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To my readers, critics and supporters - Thank you for the high rating and encouragement. I have always focused on keeping the flow and continuity of a story - and then some of you know how hard it is to proof your own work as you "see" what you want it to say. I got very frustrated about this when I took those creative writing classes - and finally the professor used it as a topic of discussion one day in class.

He said, "I know some of you struggle with little spelling, grammatical issues, keeping the tense right, etc. But, most every good writer from Poe to Hemingway did as well! Focus on your ability to tell a story as that is a rare ability. Editors can be found by the thousands and hired for minimum wage! This class will judge your writing and not you editing!" You can see I took him at his word!

Based upon the subject matter and descriptive detail in the stories posted on this site - I've been a little hesitant to use an editor! So, please bare with me ………. and I hope you enjoy following Jessica and Dan!


Chapter 7 - Friday

Jessica had giggled all the way back to the hotel. Every few minutes she would burst out with, “……do you think it was Tony coming down the drive?”, giggle – giggle. Or, “So, much for the Italian Stallion!”, giggle – giggle.

I said, “What if he gets mad?”

“Oh he will fume and stomp! But it will just make him want me all the more!”

“Or want you dead!”, I replied.

Jessica shook her head. “I don’t think so! What we did will drive him nuts…..and he will have to have me ………………to prove his manhood.”

As I parked the car I turned and put my hands on either side of her head so she had to look into my eyes. I said, “Minx, I hope your right! He is a potentially very dangerous man! Please be careful……….for me!”

She grinned and said, “Master, he treats Morgan like that because she is weak. He won’t try to hurt me!”

“I hope your right…… little Minx!”, I said kissing her on the nose then pulled her into my arms.


The next morning we both over slept and I woke to the telephone ringing. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 9:00 am and then thought, ‘Shit! Jessica is due at the gym at 10:00!’

I ignored the phone and nudged Jessica saying, “Up Minx! You have to be at the gym in less than an hour!”

She opened one eye and smiled saying, “Morning Master! I can be ready in a few moments. I don’t need to shower before a workout.”

I nodded and as she slipped out of bed headed into the bathroom the phone started ringing again.

I picked up the phone and said, “This had better be room service!”

From the line I heard, “Eh…..Dan!”

I braced myself and said, “Yea! Oh, hi Tony what do you need?”

Jessica must have heard me say Tony because she was instantly back and trying to hear what was being said. I held the phone so the ear piece was away from my ear so Jessica could hear Tony.

“I take it Jessica didn’t like my little present!” Jessica stood naked except for the high heeled pumps and crossed her arms over her stomach and thrust hip out in a defiant posture.

“Well Tony, I think she thought you saw her as cheap and just a toy! And, leaving Morgan like that seemed to really piss her off!”

“So I noticed! I really didn’t mean to piss her off!”

I didn’t say anything.

Then after several seconds of dead air Tony said, “I take it you were the stallion she couldn’t take!”

Jessica started to nod and mouth ‘Yes!’ I said, “Well I don’t think she ever had anything that size in her before!”

I just got my hand over the mouth piece when Jessica exploded in laughter.

“Actually, the doctor took a couple of stitches in her and asked if she had been fucking a horse.”

Jessica fell on the floor in laughter. I kept saying to her, “Shush….Shush!”

After I figured he would not hear her I said, “I’m sorry if Morgan was hurt!”

“She’ll get over it! She is tough!”

“I guess!”, I replied.

“She just kept muttering ‘Nice Horsy!’ even when the doctor came!”

“Is she there now? Can I talk to her?”, I asked.

“She is sound asleep! The doctor gave her some pills and said she would sleep till noon or later!”

“Well maybe that will help! Listen Tony…………. I will understand if you want another Theatre Planner!”

Tony sounded almost panicked when he said, “No! I want you for the project!”

Jessica looked smug at that like, ‘I told you so!’

“I need to talk to Jessica and apologize!”

Jessica was shaking her head and holding her hands out flat toward the phone mouthing ‘Not now!’.

I said, “Actually Tony she is at the gym and then the spa today and I won’t see her at all!”


Then after a long pause he said, “Tell her I’m sorry and I want to take her to dinner tonight to say so in person!”

Jessica was mouthing, ‘Make him wait till next week!’

I said, “Tony, she is pretty tied up this evening and has a marketing event tomorrow out on the lake. I don’t know about Sunday night but that is a personal day for her!”

Jessica was nodding and urging me on.

“Oh! Well, see if she would have dinner with me on Monday! And……….and.. tell her I understand the cost of marketing!”

“Ok Tony, I’ll tell her! Bye!” And I hung up the phone.


It was almost 10:00 when we left the room and about 10:20 when we pulled up at the gym.

I looked over at Jessica and said, “You understand you will pay in this workout for keeping the Trainer waiting! He or she is going to work you like hell!”

“Yea!”, she said and kissed me as she open the car door. Then she turned back to me and grinned and said, “But it will be worth it just to have listened to that call!”

I just shook my head.


I went back to the hotel and the desk clerk told me I had a package. I retrieved it and found inside that John had provided the two requested health clearances I had asked for (dated the day before), an initialed copy of the rules I had emailed and $30,000.00 in cash in older 100 dollar bills.

I noted that $30,000.00 in cash filled a box about the size of a large hard sided briefcase. I hadn’t thought about the difficulty of having so much money in cash. But, it was not traceable and it didn’t have to be part of my business.

I got two large envelopes and a fed-ex box from the hotel Business Center and went to the room. On one envelope I wrote For Fun – Minx! and put 30 hundreds in it. Then on the other I wrote For Expenses like the doctor and clothes etc. and put 45 hundreds in it. Then I took both of them and put them in the room safe. I would have Jessica take her 3 grand in fun money to the downstairs hotel safe later.

I took $500 and put it in my wallet for tips and slipped 30 of the hundreds into my pocket. Then I called the hotels limo service provider and asked him to meet me for lunch. The $3,000 was for him, one thousand for himself and one each for the two drivers who would always be on call for Jessica. When we had met the first time I made it clear I wanted drivers who could serve as bodyguards and while I would pay the normal rates to use the Limo service, I would pay cash for the bodyguard requirement. He had said if he used two driver/bodyguards one could always be free or he would go himself.

I put the remaining $19,000 in a really big envelope together with a deposit slip and then put the whole thing into the Fed-ex box I had gotten downstairs and had already addressed to a bank in the Cayman Islands. Because we would have to return the money, minus the $3,000 deposit, if the boat meeting didn’t take place I took the box and placed it in my safety deposit box in the hotel safe.

If the boat meeting was cancelled, which I didn’t think likely, I could return the 30K easily and still use the deposit 3K to cover the Limo guys. That was the only money I couldn’t put back together and return.


I spent the afternoon looking at lease spaces where I could set up a small satellite office in Las Vegas. I didn’t need much, just an office with a reception area, conference room, and an open space for staff desks when site meetings and work would bring people out from Indiana.

One I looked at was very nice and also convenient, but the cost per square foot was a bit high for a temporary office. The others were ok, but a bit remote from the convention center site and being in the northwest part of the city both were on the other side of the obstacle formed by Interstate 15 and the Las Vegas Expressway that looped around and straight through the city as Interstate 515.

If I had been as confident about the contract for the Cirque space at New York, New York as Jessica I would have taken the best one. Call me a worrier, but I didn’t want to bank on things until the ink was dry. Still, I had to admit that with Jessica in Vegas our chances on getting more work were really good.

Finally, I called the realtor back and said I would put a thousand dollar deposit on the best space as a two week binder. I figured in a couple of weeks we would know what was going to happen with Tony. The realtor tried to force me to give him the $3,200 first month's rent to hold the space, but finally agreed to meet me in the middle at $1,600 for the two weeks.

On the way to pick up Jessica I thought, ‘Christ, now you have to find a competent receptionist/secretary who can work unsupervised AND who could deal with Jessica and her dual roles in the firm and in my life. Maybe the hotel manager could help me out as she seemed to be a sweetheart. She had been more than happy to help me lease the suite as a residence unit. She certainly had not gotten to where she was in the hotel chain by not trying to help their diamond members.’

Spending time at a gym followed by the pampering the spa was giving her was clearly something Jessica was getting into. She was happy, relaxed and ravishing when I picked her up.

Sharing a glass of wine in our suite, I told her we had a dinner reservation at a country club on the outskirts of the city. And, that we had plenty of time for a cocktail and we could change later unless she was starving.

She was fine with the time but was a bit curious about the location. She asked, “Why so far away?”

“Tomorrow you have the meeting with John and his son at the boat!”

She nodded and raised her eyebrow like, “So!”

“Before ………………you're with them I just want you to myself!” Then I quickly added, “Besides there are things we need to discuss!”

She looked at me with a sly smile on her face – green eyes a glitter. Then her green eyes changed color and softened as she said, “Sir, I like it that my Master wants me just for himself.”

I blushed and said, “I’m not sure I’m your Master!”

Instantly her eyes flashed with anger and she said, “What do you think that collar meant that I offered … and you accepted, and why do you think I constantly wear the leather one when we are alone and this one the rest of the time?”


“Are you having second thoughts Master?”

“No! It's just……………….”

“That you have never owned a woman …….one that has given herself to you … be yours……yours to direct………control………..and even care for and protect?”

“Yea I guess! I’m married you know”, she nodded and I said, ”but this is different!”

She came close to me and taking my head in her hands, like I had done to her early this morning in the car, she looked deeply into my eyes and said, “The church or the state can match you into a legal marriage, but only a person can give themselves to another! Do you see the difference?”

I nodded.

“I gave myself to you! I am yours……… do with or use as you like! I am your slave and you are my Master!”

“Sex slave!”, I said smiling.

But she was not going to let the moment go! “Total slave! I gave myself to you including my being and my body!”

“Are you in love with me? I’m and old man and……………”

“After my marriage ………. I have come to think of love as a fairytale concept! But, surrender ……….. trust … are real! I don’t care about age! I trust you so I surrendered to you ………….. it is a gift you will have to deal with!”

I pulled her onto my lap and held her in my arms saying, “It is a new concept!”

“I know Master, but you are doing a great job of it!”, she whispered. I can be your Marketing Assistant………companion…… or arm candy…… toy……..or the slut on your arm! Yes, I will be all of those and anything else you desire!”

“What if you’re not in the mood for the role I desire?”

“Then do what Masters have done for centuries – change the mood with candy…..or the crop!” With that she kissed me lightly on the lips and flounced off to sip a dress over her otherwise naked body. I love the fact that when we were alone she wore nothing save for the hose and high heeled shoes.

I watched the soft sway of her cute little ass as she walked toward the bedroom, our bedroom.

At the door she turned and said, “Master, what role should I play tonight – YOUR choice?”

I looked at her for a long moment and then said, “My too young for me … lover!”

She grinned at me and said, “Coming up…my Master!”, and disappeared into the bedroom.

As I sipped my wine waiting for her to return I had this fleeting image of Jessica in a red or blue plaid pleated skirt, white stockings or hose and a white blouse looking like I had picked her up off of the local Catholic girl’s school playground. I thought, ‘This will most likely get me arrested.’


Looking at this little beauty, over dinner, I realized she had more brains than I did and knew exactly how to convey the right blend of Daddies Arm Candy and set that off with elements of sophistication. Oh she looked young enough and had even worn a short pleated skirt. But, at the same time the soft doe colored wool fabric used in the skirt and the jacket made her look like one of those college types universities use to escort big donors from place to place.

The blouse under the jacket was a perfect compliment and she had left the buttons undone just far enough to flash cleavage at everyone who looked. That included every male in the place either guest or waiter. That got me several envious looks and even got one fellow kicked in the shins by his female companion.

Well aware of the effect she was having, at one point Jessica put down the menu and said, with just enough volume for the waiter and the surrounding tables to hear, “Oh Daddy, pick something out for me! You know I just love it when you are my big tough Master!”

I saw a couple of the women’s eyes bulge and their husbands or boyfriends look over with pure envy.

Knowing she was a vegetarian and there was only one choice, I said, “Certainly my pet!” And, I knew as did Jessica that every man within hearing distance was going to get an ear full on the way home. I would have to remember that when I made a request like play the too young for me … lover, she would play the whole role and not just wear the costume!

During the meal Jessica would rub the side of her silky ankle with those very high heeled strap on sandals up and down my trouser legs. By this time the men nearby looked like they were zoned out and the women were shooting us looks of pure hatred. Jessica knew exactly what she was doing and by the time dinner was over every man wished they were me and a few of the women seemed to share the wish as well. As for the other women, my guess was that they wished they had the guts, or the youth or the body to be Jessica, but having none of those – she was an object to hate.

In the limo on the way back to the hotel I said, “Well Minx, you either started that club toward the best sex their members have had in years or made some divorce attorneys very happy tonight!”

She just said, “UUUMMMM!”, and snuggled her face into my shoulder while pulling my hand between her legs.

I smiled as I thought to myself, ‘And, that dear is exactly what every guy and very bitch in the dining room thought was going to happen!’


Back in the room my little Minx played the role of the much too young lover to the end. She let me seduce her making teasing comments about what her girlfriends and class mates would say about her making love to her Daddy. She turned on every trick she could think of to play the role of the little girl seduced and soiled by an older man.

It was the sweetest, softest and most seductive love making we had ever had. We had experienced more lust but never more passion. Every one of our touches sent shivers through us both. When I finally entered her it was like we were experiencing this for the first time. And, that we were doing something slightly scandalous. That factor underlying the love making made it hot as hell.

We climaxed together, only once. But, we both seemed in total rapture needing nothing else from the other than the connection we shared.

Leaving me still inside of her she snuggled down like a little girl against my chest and whispered in a light giggle, “Daddy! If I get pregnant with your baby ….. people will talk and the school will know!”

Playing along I said, “Would my little girl like to have Daddy’s baby?”

Snuggling closer she said, ‘Yes! It would be so wicked!”

I let out a snort of laughter thinking, ‘Wicked………Yea! Wicked’

I heard her breath began to slow and knew she was dosing off so I said, “Minx, about tomorrow….”

She put her finger over my lips and said softly in a little girl voice, “Hush! Tell me tomorrow! Tomorrow you’re Master… tonight you’re Daddy!”

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