoulder and worked her hand into my pants and cupped my cock and balls. Once we got back in town, I dropped Edna and Scott off at Edna’s house and I brought Lori to secluded back road to suck and fuck some more. Once we parked the car, I grabbed Lori’s head and pulled her to me and buried my tongue down her throat. As I was playing tonsil hockey with her, I reached up her back and undid the clasp on her bra. I broke our kiss and grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head to expose her soft young body. She had tits similar in size to Edna but Lori had larger areolas and they stood out without any sag in them. They were prime teenaged “B” sized tits that every guy dreams of. Tight and firm with a soft texture and a white creamy tone to them, I lost no time in getting them in my mouth and sucked on her nipples until they were standing at attention. While I was sucking on her tits, Lori was reaching down and working my cock into a hardened spear of flesh.

Once Lori had my cock throbbing for attention, I yanked her jeans off her hips and tore her panties in half in my haste to get at her pussy. Once her clothing was out of the way, I had time to notice her thin brown fur covering her pubic mound and pussy. It had a natural triangular shape to it and was soft and silky like the hair on her head. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her close to me while rotating her hips upward to allow me to enter her with ease. Once I had her in position, I placed my cock at the entrance of her pink tunnel and shoved it in with one hard thrust. As I bottomed out inside her, Lori let out a loud grunt and grimaced from the force of my thrust. Thrust after thrust I pounded my cock into her pussy until her head was hitting the door panel of my car. Even with my pounding of her pussy, her tight firm tits hardly moved and she reached out to grab hold of my ass and pull me into her even deeper. As I continued to fuck Lori’s teenaged pussy, I bent over and sucked on her nipples until they were beet red and sticking out to their full 3/8". It wasn’t long before I felt her pussy start to quiver and contract around my cock as she experienced her 1st orgasm of the afternoon. As her orgasm overtook her body, Lori arched her back, held her breath, and let out a long loud moan as wave after wave of her juices flowed out of her cunt. I smiled as I watched her body become rigid and then relax over and over as her orgasm cascaded through her body.

Once Lori was done with her orgasm, I pulled out of her pussy, turned her over on her stomach, grabbed her 16 inch wide hips, and thrust my cock back into her dripping twat. Over and over I sent my cock balls deep into her as I eyed her reaction to my forceful fucking. As I looked down on my cock ramming in and out of her, I started pushing my thumb into her asshole. Lori’s reaction was a muted grunt as I moved my thumb in and out of her brown eye. Once she started to relax, I added my other thumb and really started to stretch her asshole out. Her moaning became louder and she said to please leave her ass alone. That’s all I needed to put my plan into action. I pulled my she-cum covered cock out of her pussy and shoved it between my thumbs directly into her ass without hesitation. I pulled my thumbs out, grabbed her hips, and buried my cock in her ass as deeply as possible while Lori cried out in pain. Once I had my balls resting against her pussy, I started hammering her ass like a demon possessed. 15-20 thrust into her tight ass had my balls sending an express package into Lori’s bowels. I held her tight while my seed was coating the inner walls of her rectum and experienced the most intense orgasm I had in the last two days. I collapsed on top of Lori until my cock started to soften and slid out of her ass as she cried into her shirt and coat.

Lori wasn’t too pleased with my finish to the front seat fucking I gave her, and that was when I found out she was only 16. She had never been fucked in the ass before, but I wasn’t wearing a rubber and needed to bust my nuts. I didn’t know if Lori was on the pill so blowing my load in her pussy wasn’t an option at that time. I didn’t want cum all over her and mess up the front seat of my car, so her ass got my load of seed. Despite her age and the events of the past 24 hours, Lori asked if we could continue to fuck each other and offered to be my girlfriend. Over the next few months we fucked and fondled when ever we could and I enjoyed exploring her young body. Once I had her “monthly” schedule, I made it a point to dump my load inside her pussy every time we fucked, as long as it was a safe time. Lori would never suck my cock despite my reassurances that I wouldn’t cum in her mouth and that was wearing on me.

Because I couldn’t fuck her pussy on the “unsafe” days, and she wouldn’t let me fuck her in the ass again or suck my dick, I was expected to deal with blue balls. During our fuck sessions and time spent together at my house, I learn she was living with Foster Parents. Now things that had been happening started to make sense. Lori was looking for a meal ticket and a way out of her situation. That’s why she didn’t have an issue fucking Scott in the Hotel room, being my fuck friend even though I was out of School, and never said no when I wanted to fuck. I had to figure a way out of this situation and get even with her at the same time. My chance came at a party and a younger guy I knew would be the means to ending this relationship.

Mark was 15 and had been hanging out at the local parties ever since Lori and I started fucking each other. He was probably a virgin and you could tell he wanted to get laid by someone sooner than later. His chance came at a party at the old railroad bed, Lori would be the vessel and she’d never be the same. After a few hours of drinking beer and smoking weed, Lori was horny as a goat and wanted to fuck me silly. It was the middle of the month and I knew it wasn’t safe to be coating her womb with my seed, but Mark didn’t have that info and I knew he would be a willing participant in the events I had planned.

Later that night, Mark needed a ride home and I volunteered to give him a lift, but told him I had to stop by my place first. When we arrived at my place, I parked the car and helped Lori into the house. She was hammered, could barely walk by herself, and kept trying to get her hand down my pants. Mark staggered behind us to the livingroom while I carried Lori to the bedroom . All the beer had my bladder ready to burst, so I hustled off to drain it while Mark crashed on the couch. When I came back into the livingroom, I whispered to Mark “how do you feel about getting laid tonight?” He looked at me with wide eyes and nodded his approval. I told him to strip out of his clothes and give me 10 minutes to get Lori ready in the bedroom. Once I had Lori in the bed, I took off her clothes and sampled her teenaged tits and pussy with my tongue for the last time. I got Lori on her back and soon had her moaning while I tongue fucked her tender pussy. With her on the way to an orgasm, I turned her over and pulled her hips up until she was positioned for a good hard fucking on the edge of the bed. Mark snuck into the room and I had him get behind Lori as I fingered her pussy. My cock is 7" long, but compared to Mark’s it was small. He had to be an honest 10" long and 3+ inches wide with balls to match. As Mark got his cock in position to violate Lori’s pussy like nothing ever had, I stripped out of my clothes and got ready. As Mark started to part Lori’s thinly furred lips, I got my camera out and started to snap pictures.

Just as Lori turned her head to face “me”, she noticed it was Mark behind her and not me. Before she could protest, Mark pushed his horse cock into her pussy and Lori just quivered, and shook as she moaned while being stretched wider than I ever could. I sat there watching Mark drive that monster cock all the way to her cervix and then pull it back. After a 10-15 times back and forth inside Lori’s slick cunt, Mark started to find his pace. Lori soon forgot that Mark was fucking her, and only cared about the monster cock that was stretching her pussy to the max. Despite Mark being nearly fall down drunk, I knew it wouldn’t take him long to cum because of his inexperience, so I took control of the situation. I told Mark to get on his back and have Lori ride him so he would last longer. It also gave Mark a chance to use his hands on her hips and tits while she impaled herself on his mutant cock. It would also give me a chance to exact my final revenge on Lori. While she was busy fucking Mark, I got in position behind her and aligned my cock with her asshole.

When Lori had Mark buried as deeply into her pussy as possible, I pushed her forward and rammed my steel hard cock into her ass and really gave her a surprise. Lori screamed out in agony as My 7" cock went balls deep in her bowels while Mark’s 10" was piercing her cervix. Mark stayed put inside her womb as I drove my cock in and out of her ass. With each stoke into her bowels, Lori cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I could feel Mark’s cock inside Lori’s pussy with every thrust of my cock and I could tell Mark was close to losing his cherry seed inside Lori. As I held Lori by her hips, I started moving her ever so slightly back and forth over Mark’s cock while sliding my cock in her ass. Being stuffed with 17" of hard cock had Lori’s body getting ready for a massive, ear shattering orgasm. When the flood gates finally let loose, Lori screamed out and started coating Mark’s balls with her girl goo. Lori’s extremely wet and vocal orgasm was the final straw for Mark. While I continued to pump away in her ass, I could feel Mark’s cock swell and he grabbed Lori and held her still as he sent streams after stream of virgin seed deep into her womb. As I felt Mark’s cock empty his seed into Lori’s violated womb, I knew waiting inside her womb was an egg. At that moment, Mark became a father and Lori became a mother. Lori knew no better and Mark didn’t have any idea it wasn’t safe to coat her insides with his cum. Knowing what I knew, and what the results would be, sent me over the edge and I sent blast after blast of my seed inside Lori’s bowels.

I couldn’t help but smile because I knew Lori was now pregnant and she would be crazy for Mark’s cock. But being 15, I knew Mark only wanted to empty his balls and wasn’t looking to hook up with Lori as a steady. Once my cock started to soften and slip out of Lori’s ass, she turned around and gave me a look that said this was our last night together. I rolled her over and straddled her chest and laid my cock between her tight teenaged tits. As Lori reached out and started giving me a handjob, my cock started to regain it’s strength, and I knew I was going coat her throat with my seed before the night was over.

I moved next to Lori and laid on my back while she continued to stroke my cock. As it grew to it’s full 7", she did something that surprised me. She slid down the bed and started to suck my cock for the first time. As she moved my manhood in and out of her mouth, I would never have guessed she was an oral virgin. Up and down my cock her mouth went while she cupped my balls in her trembling hand. Little by little Lori managed to get my whole cock into her throat with only a slight gag reflex. While Lori was on her hands and knees sucking my cock, Mark got behind her and readied his renewed cock for it’s next journey into Lori. When Mark grabbed Lori’s hips and prepared to enter her pussy, Lori never even flinched. As Mark started stretching her pussy once again, Lori let out a moan while continuing to suck my dick. As Mark started to pound her pussy with an ever increasing pace, Lori turned into an All-Star cock sucker. Before I knew it Lori was deep throating my cock with every bob of her head. It didn’t take long for my balls to start churning and before she could pull off, I grabbed her hair and held her still as my cock tickled her tonsils with rope after rope of my man sauce.

As Lori struggled to swallow my load of cum, Mark continued to pummel her pussy with his mutant cock. I truly think that the only reason she sucked my cock was because Mark’s 10" monster was making her lose her mind. Once Lori got done swallowing my seed, I pulled her off Mark’s cock and turned her around to face him. I got behind Lori and pushed her face into Mark’s lap and told her to suck him too. The thought of his mutant cock going into her formally virgin mouth had my cock hard as Iron and wanting some more action. As I rammed my cock into Lori’s violated cunt one thing was evident. I needed a tighter hole to get my balls emptied for the 3rd time.

While Lori tried to get as much of Mark’s cock into her mouth as possible , I aligned my cock with her browneye and pushed past her puckered flesh. As my cock began it’s journey further and further into Lori’s bowels, she moaned and groaned while she shoved more and more of Mark’s monster cock into her mouth. Once I bottomed out inside her ass, I started pumping Lori’s teenaged body harder and harder. The harder I fucked Lori, the deeper Mark’s cock went down her throat. I don’t know if it was her increased arousal or the force of my thrusts but Mark was enjoying the results. While he continued to enjoy his first blowjob, I continued to assault Lori’s ass. It didn’t take long to see my cock start to have a red tint to it as her ass was showing signs of wear and tear. Watching Lori’s ass wrap around my cock and seeing Mark’s mutant cock slip between her lips was the stimulation I needed to blow my seed deep inside her for the last time. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to me as I sent my last load of seed into her bowels.

Once my cock was done sending my cum into Lori’s rectum, I pulled her head off Mark’s cock and turned her around to face me. I got a hold of her shoulders and neck and told Mark “put that cock in her ass.” Lori cried out, NO!!!! Please don’t fuck my ass!!!! My cock had loosened her ass up and my seed provided the lubrication for Mark’s entry into her, but Lori wasn’t going to allow him inside her ass without a fight. She tried her best to get away, but I held her down with all 185pounds of my weight. Mark grabbed her hips and pulled Lori up to her knees as he put his throbbing 10" cock against her cum dripping asshole. As Mark started the rape of Lori’s asshole, she screamed out so loud I had to bury her face in my pillow. Mark’s 3" wide cock stretched Lori’s ass so much it started to tear. Despite the blood and Lori’s pain filled screams he just kept shoving his mutant cock deeper and deeper into her bowels. By the time Mark was buried all the way in Lori’s ass, She had passed out from the experience.

That suited me and Mark just fine. I put my semi-hard cock in her mouth and cleaned it off between her lips while Mark jack-hammered her limp body with increasing force. He slammed his cock balls deep in her ass over and over as it soon became covered in blood and shit. It didn’t take Mark long to reach his orgasm and coat her bowels with his cum. Mark stayed buried in Lori’s ass until his shit, blood and cum covered cock slipped out of a torn and tattered ass. Mark picked up Lori’s panties and bra and used them to clean his cock off as I picked up Lori’s naked body and carried her out to the car and placed her in the front seat. Mark climbed into the back seat and I drove him home while Lori was passed out. When I dropped him off, Mark thanked me for the great time and gave Lori’s naked body a goodbye grope. While commenting that fucking Lori sure beat the hell out of jerking off.

That was the last night I saw Lori as a girlfriend. We would bump into each other at Edna’s house or parties, but we were not exactly best friends anymore. Needless to say, Lori was hot and heavy after Mark’s mutant cock but he wanted nothing to do with her. He got his piece of her ass and he was on to better pussy and less complicated relationships.

It wasn’t long after the night with Mark that Lori found out she was pregnant. She would parade around my old school telling everyone that it was my baby and she never once even thought of mentioning Mark’s name. Edna’s sister Jenny was my biggest defender. She set lori straight more than once and told Lori she had no idea who the father was and I wasn’t to be blamed. Her father called my house constantly asking me what I was going to do about his pregnant daughter and I laughed at him. I told him to call Mark because it wasn’t a safe time to be fucking and I would bet he was the father. He didn’t want to hear anything about his daughter fucking around with 2 guys in the same bed, so he continued to point the finger at me. Once the baby girl was born, I was ordered to submit to a DNA test by the County Social Services office. I managed to catch a glimpse Lori and her Daughter Katie when I was leaving the Court House. She had snow white hair just like Mark’s younger sister.

After my Lawyer received the results of the blood test, all of Lori’s claims to my fatherhood of Katie were thrown out by Family Court. Unfortunately, before Lori could change her story and point the finger at Mark, he was killed in a car accident. Because Lori couldn’t admit to her father that Mark was the one who filled her womb with his man seed, she never got the proof she needed for financial support from the family. I don’t know if Lori ever got Mark’s parents to acknowledge his daughter, but that’s what happens when you lie about who you spread your legs for.

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