Part 3 of 3
Part 3

It had been nearly a week since I last saw Jenny. After two nights of great sex, I could hardly bare waiting any longer. I could hold on though, as Jenny's family all had plans for the night, and I would be going to her house. It was New Year's Eve, and my plans were a million times better than what they were less than two weeks ago. Chilling at home, alone, watching a movie. Yeah, that would have been great.

Finally, I got the text. I had been waiting all day for this, and finally it was here. Jenny gave me the all clear the second the last person left her house. My parents knew I had plans to stay at a friend's house tonight, so they let me take the car, as long as I promised not to drink and drive, and to get it home in one piece in the morning. I grabbed the keys and drove the short way to Jenny's house.

When I arrived, I parked in Jenny's open garage, as she told me. Apparently, nobody ever uses it, so even if we slept in again, the car would be hidden. I did not find it really comforting, but I did not realy care either. As soon as I parked, the garage door began to close and the garage, which had no windows, was pitch black. Having just driven in out of the sun, my eyes were not adjusted at all, and before they had a chance to, a blindfold was tyed around my head.

“Ahh, getting kinky tonight, are we?” I said, as I could only assume Jenny was playing games with me again.

There was no reply, so I figured I would play along, allowing Jenny to guide me wherever she felt. She guided me up the few steps leading from the garage to the inside of the house, open the door, and pushed me through. She soon guided me up a flight of stairs, and brought me to what I assumed would be her bedroom, where she shoved me on a bed.

The first thing Jenny did was take off every stitch of clothing I had on, all except for the blindfold of course. She then lay against my chest, kissing me, and as I could feel her tits pressing against my chest, I realized she must have stripped off as well, the thought instantly making me so much harder.

As we kissed I noticed something I hadn't before. Jenny's lips were amazingly soft and thick, and the way they felt pressed against mine, with both of our tongues slipping past was amazing. I could not believe I hadn't noticed it already, but I blamed it on my previous focus of getting my cock in her pussy.

We lay the same way for a few minutes, passionately kissing, with her tits pressed firmly against my chest. She got friskier every moment, as she started biting my lip and hauling my head into hers for better access. It was apparent that Jenny had decided to be a lot more domineering this time around, taking charge as soon as I had arrived.

Jenny soon backed off, completely bypassing any kind of oral foreplay, and immediately shoved my cock in her mouth. Just as before, I noticed her lips, their softness surrounding my cock as she sucked up and down. Missing it when she kissed me was one thing, but it was not something I should have missed when she had been blowing me before. Perhaps she had found a new trick, or wearing the blindfold heightened my other senses, I could not be sure.

Jenny vigorously sucked my cock, her lips tightly surrounding every bump and curve, as her tongue swiftly swirled around. Jenny had obviously taught herself a thing or two from her experience the week before.

Suddenly Jenny hauled away from my cock. I did not understand her method of starting and stopping, but I was not planning on complaining. I had figured it would be a very quick transfer from one thing to another, but apparently I was wrong. I could feel movement on the bed, but nothing was happening to any part of my body. It felt unusually long time so I opened my mouth to ask what the problem was.

Before a sound came out of my mouth, I was abruptly cut off. A familiar feeling came upon me as Jenny's pussy entered my mouth. I immediately began licking and sucking, my tongue moving up and down, hungry for that familiar taste. As I sucked up her delicious juices, I noticed something was off, the taste, while still great, was different. It was not as sweet as I had remembered, it was almost tangy. But my thoughts were suddenly cut off.

I felt Jenny's tits hit my stomach a split second before she swallowed my cock. Once again she was blowing me, her lips wrapping around my cock so wonderfully, all the while I was eating her out, sucking up everything inside of her like there was no tomorrow.

I soon felt it. The feeling growing in the back of my cock, ready for release as soon as possible. Jenny made no move to slow or stop, so I kept up sucking her glorious pussy as I got closer and closer to release.

Finally, I felt the first shot, and Jenny kept going. Two, three, four. Jenny swallowed, but didn't miss a beat. Five, six, seven. Jenny was still going, and did not seem to have any intention of stopping. She swallowed once more, and still kept going.

Normally, my cock would be soft by now, but it was still hard as a rock, kept up by Jenny's persistence. After another moment, I could almost feel my cock getting even harder, and Jenny seemed to notice too, as she sat back up, allowing me to get one last taste of her pussy.

This time, I did not have to wait for Jenny. As quick as she could, she lifted her pussy from my face, swung around, and slid right back down onto my cock. The feeling alone would have made me instantly blow my load, but I had already been drained, and I was ready for anything.

As my cock slipped in and out of Jenny's pussy, she began to moan, softly at first, but quickly becoming louder. As she rode my cock, the noise seemed a bit off, as I could occasionally hear what seemed like an echo, growing louder by the minute, and eventually it seemed to be louder than the noises from right above me. I suddenly realized what was happening.

There was someone in the room with us. I did not know exactly what they were doing, but I knew we were being watched. At first I was a bit freaked out, but I felt even better than I had before, and it was clear Jenny was perfectly fine with it.

This new revelation excited me, and the fact I did not know who was with us excited me even more. The feeling of Jenny's pussy pumping and gyrating around my cock became even better, and I began thrusting upwards with her.

“I'm about to come!” screamed Jenny, but it seemed almost distant, as though she wasn't right on top of me.

“So am I.” said another voice, the sound coming from right where Jenny should be.

It was then that I realized that Jenny was the mystery viewer, and she was watching me fuck another woman. It was a shock just as much as a delight, the realization making my cock jump. I heard two sets of screams as the stranger's pussy contracted around my cock, starting my second climax that night. Her pussy pumped around my cock, as I began to blow my load against her orgasm, filling her pussy and surrounding my cock with both our juices.

As juices flowed out of her pussy, the girl began to relax, and I felt her grab the blindfold from my head. I could finally see, and Jenny's good friend Crystal was sitting on my cock. I noticed Jenny sitting in a loveseat beside the bed, her legs were spread apart, with her hands inside her jean shorts, slowly rubbing her pussy. It was clear she had just came as well, as I could see from the large wet spot surrounding her crotch.

I looked back at Crystal. I had never actually looked at her sexually before, even though most guys consider her the hottest girl in school, she was usually with Jenny, so that kept me distracted. Now I could definitely see what all the fuss was about.

Crystal had long blonde hair, reaching nearly half way down her back, and she had wide, chocolate brown eyes that gleamed in the darkest of places. Her lips were thick and juicy, and their light pink colour helped to accentuate the rest of her face. She had a nice, solid pair of tits, probably a D-cup, and the pink of her hard nipples matched her lips. She had a short, dark blonde landing strip leading to her dark pussy, and from what I had seen before her ass was slightly flat, with just enough cushioning to look hot in tight jeans.

“Surprise!” Crystal said, as I sat there looking her over. “ Jenny told me a few stories about Christmas, so I wanted a try for myself. We devised this little plan, and here we are. Hope you don't mind.”

I was going to say, “Not at all,” but it was so much of a shock no words came out.

“Oh, shy all of sudden are we?” Crystal said jokingly, as she leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, allowing her tits to press against my chest. She then put her mouth next to my ear and whispered, “Best fuck I've ever had, and that's saying something.”

My flaccid cock jumped at the thought, but it still needed some rest. Almost on cue, Crystal said, “I'll give you a break,” and stood up, walking toward Jenny. “In the meantime, we've got a treat for you.” Crystal straddled Jenny's right leg and they began making out with each other.

Jenny had on a loose fitting, but small, plaid shirt, which had a few buttons missing from the top, and was tied above her bellybutton. Her hair was tied into two pigtails, and her wet jean shorts were unzipped. Apparently she was going for the country look.

As they made out, Crystal was making moves to remove Jenny's clothes. First she managed to unbutton the shirt, tossing it to the side, and revealing that Jenny was not wearing a bra. From the surprised look on her face, Crystal had not known this, and she immediately began playing with Jenny's tits. She started with a few gropes and nipple pinches, but she had soon removed her tongue from Jenny's mouth in order to get a taste of her juicy tits.

Jenny writhed with pleasure, letting out a few quiet sighs as Crystal twisted, licked and bit at her nipples. Somehow, without me noticing, Crystal managed to slip Jenny's shorts off, revealing that she had neglected to put on any panties either.

Both girls were now naked, rubbing against each others bodies as Crystal sucked on Jenny's tits while finger fucking her pussy. Crystal was still horny, and soon moved all focus to Jenny's pussy, sucking her clit, finger fucking her with one hand, and rubbing her own pussy with the other.

Jenny was clearly enjoying it, as she was rubbing herself all over, and letting out much louder moans than before. Occasionally, she would reach down and shove Crystal's head closer to her pussy, while arching her back for a better feeling.

Soon, Crystal grabbed Jenny by the hand and brought her to the bed. Crystal pulled Jenny down and turned her around, now the girls were lying face to pussy with each other. As I watched them sucking each other's pussy, my cock began to get very hard very fast.

I stood up, and moved to where the two girls were laying together on the bed. The bed was the perfect height, and my dick was perfectly level with Jenny's pussy. Both girls were distracted, and didn't seem to notice me at all. I quickly shoved my cock into Jenny's pussy, just as Crystal's tongue slid inside.

Jenny's head jerked up, as she screamed with surprise and ecstasy. Crystal did not seem to be phased, as she kept slipping her tongue in and out, making sure to get a taste of my cock as well as Jenny's pussy. As I pumped in and out, Jenny kept sucking Crystal's pussy.

We continued like this for a few minutes, as my cock continued to grow harder. Crystal was clearly enjoying the taste, as she didn't stop moving her tongue once. Jenny's pleasure was constantly building, and she was getting louder and louder, it was clear she would not last much longer.

I kept pumping, faster and faster, as Crystal's tongue wildly flicked between my cock and Jenny's pussy. Jenny had stopped sucking Crystal's pussy, and her head was thrown back, her screams louder than I had heard before.

Suddenly, with all her strength, she pushed herself forward, away from Crystal and I.

“Not yet,” she said, breathing hard, “We've got to get Crystal ready too.”

Not wasting any time, I grabbed Crystal by the waist, and spun her around, so her pussy was facing me, and I would be able to see the pleasure in her face.. Before I had a chance to do anything, she spoke.

“Fuck me in the ass! I need it!”

My first time had only been a week ago, and I had not even thought of asking Jenny. Now I had my chance. I lifted her ass off the bed and began to push my cock inside.

It was hard at first. Her ass was much tighter than her pussy, and the only thing I had in the way of lube was Jenny's wet juices. I managed to get my cock about half way in, and I began to pump. With every thrust I got farther in. Two-thirds, three-quarters, just about in...

Finally, my whole cock was engulfed by Crystal's ass, and it felt even better than I imagined. Crystal let out a loud moan, and I started up again. Each time, I reached the hilt, and each time it felt better and better. By her writhing and moaning, I could tell Crystal was enjoying it too.

Soon, Jenny had joined in again. She lay over Crystal, sucking her clit and finger fucking her as well as she could from where she was. I saw Jenny jump as Crystal began sucking her pussy as well. The three of us were experiencing great pleasure. I looked up, and noticed for the first time, it was nearly midnight.

I kept pumping, as Crystal's screams got louder, and I could feel myself getting closer to coming. Crystal's ass felt so good surrounding my cock,and I didn't want the feeling to end. Still, I began pumping harder, hoping for release.

Suddenly, Crystal, much like Jenny had done, lifted herself from my cock, denying both of us what we wanted.

“I think it's only right that Jenny gets to experience the full pleasure of the finale,” she said, “ and you can show her the wonders of anal.”

I obeyed, I did not want to prolong this any longer. Jenny had already began to move, and Crystal guided her. Jenny ass pointed towards me, inviting my cock to enter, as Jenny began sucking Crystal's pussy yet again.

Like with Crystal, I started slow. I wasn't as hesitant this time, but I knew Jenny had not done this before. As soon as I started, I noticed a difference. Jenny's ass was a bit bigger than Crystal's, and the cheeks pushed against my cock in just the right way.

I started pushing in. Jenny's ass was tighter than Jenny's and required a bit more force. Because of this, however, it felt ten times better. I began thrusting, getting father in with each thrust, until finally I was all the way in. I began pumping faster and faster, and the pleasure was almost unbearable.

Jenny was furiously working on Crystal's pussy, as I could tell from her loud screaming, which barely muted Jenny's already muffled moans. I threw my head up for a moment, stretching and shivering with delight. I noticed the time, and watched as it changed to 11:59.

I began pumping as hard as I could, my cock now easily slipping in and out of Jenny's ass. I had a plan, and I hoped it would work. The joint moaning and screaming from the girls was a message that they were close, and I could feel the pressure building in my cock.

Finally, I pushed myself right to the hilt, just as I began to come. Jenny's head lifted and her back arched, as Crystal began spasming, continuing to rub her clit. Both girls let out a loud scream, as I heard fireworks start exploding everywhere outside.

The three of us collapsed onto the bed together, staying that way until early the next morning.

We showered together and had breakfast. During one particular conversation, Crystal showed interest in meeting my sister, helping me with my “debt.”

We said our goodbyes, but not for the last time. I drove Crystal home, and rejoined my family just in time for New Year's brunch.

The End?

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