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April and Lee move out
“Here we are Lee” April beamed as she and Lee opened the door to their new house. It as a modest, cosy home, 2 bedroom but that’s all they wanted.

It had been 2 months since Marie had been told of her kid’s actions and in that time Lee had got a job, it wasn’t a great paying one but with a little help from his sisters and mom they could afford the mortgage re-payments.

“Nice isn’t It Love” Lee said smiling back to April as they walked inside what was now their house.

“Its perfect Lee, and even better then knowing its ours” she said as her arms wrapped around his neck and, her breasts pushing into his chest as her head leaned in and kissed his lips, her tongue licking over his lips as he held her around the waist with his arms and pulled her body into his, their crotches meeting and making April moan out a little as she felt the bulge in his pants rub into her covered pussy.

Her hands went up behind her brothers’ head as she pulled his lips harder onto her own, Lee moaned as he rubbed his bulging cock into her crotch, the wetness in her panties building up as April’s juice dripped from her pussy.

“Oh God Lee you don’t have to work do you?” She asked breaking the kiss and unzipping his jeans.

“Sorry Love but I have to get going in a few mins, we have to pay for this place” Lee said with a little disappointment in his voice, he had really wanted to christen the house as it were with the love of his life, his oldest sister April.

“Oh no Lee, come on stay here with me today” April whined as she pulled his belt from the jeans and dropped it to the floor, pushing the jeans down his legs before letting them fall to the floor.

“Sorry Love, they are expecting me down at the bookies in a few mins, I have to go soon” Lee said as he felt his sister reach into his pants and take hold of his hard cock, rubbing her fingers over the head and palm on the shaft.

“Ok but you better be home later, we have to christen this place” she giggled, rubbing his hard cock as she struggled to get the pants down.

Finally Lee was stood naked from the waist down as April dropped to her knees before him and held his hard cock pointing the head right at her lips and smiling up to her brothers’ face as she stroked his shaft. Lee smiled back down as he pushed his hands into his sisters long red hair and drew her mouth towards the throbbing cock that was just inches from her lips.

April gladly opened her mouth as her brothers’ cock came closer. She flicked her tongue out and smeared the head of his cock with her saliva, it jumped at her touch but April quickly held it tightly and began to work her hand up and down his shaft as her lips closed around the head and first bit of shaft of her brothers’ cock.

Lee moaned out loudly as his sister sucked his cock hard, her hand working the bottom of it with fast strokes making his balls jump as her head bobbed back and forth.

April moaned around her brothers’ cock as she sucked as hard as she could, her lips holding around his hard meat and her tongue flicking the underside of the fat head as they both moaned out again.

Lee could feel his balls tightening as his sister’s hand worked the length of his shaft and her mouth worked over the head before she began to take more of him into her mouth, the heat in there was nice on his cock as was the saliva that was coating him.

April had half his cock in her mouth now and he was at her throat, knowing he had to go soon, she wanted to get him off quickly so she could taste his cum, the first load he would have shot in their new house.

Sucking him hard April reached her other hand up and cupped his balls; massaging them she worked her mouth tightly around his cock, her tongue licking the underside as she ran her teeth, bottom and top over his cock adding to the pleasure.

Lee felt his cum boiling in his balls as April continued to suck him with vigour, her mouth warm and wet as her cheeks caved in from the hard sucks she was giving her brothers cock.

“I'm gonna cum April” Lee moaned as he rubbed her hair with his hands, grabbing it tightly as she took a little more of his cock into her mouth the tip now in her throat causing her to gag uncontrollably, she pulled him out and rubbed her hand over Lee’s cock as she spoke to him.

“Do It Lee, cum in my hot mouth, blow your first load in our house, I want it so bad!” April gripped her brothers cock tighter and rubbed it more forcibly before licking the pre-cum from the tip and taking it back into her wanting mouth.

Lee couldn’t hold on as he felt his sister’s throat open and his cock go down there, her hand on his balls was really rubbing them now and she was moaning onto his cock, meaning that there was a tremor running the length of the shaft sending a pleasure response to his brain.

April felt his ball’s tighten in her hand as she sucked him harder then ever, his cock now buried deep in his sisters throat, her other hand was inside her panties playing with her own clit, her fingers rubbing the little erect clit as she felt her own orgasm screaming to come out, she had been so aroused by sucking her brother for the first time in their new house it was only taking a slight touch to make her want to cum.

Lee couldn’t hold on any longer and neither could his sister, as his cum shot up his shaft April’s orgasm burst within her, both moaned loudly as Lee’s cum shot out in thick blasts and down April’s gullet into her stomach. She swallowed as much as she could as yet more of the thick liquid was shot into her mouth; Lee pulled his cock out of her throat and into her mouth letting her taste the salty mixture before she swallowed it down again.

In her panties, April had soaked them, she was still rubbing her clit furiously her pussy had tightened as she came and a massive amount of juice had dripped into the thin material that covered her, so much that it in-fact began to make a damp patch in her jeans covering them.

Finally Lee began to soften and April released his cock from her mouth, taking care to lick off every trace of his cum and make him nice and clean for work. Pulling his pants and jeans back up while April got up on steady legs Lee smiled at his sister and thanked her.

“I’ll be home in a few hours April, then we’ll properly christen this place,” he said wiping some sweat from his forehead and applying some deodorant to mask the aroma of sweat and cum.

“I’ll be here Babe, well in the bedroom waiting for you” April said with a sly grin as Lee opened the door and left for work.

The day dragged at the Bookies for Lee his mind was on April and getting home to her, their own home. He was hard for most of that day, he so wanted to just walk out and go to see his gorgeous sister, fuck her into the night and lay together forever, but in his heart he knew he needed this job.

“So what you doing tonight?” Dominic, one of Lee’s new work colleges asked as Lee took his dinner break.

He and Lee had met soon after Lee had got the job, he was nice enough but no way would Lee ever want him to come over and be around April or any of his sisters or mum for that matter. Dominic was about 27 years old and although good-looking was lacking a certain thing called style, he was crude and nosey, with a quick comment and remark about every woman that took his eye in the Bookies, of which was just about every single one.

“Going home to see a special someone” Lee said smiling to himself, knowing who was waiting at home for him.

“Nice, so is it a special lady you got?” Dominic asked with a grin, “Young guy like you must have a real nice girl”

“I'm actually going to see my big sister” Lee said

“Oh really, so you’ve not got some hot young thing waiting for you when you get home then?” Dominic quizzed

“I wouldn’t say that, there will be a really sexy women waiting in bed for me, lets just say that” Lee was beaming, ‘if only Dominic knew he’ thought to himself ‘that’s its April my big sister that’s waiting for me in bed’

“Ohh nice” Dominic said with a big smile.

“Well I better get back to work, dinner break is nearly over and I need this job” Lee said, he had 15 mins let of break but he just wanted to get away from Dominic.

“Yeah you do that, you’ll need that money to keep that girl of your happy, if not I’ll be right there to please her” Dominic’s last comment made Lee shudder, the mere thought of him with any of his family was repulsive.

Back at their house April was thinking about Lee, she had been wet all morning since the blowjob she had given him before he left for work.

She took the time alone to walk around the rooms, looking at each and thinking off all the possibilities they held for her and her bother, all the different places they could do it, all the different positions they could find themselves in, she thought about it and the possibilities seemed endless.

Picking up her mobile phone, April ran her old home.

“Hello” It was Marie; she must have been home from work for dinner.

“Hi Mum” April said happily

“April its so nice to hear from you, how are you and your brother getting on?” Marie asked

“We’re fine Mum, Lee’s just at work and I’m looking over the house” April explained

“Nice isn’t it, do you like it Love?”

“Its perfect Mum, and I really can’t thank you and the others enough for giving us the money for the down payment and helping with the mortgage” April said happily

“Oh I'm sure you and your brother will make it up to us all Love” Marie said with a grin, she knew that April had understood what she had meant.

“We will Mum you know that your welcome over any time you and Kim and Dawn and Stace and Steph and Trish” April rattled off the names of all her sisters as she spoke giddy with excitement and gratitude to her family.

“We know Love, we’ll have to have a party round there to celebrate soon, when you and Lee are more settled” Marie suggested.

“That would be great Mum and don’t worry me and Lee are settling in just fine” April said with a cheeky tone to her voice which Marie picked up on in her daughters voice.

“I'm sure you are Love, well I’ve got to go back to work, you and Lee have a good time together, well all be over at the weekend to see what you’ve done to the place”

“Ok Mum see you soon” April heard her Marie hang up and put the phone down, thinking of having the whole family in her new home, her and Lee’s new home, she corrected herself.

Her pussy dripped at the thought of it, all her sisters and her Mum in the house again, with Lee for a weekend.

Finally the clock flicked down the last few seconds and Lee’s day of work was over, now he could finally to go see his sister, and give her what they had both been pining for all day.

Lee made it home in record time, making sure to take all the short cuts he could he ran as fast as possible to get home to his big sister, his mind wandering to what she could have been doing all day and the super blowjob she had given him before he set off to work, now there was something he could get used to having done.

Opening the door Lee looked around the downstairs but April was nowhere to be seen, then it hit him, where did she say she would be when he got home, in the bedroom!

Running upstairs as fast as he could Lee ran to the closed bedroom door and placed his ear to it, listening for any sign of April.

She had heard the footsteps on the stairs and was more then ready for her brother, her pussy had been dripping from the moment he had filled her mouth that morning and now she couldn’t wait much longer to have him in their bed.

“Hmmm I'm so horny” she moaned out knowing that he was listening to her “I wonder if there is anyone who will fill my tight, dripping pussy with their firm, hard, Ohhh thick cock” she teased.

Lee’s cock rose in his pants until it ached from need, the tight confines of his jeans was painful on the head as it swelled and throbbed to get free.

“I have been so hot today, my juice’s have been running out of me and soaking my panties until they were see-thru, just wanting to coat a firm shaft” April carried on knowing what this was doing to her brother

Lee had practically ripped his shirt off and was now pulling his pants off as fast as he could, his cock throbbing and bouncing as he heard April’s voice coo to him.

“I wonder where my man is? I so need to have him in me, holding me as I tighten myself around him” April said, this was as big a turn on to her as her brother, her juice was indeed filling up her pussy and even little rivulets were running down her ass cheeks as her pussy was filled with a sense of emptiness that only Lee could fill.

Not able to take any more Lee kicked the door open and stood looking at his sister naked, his cock standing firm and proud as he smiled at her.

April was laid on the top of the covers, naked and her legs spread open, her massive breasts heaving as she breathed hard and smiled to her naked brother.

Lee didn’t speak, he didn’t need to, and neither did his sister. Quickly Lee moved to the bottom of the bed and placed his hands on it, one on either side of his sisters’ legs as he began to kiss up the calves and then her inner thighs all the time getting closer to her sweet pussy.

April moaned as she felt her brothers lips move closer to the target, her aroma filled his nostrils as her kissed closer to her blood engorged lips, her juice beginning to creep closer to hit lips as April brought her knees up on the bed and opened her thigh to give him more room.

Lee’s hands moved up the outsides of his sisters thighs rubbing her soft skin lightly, making her moan out in pleasure as his lips drew ever closer to their target of her pussy.

“Ohh yes Lee!” April hissed as she reached down and grabbed his hair in her hands pushing her hips up off the bed and into her brothers’ face, his lips finally making contact with her puffy pussy lips.

April squealed as she felt his tongue flick over her opening and lick up some of the juice she had been building all day for him, it was sweet and tangy at the same time.

Lee moaned as he felt his sister’s thighs grip his head tightly and her pelvis lift off the bad more giving him better access to her, his nose touching her clit as his tongue worked inside her a little and sent a shock of electricity through her entire body.

“Ohhh my god Lee!” April called out as her brothers’ tongue expertly worker its way inside her pussy, lapping up her juice as it went and licking the length of her open and swollen pussy lips. Lee’s nose was rubbing her clit as he move his tongue back and forth into her fucking her with it as his hands gripped her thighs tightly, April knowing she could cum any second.

Lee felt it too as April moaned and shouted out in pleasure and her juice became more think as it ran onto his tongue, April was in heaven as she felt her brother work on her clit with his tongue, every little flick he made sending a shock through her and driving her closer and closer to her final release, which she could tell was going to be spectacular.

“Oh Lee here it comes Baby!” April shouted as her thighs tightened around her brothers head and she pushed his face into her pussy harder, the muscles in her clenched and her ass cheeks flexed as a torrent of cum shot down her pussy and into her brothers face, covering his nose and mouth, his lips and cheeks. Quickly he licked it up as April thrashed on the bed from the intensity her back arched and mouth wide open but no noise able to come out.

Licking as much as he could up, Lee savoured the taste of his sisters’ cum as she finally dropped back to the bed and released her brothers’ head from the grip of her thighs; he quickly kneeled up and looked down at his oldest sister. She was breathing heavy causing her massive breasts to bounce on her chest as she opened her eyes and smiled to him.

“I really need you in me now Baby!” she whispered after grabbing her brother by the neck and pulling him down to kiss her lips, the taste of her own pussy filling both their mouths as Lee’s tongue entwined with that of his sister April.

Lee felt his cock jump as he heard her say those words, he had wanted to be in her all day and finally they had the time to do it.

April kissed her brother again as she lifted her knee’s up and opened her thighs as wide as she could get them, Lee resting between them, his body pressed into that of his sister as her arms were wrapped around her brothers neck, the sweat on both their bodies making a fine sheen.

Reaching down April took hold of her brothers cock and felt it bobbing with his heartbeat, which was really racing with the pleasure he and April, had just shared.

“Ohh Lee I want you now!” April moaned into her brothers’ mouth as they kissed more passionately, their tongue working hard to explore every tiny bit of area the other had, although it was in vane, they had kissed like this so much there was not a spot that the others tongue had not yet felt.

Lee moaned as he felt April’s hand take a tighter grip of his cock and begin to guild it towards her pussy, he could feel the heat that was radiating from it as the tip of his cock got closer to her dripping opening.

April moved her hips up a little and was finally able to press her brother cockhead into her wanting and waiting pussy, just feeling him touch the sensitive lips as he eased the head inside was enough to make her want to orgasm again.

The shocks ran though her body like never before as her brother shoved his cock into her pussy, the tight walls gripping him firmly as he began to work his hips back and forth, his cock pounding into April’s body with great force, making his balls hit her ass with every forwards thrust he made into her.

“Fuck me Lee Fuck me hard” April moaned into his ear as Lee leaned on his arms and arched his back pushing himself deeply into his sister, his pubic bone hitting her clit and making her pussy will with even more juice that was now coating his cock all over.

“April your so tight!” Lee said as he worked his cock deeper into his sister, her tight muscles gripping him like never before, as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him tighter into herself.

“I… Know Lee… just fuck me harder” she managed to moan out between cries of pleasure as she felt an orgasm build from all the times that Lee’s balls hit her ass and pubic bone hit her clit.

Lee took her words to heart and began to fuck his sister as hard as was possible, his cock being pulled till only the head was left inside and then every inch pressed back into her in one single thrust.

“Oh Lee yes!” April screamed as she felt a massive orgasm burst inside herself flooding her pussy again with juice as her brothers’ cock powdered its way in and out of the tight opening.

Lee let out a loud moan as he felt April’s pussy grip him tighter, her lips like a suction cup on the shaft as he forced his cock back and forth in and out of her.

April’s breasts were jiggling as the bed rocked from the furious sex that was taking place on it, both their bodies were bouncing off each other as Lee felt his cum once again build in his balls and become ready to shoot out into his oldest sisters tight, dripping pussy.

“Oh April I’m gonna cum” he announced as she slowed down a little with his thrusting and began to let his cock throb inside her body, April loving the feeling of the hard cock resting inside her and the feeing of it pulse.

“Do it baby… fill me with your precious cum” April said kissing Lee hard as she tightened then loosened her grip on his cock with her pussy, making it pulse along with the throbbing of Lee’s hard member.

Lee didn’t need any encouragement; with renewed strength he began to fuck his sister again, his cock pounding into her hard now and his balls slapping against her skin making the room fill with the sounds of their bodies hitting together, the aroma of sex filling the air.

April screamed out, as her brother seemed to grow bigger inside her and the extra thickness made her seem even tighter then before, she could feel the veins on his cock rub against the walls of her pussy as she moaned out for him to cum hard and fill her tight pussy until she drips it back out.

Lee couldn’t take any more, hearing his sister talk like that while he fucked her pussy was too much and he felt his balls tighten.

Quickly he thrust one last time into April’s body and buried his cock deeply into her, every inch he had was within his sister as his cock jumped and a large squirt of cum hit deep inside her pussy.

April cried out as she felt the blast and then another one and another, her pussy was really beginning to get full as Lee pumped more hot and thick cum into his sisters body.

“Ohh Lee!” she moaned as she felt the hot cum dribble back down her as the cock that was shooting it began to shrink, indeed there was so much cum inside her it did begin to dribble back down and out of her body, snaking its was like a river done her ass and just getting caught on her hand before hitting the sheets.

“Hmm I love your cum Baby!” April moaned as she licked the thick liquid off her fingers and palm, showing it to her brother on her tongue before she swallowed the lot don again.

Both Lee and April were exhausted after such a day of hot fucking. Lying next to his sister on their bed Lee cuddled up to April, who rested her head on his shoulder and smiled to him.

“Glad we moved in together?” April asked her smiling brother.

“Yeah, you?”

“Oh sure am Baby, but we’ll have to get the other around here some time, they need to see our new place” April said kissing her bothers’ cheek and settling down for a good rest.

“Yeah they do love” Lee said placing his arm over April who was drifting off to sleep now.

They had had their first day in their new house and April and Lee already felt like they had been there a lifetime.

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