When Nicole arrived home from school, she was petrified. The coffee stain still remained on the carpet from earlier. She immediately took a shower and got dressed in her white nightgown to sleep it off.
She walked into her room and threw herself on her bed and tried forcing herself to go to sleep. Just as she started dozing off, a loud bang! Bang! sounded.
"Honey! I got of work early today!"
Nicole screamed, she bolted off her bed and ran into the hallway to run out the front door. But suddenly, she ran right into her Foster Father.
He grabbed her by her that at a blinding speed, "Got ha," he said with a sinister tone, then he let go o her and slapped her across the face. Hard. As she hit the wall, some pictures fell and hit her on the head.
She tried using the wall to help her up, but her foster father kicked her in the face, causing a nosebleed and a bruise on her right cheekbone. She landed flat on her back, trying not to cry.
The crying would only make her Foster Father beat her worse.
Instead, Nicole twisted her face in pain, holding a yelp of agony and tearful sobs.
Her Foster Father grabbed her by her hair, she kicked and struggled and thrashed against him pulling her downstairs into the basement, which was soundproof, so Nicole could scream as loud as she could, but no one could hear her.
Halfway down the stairs, he tossed her, sending her tumbling and she rolled down the rest of the way, then landed on her tailbone. The breath in her lungs flew right out o her like wind.
Her Foste Father grabbed her by her jet black hair again, then tossed her on a bed. Nicole fell on the bed and screamed and struggled against her Foster Father climbing aboard her.
"Why do you keep struggling?" he asked as Nicole screamed louder, "You know I always win." he was right too, he was 6"8' and semi-wide. But, that still didn't stop her from fighting. Even until she was weakened or dying, she'd still fight him. Nicole had a will stronger than a chain of iron.
Her Foster Father grabbed her arms and pinned them down with one hand, and with the other, he laced his fingers down her cheek and chest. She knew exactly what he planned to do.
Nicole kneed him in the nuts with almost every ounce of strength she had, and her Foster Father doubled over, letting go of her along the way.
He had actually succeeded a few times with what he had planned before. The pain Nicole experienced during those incidents was far worse than she ever, ever experienced.
While he was down, Nicole flew off the bed and ran towards the stairs. Her Foster Father got up and bolted after her, not far behind. She began trampling up the stairs, but he grabbed her by her leg and began to pull her back down. Nicole clenched onto the handrail and kicked him in face full force, and he let go of her to grab his puounding nose.
She bolted upstairs the rest of the way and began running out the door. She wished she had neighbors, so she could run into their houses and call the police and have help. All she had was a thick forest to hide in, with a dead end cliff at the edge. So, she didn't have many hiding areas.
"NICOOLLE!" her Foster Father screamed running out the door after her, an axe in his hands, "WHERE ARE YOU?!"
She kept running, her white nightgown standing out as pale as a ghost in the black midnight darkness.
Her bare feet kept landing on twigs, cracking underneath her feet, causing attention to her and a small puddle if blood. More twigs and vines with thorns would cut her on he cheeks, arms, and legs.
She didn't flinch.
She kept running.
Nicole ended up reaching the edge of a cliff, her breathing and heartbeat sped up with fear.
Nowhere to run.
"NICOOLLE!" her Foster Father screamed again.
Nicole looked from the shadow of her Foster Father getting closer, and the bottom of the cliff.
He threw the axe just as Nicole leaped off the edge.
As she fell, she screamed. The wind roaring in her ears and rushing her hair up. Suddenly, she was blinded by a bright, white light. Nicole closed her eyes.
She heard a whoosh! an oof!
She opened her eyes to be caught in a stranger's arms. She screamed and pushed herself off of him. She landed on the floor and scooted herself into a corner.
"Hey, hey," he said gently, lowering himself to her level and held his hand out, trying to calm her down, "It's ok, you're safe now."
Her madened eyes began to soften slightly, but her breathing remained heavy, confused and frightened.
The stranger had light brown hair with dark brown eyes. A staff was strapped to the robe on his back. He wore a hood that rested on his back, a robe that was just above the ankles, and soft boots that were all red with orange trim.
Nicole twitched as the back of his hand softly stroked her cheek.
"It's ok, you're gonna be ok," he said as he did this.
She shivered slightly, then finally, gained the courage to ask, "Who-who are..?"
"My name is Robert DragonFlame. And you are?"
"N-N-Nicalia Drake. I prefer to be called Nicole." she shivered more, a small trail of blood oozed down her arm. Robert then noticed all of her injuries caused by her Foster Father.
"Oh...oh! Oh my gosh!"
Nicole blushed from embarassment.
"Dang it, if only Alexandria or Allison were here..." he murmured, then took a small strip of cloth and wrapped it around her to form a tourniquet.
Nicole began to shiver not from fear, but from cold.
Robert noticed this and grabbed a blanket, then draped it over her body.
"That'll keep you warm." he smiled kindly.
"No, no," Nicole protested softly, "It's fine."
She tried go give it back to him, but he shook his head.
"It's ok," he then scooped her up and placed her on a bed. "Here, you've had a long day. Rest, you'll feel much better."
"Do I have to go back?" Nicole yawned.
As Robert nearly left he said, "Never again." he turned to her, "You're a wizard Nicole. Tomorrow we have big plans. So get some rest, and have a big breakfast. I'll see you tomorrow morning." he then left and shut the door behind him.
The moment he did, Nicole burst into silent, joyful sobs.
At last, she was finally free.


He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down the stairs, she screamed, but then got thrown into a wall. She was thrown again onto a bed, where she screamed and struggled against her nude Foster Father trying to strip off her Nightgown. Of course, he ripped it off easy, and Nicole wornno bra, do all it took now was to get her panties off. Which, after a rip, it did.
She tried to squirm away as he masturbated for preparation.
She then felt him grab her by her waist and flip her, she flipped, and he climbed aboard her. He sat on her, just underneath of her C-cup breasts. But, he'd check those out later.
Nicole felt her Foster Father grab her hair and she closed her watery eyes when he shoved his eight inch cock down her throat. She screamed a muffled scream from the pain. And tried to struggle, but his knees were on her arms.
"Oh...yeah...just like that...oh baby...suck it good...oh yeah..." she heard him grunt as she felt his penis rub against her tongue. Then finally, after about ten minutes or so, the cock removed itself from her mouth, causing her to gasp for air. Cum then was shot at her face, only getting on her cheeks and lip.
As he kissed his wet lips down her face and neck and began to play with her breasts, she wept silently.
He continued playing with her breasts for a little bit, about five minutes. He was smacking them, lickin them, sucking them, squeezing them, and pinching them.
Finally, he got bored, he began to rub the tip of his cock against her vaginal lips, trying to make them ready for hardcore penetration.
"You ready for it?" Her Foster Father said, grabbing her waist.
"Please...please don't..." she managed to gasp out.
He didn't want to listen to her plead, he wanted to hear her scream. He clenched onto her waists as Nicole clenched onto the sheets and bracing herself for unknown pain. Then, as quickly as possible, he pulled her waist entirely into his eight inch cock.
A blood curdling scream escaped Nicole's lips as she felt her Virginity break away. His thrusts were fast and hard, her breasts would not stay still.
"Oh yeah...oh yeah...oh God yes...FUCK!" he shouted in between his grunts he would make during each thrust. Then, Nicole felt a hot liquid enter inside her, and her Foster Father moaned in relief and pleasure. He took his cock out of her burning vagina, gave it a few good licks and began to put every last drop of cum somewhere on Nicole's body.
She lay there, limply, and covered in her Foster Father's cum.
Just before he left, he kissed Nicole on her lips, pushing his tongue to touch hers. When he pulled away, he said in her ear as he rubbed her vagina with his fingers, "You have no idea on how fucking amazing you felt! I'll be looking forward for this tomorrow!"
He removed his fingers from her and licked his fingers, then walked upstairs.
That's how he left her, broken, limp, crimppled, weak, and a liquid all over her, and pouring out of her.

To Be Continued...

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What sort of name is Robert dragonflame

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Good story but the way the end was done its hard to tell if the story restarts or is her dreaming of a bad memory.

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