My sister and me had been going through puberty so we both had been growing pubic hair and I could get erections. 3 weeks ago my parents went up to London for the day and left my sister and me alone in our house from 6 in the morning to 7 at night. This is the story when me and my sister done it for the first time accidentally but it still felt good.

I woke up and I walked into my sister room and woke her up too. She said she was going to have a bath and I said to her “I will have one after when you have got out. I went and got some breakfast and after I had done that I went back upstairs to get ready from a bath. I undressed myself and then I wrapped a towel round me and I went into the bathroom cause I needed the toilet and then I was going to get into the bath. I walked in and I saw my sister in the bath nude, her boobs were quite big and she had some pubic hair but not a lot. My penis started to become erect. And made a tent in my towel. I took my towel off while my sister was looking at me. I sat on the toilet a quickly went to pee before my penis wouldn’t let me because it was erect. I couldn’t help but look at my sis because she looked so nice.

I said to my sis “would you mind me getting in the bath with you”. She said “no not really”. I walked over to the bath with my erect penis. My sister did not stop looking at it. I got in the bath and sat down at the other end of the bath to my sister. I said to my sister “can you play with my penis”, she said “ok then what do u want me to do”. I said to her “just play with my penis”. I moved closer to her and I put my leg under her legs so that she could have enough room to be able to put my penis in her mouth. She played with it for about 5 minutes. I then moved away from her and told her to lye down and lift her legs back behind her head. She could do this because she is flexible and she goes dancing. I told her to do this so that I could have a good view of her fanny so that I could stick my tongue and finger all the way in it. I played with her for about 5 minutes too.

Then we got back into the position that we was in when she was playing with my erect penis. I put my legs under hers. I pushed my erect penis down to the bottom of the bath so it was horizontal, I then moved closer and closer to my sister’s vagina. I touched it and she let out a light scream. I then moved it all the way in. She screamed and in took it back out again and we both got out the bath. We both got dry and we both went into my sister’s bedroom. She wanted to have sex on her bed with me. So that is what we did. I inserted my erect penis back into her vagina and pumped her hard, until we both wanted to cum. When I wanted to I got my sister to suck my penis until I shot my cum into her mouth. When I had cumed in my sisters mouth I fingered her till she came the licked her vagina clean. Then we both got back into the bath and had a wash. Then I went back into her bedroom with her to watch her get dressed. She put a thong and bra on. Then we both got into her bed, she made my penis erect again by playing with it and then she inserted it back into her vagina. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen, she wanted me to have sex with her again. I asked her what she was doing. She said “I want to fall asleep with your willy in my private part. So we did, we both fell asleep while my penis was in her vagina. We were asleep for 1 hour and a half. We both woke up and I removed my floppy willy from her fanny and then I went back to my room and got dressed, we now have sex together whenever we both feel like it. I love her forever my sis.

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2014-11-26 10:08:20
I liked my sleeping stepsisters pussy and she came in my mouth
Fuking sexy and i m going to fuck her next

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2014-11-01 12:10:31
nice story wish it happend to me

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2014-08-20 23:24:40
I licked my sisters fanny

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2014-01-25 19:12:23
You are disgusting thats fucking terrifying

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2013-07-12 16:55:42
I WISH I HAD A FREAKING BROTHER THIS GOT ME SOOOOO EXCITED (if u knoe what i mean)....i wannah do thos with my stepmoms son nick he is soo hot and he's older n hes 15..sometimes when everyones at work and im over at my dads thats rlly all i can think bout wen were alone!.... buht i seriously need a older bro cause this just sounded SOOOO GOOD!!!!! and all these ppl posting comments about how y'all had sex with your younger sis...y'all have som lucky sisters!!!!

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