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Mindy get's a spanking
I woke up feeling rested, hungry, and a little confused. I wasn’t in my regular bed. I was in a hotel. Then full consciousness and reality gave the dream world a slap to the back of my head and I remembered everything. I smiled.

I was in a mid-floor room at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I reached my hand to the other side of the bed and felt what I knew to be the slumbering Mindy. Mindy and I had worked for the same company for more than 10 years. I was leaving the company because I had come into a great deal of money, and really didn’t need to work anymore. Mindy needed $30,000 because she had a gambling problem. Her problem became her church’s problem when she embezzled the 30K from them. This was about to become the problem of her boyfriend and co-homeowner (why this church couple isn’t married is beside me), because he is the church treasurer and has no idea the money is missing. The annual audit of the books is Monday.

Today is Saturday morning and Mindy and just spend the first evening earning her 30 large by being my sex slave. That would explain my grin. The time, 10 AM, would explain my hunger. Now why the feeling of confusion? Now it was my subconscious turn to issue it’s own bitch-slap, and it hit me. Mindy was supposed to have come up with a creative way to awaken me this morning. I warned her that her cute little ass depended on it.

I looked to the other side of the bed and was rewarded with the sight of her bare chest. Mindy has a very nice rack. She is in her mid-thirties, but could pass for younger. Her bare breasts could as well. They sagged just a bit and were capped by pink half-dollar sized areolas, and the nicest erasure-like nipples I had ever seen. They were just made for sucking and tweaking. So, I reached over and started to twirl one between my thumb and forefinger, watching it get hard. She stirred a bit, probably just seconds from full realization and then I twisted it; hard.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” she cried in pain.

“Good morning, sunshine” I said with false brightness “Weren’t you supposed to wake me in an interesting manner this morning?”

“Shit!” she said as she rubbed her sore nub “I must have set the alarm wrong! Please, I’m sorry!’

“This won’t do. It just won’t do” I said matter of factly “We are going to have to make sure this doesn’t happen again”

She looked crestfallen and beaten. I had taken out my displeasure in the past on her shapely bottom. Mindy had a classic hour-glass figure, long tan legs that draw the eye of every heterosexual male, and a taut, high, heart shaped ass that caused traffic accidents when she was in pants. I saw no reason to alter my routine, as I really enjoyed spanking and fucking that ass.

“But, first. I have to take a nature break” I said as I got out of bed and delivered a loud slap to her bare ass.

I finished with a shake of my Johnson, and was about to walk back into the room, when Mindy appeared and was going to go past me.

“Where are you going?” I asked

“I have to go, too.” Mindy replied.

“Nah. You can hold it while I paddle you ass”

“Please.” She said starting to get a little emotional “I’ll pee myself. I won’t be able to hold it. Please.”

I didn’t particularly want her to soil the carpet or me, but I didn’t feel like giving her an inch either. She needed to remember, that I was in control.

“OK. You pee first and I used the ping pong paddle on your ass. You pee after we are done, and I use my bare hand. You piss on me or the floor; I finish with the riding crop.”

I had never spanked her with my hand. Her first spanking had been in my office back home, with a ping pong paddle that I made her go buy. It hurt like hell, but it was nothing compared to the riding crop, which could lay her ass raw and bleeding.

She looked anxious and resigned all at the same time.

“I’ll go pee and take the paddle” she said in exasperated sigh.

I followed her in the bathroom. She had planned to close to door, but she could see that was not happening, so she just went over to the toilet and sat. We had both slept naked, so there was nothing in the way.

“Don’t start, yet. You aren’t ready” I began

She thought about asking why, and thought better of it. I did not hear the stream of water, so she was doing what I demanded. I walked over, stroking my cock, straddled her, and put my rod right in her face.

“Why don’t you make yourself useful, first” I said.

It was very clear what I wanted and she opened her mouth to accept my cock.

“When my balls are on your chin, you can piss. If I cum, you can piss. If I hear water and my cock is not drained or down your throat, the deal is off and I will beat your ass raw with the riding crop”

This was somewhat of a bluff. I had used the riding crop on her, but only of a few lashes. I had even taken it easy on her with the force of the blows. There is a limit on how much pain anyone will take, and I thought it likely if I pushed her past her limit she would call this whole thing off, go home, and just take her chances with the court, the church, and her boyfriend.

But, she didn’t know that, and Mindy started working on a rhythm that would relax her throat enough and let me slip all the way down. Mindy was not a talented cock-sucker. She was much too pretty to have to do anything sexual that she did not want to. And she did not like giving head. But, she wanted to pee, and that gave her incentive to do a good job.

She ignored my knob and put her tongue on the underside and began to apply as much upward pressure as she could, while she bobbed and sucked. With each downward bob of her head she got a little bit more of me inside. My thought was that she would try to drain me, but she must have had to really go. But not being fluent in French, Mindy had to work at this. And it felt so good.

In my cock went and then back a bit, and then a little deeper, then back. She picked up the pace some and I was soon hitting the back of her throat each time. She fought her own gag reflex, and after the fifth bang or so, she went for it, and her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

I immediately heard water and she stopped sucking. That wasn’t very satisfying, but I had set the rules. Getting an evil thought, I put both hands on the back of head, thrusted forward, and pulled her into me.

“Let me help you” I said. “Tell me when you are done.”

There was not much deeper I could go, but I taken over control and she could not breathe. I figured panic would set in and it did. She began to try to pull out, but I held fast. With her twisting and making noises trying to yell, I wasn’t sure if I heard water or not, so I asked?

“Are you done yet, Mindy” I said in a sickly sweet voice.

She tried to say something, realized that was a bad idea after a few seconds and just started to nod furiously. I held for just an extra second, and then released her head and she pulled off my still rock hard cock.

“You moth….’ She caught herself. I was about to spank her and she did not want to earn any extra. So her voiced turned whiny, and she complained.

“I couldn’t breathe! That was mean!”

“I know. But, how nice was it for you to steal from your church? That was money that was going to help the poor and unfortunate. Instead it went to the mountain casinos, back home”

I was playing to her conscience. I did not want her backing out. I wanted her remembering that she had earned all I was giving her. That thought would make her that much more willing and I would have a much better time.

“OK, then. Time to see how red we can make you ass.” I said in my matter of fact tone.

I went over to the room sofa, sat down and said

“Across my knees. You have been a very bad girl, and you need to be punished”

A little cliché, I know, but I had never done this before, and it really got my dick hard.

She walked over, almost in tears already and weakly said

“Please don’t do this”

“Hurry up, or you earn double” I said adding an edge to my voice.

She gave in completely, and draped herself over my lap. The sight of her willingly offering her bare bottom to do with as I pleased was almost overwhelming. I had thought I was going to use the paddle. I had grabbed it from the goody bag as I had walked out of the bathroom. But as I gazed at her ass, I decided I wanted to feel the flesh of her luscious ass on my hand. I wanted to feel the domination as my hard, flat hand, beat her soft bottom into submission. I wanted to see it give and the spring back up, as if to ask for more.

I put my left hand on her outside hip, and gently rubbed and squeezed her ass cheek, with my other hand. I felt both the hardness and curve of her hip, and the soft swell of her beautiful ass. I moved my hand to other mound and caressed and kneaded that one as well. I owned this ass, I could spank it. I could rub it and caress it. I could call this off, bend her over the arm of this couch and drive my staff deep inside and she would let me.

Slap! Went the first swat. It seemed to happen of it’s own volition. It was like I had not thought to do it, but my right hand had decided for itself what direction would be taken. That first blow left a clear red mark on the far cheek. You could clearly make out the fingers of my hand. Mindy had jumped at the pain, but did not cry out. She was likely prepared for much worse, and she might even be thinking that this would not be so bad.

I thought she was wrong.

This time my right hand was a tool for my mind and with clear forethought I delivered another swat, harder, on the same cheek in, in the same area.

“Slap!” It came with a gratifying sound. Mindy had not jumped as much; more of just a nudge. But the sight, almost in slow motion, of her ass giving to the force of my hand, and then watching it spring back up with a shake and shimmy to return to it’s prior location, made me want more. I picked up the pace and deliver four quick and loud slaps to the same cheek. Each slap caught her butt flesh in both a slightly different position, and a different phase of the rebound.

Mindy squirmed and grunted at this. But, I was just getting started.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Went four more rapid blows. More squirming and grunts.

This next series though, I was going to go for a marathon and would not stop at four. I began delivering blow after blow, just as fast as I could. I was not stopping this time, until my arm needed a break.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Expecting me to stay with the pattern, Mindy was surprised and said “Ow” on the fifth consecutive strike to her ass. When six, seven, and eight came down, she was moving with each pain trying to move off my lap.

Ten! Eleven! Twelve!

“Ow! Ow! That hurts! Stop!’

That was what I had been longing for. I wanted to hear her cry out in pain. I wanted her begging for my favor and benevolence. I wanted to her to feel the power I held over her.

Slap! Slap! Slap! The sound of her cries continued as her ass was also beginning to acquire a crimson hue.

“Ow! Please! No more!

“Slap” and she gyrated harder and brought an arm back to try to shield her ass from my relentless barrage. I grabbed the arm, and wrenched it up behind her back and delivered the next spanks a little harder.

Slap! Slap!

“Please! It hurts!

I had not said a word until now.

“Why am I doing this? I asked, punctuating each syllable with a swat to one cheek or the other.

“Because I didn’t wake you up!” she cried in pain, as two more times her ass quivered under another strike.

“Are you a bad girl?” I said using five more strikes of my hand to deliver the sentence.

Owwww! “Yes!” she yelled as she struggled to get off my lap and free her arm to protect her reddening ass.

I kept up the staccato delivery of my blows and speech, working in a syllable for each blow, and delivering each as rapidly as I could.


"Owwww!” she exclaimed, as her ass was starting to become more sensitive to each blow. “I am! I’m sorry! I’ll do better! Please stop! It hurts really bad!”

“Poor baby” I said using two more arm motions to speak this sentence. My speech and arm continued.

“What are you going to do about it!” I said, breaking pattern and only delivering three swats to her behind, with that sentence. The color was now universal. She was red from the top of her butt crack to just below the mounds of her ass cheek.

“Ow! Ow! I don’t know! She was becoming breathless with the pain “Ow! No more! Please! Tell me, uh, uh, what you want me to do!” Just stop! Please!

I stopped. Not because of her pleas, but because that was about fifty swings of the arm. I needed a break. As I caressed and kneaded her hot and bright ass, I said.

“I don’t know either. How about if I just keep spanking you, until one of us comes up with an idea?”

I got in two more swats as she yelled.

“No! No! Please! How about a blow job!”

I stopped again, but unnoticed by her, I picked up the ping pong paddle.

“You just gave me a blow job and you didn’t finish it.” With the sentence completed I delivered two quick swats to her ass. Crack! Crack! Mindy almost broke free as she screamed.

“Owwwwwwwwww! No More! Please!” “I’ll do anything you want! Fuck me! Suck on my boobs! Anything! Please!

The sound of the paddle on her ass was so much different than my hand. It was much louder and sharper. The sensation of driving her ass down was transferred through the handle to my arm, and I noticed how hard I had become.

I stopped, for just a second and delivered another couple of swats, not quite as hard, so I could talk, too.

Crack! Crack!

“Is that the best you can do?”

Owwwwwww! “Stop! Please! Ow! No! She cried in pained and struggling voice.

I decided to turn loose and deliver rapid strong blows down on her already bright and tender ass. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Mindy was struggling hard to escape and yelling for me to stop each time the paddle made contact with red, stinging backside. Each slap of the thin wooden paddle would flatten out that beautiful ass. Each time it would spring back to wait the next blow.

By the fifth blow she could hold back no more. Mindy grabbed the sofa pillow buried her head into it and screamed as loud as she could. I was undeterred and kept up the quick assault, as more rapid fire blows rained down.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

I was actually impressed when after that last swing she pulled her head out of the pillow and blurted out

“Owwwwww! Please! Let me…. Let me.. wake you up! I’ll come up with something good! Owwwww! (as the next swat landed) I promise you will like it! Please! No more ! I’ll be good! Just stop!

I stopped mid swing and moved my left hand from holding her arm down to feel her ass. It was as hot as it looked. It wasn’t cherry red, but it was close. I put the paddle down, and started to rub and squeeze each cheek. She jumped a little at each squeeze, but did not struggle and she relaxed a bit. I moved my hand between her thighs, worked it up, and found that she was very wet.

My dick was hard enough to cut diamonds and the thought of “something good” sounded appealing to the man in charge.

“Ok, what do I do?” I asked as I took my hands off of her still incredibly looking ass, indicating she could get up. She did, and winced as she reached back to rub her swollen bottom.

“Let me throw some cloths on, run downstairs and get something, and while I am gone you can pretend to be asleep. When I come back, I will wake you up, good.” She replied.

She saw the look on my face and guessed right about what I was thinking.

“I’m not up to anything. Really. I want that money. I figure I’m about half way home free. I can’t leave without my ticket or purse; that will be with you. I could call John or someone, but then all of this will have been for nothing.” she replied to my unspoken worry.

“Maybe you would prefer take a chance with the court instead?” I debated.

“I might. I don’t really care about the church either. That’s John’s thing. He’s one of those born again Christians. He was pretty wild when he was younger, and he takes this second chance with the Lord thing, really seriously. It would devastate him to leave the church in shame, and I am sure he would leave me. I’m 37, two kids, divorced twice. I’ve dated a couple of dozen loser guys since then. I am sure John is best man I will ever find. I don’t want to screw this up.”

Good story. I’m such a sucker. But, not so much that I couldn’t come up with a word-stab.

“Un-Huh. Like stealing $30 k was going to bring the two of you closer.”

“It was a few hundred at a time, mostly. I always thought I could just pay it back come payday. But something always seemed to come up. I think I took over a thousand once or twice, trying for a big score. We would go up to Blackhawk most weekends during the good weather months. The church should have caught me at last year’s audit. But I borrowed every dime I could, I cleaned out the 401k and all our savings to put it back in time. After the audit I had to steal it all over again and give everyone, 401k, and savings included, their money back. I lied to John and managed to cover all of that up. I kept trying to win big and replace it, but my luck sucks. Now $30,000 is missing and I had given up hope. Then I heard about your settlement. I hate what you are making me do, but I’d still rather do it and have a shot with John.”

She was getting to me, and I was starting to lose my hard on. But, then it occurred to me that I was doing her a service by making this so painful. She would never want to go through it again. So I decided to make that clear.

“Nice, touching story, Mindy.” I began in a semi-sarcastic tone. “Here is what I heard.”

‘I’m Mindy. I stole a lot of money and now I have to do whatever he wants to earn enough to pay it back. If I don’t; I will be miserable for the rest of my life. He wants me to do disgusting and painful stuff. But, if it is bad enough, maybe I won’t ever do it again.’”

“Yes” she said quietly “That’s the worst part. I know I deserve everything you are doing to me.” She said this she rubbed her bottom and winced. “Back at the airport, when you told me to say “Gambling isn’t worth it” while you were doing my butt...

“Fucking your ass” I interrupted

“..fucking my ass” she said with resignation “I knew you were right. I don’t think I will ever gamble again”

“Yea. Yea. Now I’ve lost my hard on. Thanks for that.” the all-day-sucker said.

Mindy walked over dropped to her knees and put my semi-hard member into her mouth. She swirled her tongue all over the bottom of it, bringing it back to attention. She worked it in and out for perhaps a dozen strokes. She withdrew me from her mouth, and transferred my now hard cock to her hand, where she began to slowly jerk me off.

“All better!” she said as she brightly, and kept up the hand rhythm. “Can I go get the thing I need?”

“Go.” I said “But hurry back! This had better be good. I still have the riding crop that needs work.” I called after her as she disappeared into the bathroom to throw cloths on and run a brush through her hair.

“Go to sleep. I’ll be right back” she answered

I was serious about the riding crop, even if I didn’t sound like it. I did have a duty to make this weekend something she would never want to repeat.

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