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Written by a friend of a friend, Gloria:

Hi there, offered to submit an experience that I had or should I say initiated some time ago. I am a RN and single mother named Gloria (my real name as there is no sense hiding it) who was 38 years old at the time of this experience. At the time, my daughter, Lisa, was fifteen years old whose best friend was also my best friend Barbara’s son, who had just turned seventeen the day before.

Barbara is a psychologist that I met for counseling fourteen years before, after I divorced my husband for not only cheating on me, but also humiliating me with it in public. Turned out that Barbara had just lost her husband too (she did not say how and to this day the only thing she says is that “he got what was coming to him”) and had two children, a son named David and a younger daughter named Lori. Even though Barbara was five to six years older than I was, we hit it off so well that our relationship evolved into being best buddies.

Over time both Barbara and I became so close that we would go clubbing together, “hunting” for males to satisfy our sexual desires. At first, predominately the men we engaged with were my age (around 24-25 at the time) and I thought nothing of Barbara being in her thirties at the time. As time progressed, it seemed as though our target ages of male partners did not move with our advancing age, instead it actually dropped as we both pursued conquests in the twenty-one or twenty-two year old range. And, we were quite successful at it! It also helped that the both of us stayed in shape, watched our diets, and took advantage of a few medical miracles. So with me being 38, shorter brunette hair, standing 5’4” tall, weighed in at 122lbs, having an extremely toned physique with firm natural, albeit somewhat on the small side, 35 “B” cup tits. Almost C’s, but I like the way my cleavage fills out in “B”s. Barbara on the other hand, stands over 5’8” tall, has longer raven black hair with a single streak of white colored into it. Her body is unbelievably sculptured into a 38-25-38 form carrying medically enhanced “D” size tits. We both have added some jewelry to our bodies, me with my nipple rings (which are quite evident when aroused as my nipples will stick out almost half the length of my thumb), belly button, and a clit spike and Barbara with nipple rings and spikes that keep her nipples protruding from her areolas, belly button, multiple piercing on her labia, along with a nice ring in her clit. Personally I like to have well trimmed (shaped in a V), short hair pubic patch, whereas Barbara is completely denuded with a small tattoo of a red she-devil pointing a pitch fork towards the top of her vagina.

From a personality stand point; we both have a confident demeanor especially when it comes to men as we have honed our expectations based on our experiences that we can use men and forget them. Men do it, so we should be able to do it better; the needs of their “second” brain dwarf common sense every time, allowing us to dictate the when and how once they are interested. Barbara, being a psychologist, takes it to a much higher level than I generally can, as she knows how to expand the limits in how she treats her sexual partners. Barbara is pretty much a dominatrix, not afraid to have her sex partners stoop to new lows to escalate her sexual satisfaction. Since I am a few years behind Barbara, I can foresee that being like her is in the cards. Me with my medical training has me fascinated with how I can alter not only a male’s libido, but naturally altering their physique to enhance their DNA structure. Over the years, it has become apparent while working at the hospital and now the clinic that the male genital responds favorably to seemingly painful events. If you slap a dick hard, the patient grimaces at first then rises to the occasion. If you kick the scrotum hard enough, they fall over in pain initially, but cum harder when provoked. Use these techniques quite often. Even have experimented with electronic shock to the testes and have witnessed impressive non-induced ejaculations. I also like to use genital tools like scrotum rings, cock locks, and urethra rods…of course my subjects sometimes are not too enamored by them. Also, men will swear to the Almighty that their anal passage is not to be violated or else they will lose their manliness, that is BS as every guy I have anally violated has climaxed one way or the other. Most of my methods though are based on being somewhat passive; Barbara on the other hand, thinks that it is not wrong to utilize capital punishment and some torture techniques to help get the male subject passively to be attentive to our needs.

One time I walked into Barbara’s playroom where she had a 21-year-old college student straddling a coarse wood saw horse. The horse had a foot wide rough wood top with what looked like a liter wine bottle bolted to it, could not tell because it was embedded all the way up his rectum and he was forced to sit straight upright with his feet chained to the floor and his hands chained to the ceiling with his arms stretched over his head. Walking around to the front of him, Barbara had splayed and stretched his testicles out across the slivered board in front him and nailed right through his tissue all around the edges of his scrotum with his penis having a 1/4” round 12” long urethra probe inserted. And of course his penis was tied to a rope extending to the ceiling through a pulley that had 10lb weight tied to the end. I thought that the guy would die from the torture and expressed my concern to Barbara. She said not to worry, that he actually enjoyed it and that he relished in the fact that he would not have any regrets or guilt at doing things that he was now forced to do. With that she said, “Watch this” climbed up on two bar stools spreading her legs right over the subjects nose and telling him to cover her vagina with his mouth to catch all of her urine while she deposits her bladder contents into his stomach. He only had a few drops escape..really turned me on too! When he was done licking Barbara clean, she asked if I wanted to try, she did not have to ask twice. Barbara and I traded places and within seconds I blasted my urine down his throat. He did a great job of cleaning me up too as I had an unintended climax. From then on, I have tried to bring a little more bondage and discipline into my own escapades. By the way, Barbara and I left that male in that position while we went dinner, got laid by a couple of black young men, then went back to feed the subject the cum in our vaginas. He ate it all, thanking Barbara for the two-course dinner. She told me that she left him there until late the next day.

Now to my story. Since Barbara and I were so tight, it was only natural for our children to be close too. When Lisa started her freshman year at high school, David had just received his driver’s license so it made sense for them to go to school together. Apparently, being this close evolved into more than a platonic friendship because by the time of homecoming Lisa announced to me that David was taking her. It also became noticeable that they were more than friends as I caught them holding hands at the mall just before Christmas. Now, none of our children that we knew of had any idea as to either Barbara’s or my sexual proclivity, so neither Barbara or I had much concern and thought it was a puppy love thing. Both Barbara and I did agree to talk to our corresponding off spring to warn of going too far at this ripe young age. In fact, I was hoping to have Lisa lose her virginity to someone more experienced in a fit of lust so she would not be hopelessly drawn into the emotional attachment of the first time. Barbara also claimed she had multiple discussions with David as to being too close to Lisa and too attached, his desires would change as he matured.

Fortunately, by working at the clinic, I also had the opportunity to talk confidentially with David. He came in for a school physical and I managed to personally take him into the examination room to take his vitals. There I checked his pulse, blood pressure, and had him strip to get into an examination gown. He shyly stripped looking away from me and even though he tried to hide it, I did get a view of his private parts. Now, I have seen plenty of penises of all ages and shapes from both working in the medical field in addition to the hundreds that I have used for my sexual pleasure. So I can tell you this, David’s cock, at least flaccid, is probably just a little over average in size. Maybe 3 to 3 ½ inches soft, which would translate to roughly 6 to 7 inches when hard. But it was also just as thick as it was wide, which told me that it probably would have the ability to make it to 7 ½ or maybe even 8 inches fully extended with the right training. Having David jump up on the exam table I told him that we needed to do a visible inspection of his body, pulling away the front of his gown. He stammered some kind of question as to whether it was ok for me to do that knowing how close our families were. I told him that this is part of my job and that things will not change. He never really did get comfortable, but I fully inspected him anyways, purposely using both my hands to inspect his genitals, squeezing his scrotum to roll his testes between both my thumbs and fingers. He squirmed a bit and I had to smile inside while wondering if my daughter had her hands on these before. I wrapped my hand around the base of his penis and slowly stretched it out; this was not really part of the physical, but out of my own curiosity. His cock actually started to fill with blood and his embarrassment was obvious, so I let go and covered him. Checked off his paper work, gave him a cup to pee in, had him stand by the toilet, then told him to fill it up. He asked if it was normal for me to be in the room to watch and I said it was up to the attendant. David pulled out his penis and proceeded to urinate into the cup handing it to me when he was done. Grabbing the cup, I accidentally (on purpose) placed my forefinger into the golden liquid and without thinking cleaned it off by sticking it in my mouth. The expression on David’s face was priceless, one of both shock and revulsion until I reacted by spitting and saying: “what the hell did I just do?” At that point David almost burst out laughing. The doctor came in and I left with the urine sample, gulping down the rest as I turned down the hallway. I smirked thinking I got one up on Barbara and my daughter, but would carry this thought the rest of my life.

Two months past by and it was the day after David’s seventeenth birthday. Barbara and I were out celebrating for him at a motel bar near the airport, we were also “hunting” for fresh meat. So I had on a short black silk dress with a deep bodice and large arm openings that allowed me to expose the side of my breasts when I moved my arms, no bra or underwear, and six-inch stiletto heels. Barbara was dressed in a beautiful burgundy silk Chinese dress that had slits all the way up each side, the out line of her stunning figure was totally exposed and the accoutrements in her nipples were outlined as if she had her dress painted on. Talking at the bar, the discussion began about David, then David and Lisa, and whether or not they had culminated their relationship to the fucking stage. I again expressed my desire that Lisa wait until I could bring someone in to initially service her. Barbara stunned me by confronting me with the question, “what my son is not good enough for your daughter?” I tried to explain that, that was not it, when she retorted that Lisa was not as naïve as I thought. Barbara stated that she had caught Lisa using her sex toys on Lori multiple times over the last year. She also said that she made a pact with David to hold off fucking Lisa until he was seventeen, then let her have it. I was stunned, hurt, and instantly angry feeling betrayed by my best friend. I told Barbara to get fucked, in which she responded that she planned on that, and stormed out of the bar. Racing home, it hit me that I was kind of arrogant with respect to my daughter, but she was MY daughter. As I pulled down my road David’s car was parked in my driveway so I parked in the road. At first feeling the need to run in making noise to disrupt any hank-panky going on, I decided not to and use stealth instead. Went through the patio door very quietly, then noticing the basement door slightly ajar, crept down to the family room. As I turned the corner, there they were.

David was sitting on the couch stark ass naked with Lisa naked facing him straddled with his glistening cock embedded in her pussy. I announced myself by coughing. Lisa spun around landing on the couch next to him with her legs spread wide open and her wet cunt wide open. She started to close her legs and I shouted do not move so much as an inch. She froze. David sat there dumbfounded with his hands at his side and his cock pointing straight to the ceiling.

Being red with anger I had swiftly moved from the doorway to in front of David, reaching down and grabbing him by the nuts, I squeezed as hard as I could twisting them all the way around more than once. David’s face went from shock to fear, to a heavy grimace as I pulled him by his twisted sack to standing position. Never letting go, I backed around the coffee table then yanked is ball sack over it. My first thought was to get nails and a hammer to nail his balls to the table like Barbara did to that guy a few years ago, I realized that would be too much so I picked him up by his nuts and his body followed so that he was standing straight in front of me on top of the coffee table.

Looking around David, Lisa was still sitting there with her legs wide open, but her cunt had slowly closed and I did not detect any white goo seeping from her slit. Thankfully I had gotten there in time. This was the first time I had seen Lisa completely naked since her puberty started, she had a bigger rack than I did! She was well into the C cup range and she was only fifteen and a half. Still squeezing and twisting David’s balls, I ordered Lisa to run upstairs and bring the big black box from my closet, and also told her to not bother getting dressed since we have all seen it now.

Looking up at David, even though he was still grimacing in pain, I noticed he was looking straight down the front of my dress. With a smirk I jerked his balls down and towards me and he went to his knees falling forward with his face between my tits. This whole time he did not say a thing, nor did he resist, but then again from the grip I had on his twisted balls I could do what ever I wanted to him. Leaning over him (his head actually slipped into the top of my dress) I reached over and around him to grab his twisted nut sack from behind with my left hand. Now I had real leverage and in a single motion pulled his balls through his legs, up past his asshole, and spun him around so that he now was laying belly down across the coffee table. Now grabbing his twisted balls with both hands, I picked straight up, he tried to follow the motion by attempting to push off the ground with his feet but I placed my stiletto healed shoe on his ass and pushed with all my strength. Without realizing it, my six-inch heal had perfectly aligned itself with his rectum and in one violent push had shoved my entire heal up his ass all the way. He let out a blood-curdling scream, but I did not let go of his balls, but I did relieve the pressure on my foot slightly. This allowed his ass to push the heal out a little, so I shoved it back in, he bucked a little, so I did it again, this time a grunt escaped from his mouth. A few more times of moving it out and the resistance faded away. Looking over my shoulder, there was Lisa with her eyes as big as saucers and her mouth wide open holding my black trunk. It came to me that I must have had a smile on my face.

Told Lisa to open the trunk and get out a few items needing to direct her, as she seemed a little confused. Asked for a couple of leather lariats, a few of those adjustable rings, one with a loop on it, one of the lengths of chains and two of the steel ankle bracelets. Still holding David’s balls up in the air and my shoe firmly embedded up his ass, I left my shoe in his ass and kicked off the other one. I directed Lisa to place the ankle bracelets on David, and then had her hand me the adjustable ring with the loop on it. Placing this ring around the base of David’s scrotum just below my hand, I clamped it tight until the center of the ring was so tight it barely allowed for blood flow (remember I am an RN, I know how far to go). Then had Lisa attach one end of the chain to one bracelet, pass it through the loop on the ring around the scrotum (Lisa stalled here, whether to admire the position or feeling intimidated I do not know) then down through the eyelet on the other bracelet. With that I grabbed the excess chain, let go of David’s scrotum, told David to straighten his legs (he was still face down on the table), then pulled the chain tight. David started bending his knees slightly as the ring stretched his ball sack down. With David’s balls stretched at least six or seven inches from his body, I attached the chain to the remaining bracelet and locked it. I then had Lisa attach rings to the stretched scrotum between David’s body and the first ring, she had to really struggle to get the last two on. I mentioned that by tomorrow you will probably have to add more. Lisa stared at David’s balls, because of the constriction they were harder than a rock and looked like when you squeeze a balloon. I explained that what is in those balls almost ended up in you if I had not gotten home in time. I then said that until you are sixteen and only under certain circumstances do I want that to happen and if you promise, you can help me with the rest of this, referring to David. I expected some push back as I thought David and Lisa were an item, but her quick acknowledgement and twinkle in her eye said otherwise.

David’s balls were now extended between his legs, laying on the top of the table, so I just had to do it. I stood up and walked to the couch by stepping directly on his extended nuts with all my weight. His eyes nearly popped from his head and his scream was soundless.

Sitting down on the couch, directly in front of David’s face, I asked him if he knew what was happening. He nodded his head and said that his mom told him that whoever was first to dominate in sexual matters would dictate. David said that his mother told him to get Lisa into a position of no return then take control. He was just at that point when I came in and took it from him. I asked him if he knew what that meant, he acknowledged that I was the dominant one and that his mother told him he would have to accept that. This both softened my stance, but also encouraged me. He was sent to deflower and enslave my daughter before she would be able to comprehend what was happening. Now I turned the tables, something Barbara would have to live with. I spread my legs while sliding David closer, his face within a foot of my pussy. He stared directly at it, fixated, and noticing his squirming movements it must be getting him excited.

Lisa was still standing behind David, almost mesmerized by the sight of his ball sacks, now reddish purple and almost the size of tennis balls and stretched far from their base. She looked up when I slid David towards my cunt and stared at the sight of cunt asking if that was diamond pierced onto my vagina. I nodded my head and she gave me a kind of cocky smile. She then said she had a ton of questions, I stopped her and told her I needed her to do something first as David was slowly sliding his hand under his body. I told Lisa to get the handcuffs out of my trunk and put them on David behind his back. I heard David say ‘Oh shit” under his breath. After accomplishing that, I told Lisa to reach under David from between his legs and pull his penis out back then wedge it on top of his scrotum rings. Watching my daughter do this I noticed that she was a little apprehensive, like she was afraid she was going to break something. I said, “Lisa, you can not break it, grab it as hard as you can, pull it back with as much force as you can, and then bend it backwards over the chains”. Lisa did this and I could see that David had a semi hard erection, but that did not stop her as she bent it back. Taking advantage of the situation, I had Lisa grab another ring from the trunk place it around the base of David’s cock and squeeze it shut as tight as she could. David squirmed and made a jerk, as I grabbed him by the shoulders and slid his face right against my pussy. Then I told Lisa to go ahead with her questions.

Lisa wanted to know about the box and its contents, she wanted to know if everyone had to go through this, and then she wanted to know if I was going to teach her or if she was going to have to learn it on her own. She also said that she had found my dildo’s and vibrators and had used mine on both herself and David’s sister Lori. But it was more playing and did not think they used them correctly. I explained that the box and its contents were years in the making, some of the items are tools to assist me personally and some are to assist me in having someone understand my expectations from them. Lisa asked if that is what we are doing with David, I said yes but only to start with. She then asked if she could assist me in anyway. I thought for a second then confirmed that she could, but she was not allowed to have any male genital member in her vagina until she was at least sixteen. She then asked if it was to late for that since David had penetrated her when I had caught them. Since it was the first time and he did not cum, we will look past this as a mistake. David grunted into my pussy and I felt his tongue reach out and flick my gash, I wiggled closer.

Lisa got up and ran upstairs coming back a minute later holding the biggest dildo I own called the “Monster”. It was meant as a joke as it is 18” long and about 10” in circumference so I laughed and asked, “you did not try that thing did you?” She said she did but could never get the head of it past the entrance of her vagina. She illustrated this by spreading her legs, pulling apart her labia, and pushing against her young pussy. I laughed again, but marveled at her conviction. She looked at me and said “some day”. We then talked about this present experience, both of us surprised at how calm we were and laughing at the predicament of her sitting around completely nude and me with a teenager’s face shoved in my cunt.

Then I told her lets have some fun, take that big dildo and rub it with a healthy dose of the lube out of the tube marked K-Y in the trunk. Lisa did this then looked at me, then down at David, then back up at me, I shook my head yes. Had her remove my stiletto from David’s ass, I heard a muffle between my legs, then told her to slowly probe David’s rectum with the end of the dildo. David’s head popped up as the head of the dildo spread his ass cheeks and pressed against his sphincter, I pushed his head back down and told him if he did not relax, it is possible that his asshole would get ripped and he would still have it shoved up in there. Surprising even me, David’s asshole slowly started opening and accepting the head of the dildo. Lisa was using an unfathomable amount of patience as it took a good five minutes or so to get the first couple of inches in and by that time David’s asshole was stretched beyond what I thought was possible. Then I remembered the unlucky sole at Barbara’s sitting on the wine bottle, David had it good so to speak. Now Lisa worked it in, first six inches, then ten inches, then sixteen inches and finally burying it to the hilt, it was unbelievable knowing that the lower intestines can unravel enough within ones body to accept eighteen inches of synthetic cock. David had groaned the whole time but now that he had accepted the entire length, he became quite. But I had to ask him how it felt so I pulled back from his face and asked. All he could say is that it feels like he is full. That is probably because it is collapsing part of his stomach, I thought. I picked up his face and told him from now on, he no longer has an asshole, but a mancunt and he will never have an issue with any natural cock in his mancunt. I asked him to promise that, he did (seventeen year old are so easy to manipulate).

Lisa started moving the dildo in and out, which caused David to moan, then she pulled it out about half way when she noticed that liquid was oozing from the end of David’s cock. She wanted to know what that was and I had to explain that it was pre-cum, a natural lubricant that was edible. She used her finger to wipe some off and placed it at the end of her tongue, smiling and saying,” this stuff is not bad.” She milked the upside down dick, squeezing as much as she could out onto her hand, then stuck it in front of David’s face telling him to try it. He closed his mouth and shook his head. Lisa, in her infinite wisdom walked behind him, put a knee on his largely swollen extended testicles, and then leaned forward placing her hand over his mouth. Immediately his eyes bulged, mouth opened, and Lisa shoved her pre-lubed hand into his mouth. She’s really taking to this, I am surprised.

Really getting into the mood of the setting, but not the least bit angry anymore, I got up to grab a couple of glasses of wine and discard my dress. With Lisa only being fifteen and half years old, I normally would not have given her any alcohol, but I felt she earned it. We sat on the couch and finished off one bottle of wine and half the way through another while we discussed my nipple piercing and my clit bar which she tentatively touched both of them, then started tweaking my nipples in childish playful way that got them thoroughly hard. Believe it or not, I was actually getting turned on, but stopped myself right after I showed my daughter how to properly roll her nipples. Then she reached down and flicked my clit bar. I could not stop myself, moving my hand from my daughter’s breast down between her legs. She spread her legs wide open and as I spread open her pussy lips with my first and third finger while my middle finger found her clit, our lips met and we passionately kissed sucking on each others tongues as I came to a thundering orgasm. Simultaneously, my daughter’s clit hardened like a marble and her body convulsed, her pussy spraying out a stream of cunt juice over David’s face not a foot from her pussy.

We both slowly disengaged our embrace looking at each other with a quizzical look, both of us taking a sip of wine. My mind ran a gamut of thoughts, mostly about how I would feel tomorrow, not only having a first time lesbian experience, but with my minor daughter on top of it. I looked down scanning my daughter’s body, then back up until I was looking into her eyes. Her thoughts must have been running parallel to mine, but in a mature move well beyond her years, she raised her glass for a salute. Without thinking, my glass met hers. She smiled, parted her luscious lips, leaned forward and met my mouth again. My unabashed hunger overcame any thoughts of guilt as I feverishly sucked her tongue into my mouth trying to swallow it deep into to my very soul. I let my daughter push me back on to the couch while she slid over me fondling my right breast and working up to my nipple rolling it like I showed her not a half hour before as her luscious mouth accepted the whole of my left areola, sucking it into her mouth while her tongue pulled on my nipple ring. I could feel her large breasts with her hard nipples softly swaying over my belly while my hands held her head. She then slowly worked her mouth down my body feeling her tongue flicker occasionally and the feeling of butterfly kisses as she momentarily stopped at my belly button, then lightly worked her way down over my mound. The whole of my body was tingling, electricity streaking from one nerve ending to another, a carousel of lights spinning around my brain, as her mouth kissed my woman hood, her tongue moved between the lips of my cunt pulling my clit into her mouth as she sucked. She alternated exploring the depths of my vagina, the folds of my labia, and the entirety of my clitoris. Finding the opening of my urethra she managed to open it slightly with the very tip of her tongue, my body quivered at a completely new sensation. My juices flowed uncontrollably running out of my pussy and bathing my anal opening with their slickness. Lisa followed the flow with her tongue from my cunt down across my sphincter, then back to it, slowly working her tongue into my rectum while sucking my anal ring into her warm moist mouth. By now I was holding on for dear life, well beyond my limits of endurance. She disengaged from my third opening and worked her way back to my primary hole, without missing a beat she went back to bringing me to heights I have never been before utilizing spots I did not know existed down there. The realization hit me that of course she knew the area better than anyone, she came from there. I squeezed her head between my thighs as my orgasm forced me to arch my back while driving my pussy into her mouth with hopes of her swallowing me whole, I could not hold back and all that was in me gushed from my portal to hers. I shook for what felt like minutes as she tenderly kissed and licked my worn out cunt, then she slowly worked her magical mouth back up my body stopping only briefly at my now collapsed and dissipated areolas. Our mouths met and again, I attempted to swallow her whole from the inside out.

Rolling her over onto her back, I now worked my way down, kissing and sucking in portions of skin around her neck, exploring every minute of angle around her breasts, sucking her nipples until they felt like a small penis at the height of arousal. Her body responded by her hips pushing up against me as if her womb was trying to pull me in. I worked farther and farther down her body, pausing at her mound covered in young pubic hair that I sucked into my mouth and combed with my teeth. Meeting her young womanhood face to face, I took my time making sure every wrinkle and divot was touched with either my lips or tongue, finally impaling my tongue as far into her vagina as I could, using my tongue to gather as much of her fluids as I could. Her cunt clamped tightly around my tongue as she rocked her body back and forth, an exquisite feeling of actually tongue fucking my new found lover and forever daughter. Using my fingers to open her cunt as far as possible, I tried to burrow my head into her canal wanting so much to become one. The fluid coming from her vagina was overwhelming so I reciprocated by working my way down to her anus, first working a finger in past the sphincter then replacing it with my tongue, following her lead, I moved my tongue around her bowels while sucking in her anus, her bucking increased to almost a violent force. She grabbed my head and guided it back to pussy where I dove in with intent of eating her alive, but I could feel she was on the verge of something monumental so I stuck my tongue into her while encapsulating her clitoris and sucking the best I could. She came in spectacular fashion, pushing her mound hard into my mouth, her liquids spraying hard into my throat. My loving daughter’s cum juice was exquisite but along with that she lost control of her bladder and without missing a beat I sucked and swallowed. She initially paused, but feeling my desire to continue she held my head fast against her cunt and closed her legs around me while she pushed all the possible liquids into my hungry mouth. We both collapsed falling into a deep sleep.

When I woke up, my nose was buried in my daughter’s pussy and this gave me a great opportunity to inspect it. Her labia was slightly protruding as the edges were swollen and red, whereas her internal lips were a beautiful pink, her clitoris had reestablished itself under its hood and fine pubic hair covered her entire mound. My thoughts were that I could take care of that. That shocked me into saying to myself, “what the hell am I thinking, she’s my daughter”, but then I thought of how she initiated the last go around so a nuzzled my mouth up against her cunt and gave it a big smooch.

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