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Beth's entrance into the house after her business trip was met with the usual chaos. John gave his wife a quick hello kiss, and self-consciously looked over his shoulder at Shawna, his daughter. She was looking away, but came forward to hug her mother and ask how her flight had been.

"I'm going to Lil's house tonight to work on a science project," she said. He was both relieved and frustrated. He wanted nothing more than to run his hands over his daughter's body, to feel the slick wetness he was sure was pouring out of her, and to kiss her hurt away. Shawna knew what he and her mother would be doing tonight, and she wanted to be away from the sounds of them fucking down the hall from her bedroom.

John wanted Shawna to be away tonight too. He needed to assure his wife that all was just as she had left it a few weeks ago. He also needed to fuck his wife into oblivion so he could think. Because everything wasn't the same as Beth had left it. Everything had changed.

When he saw the wet spot on his pant leg last night as proof of his daughter's arousal he lost all shame and caution and felt only a single-minded desire for her. His touch had made her wet. He knew if he was careful and patient, Shawna would give him anything, everything. And he wasn't sure he could be patient with this incessant horniness fogging his senses.

While Beth showered, he drove Shawna to the home of her friend, Lil. He pulled over and stopped the car in a secluded spot a few blocks short of their destination. Pushing the seat back, he reached over and pulled Shawna to him, positioning her with her back to his chest, duplicating last night's first accidental sexual touch. He intended to start with this position on Friday night as well. There was safety in the familiar.

Without hesitation, Shawna leaned her head back and rested it on his shoulder. Tenderly, he bent to kiss her neck. She reached back to pull his head tighter to her throat. She had already broached the boundaries set by the last time. Like last night, he found her small breast and gently kneaded, rubbing her nipple to hardness. "Baby," he breathed in her ear.

"Daddy," she whispered. "Please." He knew she was asking him to abate some her need. He knew she was on the edge and it would take just a few strokes to make her cum. But he wanted her to wait until Friday when they could be alone and do it right. He wanted her arousal to make her less vulnerable to any embarrassment or fear she might feel.

"Just hang on a few more days. I promise to take good care of you." He adjusted his hips and pressed his erection against her ass. Last night he had tried to hide his hardness from her, but a great deal had changed since last night. He knew his girl wanted him, wanted this. She gasped, and pushed back against him. "Baby." His whisper betrayed a desperate edge this time.

After forcing himself to drop Shawna at her friend's house, he hurried home to his wife. His cock was rock hard and painful. He found Beth just out of the shower. Pulling the towel off her body, he pushed her to their bed, opened her legs and plunged into her slippery warmth. He hammered into her, pushing deeper and deeper until he hit the nub of her cervix.

Beth loved it rough. Shortly before she orgasms, her vaginal wall becomes rigid and smooth. He could tell by the way his cock slid into her that she was at that point. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed himself all the way in and held still with a steady, hard pressure. She rotated her hips minutely, then started to cum hard. Her cunt walls clenched him in intense spasms. He jetted deep into her body in steady spurts, and all the while he pretended that it was Shawna that was being filled up with his hot cum. Beth asked him to eat her out, but he made an excuse not to. He was fairly sure he would not be fucking Shawna this weekend. She was so small for her age that there was too much chance of pain to her, but he was relatively certain that he would be sucking and tonguing her. He wanted to save that for his daughter.

He fucked Beth in the ass the next morning. His cock hits her G-spot just right when he's in her ass and gets the right angle. After cumming twice, she announced she was done. "I appreciate your energy, John, but enough is enough. I can hardly sit down!"

Somehow, miraculously, it was finally Friday. Beth was gone, and John and his daughter had the house to themselves.

Shawna was feeling shy and uncertain. She knew what she wanted but didn't know how to get there. Can't they just get started? "Touch me, Daddy," she thought.

John went to the kitchen to get Shawna a Coke."I thought we could both take a shower", he said, giving her the drink. "Just put on a t-shirt and shorts and meet me back in the TV room. Okay?" He had made some plans about how to start, but he didn’t know how fast he could get Shawna out of her clothes and into bed. He was nervous, he realized.

Twenty minutes later, he was sitting on the floor of the TV room with his back to the ottoman. Shawna came in, her still damp hair pulled back with a head band. She looked younger than she was and very vulnerable. He patted his lap. “Remember how we were?” he asked. She nodded and climbed onto his lap, her back to his chest. She leaned back against him. He bent to her ear and said softly, I won’t hurt you. I’ll never hurt you.” He put his arms around her and began to love her. Things got out of hand quickly.

As her daddy started touching and kissing her, Shawna came back to life. During the last few days, she had been hiding with her secret longing for this to happen. Her clothes were suddenly too tight and in the way. She wanted Daddy’s mouth and hands everywhere. “Daddy, she whispered, “Please.” Pent up passion suddenly exploded between them.

He turned her body to face him. Her legs were on either side of his hips, and he pulled her against him so she could feel his erection. She lowered herself and rocked against it. She kissed his throat and his mouth while he pulled her shirt over her head and leaned down to latch firmly onto her breast and nipple. She gasped and put her head back to enjoy the sensation of Daddy’s sucking on her. Her stomach lurched deliciously every time she felt the hint of teeth.

Minutes later, eyes closed and trying to catch her breath, Shawna whispered again, “Daddy, please. Please.” The throbbing ache was still there between her legs. She needed to cum, but had promised not to before now. It was time, wasn’t it?

Her whispered pleadings drove him crazy. He eased her off his lap, stood, took her hand and led her to her bedroom. Once there, he lowered her to the mattress. He pulled down her shorts and panties and felt how wet they were with the juices from her cunt. He smelled her arousal. He looked at his daughter’s face, her eyes dilated with passion. Her mouth was bruised from their kisses and her delicate breasts and nipples were swollen from his mouth and hands. Her mound was puffy, her enlarged clitoris forcing her labia wide open. She was so beautiful and hot, he thought as he tore at his clothes. Once naked, he saw her eyes go to his engorged cock sticking up and away from his abdomen.”Today is about you, Baby,” he said as he lay down beside her.

He quickly and savagely kissed her lips, throat, and breast before fastening again on her nipple. His hand moved to widen the opening between her legs and then he dipped his thirsty fingers into her cunt. Shawna’s fingers and fingernails clenched and clenched at his back and shoulders. “Daddy. Daddy. Daddy” she said over and over, her head thrashing from side to side. Her hips rose to meet his hand. He ran one cunt-lubricated finger on each side of her clitoris, then dipped down to replenish the slickness and repeated the movement until he could tell she was close. He rose up to position himself between her legs and lowered his mouth to her sweet opening. He had waited too long. Her orgasm began at the touch of his tongue. She cried out and gasped. The walls of her cunt went into spasms as he pushed his tongue into the opening of her hymen just enough to feel the contractions. He drank her juices and gently licked her dry as her breathing slowed and she gradually came back to herself.

He jerked himself off between her legs as she watched, his cum spilling onto her abdomen. His own climax paled with the enormity of what he and his daughter had just done. Wanting more, he dove between her legs again and brought her to another small, shivery cum. She was finally sated. They fell asleep wound in each others' arms.

Shawna was everything he thought she would be as a lover. He would teach her to fuck and eat cum and love anal play. He would learn every inch of her and discover how to bring her off with a touch. They were just getting started. They could sleep for a few hours and start again. He kissed the back of her neck the way he knew she liked. He loved her. Shawna, his daughter, was a daddy’s girl.

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