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I got drunk and fell asleep andI forgot to lock the door and 3 guys walk in
I’m drunk and I forget and leave the door unlocked. 3 guys come in while I'm
sleeping .I know 1 and have been his lover before. They try to wake me but I don't. Andy says, here watch this when she’s sleeping you can do anything to her.
He rolls me on to my back and pulls off my panties. The other guys are watching
him and you can tell by their faces they are getting horny. I'll name them Andy Billy &Chino
So Andy has my panties off and he starts to take off my nightgown but I move. Andy pulls down the top of my nightgown exposing my breasts. Billy& Chino leans forward for a better view.

Andy tells Billy to go ahead touch her tits. This going to be your first chance at a real woman’s body so relax. You’ll see, she’ll be begging you not to stop by the time we’re done with her today. Billy is still too shy so Chino goes over and reaches out and touches the very tip. You can see the nipple contract and get harder and tighter by that slight touch. Billy says wow they really do that? Let me try the other one. Andy watches all this and you can see this huge bulge in his pants. He reaches down and squeezes his cock through his pants while he watches the other 2 play with her tits.

He sees her hands are outstretched and that her body is starting to unfold a little. She makes a slight moaning noise and Billy & Chino snatch their hands away. Billy whispers, what if she wakes up? She'll throw us out. As he talks his hand goes down to the massive mountain in the front of his sweats. You hear him moan a bit as he touches his swollen cock head through the material.
Chino sees this and touches his swollen member too. You can see it jerk towards his hand for more.
Meanwhile Andy has released his cock from his jeans and you can see the pre cum glistening on the tip. He leans forward and puts that hard horny pole in her outstretched hand. Billy & Chino freeze and then say No don't wake her.
Andy leans back and says I've got an idea. He steps out of the room for a moment and comes back with a sheet ripped into long soft strips. He gives one to each and shows them what to do.
He slowly loops it around her wrist and then ties the end to the leg of the bed. Chino does the same. Billy is at the bottom of the bed and as he leaned over to loop her ankle she moves. He kneels down and freezes so she won't see him if she wakes. As he’s kneeling he notices that he can see up her nightgown. His cock almost leaps out of his sweats. It’s so hard and long its peeking out of the waist band.
Finally he gets the nerve to try tying her leg again and it works. She is now tied by three limbs. Andy says if she wakes up she'll recognize us and kneels on the bed and loops a piece of sheet around her head so she can't see. As he's doing this he feels the tip of his engorged cock touch her arm and then her side. That’s it, that’s all he can stand, he has to have her. He has to feel her on his cock even if its just rubbing the head on her tit and the pre cum oozes out onto her skin. He slides his cock head in the drops and moves it around. Groan mmm it feels so good.
Andy backs off and starts to take off his clothes. The other 2 see this and start pulling theirs off too. Andy finishes taking off his pants and stands up.

What a magnificently huge cock. This thing is 11 inches long and almost 5 inches around. even Billy & Chino are amazed.
Billy says, is that as hard as it looks? Yeah Andy whispers wanna feel it? Billy looks startled at first but then you can see the curiosity in is face. By now Chino is naked too there are 3 beautifully straining hard dicks just waiting for something to do with them. .

Billy is staring at Andy's cock so Andy walks over and says touch it. Billy is scared so Andy takes his hand and leads it to his dripping helmet. As it makes contact you see all 3 cocks surge up. Chino walks over and wants to touch it too. Billy says no, touch mine Andy says yeah Chino touch his and I'll touch yours.
They all lean forward and you can hear the quick intake of air from all of them. Their hands touch the tips and then their fingers glide up the shaft. Billy reaches down and cups Andys balls. That’s it Andy has to do something with this cock and soon or he's gonna come in Billy's hand.
He goes back to the bed and slides her gown up
He gets up on the bed and leans over and takes a nipple into his mouth He flicks his tongue over and over and they hear her moan. Chino comes to the other side and climbs up too. His lips clamp down on the other breast and he sucks it in. Now she's moving as she moans. Her legs start to part but Andy & Chino get scared and freeze.
Billy is still at the bottom of the bed with his cock in his hand, gently stroking it up and down the rigid shaft. Since she moved her legs he can now see her whole pussy. It’s more than he can take so he climbs on the bed too. Andy says go ahead, touch it, watch how she unfolds as she gets turned on.

Billy lays down between her thighs and blows softly. She sighs and they freeze again. Finally Billy wets a finger to touch just that little knob at the top of her mound.
His finger slides all over it. She starts to move again, this time opening her legs wide. Billy pulls his finger back and blows on the wet knob. She groans and her hips start to move.
Look, she likes it Chino says, yeah Andy says with a big ass grin, you have no idea how much. You should see how she gets when someone licks her there.
Billy squirms up closer between her legs and flicks his tongue out to taste her. She moves again but Andy tells him not to stop. No matter what don't stop until I tell you.
Billy leans closer and puts his big soft lips over her whole clit and sucks it gently into his mouth. She groans really loud now and her hands reach out for something.
Andy moves over an puts his swollen cock by her hand and starts to rub the head on her wrist. He’s done this before while she slept when he wanted her but was afraid to make a move Chino sees this and grabs his hard dripping cock and starts to rub the head over the fingers of her other hand.
All the while Billy is gently sucking the hard clit into his mouth and squeezing it with his lips. Inside his tongue is slowly sliding up and down the length of her now engorged clit; Her hands are searching now for something to hold on to and she wraps her fingers around Chino's hard cock. He gasps out loud and jerks. Her other hand turns over and Andy lays his pre cum oozing cock onto her palm. Her hands close at the same time and Andy & Chino look at each other with that strained look.
They start to move their hips and fuck her hands, Billy is licking and sucking harder now and she is raising her ass off the bed and moaning loud. Andy & Chino are almost ready to cum when Billy looks up and sees this. She whimpers and moves her pussy all over trying to get that mouth back . Billy looks down and sees she’s soaking wet. He slides his fingers down the slit lightly grazing her rock hard clit. He strokes the outside of her hole and she starts to buck her hips. Her hands are locked on Andy and Chino’s cocks. Andy tells Billy you better slide your cock in her now or I'm gonna.
Billy gets up on his knees and rubs the head up and down in the juices. Andy and Chino reach over and take turns touching her clit. Andy lifts her leg that wasn’t tied and nods at Billy, go for it man that’s your first real piece of wet hot pussy. Billy still just slides his cock around in her juices. He’s thinking that his cock is so fat it will never fit in there. He opens the lips of her pussy and finds the opening with his dick
All of a sudden Billy slams his cock all the way in her in 1 long hard push and she goes wild. She is bucking and fucking him as he’s sliding it in and out as fast as he can. Her head is moving back and forth as Andy pulls her leg up higher so Billy can sink more of that fat cock deeper into her they are rubbing her clit fucking her hands sucking her nipples and Billy is slamming harder and harder and faster faster faster

Just then Chino lets out a choked cry and says I can't hold it back and with that his cock swells up even wider and a wad of cum shoots out so hard the first shot lands on the corner of her open mouth, the next flash of cum hits her in the soft side of her huge breast. Chino knows that just the sight of this happening will be jack off material for the rest of his life. Andy doesn’t know it but this was Chino’s first actual contact with a woman or anyone for that matter to make him cum
. Chino thinks to himself “Damn! Its SOOO much better when its someone elses hand. I wonder what pussy feels like. I hope Andy gets us another chance at this”.his cock is still spurting and he’s already schemeing on cumming again Andys watching all this and sees the thick wad of cum that’s on the edge of her lip and thinks hmmm extra lube. He sees her mouth is open wide as shes bucking and straining for that fat ass cock of Billys and slides over and puts the head on her top lip. Her tongue shoots out and laps the head of that humongus cock and he leans forward a bit and she just sucks it right in. Andy’s whole body feels this electric charge and his hips buck. He’s got to fuck her!! Hot damn I just have to fuck her!! He grabs he waist length dark auburn hair and gets leverage. His cum is right there, just a few strokes and he’ll fall over the mountain of desire he has climbed. Its right there ahhh right there he’s gonna cum in her mouth and she can’t stop him this time aggghhh almost……….
Billy is still riding that pussy but he’s slowed down a little and watched Chino cum. That makes his cock swell even wider and she whimpers again with a grimace on her face. He thinks to himself “see I thought my cock was too wide for that little hole. Then his mind clicks on to Andy telling him that the 1 thing he can’t wait to do is anal. Billy looks at Andy’s cock fucking her wide stretched mouth and his own cock and then lifts her leg higher and spys her ass hole. Damn that’s even smaller than her pussy, we’ll never get these cocks in there. He hears Andys groan and starts slammin, slammin his cock in her harder, harder she’s keening at this point. Her hips are buckiing Chino is rubbing her clit when she gets real stiff. Billy feels her pussy grip his cock real hard and then feels it pulse pulse pulse and he is flooded with all her hot cum. She lets out a cry just as Chino makes her cum from rubbing her clit. Andy hears this and feels the vibration on his cock in her mouth and he grunts and just starts cummin, wave after wave hits him he lets out a ahhhhhhh as his head goes back and he pushes his cock as deep in her mouth as he can. Holding all that hair and pulling her mouth tighter with that grip.
Billy hears this and his load boils over and he pumps shot after shot deep into her pussy, his cock buried to the hilt, his forehead dripping sweat panting. Andy sits back with his thighs trembling thinks wow
I never knew cumming in her mouth would be so fucking amazing.
Billy still can’t move, his cock is still convulsing in that hot wet hole. Hes thinking holy shit if that’s what pussy feels like, imagine how tight that virgin little ass hole is gonna feel on this fat ass cock….. his cock surges again at the thought

All of a sudden she freezes and then says "Who the hell is in me"!!!

Sorry people, I just came and now I 'm hungry and sleepy Maybe I'll finish this later but now I need a cig. While fixing the typo’s it made me cum all over again. Wish I had that hard cock you have in your hand right now. I’d have to roll over though and give you a shot at this ass…. Damn I need some NOW


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2008-06-18 04:30:58
Part 2 please


2007-08-08 18:09:54
i didnt really get it..but i like it a little bit..... i wish the girl was me i wanna feel the 11 inch and 5 inch round dick... anyone has one of that...??


2004-12-05 22:04:31
Not a bad story, would have liked to be there.


2004-12-03 11:51:18
I've got part 2 but doesn't seem like anyone liked it.(besides Texasbj)

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