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Jeannette picks her first person
Chapter 1 – Return to Earth
Brandon and Jeannette finished their hike down from Mt. Crestview, being as friendly and jovial as they could, but sometimes getting completely lost in their own thoughts. It had been an quite the interesting day. Jeannette was the daughter of a sex genie, and had the power to see the fantasies of those around her. They had decided to put that skill to good use, and had fulfilled the fantasy of a shy schoolmate to find someone to love that shared her love of the outdoors. The buildup had been a frenzy of activity by them over the last few days, not to mention they had only started dating just days before that, and had discovered Jeannette's powers completely by accident quickly after getting together. Finally, when Becky's dream had been fulfilled, he and Jeannette had experienced the mental equivalent of a massive orgasm, minus the physical outcome.

The end result was a kind of shocked euphoria. They were thrilled that they had been able to bring Becky out of her shell, and find her a man who not only shared her interests, but was kind and caring as well. The buildup of the past few days had been draining to say the least, as it had seemed a headlong rush to see if they could pull it off, and the stars then aligning almost perfectly to create the situation, but which also required them to quickly react to take advantage of the moment before it was lost to them.

They both enjoyed joking and laughing with the new couple. Becky seemed like a completely new person. They had seen her open up a little as soon as she set foot on the mountain, as she seemed to feel more comfortable outdoors. Now she was almost glowing, having finally found someone that felt the same way she did. Brandon laughed once they got close to the lodge, as he imagined her almost skipping with joy, the thought a stark contrast to her usual quiet and nervous persona at school.

When they finally reached the lodge, Becky and Rob decided they wanted to hike some of the side trails. Since Brandon had been forced to fake a slight ankle sprain, Rob said he would be happy to take Becky home, and then the two of them quickly walked off to go explore together, holding hands and talking about their favorite little spots they had discovered over the years, now wanting to share them with one another.

Brandon slid into the passenger seat, and looked over at his girlfriend, then sighed heavily. “Wow, I am completely drained now.”

Jeannette nodded in agreement, and started the car for the ride home, still looking beautiful as ever, but Brandon could see the exhaustion behind her eyes as the aftereffects of the adrenaline rush of their day so far hit her hard.

He decided to get the obvious discussion over with early. “So, what the heck was that? I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that it was due to us fulfilling her dream, but it's a good thing that we weren't standing looking over the edge when that happened, or we may have come down the mountain the fast way.”

She glanced over at him, too tired to feign even a smile at his weak attempt at a joke. “Well, I can't say I disliked it in the end, but it was certainly unexpected. Good thing neither of us has the physical effects of it though, or else you would have had some explaining to do. And most likely I wouldn't have been much better. I guess we should make sure we keep to safe places when we do this again.”

“So you want to do this again as well? I was the one pushing this, but I don't want you to have to do anything you are not completely into.”

“It's a great idea. What better use of something like that than to make people as happy as we are? However, I think we should try doing it a bit differently going forward. Let's each pick a person, and work on them together. Also, let's try to pick the next couple to be a bit easier, or maybe at least give us a longer time-frame to get fulfill them. We obviously need to keep on top of school work better, and have some relaxing time to just enjoy each other without being 'on a mission'.”

“Sounds fair enough. I'm still going to end up sticking to my gut on what I pick, but I will definitely try to make them reasonable. Then again, this one seemed reasonable, its just that everything fell into place extremely fast. I do think it will be nice to be able to explore each other's interests and curiosity through helping others. Which leads me to a question. When I look at you and we are touching, I don't see fantasies. Can you see any for me?”

“No, I don't even see a display for you. Maybe we are immune because we are sharing the power.”

“Possibly, but there are a couple of other thoughts. First, maybe it's because none of mine are really serious, and we only see the more entrenched desires. Another option is because I am completely content with our sex life, and so I don't have anything elaborate planned for us, especially as I never really imagined I would ever even be with you. So, do you have anything I should know about then?”

“Not really. It's mostly been spur of the moment stuff, and you have never failed to satisfy me. I also think it helps that I know you and I can explore ourselves through the people we pick, so I haven't come up with anything either. Mind you, I know I am the daughter of a sex genie, and if nature isn't enough, she also raised me to be rather open minded, so nurture has also made me relatively open to a variety of experiences. Since I didn't have a partner yet, I kind of walled off that part of me, but now I think I am ready to explore some of those things with you.”

“Well, I was raised quite a bit more conservatively, so please be understanding and at least try to ease me into things, if you don't mind.”

She smiled at him. “I would never force you to do anything I believed you didn't want to. I may push you on occasion, but I will try be nice about it.”

He smiled in agreement, as he caught some naughty undertones to her words, and thought that all this might turn out quite fun after all.

“I do have one request, at least for the time being. Since we are so new at this, for now I want you all to myself. I've waited years for you, and I think I would be more than a little jealous of another person having you at all. Not to mention a little self conscious about any comparisons you might make between us.”

“You have nothing to fear. Most of it is mental, so you wouldn't have to worry about comparisons. Not to mention that you are the one I am spending the rest of my life with. I'm not about to go running off with someone else. Not only is that against everything I've been raised by my parents to be, but I love you completely. You've accepted me fully, and we share something extremely powerful together. I honestly believe there is no one else but you for me. I'm not saying this to convince you that other people should be let into our bedroom, but to assure you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about if either of us decides that is something that appeals to us or if the circumstances are just right. We'll just take it as it goes.”

He had to accept her logic, and while he was still insecure after years of not being quite good enough for the girls around him, he accepted that if they decided to delve into those types of desires that he had nothing to worry about, at least intellectually. He wasn't sure how his irrational fears would come into play however.

Jeannette then quickly changed the topic, and Brandon appreciated her distracting him from dwelling on those thoughts for too long. “So, we are both rather exhausted after all that. And I believe that there was some talk a few days ago about a nap together, and I have a nice cozy bed that seems to have been created for just that purpose. I say we put it to good use this afternoon.”

Brandon nodded, feeling the weariness come over him again. He knew that Jeannette was tired as well, and they spent the rest of the drive talking about random things, trying to keep each other awake and focused enough to get them home safely.

Chapter 2 – Rest and Relaxation

They trudged into Jeannette's house, greeted her parent's as nicely as they had the energy to muster, and then told them that they were going to take a nap. Jack's eyebrows raised for a moment, but sighed and nodded after a glance from his wife. Brandon nodded to him to thank him for his understanding, and to show that he respected Jack's position. In order not to prolong the awkwardness, Jeannette took Brandon's hand, and led him upstairs.

Brandon simply peeled off his clothes, leaving just his boxers, and crawled under the blankets. He was too drained to even appreciate the view of Jeannette doing the same thing. He did however fully enjoy the warmth of her as she crawled under the covers herself. She turned away from him and curled up in almost a fetal position, and Brandon wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tightly to him. She covered his arms with her own and squeezed his hand tightly, before they both rapidly fell asleep.

It was dusk when they stirred each other awake. Brandon still felt tired and mentally out of it from his brain being awakened from its stupor, but he knew he needed to get up soon if there was any chance of falling asleep that night. Jeannette whimpered when he tried to take his arms from around her, and pulled him tighter to her. “Just five more minutes. Please.”

Since one of his arms was asleep anyway and was basically useless, he didn't have much of a choice. Five minutes of course turned into ten, and then fifteen, before he was finally able to get her to wake up fully and release his arms. The one under her shocked him with pain as the blood started circulating fully again, but it went away after a minute or two. That gave him his first real opportunity to appreciate his girlfriend in just her underwear, as she was lounging on her arm watching him massage his arm back to usefulness, not wanting to touch him for fear of making the pain even worse. His body made sure she was aware of his appreciation as well, and she smiled at him. “I thought that was only supposed to happen early in the morning?” she asked teasingly.

“It can happen anytime, but around you it seems to happen just about all the time. I have just gotten rather practiced at hiding it.”

“Well, my parents are rather adept at noticing things like that, so we can't have you trying to get one over on them.” She sighed resignedly. “I guess I will just be forced to do something about it.”, she said, running her fingers lightly down his chest and belly before lightly stroking him over his boxers. It jumped, and she giggled. “Oooh, I think he likes me. Maybe I should wake him up with a good morning kiss.” She grinned wickedly, and then leaned over and kissed his tip through his boxers. He had been leaning up on his elbows, but fell backwards at her touch, and he involuntarily moaned. “Shhhh,” she whispered, “you know you are supposed to keep quiet.”
“In that case,” he countered, “why don't we both have some fun, and keep both of our mouths occupied?” With that, he reached over and pulled down her panties, and she moved her legs over his chest, all the while kissing up and down his shaft, teasing him relentlessly. She then opened up his fly, and took him slowly into her mouth, her tongue flattened and almost curled to wrap around him as much as it could. He moaned, his lips also occupied sucking on her outer lips, his tongue teasing the sensitive skin there, and she responded by trying to shift her hips around to get him to move where she wanted him. He slid his mouth over as if to finally give her what she wanted, but then stopped, running his tongue over the inside of her outer lips, but never actually entering her slit. He could tell when her frustration peaked, and before she could adjust her hips down to stop his teasing, he flicked his tongue through her slit forcefully, and she responded by taking him deeper into her mouth. He realized that the more he toyed with her, the more excruciating she would make it for him, and he relented and gently started lapping her juices up, swirling his tongue all around her. She responded by swirling her tongue around him as much as she could, although her angle was such that she was not able to put as much constant pressure on his sensitive underside as she could the last time.

He flicked rolled his tongue around her clit slowly and gently, and she bucked into him hard, so he swirled around it slightly faster before moving lower. He probed her with his tongue, and she took him into her mouth right up to her throat. He thrust his tongue into her, and he responded by driving her hips into him, pushing him in as deep as she could get him, and at the same time managing somehow to take him deeper, and she used her whole body to stimulate both of them in concert. Brandon slipped two fingers into her and slid his tongue up to her clit, and she began to deep throat him, making it feel as if he really was fucking her. He couldn't last long at her frantic pace, and he knew she would tire herself out quickly contorting her body back and forth in opposite directions to get the timing right. He began to press hard against her clit with his tongue, stimulating it as much as possible. That seemed to do the trick, and she moaned in her throat, and the vibrations sent him over the edge. He began spurting right down her throat, and she coaxed as much out with her tongue as she could while he ravaged her clit, bringing her to orgasm just as his finally finished. Her body shook wildly with the climax, and she released him from her mouth, and her body limped against him. He wrapped his arms around her hips and continued to lightly lick her and swirl his tongue around her, even as she tried to pull away a few times. A minute or two later, he took the chance and lightly caressed her bud with his tongue, and she moved into his, her sensitivity decreased enough for her to enjoy it. He slowly built up speed and pressure, until her hips were grinding into his face again, and she came again, hard, gripping his legs with her hands, almost bruising them with the tightness of her grip as she found her release.

Brandon kissed along her slit and across her two outer lips again, giving her a gentle let down as he decreased his touch on her. Eventually he laid his head back down, and she sighed contentedly, her cheek resting on his thigh.

“Well, I think we did ok in the quiet department.”, she said, “I think mom may have made sure there were special springs in the bed that wouldn't squeak. However, I'm a mess, and so is your face. We should get cleaned up before we go down there. We both need showers anyway after this morning, and at least you packed extra clothes for the hike in case something happened. I'd prefer you join me, but I don't think dad is ready for that yet, so I'll go first. You rest for a few minutes, lover.”

She rolled off of him and off of the bed, and leaned over and kiss him quickly. He gazed at her sublime form as it strolled over to her dresser and then her closet as she picked out her clothes. She smiled at him as she put on a bathrobe and walked into her bathroom, and then he couldn't hear anything over the sounds of the fan and the water running. Her comments made his train of thought lead directly to imaging joining her in there, and he relaxed in that fantasy for a few minutes while she finished that shower, and his body responded as well, returning to its earlier aroused state while he considered the thoughts of what they could do together in the shower. She came out, still just wearing the bathrobe, with a towel wrapping her hair. When she looked at him, she smiled at his obvious erection, and walked over to him. She pulled the towel off her head, massaged her scalp rapidly with splayed fingers, then ran her fingers through her beautiful hair, and commented, “I see my comments had their intended effect.” She undid the sash, and shrugged the bathrobe off her shoulders, moisture still accentuating her perfect and unblemished skin. She looked at him seriously, “Remember, this is all yours. You can imagine anything you like.” She leaned in close, her nude body filling his field of view, and hoarsely whispered, “And once you are done imagining it, just tell me, and I'll happily make it happen. Whenever and wherever you want. And I will be certain to ensure that the fantasy pales in comparison to reality.” She kissed his tip, and again took him into her mouth. She bobbed rapidly, focused on giving him as much pleasure as fast as possible, her tongue doing wicked things to him, and he soon had no choice but to shoot his load right into her very talented mouth. She swallowed happily, “There, now I don't feel so bad about finishing twice. Now get up and go take a shower so we can go get some food. I'm starving.”

Brandon couldn't bring himself to move for a minute longer, but eventually he worked up the energy to get off the bed. He took a quick but refreshing shower, and went downstairs to join the family. Jeanette was helping her mom finish up a quick dinner, and they both smiled up at him when he entered the kitchen. He heard the tapping of a keyboard in the next room, and got up to talk to Jack, as a concern from earlier in the day again came to the forefront of his mind.

Chapter 3 – A Man to Man Talk

He entered Jack's elegantly appointed study, and sat down in a chair opposite the desk. Jack glanced up at him briefly, then typed away for a few moments more, finishing up his thought. Once he had completed it, he closed the laptop lid and leaned back, studying Brandon, and waiting for him to speak.

“Jack, there is something I wanted to talk about. It's kind of an odd question, but I think it would be wise for us to discuss. I know that I have only been a recent part of your daughter's life, but I still wanted to talk to you. This afternoon as we were driving back, Jeannette was rather tired, but she was forced to drive the entire way. While I have a license, I wouldn't feel comfortable driving her car without your permission.”

Jack smiled, amused at the such a simple request appearing so important to Brandon. “Well, as far as the use of the car is concerned, perhaps you should know that Jeannette earned it by working for her mother and I, so she decides who can drive it. However, since you will be driving my daughter, I think I should probably give you a quick driving test to show you will keep her safe. Can you drive stick?”

Brandon shook his head.

“Well, I guess you will have to wait to try out the Corvette then.” Brandon's eyebrows raised. “We will have to take Jen's car in that case.”

They exited the study, and told the girls that they were headed out for a quick drive. Jeannette gave Brandon a nervous look, but he told her through their mental link that everything was fine, and that it was actually his idea. She still didn't to appear thrilled by the concept of them together where she couldn't act as a buffer, but she let them leave.

Jack tossed Brandon the keys, and they started down the street.

“Brandon, I'm sure you are a fine driver, but I thought this might be a good time for us to talk anyway away from the girls. I know this must be a little unnerving being in such close confines with me, but I think it is best you understand me better.”

“I got Jen's vessel through a family member's estate, and spent days solving the puzzle that opened it. That day changed my life completely, as is to be expected. She was brought into the world and created as the perfect woman for me, and she has also become a partner to me, in the sense that while I am technically her master, I consider us equals, and encouraged her to think of us that way as well. She is everything a man can want, and far more. I was fortunate enough to figure out ways to use her powers to come up with some rather nice inventions which frankly revolutionized an industry. We enjoyed ourselves for years, and then we decided to start a family, to experience those joys and challenges.”

“Of course, you know that Jeannette is extremely special to me, as I believe most daughters are to their fathers, at least they should be. We always were aware that there were risks with Jen being who she is, but we knew that any child we had would be taken care of, and Jeannette has been everything we could have ever wanted. Now, every girl eventually grows up, and I knew I would have to let go at some point, but I didn't expect it to be quite so sudden. I guess I understood that it may have to be rushed if any of Jen's powers were inherited, but she wasn't even looking for anyone, so I happily stayed in my fantasy world of her always being my little girl.”

“Obviously, I know the two of you were basically forced into making a deep commitment almost instantly due to the circumstances. And it only stands to reason that you would consummate that commitment. If I didn't know that, I wouldn't have been able to wish for you guys to have the room that would assist you to better be intimate. Jen knows me enough that she can interpret my wishes, and that allowed you two to have some say in the room, although I'm sure Jen added a few of her own embellishments.” Brandon couldn't help but smirk at the last part. The massive dildo in the nightstand had been quite the find that day.

Jack continued, “I definitely appreciated that you didn't jump right into bed with her that first night, and instead focused on making her feel special and comfortable. And the fact that you have shown understanding and sympathy about my requests for discretion has been welcome as well. I just wanted to thank you for being the type of man who cares enough about my daughter to also care about her family. You were thrown in the middle of a rather surprising situation, and you have handled yourself remarkably well.” He motioned for them to take a turn that would lead back to the house.

“Although I agree that it has been quite the whirlwind the past few days, I should have you know that Jen can read the intents of people. She avoids doing it unless I ask her for privacy purposes, but I asked her to read yours in a moment of weakness. She told me you only have the purist motivations, and I accept that. So from now on, you don't have to ask me for permission for anything. Since it is rather likely you two will be together permanently, barring any sudden illness or something tragic, I wanted you to know that I consider you a part of the family now. You will likely end up learning some interesting things, and have to keep quiet about most of the secrets that we obviously have to keep. However, it also means that you get some of the benefits.”

They pulled into the driveway. “You are now officially one of my employees. I haven't finalized your job deion quite yet, but I'm not really worried about that at the moment. You two need time to get to know one another, and also make sure to keep up your grades. To that end, I've been thinking along the same lines as you have, and that is why I picked up this yesterday.” The garage door opened, and a fully loaded Lexus greeted his eyes. “This is your company vehicle, and there is a company credit card in the cup holder for gas and other maintenance. Give Jeannette your receipts, that is one of her responsibilities to stay on top of. Brandon?”

Brandon stood, completely slack jawed. He didn't expect this in his wildest dreams, and he wasn't sure if he could accept it. For one thing, it was way too much for Jack to be spending on him. For another, how on earth would he explain it to his own parents, whose cars were rather beat up?

“Brandon, I know this was a shock, but trust me, I can certainly afford it. In fact, I could afford to buy the factory with the patents and investments Jen and I have made. This is not charity. You will be responsible to do things for me from time to time, and you are also keeping the morale up of one of my best employees. It's also an investment in keeping those I care about safe. Like I said, you are part of the family now, and this is one of the rewards of being in the family.”

Jen and Jeannette appeared at the front door, and walked out to them. Jeannette smiled broadly, and gave him a side squeeze. “Mom told me after you left. And dad had messaged her that you went in to dad to ask him about driving my car, giving him the perfect chance to give this to you. You seem to have quite the knack for asking the right questions at the right times.” She squeezed him again. “Now, let's go eat dinner, and then you can drive us all out for ice cream. I know a place that should still be open this late in the season.”

Brandon allowed himself to be led inside, still slightly in shock. They sat down a the table, and began to eat. When Jen asked what made them think to go mountain climbing, they told them the entire story about how they were using Jeannette's powers to help other people out, and detailed how their first attempt had come together shockingly fast.

Jack smiled, “I knew you two would find ways to keep busy, but I had no idea you were so quickly jumping in. Your mother and I have done similar things for years, and I'm happy you are using your powers to make other's lives more fulfilled. Brandon, keep me apprised of what you guys are up to, and we will help if you need it, although I think it would be better if you guys figured things out for yourselves. And since you will likely keep busy doing these things, I'll come up with some way to justify it as part of your job deion, perhaps creating new customers or something like that.”

They chatted away about a variety of other topics until dinner ended, and then Brandon drove them all to the ice cream stand to try out his new car, and then drove it home, reveling in his new found freedom and the amazing turn his life had taken. When he got home, he explained to his shocked parents about Jack hiring him to take care of some things for the family company. He told that that he had tried to refuse, but Jack had been insistent, and it would have been rude to continue to fight with him about it, so he had relented. That seemed to pacify his parents, and he went up to bed, drained again, even with his nap earlier in the day.

Chapter 4 – New Assignments

The next day at school he entered to quite the commotion, and he smiled when he overheard that it was all about Becky and Rob. He had now been a part of setting the school abuzz about shocking relationships twice now in the last week. When he ran into the new couple on their way to classes, Becky even went so far as to run over to him and give him a big hug, and she was absolutely beaming. Just that simple change made her look like a completely different person, and he was extremely happy for her. He wasn't sure how much she knew about them planning parts of it, but he figured that even if she did realize that she had been set up, she was thrilled at the outcome. The fact that the two couples were seen being so friendly was not lost on a few people, and Brandon realized he would have to be careful not to get too much of a reputation as a matchmaker, or it could lead to issues. On the other hand, it might also make some people more receptive to his helping them if they realized he had a worthwhile track record.

He tried to touch Jeannette as he discreetly could that day, looking around to try and find the next subject that interested him. It took him almost all day to make up his mind, mostly because he wasn't sure if he really wanted the one that most appealed to him. It could be a major undertaking, and Jeannette would play a very large part.

After school, Brandon did all the paperwork to get a parking spot, then he and Jeannette drove to his house to do their homework and talk about their options for the next people they chose. Jeannette had an evil smile on her face the entire time they drove home, and it made Brandon more than just a little bit nervous. She was obviously scheming something, and Brandon just hoped it wasn't something that was going to make him look very stupid.

She bounced onto his bed and looked over at him. “I go first. Sandy Williams.” She smiled massively.

He looked at her confused. “She's pretty popular. She can likely have any guy she wants. Why her?”

“She has a particular penchant for watching. Her fantasies mostly involve seeing other people doing things. I'm not sure if it is an adrenaline rush about being caught, about knowing people's intimate secrets, or because she saw something when she was younger and had that as one of her formative sexual experiences. Whatever the reason, that is what she thinks about the most.”

Brandon did not like where this was headed. They had only just yesterday talked about not having competition, and now she was immediately pushing him to accept that. His face darkened, feeling massively betrayed. He loved her deeply, but did not want to spend the rest of his life with her pushing him and forcing growth before he was completely comfortable with where he was at the moment. They had only just started getting comfortable with one another. And his insecurities certainly did not help this at all. He was still shy, since years of not being seen as an option by most girls had made him rather self conscious. Only the fact that Jeannette had made a significant commitment with him, plus his extreme horniness, made him at all comfortable with her seeing him naked, but he was certainly not at ease still. Now he had to deal with the idea of another woman judging him, and he was worried he would be found wanting.

Her face fell, realizing that she might have misjudged his reaction. Brandon had a deep look of fear and concern in his eyes, and her face turned compassionate and understanding in response. She took his hands, and looked him squarely in the eye. “Let me finish, please. I was going for shock value, and I thought it would be fun, so I thought you might take it that way. I wasn't thinking about how else you could react. I have some guesses as to what I think you are worried about, but I don't want to assume right now. Please, tell me what your concerns are.”

Her caring tone allowed Brandon to open up, and he explained his point of view to her. She probed him with questions occasionally, trying to find the roots of his feelings of inadequacy. While she had been self assured and confident, knowing her celibacy was self imposed, she realized his had been an entirely different experience. And her heart went out to him, realizing the depths of the pain which he had put upon himself without realizing it. He had grown to think himself inadequate and unloveable, just because girls could be superficial and focus on the guys that were unattainable, wishing for them instead of the wonderful people that dwelled just below their radar, but were a better fit for most of them.

When Brandon had finished, Jeannette hugged him tightly to her, and she whispered her love to him into his ear. She leaned back, holding his shoulders. “I know that's how you have been trained to feel. I understand that. However, you are now with me. And I have told you I am yours for life. Am I good enough for you? Can you be content with me?”

He nodded quickly, knowing full well he wouldn't feel content with anyone else anymore. She was his partner and his equal, and their shared goals gave them a purpose to their lives that most people searched years for. Her beauty, intelligence, honesty, and caring made her everything he had ever wanted.

“Good. Then you need to learn to not care what any other girls think. I should be the only one whose opinion matters. At the end of the day, you will be coming home to me. Well, not yet, but you know what I mean. And I will always love you. The other girls were too dumbly focused on the few epitomes of strength, looks, brains, and humor to see the people were were the best balance of those things. The jocks tend to not have the brains, and half the time they don't have the looks either. None of them is a balance, they just happen to be the best of something in this little world we live in. However, you are certainly no push over in any of those departments. While you are not the hottest guy in school, you are certainly a 'hottie'. Haven't you noticed the way that the girls have been looking at you lately? Now that you are off the market, they realized you had been quite the catch. I'm just happy I got to you first.”

She leaned in close to him. “Perhaps I need to prove how amazing you are, and remind you what you have. Even when I'm tired or stressed, the thought of you comforts me. And any time I think about being with you, I get so hot it drives me insane. And now just thinking about that is getting me more than just mildly moist...”. She pushed him back onto the bed, and kissed him forcefully. Not wanting her to think that she was the one that wanted this more, and wanting to show how much she meant to him, he kissed back with even more fervor, and rolled her over onto her back, and ground hard against her. They looked at each other with wild eyes, completely lost in their passion for one another. It took every fiber of being for Brandon not to literally rip her clothes off. He pulled up her shirt and pushed her bra up off her breasts, and attacked them with his mouth. He sucked forcefully on her nipples, and lightly bit them, causing her to moan heavily. While his mouth was busy, he was undoing her jeans and pushing them down her legs as fast as he could, and she was doing the same for him. He eventually got them off along with her panties, and wasted no time entering her, driving himself to the hilt in one thrust. They groaned, their inflamed passions glowing even hotter, their bodies grinding together vigorously, their minds lost in their shared need. Brandon pounded her relentlessly, and she met his every thrust with one of her own. Her nails dug into his back, their furious ecstasy driving them wild. They mashed their lips together, so lost in their potent fury that they didn't even want to put the energy into a real kiss. They came, powerfully and abruptly, the heights of their passion reaching a frenetic pace, and Jeannette screamed loudly as she lost all control over herself.

Brandon fell limply on top of her, panting heavily. Once Jeannette had caught her own breath, she purred contentedly, and caressed her lover's back, relaxing in the afterglow of their passions. Brandon reluctantly got up, and they both got dressed, not wanting his mother to catch them in that position. That would certainly have been an interesting conversation, and one that he certainly did not want to have at the moment.

“There, that should at least start to get your ego back to its proper level. Let's make sure to keep having regular sessions to teach you to be more self assured.” She said as she pulled her bra back down and repositioned it, talking as if she was his therapist. “Please don't hesitate to contact me earlier however if you need a little pick me up. We can't have you backsliding into self loathing again.” She smiled at him, and kissed his cheek as she bent over to pull up her pants and panties.

She went to the bathroom to clean up, and returned, somehow using her womanly powers to make it look like she hadn't been ravished moments earlier. Her hair was neat and she smelled amazing. He had no idea how she pulled it off. He tried to do the same thing, but he was still slightly unkempt when he walked back into the room. She did her best to straighten him out, but didn't overdo it, as he was usually a little disheveled after a long day.

She sat him back down. “Now that we've started working on that issue, can I continue with my idea?”

He resignedly nodded, knowing that she was going to want to do it no matter what, and realizing that maybe she did know what was best in this case. He didn't love the thought of having someone else with them, but as long as he could just focus on her, maybe it wouldn't be too bad. If he could pretend there was no one else there, he might be able to cope.

“I wasn't thinking of having someone come home with us or go to a hotel and just strip down. One of her fantasies is people in the dressing rooms where she works. She usually can't see much, but I think we could let her see a little more than she was expecting, to give her a new thrill. You wouldn't have to be exposed to her if you didn't want to be. Plus, I think it would be fun to play dress up for you. This would be your chance to redeem your rain check from Saturday, and get the added benefit of the release right then, which was your excuse for not doing it last time. Are you game?”

He had to agree it was definitely less invasive than he had been thinking, and could be fun. He was more than a little nervous about being caught, but if it was where Sandy was working, that would be easier to control.

“Alright, I'll do it. And actually, me stepping out of my comfort zone may be payback for the work you will likely have to do for mine.” She looked at him quizzically. “I decided on Megan Bradley.”

Jeannette's eyes went so wide he was worried they would fall out. “The 'Ice Queen'”?!? Are you kidding me? I thought we agreed to be easier! No one is going to want her. And she hates everyone. What possible fantasy of her can you want to help her fulfill?”

“She wants a romantic kiss at the Winter dance, in the middle of the dance floor.”

“You are completely out of your mind. And to think I felt bad for suggesting something that I thought would be fun. This is impossible. It can't happen. And we agreed it would be easy.”, she pointed out again.”

“No, we said easier or give us more time. We have a definitive end date we can work towards, and we have over a month. However, based on her fantasies, I think she really needs this. She is just too used to being who she is, and the image has almost perpetuated itself. And what is the harm in trying? I'm sure we will fail from time to time, but on this one the payoff would be massive. If we can find each other, and help out Becky, I think Megan deserves the same chance at happiness.”

She resigned herself, “I don't love it. And you're right, it will likely be a ton of work. It's your choice though. And even with mine, you still owe me big time. I just think its dangerous to put her heart on the line for this. I think that it would be amazing to have it happen as well, I'm just really worried about failing miserably.”

“Can you at least sleep on it? If you really don't think we can pull it off, I will find another one. However, I feel that this may be Megan's last chance before she gets completely lost in her persona, and if I can be the one to help rescue her, I feel I need to do it.”

They somberly settled in to do their homework then, their thoughts sedating their usual playfulness. His parents picked up on the mood, and left them alone to do their work. Dinner was a much quieter affair, and after Jeannette had left his mother confronted him.

“Is everything ok with you two? You guys have been so happy that it makes me concerned to see you so grim this early in your honeymoon phase. I wouldn't want to see you suddenly lose this over something trivial. Did you do something to hurt her?”

“No, mom, her and I are just fine. I would think you would like the fact that we can be mature enough to have those moments and still care about each other. We had a discussion about a situation at school, and we were trying to figure out what we could do about it. It's nothing to worry about, we were just thinking about that.”

“Is there a problem at school? Do I need to talk to someone?”

“Nothing that you can help with mom, although I appreciate your willingness to lend a hand. Just a social situation I wish I could remedy, but I'm not sure if I should. It may end up worse if I do, so we were just trying to figure out what our best course of action is.”

“Well, you've always seemed sympathetic to others, so I'll trust your judgment. Let me know if you need any help. You know your father and I really like Jeannette, and we just want to you two get a good chance to make it together.”

“Thanks mom. Although you should probably know that it would take quite a lot for me to let go of her, and she tells me she feels the same. She seems to have convinced her parents as well, which is why Jack was willing to so quickly take the risk of hiring me and giving me the car. Don't worry, I don't think she is going anywhere anytime soon, and if she does, I'm planning on following her if need be.”

He hugged his mother and thanked her, and as he walked away, he could see her eyes glistening slightly. He wasn't sure if it was due to the thought of her son leaving, or the joy of having Jeannette around, but he was pleased his mother cared so much about him.

That night, Brandon didn't contact Jeannette to say goodnight, wanting to leave her alone to her thoughts. Just before he fell asleep, she contacted him instead.

Are you still awake?

Yeah, I have been having trouble falling asleep. I didn't want to disturb you though. Everything ok?

Well, you not contacting me yet made me a little nervous. I like hearing your voice before I finally fall asleep, it comforts me. Plus, I didn't want to start the day tomorrow with this over our heads. So, I've decided. I'm in if you think it is for the best. I trust your judgment, and stand by you.

You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you.

Let's be honest, there are going to be times that you and I have to make hard decisions. We need to learn to trust each other's guts.

You're amazing.

Good, now that that is over, I can start planning for our fun at the mall. I love you....

I love you too. Sleep well.

He heard her purr back to him, apparently mentally enjoying the thoughts of what she was planning for him in the store. He laughed under his breath, amazed at her audacity and sultriness.

Chapter 5 – The Joys of Shopping

The next day dawned, and they indeed returned to their regular happy selves. They each worked on planning out how to best achieve their goals. In fact the rest of the week seemed to fly by, until they left school Thursday night. Instead of heading for her parent's house, she started driving to the mall, her intent obvious. “I figured a week night would be best, less traffic. And while we wait for her to get here and start her shift, I figure we can look around.”

By looking around, she meant trying on countless outfits, and visiting numerous stores. He quickly learned that shopping with an extremely sexy girl who liked to tease him could be a rather pleasurable experience. She would swish her hips in some of the dresses, making them swirl seductively around her. She would try on ones that accentuated her cleavage, and lean over for him to get a better view, and sometimes he thought he could almost see something peeking its way out of the dress. Other times she would bend over in a tight skirt, pretending to see if it would ride up too high or be comfortable enough, and every once in a while flashing what appeared to be a sexy crimson thong between her legs. Then she would straighten up, giggle at him and nibble her pinky nail, and bounce back in to try on something else, as happy as a little kid playing a new game.

Brandon was definitely getting into it, and it hadn't take long for her teasing to get him extremely and at times uncomfortably hard. She had bought a few things at the first store, handing him the bag to give him something to cover up with, but between stores she would often casually brush against him and run her fingers lightly up and down his shaft, making him yearn for release.

By the time they made their way to Sandy's store, Brandon could barely contain himself. His brain was non-functional, as he was lost in a heady lust induced daze. If Jeannette hadn't been there to lead him around, he thought he would have just stood around, looking like a dumb oaf who was mentally incapacitated. Actually, the reality didn't stray too far from that thought.

Sandy saw them come in, and smiled to them, and wandered over to try and assist them. She was a relatively attractive girl, with beautiful blond hair halfway down her back, a trim figure, and medium sized but perfectly proportioned breasts and ass. Brandon thought she used a bit too much makeup for his tastes, but overall she was cute. Since it was a slightly more upscale shop, she wore a nice white skirt and button up blouse, but it was slightly sheer to still give her a sexier look. She and Jeannette picked out some outfits, and Sandy stayed with them, as the store was quiet at the moment. The other person with her went on break shortly after, and then Sandy had to go check out another customer. As the customer was leaving, Jeannette quickly pulled Brandon into the dressing room with her. The wooden slats went high enough to hide him, but his feet were quite visible. He glanced through the slats to make sure no one was coming, and before he could say anything, Jeannette was on her knees and pulling down his zipper, rapidly releasing him from his prison. She immediately took him deep into her mouth, and he groaned involuntarily at finally having an outlet for his pent up needs.

He watched as Sandy turned to come back towards them, a confused look in her eyes when they both had seemed to disappear, even though there was no way out of the store except past her. As she walked to the back of the store, she looked down at the bags near the dressing rooms, and then saw Brandon's feet and Jeannette's kneeling bare legs. Her mouth opened in shock, and she glanced around nervously. When she saw there was no one around, she walked over and leaned against one of the stand up displays, and began to gently caress her stomach subconsciously.

Jeannette sucked him sloppily, seeming to make as much noise as she could, and between her hummed moans vibrating in her throat and through him, the changes in suction as she slurped and came up for air, and the feeling of her tongue as she tried to make him moan as well, Brandon was in complete ecstasy, his brain numb, and completely enthralled in the sensations his girlfriends very talented mouth was giving him.

He didn't think he would last much longer, but he was so caught in the moment he couldn't even comprehend warning Jeannette. She luckily seemed to know, and as usual seemed to have a sixth sense about when he was near to finishing. She stood up rapidly, and spun him around, so his back was now towards the front of the store. She then spun herself around, now facing the back of the store, slipped her thong out of the way, and bent over, leaning on the wall. Brandon caught the obvious instruction, and slid deeply inside her, groaning at the heat and wetness he was engulfed in, not to mention the tightness as she seemed to grab him and pull him inside her, while at the same time it felt like he would never fit as the pressure surrounded him fully.

Brandon started thrusting, his desires overwhelming him. Jeannette looked back over her shoulder at him, lust and cunning in her eyes. She seemed to be enjoying it immensely, and Brandon loved the look in her eyes as they shone with pure desire for him. After a minute or so, she smirked, and turned and looked at the door. She put her hand on the handle, and opened it slightly. It opened to the back of the store to ensure privacy, but it gave Sandy a perfect view into the room from where she was watching. One hand was on her breast now, and the other one was rubbing herself rapidly through her skirt.

Brandon watched her as if in a dream, completely disassociated from reality. He mentally knew what was happening, and knew he should have been uncomfortable, but his brain was completely absorbed in the moment. He watched Sandy in a daze, as she lifted her skirt to give her better access, and she rapidly moved her fingers back and forth, so fast as to almost be a blur. She looked as if she wanted to close her eyes to focus on the sensations, but she was transfixed by the sight in front of her, finally getting the show she had yearned for, in fact far better as she got to watch the entire thing. Her eyes slightly lidded, she stooped slightly as her pleasure built.

Brandon knew he was on the edge, and also knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. He groaned loudly, as his pent up seed finally found release, and he unloaded everything he had deep inside of Jeannette. Jeannette finished quickly as well, saving Brandon the fear of her not being satisfied. He stayed inside her, still not wanting to leave her tight confines. Suddenly, they felt the massive mental orgasm that was triggered by Sandy's dream being fulfilled, and in their stupor they saw her go stiff then slump to the floor breathless. The mental orgasm was more powerful than the one they had just had, far more powerful, and the fact that they experienced it together, even though there was no physical orgasm, was even better for them than the first time they had felt the odd sensation on the mountain. Sandy looked up at them, her eyes heavy and she panted heavily. Jeannette looked back at Brandon, then turned to Sandy, winked, and closed the door.

When they emerged from the dressing room a couple of minutes later, Sandy was closer to the front of the store, refolding clothes. She looked up at them and smiled, almost as if nothing had happened, but the look of thanks and the relaxed glow about her of full release spoke volumes to the two of them. Jeannette worriedly looked up at the cameras, but Sandy followed her gaze and smiled. “It's illegal to have them on the dressing rooms, and I know precisely where they are aimed. We were all completely hidden.”

Jeannette visibly relaxed then, her one concern over what had happened taken care of. “I'm sorry, I've been teasing Brandon trying on clothes all day, and I couldn't in good conscience leave him in that condition any longer. I figured you would be understanding, and wanted to make sure you got taken care of too for letting us slide. I think I'll take this stack.” She laid quite a number of clothes on the counter, and Sandy checked her out, the other salesperson showing up just as Sandy handed back Jeannette's credit card. They smiled at each other once more, and Jeannette took Brandon's hand to lead her still dazed boyfriend out of the store and back home.

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