Grandpa helps Jackie seduce her dad
Ok folks, part 4 here. If you’ve read this far you’re about done. I finish it here. Oh yea I hope I am not too late here. If incest, slutty girls and dirty old men bother you, you should not read this.

Well the rest of this story seems almost academic. Ellen finally, for the first time in her life began to trust, depend and lean on her sister Margarie. After stealing Margaries potential boyfriend, marrying him, ignoring him and then enlisting Marge in helping her to divorce him, she finally found betrayal. Probably worse betrayal then she has ever given to anyone in her life, but that is probably because no one trusted her enough to let her that close.

Ellen began calling her sister almost daily with divorce updates, for some horrible reason her husbands lawyer seemed prepared for everything. There was nothing she could put her finger on but it seemed that every time she pulled out a legal land mine her husbands lawyer was able to block or deflect it. She filed for divorce thinking that since her husband refused to allow their daughter to have her virginity checked that he must have deflowered her. By god she was still a virgin! She had walked in on her daughter as her girl had opened her legs for her daddy while he sat at his computer looking at online porn. She caught them both red handed! But now they were both publicly denying what she knew and it looked really bad for her. Her only confidant was her sister whom she had outsmarted in her quest to marry this toad that she was now divorcing.
Margie? My god help me if you can. My lawyer sat me down today to talk child support! He was telling me how much I was going to have to pay! It can’t go like this can it? I’m the woman here. I’m supposed to win. Aren’t I?
Margarie had been through this for a while now. Her sisters divorce was actually moving along quite quickly. Her sister, thinking that victory was just around the corner had not thought to postpone anything. Sure she had tried to drop it after she realized how bad it looked for her but John wouldn’t and she still had her sister “on the inside” looking out for her so why drop a losing hand? John on the other hand was doing quite nicely. He was negotiating terms of child support with his soon to be ex wife. Ellen didn’t know that John was willing to drop the support payments in exchange for her leaving him and Jackie alone forever. But then Ellen would never agree to that anyway so the thought was totally academic. What was not academic was the fact that Margarie was coveting the chance to impale her self on Johns oversize cock and that she had her husbands blessing in that regards. That and she had found herself completely enamored with the idea of her husband having intercourse with this presumably underage girl Jackie. Thank god that Bob was such a really good husband, he never could have orchestrated something this complex...
Bob was in the home stretch, this mindless game of sex had gotten out of hand almost from the start. He had flirted with his underage niece who called him grandpa only because she was brought into the world so late in her parents lives. Flirting seemingly went directly to him licking and sucking between her legs. She made a small mistake that cost almost everything. Everything he had done had been a long shot, god knows for whatever reason every long shot he tried worked and now the end of this tightrope walk was almost here.
Margarie was losing her patience, there had been a simmering feud between the sisters since this debacle had started with Ellen’s marriage to John. Thank god she had found Bob who was now seeming like a real knight in shining armor, more so than when she married him. Still she confided in her sister, only to make this deception complete when it was finally done, which seemed to be very soon now.
Ellen? My god I am trying here. I don’t know what to say. It certainly seems like your lawyer is doing the right things. This is just obscene how John can keep shutting you down. You should be winning here. My Bob is still talking to him, the only thing I can guess is that John has figured out that we’re on your side and must be holding back from him. I should probably have my Bob stop talking to your husband.
Margie? No I don’t think so, you two are my only hope. Look I know that Jackie obviously has a fixation on her daddy. My lawyer says its common at her age. I just can’t trust the two of them together when I’m gone all the time. Can I bring her over again this weekend? She really seems to love visiting you guys. At least this way I know that she’s not trying to expose herself to her father while I’m away.
Marge rolled her eyes, she knew that at some point soon here her husband was going to start reaping the rewards of the arrangement they had worked out before she would. Oh well she figured, he’s a good guy. Let him eat cake, well he’d be eating Jackie before he’d be eating cake but her date with John and his oversized penis was in the immediate horizon anyway so this small amount of time wont matter in the long run, right? “Ellen you’re right” she started. Look Jackie’s been here enough during this that this is almost a second home. It has been hard on us but I swear we’re not talking about the divorce stuff at all with her unless it is something that you tell me we need. [God lying to her sister had gotten so easy during all of this]. There were several times during her sisters divorce ordeal that she felt her husband had adequate time to spend an afternoon satisfying his niece. But the looming possibility of another virginity test certainly ruled out the possibility of any real penetration so she had to content herself with that. And the recognition that when this was over the real penetration would be between herself and her sisters ex husband and his big dick! Certainly bring Jackie over for the weekend, at least that is one thing that asshole John hasn’t objected to during this. I’ll be home for most the weekend anyway, Bob and Jackie seem to get along still so hopefully it won’t be a problem.
Ellen thanked her sister for all her help and looked at her vile daughters face as she started motioning her to take her back pack to the van so she could drop her off for another weekend with Bob and Margie.
Bob? Good behavior this weekend again, thank god we’re almost through this. My sister is on her way over again with Jackie. We have her for the weekend. Now you be good, we get our time to play real soon right?
Margarie looked at her husband Bob who seemingly on accident had orchestrated the best sex imaginable after 20+ years of marriage. He had promised to “share” her with her sisters ex husband. Well maybe that was not what he said but that was how it was going to work out. She would go as far as letting him do their daughter who seemed enamored with him anyway, so that she could ride her almost boyfriends cock after how many years of marriage? God her life was turning out in delicious fashion.
Bob smiled and gave his wife a silent thumbs up. This was going to be another weekend of roll playing with his Niece who called him grandpa. His sucking and licking on her little slit while pretending to be her daddy and her hips thrusting her slit into his face till losing herself, all while pretending that he really was her daddy. This was going to somehow change when the divorce was over and the games could stop and the real sex could begin.
For Jackie, her parents marriage came to an end on a Wednesday, not that she would remember that part but it was finally real, and over with. There was some real sexual tension in the air between Grandpa, Grandma and Daddy. Mom was totally out of it and didn’t want anything to do with it anyway so good riddance. Thank god Grandpa was able to help her out. Jackie loved and feared that tension. She loved being a part of it because it actually involved her and she got to show her self off to Grandpa at least. And he seemed to love making her cum in his mouth. Mom was mad and crying and all. Thank god the judge said that she got to stay with her daddy like Grandpa had promised. From what she had gathered, that didn’t happen normally. Well thank god at least this time it did happen the way it was supposed to. Now they were all moving out of the house and in with Grandma and Grandpa. Mom had apparently made sure that since she “lost” that Daddy had to sell the house. They brought the first load of belongings over and Grandma decided that she and Daddy needed to go back and get the next load while she and Grandpa unpacked the first load.. Grandpa wasn’t in much of a hurry and he finally explained why.
Sweetie? During all of this, did you get a chance to see your real daddies penis? No?. That’s ok honey, its just that your daddy is well, bigger then most men. Your grandma knows this and she likes your daddy too. Now that we’re going to be all together we need to find a way to work this out. Now I know that I promised you that we were saving your first time for you and your daddy. But it will probably hurt a lot if you actually do it that way. So what we’re thinking is that we’ll work it out so that your first time will be with me, your daddy will be with your grandma. But we’ll all be together so that we all know what everyone is doing. This seemed like a great solution so Grandpa explained it all.
Margarie and John took most of the day getting that second load but finally came back both she and John looked reasonably satisfied with no explanations for the delay. Margarie had gone over with the intention of working out with John how this finally would all play out but, well there were other more pressing things. Like 9 inches of long delayed cock that needed to be straddled. She managed to explain the basics of what they were hoping to do later on but not much more. She had admonished her husband to not start anything till after they got back, really quick with the second load. But that just didn’t work out that way. So now they were all home and the sexual tension was so thick they could cut it with a knife.
Bob had fortunately foreseen this and had prepared Jackie, when Margie and John came back they found he and Jackie waiting expectantly. Of all things Jackie started talking first.
Daddy? We’ve been talking and there’s some things that I want you to know first. I have wanted you for a long, long time. All the time that I was sleep walking I was really pretending because I just wanted you to see me. Grandpa tells me that you’re really big, you know down there and that Grandma really likes you. I’ve never even seen you and mom hug or kiss, I want to see you hug Grandma, like this. Then she backed into her grandpa and took his hands and wrapped them around her. John silently walked behind Margie and did the same. “We should take off our shoes now too” which everyone did by just kicking them off. “Daddy, kiss Grandma”, Bob leaned down and gave Jackie a kiss on her neck as her daddy did the same to his wife. Jackie took her grandpas hands and began to move them on her chest while saying “now rub gramma” Bob began rubbing Jackie’s chest while watching John begin to massage his wife’s breasts. While he was massaging Jackie’s chest he felt her pull out her shirt as she said “now put your hands under her shirt and rub” Bob began massaging Jackie’s chest over her t shirt but under her regular shirt but Jackie quickly said “on the skin” now as Bob was moving his hands under Jackie’s t shirt which she was holding up he saw John pull his wife’s bra up over her breasts. Watched as Margie’s breasts dropped down to their natural position clearly giving an impression of where her erect nipples were at in the thin fabric before being covered by Johns massaging hands. It was as if the adults had all stopped breathing it was so quiet, except for the directions being given by Jackie and the rustle of clothing as the girls were being massaged.
“Daddy, open up grandmas shirt so I can see” as Bob began unbuttoning Margie’s shirt Jackie held her hands up and Bob lifted leaving her naked from the waist up. Then Margaries beautiful breasts came into view, with John going back to massaging them and pulling on her nipples. Bob did the same for Jackie pulling on her little nipples which were just starting to puff out on their own with small budding breasts beginning to grow. Grandma gasped once and Jackie cooed before saying “rub lower”. Now Bob began rubbing down to Jackie’s crotch and John did the same with his wife. Jackie’s voice was now more on edge as she was getting more direct stimulation to he little clit through her jeans but she still gasped out “I need daddy and grandpa to take off their shirts too. Both men immediately complied and grandma followed suit shedding her open shirt and bra causing her breasts to wobble back and forth for the enjoyment of her husband and niece who were watching. “Now rub lower again” and both men were back to rubbing their mates pussies through there clothing. “Now open up our pants” was Jackie’s next request. Both men complied opening up their girls pants exposing the start of their panties underneath.
Jackie then spoke directly to Margie “Grandma? You need to take down daddies pants while I try to do that with Grandpa” Margie smiled and turned to Bob while Jackie turned to grandpa who had to help her unclasp his slacks which she then drew down. Both men were erect and obviously tenting their shorts. Now Bob could clearly get the impression of what his wife had yearned for. Johns shorts had an enormous erection hidden inside as Jackie now said “now rub inside our pants” Both men reached around slipping their hand inside the open pants and down to their girls treasure. Both girls looked up briefly but then right back down to the show they were facing only a few feet away. Jackie was speaking almost in a whisper now as she said “now pull our pants down”
Both Grandma and niece now stood almost naked in the room, one with bare breasts swaying the other slender and leaning back into her grandpa. Jackie said “grandma do this” while jutting her hips forward and spreading her legs obscenely. Grandma complied showing a very visible wet spot at her opening that was now soaking her panties. Jackie giggled saying “look I’m wet too”. Bob saw his wife and Jackie’s dad both nod their heads as they must be looking at a wet spot between little Jackie’s legs right where his wife’s spot was. “Now make us naked” was Jackie’s next command, both her father and her grandpa immediately complied. Jackie’s face lit up on seeing her grandma nude, “you have no hair down there, like me!” she said almost triumphantly. Then Jackie turned to her grandpa and said “now we have to see your wieners” and began to pull his shorts down. Grandma did the same exposing Johns rather large erection with a very large purple head. Jackie looked back at her daddies penis for the first time, then to her grandma and said “we have to lick” grandma knelt and began to lick Johns enormous cock while Jackie just bent over and sucked her grandpas cock right into her mouth. Her grandpa groaned and Jackie pulled back making a sucking pop noise as his cock left her mouth. She now said. “Both you guys need to sit in a chair facing each other” Each man complied as Jackie now climbed up on her grandpas lap facing her daddy. She watched as grandma did the same. Both girls positioned them selves above their waiting cock’s and then Jackie began to lower herself down. Grandma took the cue and impaled herself in one motion on Johns cock. Grandma and dad watched as Jackie positioned and moved and pushed until all the sudden her grandpas cock was sliding inside of her. Jackie’s eyes were wide as he tore through her hymen and she settled down with almost the entire penis inside of her. Bob blurted out “oh god I can feel something, I hit bottom.” Jackie’s face was fixed in lust, she began turning and trying to move it in and out but her legs were dangling in the air while she was impaled on her grandpas cock. Grandma didn’t have that problem. She was able to use her feet to pick herself up and lower back down causing Johns cock to slide into view before disappearing back inside her vagina. Grandpa came to the rescue picking Jackie up high enough that he could thrust a little in and out. Due to the forced abstinence John wasn’t able to hold on long and began grunting first. Grandma just smiled and sat down taking the whole 9 inches while Jackie watched her fathers ball sack pull up tight then begin to spasm. Almost immediately thick white sperm began to seep out and around grandmas smooth slit. At the same time that her daddy was unloading inside of grandma daddies cell phone started to ring. Daddy recognized the ring and said “that’s Ellen” Jackie said “don’t answer it” and everyone laughed. Now grandpa began squirting his load into Jackie, the sight of his wife taking such a huge member inside of her then seeing the flood of sperm start to leak out was more than he could take. As Bob began thrusting his load inside of Jackie’s wide open slit Grandmas phone began to ring, it was also Ellen. Grandma stood up and Jackie watched as she saw the grown woman’s slit gaping open after her daddy’s penis left it. At the same time there was a huge glop of sperm that fell out of grandmas open hole and onto daddies withering cock.
Grandma opened the phone while breathlessly saying “Ellen”, Grandma must have hit a button because she now had the phone on speaker and everyone heard Jackie’s mom say “when are they coming back for another load? Or is that asshole busy raping our daughter?” While grandma was talking Jackie’s grandpa was still squirting sperm up into her little pussy. Grandma laughed and said “oh no, the boys are just finishing their second load” but the way she pronounced the word load made it sound different. Everyone heard Ellen scream “load?”
Now grandmas voice turned into the kind of hiss that you normally heard from Jackie’s mom
as she told her sister “Yes your John just finished inside of me and we’re watching right now as my Bob is unloading inside of your Jackie, I got what you took from me you asshole and we’re all getting what you wouldn’t give in your marriage, is that what you wanted to hear? Call the police on us if you like, it’s not the truth but it’s what needs to be said. We’ll be back for the rest when we’re ready, GOOD NIGHT!”
Everyone in the room was silent after that, finally John said “my god, she’s not going to believe that. You just told her the truth and she’s just going to stew on it and do nothing” Which is exactly what happened. They walked around the house naked with the girls dripping sperm from their slits talking about what had just happened. When the shock of the call had worn off the guys were starting to get hard again. So this time they swapped partners. Jackie went to her dad and Margie went to her husband. Now Jackie was terribly nervous so her grandma stepped in. She let Jackie know that the boys were going to need some encouragement to get hard again for them so that “we” need to do something for them. She then began licking the dried sperm off her husbands cock and Jackie followed suit doing the same with her daddies penis. In short order both men were hard enough to penetrate and Grandma climbed up on Grandpas lap and Jackie did the same with her Daddy. Grandma was able to easily position herself over her husbands cock and it slid right in, Jackie was having more problems then that. With her feet unable to touch the floor she was using her knees for support but the large purple head of her daddies penis appeared to be too big to fit in her entrance. She kept positioning and re-positioning and pushing down a little but was afraid to force it inside. She looked up at Grandpa in frustration and asked “grandpa? How does grandma feel compared to me?” “Well sweetie, right now she feels loose and sloppy wet because of how your daddies penis just filled her up and pumped her full of his sperm” There was a sudden glazing on Jackie’s eyes from hearing that, her desire for what daddy had just done to grandma overcame everything else, grandma and grandpa both gasped as they saw the large purple head of her daddies penis disappear inside her vagina. Immediately after that Jackie let out a grunting type of groan as she slid down on her daddy’s erection taking all but the last 3 inches.
Grandpa thrusted into grandma grunting out the words “I’m gonna” grandma said “pull my tits” but then she started pulling on her own nipples as she said it. John said “sweetie” as he took hold of his daughters hips, picked her up and began thrusting. There was no way to fit his entire cock inside her vagina but after just a few thrusts he did fit his entire load inside of her open slit. Grandma leaned back while grandpas cock was still inside her and softening, she held her slit open and began massaging herself using the sperm of both men to lubricate her fingers finishing off her orgasm in front of John and her niece.
After they all had calmed down from their sex, and without any effort to get dressed grandma announced “well I fully expect the two of you to stay with us for a good long time while your daddy gets back on his feet after all of this, he’s going to need to save money to buy a house for you and all”

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