Three attractive females. Two older one pre-teen
A few days back I had stopped by my next door neighbors to return some of her mail that wound up in my box. She answered the door with a young girl of about 16 standing by her. My neighbor (Jenanne) is now single and in her late forties. Her husband left several years back and she has stayed with the house and remained single. I see little of her as she still works and spends no time socializing with neighbors.

I’ve wondered over the last few years why she and I never got together. I'm ten years her junior and married but separated. My wife moved to the east coast a year before Jenanne's husband left. She is an intriguing woman I would class as a MILF. Her body has remained quite trim and shapely. She has always had a cougar look, but has never shown any interest in me.

She introduced the young girl as her granddaughter Ellen. I new the girl was her step granddaughter as I had meet her years before when she was about five and I had seen her around the place off and on many times since. With pouty lips and pale blue eyes she was becoming quite a striking young thing, as she was very long legged and always had on short shorts with a halter top. All the exposed skin was a rich flawless tan color with a cute little butt and absolutely no boobs. I had noticed what a seductive body she was developing a year previously and would always stop to ogle her when ever she was out front.

Jenanne invited me in for a beer, which was a first. I almost felt she had expected me. She ushered me thru the house and onto the back patio where we sat facing one another and talked as we sipped a cold brew. She was wearing a mid length skirt that she hiked up as she sat down. I was left with a great crotch shot if she would just spread those lovely legs a bit. Our conversation started out with general small talk and soon centered on her granddaughter Ellen.

She explained Elly was living with her for the summer as her parents were both uninterested in spending anytime to accommodate her summer vacation. She inquired after my wife and looked very pleased when I told her the separation was permanent. Jenanne lowered her voice and leaned forward as if to impart some confidential information, giving me a great boob shot. As she then scooted forward in her chair parting those lovely legs she gave me a blatant unobstructed view of her lovely glistening bald pussy.

I almost choked and was hard pressed to listen to what she was saying as I stared with out moving my eyes at her wet gaping snatch that exhibited the larges protruding clitoris I had ever seen. She was saying she wanted to apologize for any trouble or embarrassment she or Elly might have caused with their nude sunbathing. She went on to explain my house was the only one with a view into her yard and she had hoped I would not mind or turn them in for a lewd act. She promised if it made me at all uncomfortable they would put up barriers or quit altogether.

I assured her I had no idea or ever seen them. I then added (as I continued to stare directly into her pussy) if I had known I would have been spending a lot of time in the upstairs guest room that overlooked her yard. She winked at me and added they were usually out on weekends after noon and I was welcome to watch all I wanted as she was a bit of an exhibitionist. My dick was becoming uncomfortable as it was trying to ripe out of my pants. I knew where I would be spending my weekend afternoons for a long time.

She broke my heart by closing her legs and we continued to pass the time with small talk. I noticed Elly watching us thru the bedroom french doors. Just before I left Jenanne asked if I would keep an eye out for Elly during the week days as she was left at home with no adult supervision. Since I worked from home most days I told her I would and to give Elly my phone number in case there was ever a problem.

The next day as I had made my tenth trip out front in hopes of seeing Elly she stepped out from behind a bush and made me jump when she said” Boo”. I laughed and said I was on my way to the mail box. She smirked at me and said “I know, I have watched you check the mail about a dozen times today and the mail never comes until about 3PM”. She then said with a sly smile “are you sure you weren’t looking for me”. I knew I was caught but to save face, insisted I was expecting something important.

I offered her a soda and we walked back into my house. I mentioned how I really liked her grandmothers company and enjoyed talking to her. She responded “ yeah! She is a cool person even if she and her girlfriend are a couple of old dykes”. I said I didn't realize her grandma was gay and she said “ Oh I think she still likes men too but she and Aunt Helen are always having oral sex together. Her cheeks turned pink but she didn't want to appear as a child so she continued. They have cute names for things. They call oral sex mouthing off”.

I was startled by her bluntness but held a straight face and looked interested. She continued “ my favorite is Popsicle”. I asked her to explain that one and she said “ Don't tell them I told you. Popsicle is where grandma puts a long round stick up my butt and they both lick me all over while jiggling it around or putting a vibrator against it. They have all kinds of dumb things they say like,she's starting to drip so I better lick down here all around the stick and boy is this girl stuck up. It feels really good when they move the stick around or touch it with the vibrator. They both like to have it done to them to. I sneak and watch them sometimes and they poke the stick and other things in both holes.

I was almost speechless from her blatent revelations and very erect. She asked if she could use the bathroom so I pointed to the small half bath off the kitchen and she asked if she could use the upstairs bath. I said “sure if you would like” and she went up the staircase. I was intrigued and followed her upstairs, finding her standing in the guest room that overlooked her grandmothers backyard. I stood at the door admiring the sight of her perfect under age ass and long legs. She turned and smiled saying “What a great view. A person could just stand here and enjoy the view for hours”. I was having fantacies of what I would like to do to her. I was tempted to try seducing her but fear of her age held me back. She glanced at my bulging crotch as she brushed past me and went back down stairs grinning. After she finished her soda she gave me a sly smile, thanked me and left.

Two days later it was Saturday and I thought the day was never going to arrive. I had stocked the guest room with my telephoto lenses camera, high power binoculars and various lubricants. I also had purchased a directional microphone that was set up behind some bushes in my yard next to the fence and pointed thru a hole at Jenanne's patio area. With a little luck I would be able to hear what was said.

Just past noon I was at my viewing spot when I saw Jenanne and another woman walk out onto the patio. I assumed the other woman was the Aunt Helen, Elly had talked about. Elly soon joined them and everyone sat on patio lounges. They were talking while sipping cold drinks. Jenanne stood and walked toward the edge of the patio in my direction. She stretched as she looked up at the window I was observing them through. She smiled then puckered her lips as though giving me a kiss.

I was not in their sight as I had checked out the window from below and new with the sun this time of day they could only see a reflection off the glass. I had on a set of earphones from the shotgun microphone I had installed. With a little tweaking of the equipment I could hear their conversation quite clearly.

Sweet young Elly had moved a lounge into the sun facing me and quickly stripped off her shorts and top. She then laid down exposing her nude body to me. She was perfect and the entire body was a rich golden tan with only a little paleness around her butt and pelvis. Both older women were now standing in the shade to the side of her. I saw Helen’s eyes glued to the vision of Elly's lithe young form. Jenanne was also staring at her but would occasionally glance up at the window where I sat.

Innocent young Ellen was not so innocent. She had taken out a bottle of tanning lotion and was very sensuously rubbing it into every inch of her skin, leaving a slick oily sheen. She paid close attention to her bare flat chest by rubbing each nipple and pinching them several times. With the telephoto lens I could see the little nubbins standing erect and responding to her toying with them. She then sat up on the lounge and slowly coated each leg. She glanced up toward me with a wicked smile and went to work rubbing oil onto her perfect little bald pussy. She paid special attention to her pubis mound by coating it several times and slipping her finger up and down the cleft repeatedly.

My attention was so fixed on her I was missing the effect her performance was having on the older women. They were both staring with open mouths and tongues licking their lips. The lustful urges they were both having as they watched Elly could not be contained. They had both reached out and started massaging each others large mature breasts through their clothing. As Elly laid back to enjoy the sun and savor the show she was putting on for me she was oblivious to the two older women.

Both women stayed in the shade as they slowly started removing each others clothing. I could hear moans of pleasure as they both pinched, poked and prodded one another in the slow undressing ritual. Helen said to Jenanne “ I don't know what has gotten into you but I love it. I have never seen you this turned on before. I hope I can get my tongue into you before you pop your cookies”.

Jenanne said “Do you mind if we stay out here for a while. It turns me on watching Elly sunbathing and rubbing herself. We could just sit her in the shade for a while and enjoy the show”.

Helen said” Oh god no. It turns me on to and as long as I can touch you at the same time I’m twice as happy.

They continued to slowly undress each other and would stop to open mouth kiss after each garment was removed. When the bra's came off and each women had thoroughly sucked and fondled the others breasts, I was about ready to shoot my first load.

Both older women had great bodies. They both had the fuller rounder figures that come with age but neither was more than a few pounds overweight. I have always found the little bit of a puchie belly and the larger full looking tits very desirable. They both had pale skin with few blemishes.

While Jenanne had a very pretty face Helen's was a little to mannish. With her cloths on most men would never give her a second look, seeing her as to matronly or a bit masculine. Sitting there nude she was very seductive.

I could tell Elly was looking up at me but listening to the two older women. Her timing was perfect as she would move to get their attention and slightly open her legs while rubbing her shinning skin, then slowly rub her small snatch while dragging a finger up and down the wet parted lips. She would give herself away with a small smile as the two older women emitted groans of pleasure at the sight of her fondling herself.
The women sat in shaded patio chairs next to one another. Jenanne had angled hers to supposedly give Helen a better view of her crotch but I knew it was for my viewing pleasure. I zeroed in on her exposed pussy and could see her protruding mammoth clit. I have seen a few videos of enlarged clits and she rivaled everything I have seen. Both she and Helen would periodically stroke and pull it, making it engorge further to look almost as a small cock . Each time it was touched she went rigid and would shiver with the waves of pleasure it brought. The day was mildly warm but I could see the goose bumps raise on her arms and legs with each touch either of them gave that pendulous organ.

I was torn between thoughts of Elly's young body and sucking Jenanne's huge clit into my mouth. As Helen took the protrusion between her thumb and two finger tips she began pushed and pulled it as if jacking off a small boy. Jenanne's eyes closed and her face tensed in preparation for the fast approaching climax. I shot a large hot load of cum into a waiting Kleenex before I knew what had happened.

I didn't realize it at first but the thing that set me off so quickly was the moans of pleasure coming from Jenanne. Her orgasm had her slumped down into the chair with her ass hanging off in the air. She was pumping and jerking as Helen held onto the huge clit. I then realized Helen had inserted the thumb and middle finger of the other hand into Jenanne’s pussy and asshole. Helen was holding her as you might grasp a bowling ball and franticly masturbating the oversized clit. Jenanne’s thrashing looked like an attempt to shake free but Helen followed her movements and rode her into the ground as a cowboy might ride a bucking bronc to a stand still.

I had shot a load just a few minutes before and watching what was going on now started me to cum again. I had never seen a sexual act between women that intense in my life. In the second climax I feared I had strained or ruptured something. My groin area had a muscle cramp that had me almost paralyzed for what felt like three or four minutes. When I regained my composure I saw Elly was sitting up watching the two women with a fearful look on her face. I think she was afraid her grandma had hurt herself or Helen was doing something to cause her injury. Helen was still holding Jenanne's clitoris with her right hand and her pussy and anus with the other but had stopped stroking. As she slowly released her grip on both, Jenanne let out a long low pitched whining moan and slid the rest of the way out of the chair landing on her butt.

The smile on her face reassured everyone she was OK. Helen inserted her hand into her own crotch and began slowly massaging herself. She was turned slightly away from me so I couldn't see her. I was so spent I didn't much care. The afternoons action had lasted less than 30 minutes. Helen was slowly working her self to release and Elly was sitting looking up at my window with an embarrassed and confused look on her face. Elly shrugged and grabbing her cloths as she went into the house. Jenanne got up and laid down nude on a shaded lounge to watch Helen play with herself. She would occasionally look up at my window and with a smile, wink at me.

I left the camera and the audio equipment running and slowly walked down stairs. I was sitting at the kitchen counter drinking a cold diet Pepsi as the phone rang. When I answered the voice said “ Hi this is Ellen from next door”. She didn't continue and just sat there in silence for a while. I asked if she was alright and she replied “Yeah, I’m OK I just wanted to talk to someone. I guess you saw my two old dykes go crazy. They usually both have their hands all over me and when they get worked up they go inside to fool around. I have never seen my grandma get that excited before. She knew you were watching and it seemed to make her push things farther. I guess I’m a little angry with them. I wanted to put on a show for you and they ruined everything”. She started to cry and said “ I gotta go. Bye”.

When she hung up I knew what her problem was. Everything had always been about her and she had intended to make this encounter even more so by having not only two women lusting after her but a mature man watching also. Her two old dykes found other things to entertain them this time and at the same time distracted her other admirer too. The green monster of jealousy raises it's head for Elly for maybe her first time.

I went back upstairs to check on my other two fantasies. They were both still naked and laying on a double lounge next to one another kissing slowly and touching each others body. Helen started asking Jenanne what had happened to make her so horny. They were speaking softly but the directional microphone was picking them up in clear low tones. I was intrigued and sat down to listen.

Jenanne kissed her softly and pulled back to answer.

Jenanne said “Do you remember several weeks back me pointing out my next door neighbor John and telling you I have wanted to fuck him for several years”.

Helen said “ Yes I remember and I also remember making you promise if you did you would get him drunk and let me fuck him too. You know I haven’t had a cock in me since my X left and his dick was so small I can hardly remember what it was like anyway.

Jenanne said “ Well last Wednesday I tricked him into stopping by and we talked for awhile. I have seen him checking out Elly's cute little butt a couple of times and I came up with this really wild plan. I kept a couple of important pieces of my mail from the day before and slipped it in his box just after the mailman delivered. I was hoping he would return them in person. I put on my lowest cut blouse to show off some cleavage and also went without panties in hopes of giving him a shot of my pussy. Before he came over I used that nipple vacuum pump on my nipples and clit and had them pumped up almost as long as my little finger. When he rang the bell I was in the bathroom playing with it and had to almost rip it off.

He did come in and I put my plan in action. After showing my cleavage I gave him a long almost wide open shot of my pussy as I told him about Elly's nude sunbathing. I was hoping to entice him to watch her from his place this afternoon. You wanted to know what had me so turned on and it was a combination of Elly's perfect little body, an attractive mature woman masturbating me and John up in that window watching it all. Don't look up but he is probably there watching us right now”.

As it dawned on Helen she was probably being watched right then she went rigid, then tried to sneak a look in my direction. She had sucked in her tummy and then realized I had already seen every intimate place she had and watched her perform some very lewd acts.

Helen said “ OOH MY GOD. This is so embarrassing. He saw what I just did to you and then saw me sit here and masturbate my self into an orgasm after lusting after both you and Elly. Then I had to go and say I wanted to fuck him. Oh god what he must think of me. I don't think I could ever face him”.

Jenanne said “First of all he can't hear you, so don't worry about what you said. Second what the two of us just did has probably got him so horny he can't even think. All he wants right now is to jump that fence and fuck us both unconscious, because what we both just did is more exotic to a man than their imaginations can fathom. Third you and I are two very attractive and desirable women that any man or woman would want to fuck”.

At this point I was chuckling and nodding my concurrence. She had me pegged.

Helen said “You always try to make me feel better about my self but if my X only wanted to ram ever dick shaped object he could find up my pussy with out ever screwing me then I find it hard to believe any man would desire me. I guess you know the only man who ever really fucked me was my X and he only did it occasionally the first couple of years we were married. Most of the sex we had was him shoving something in me trying to humiliate me. He always thought I hated it when he would violate me with some oversized object so I played along. The more I would cry and protest the longer he rammed me with his toys, giving me a lot of very perverse pleasure. Until you and I got together I never thought I would find anyone who would make love to me”.

I sat there thinking of the things I would like to do to all three of them. I doubt I could bring myself to fuck Elly at such a young tender age, but would love to try everything else with her. Jenanne’s clitoris had my mind whirling. The thought of sucking that into my mouth had my dick hard again. I knew if I had a chance at Helen, after fucking her silly I would find some large object to violate her pussy with giving her a nostalgic thrill. So much I would like to do and I’m still confused at what Jenanne's maneuvering me into with Elly.

I was ready to call it a day. My groin area was still not right. I left the equipment running to record anything else that might transpire and went back down stairs to take a nap. I had dropped off for an hour or so when the phone rang. This time it was Jenanne who wanted to talk.

Jen said. “ I want to apologize again. Things didn't work out quite like I wanted. By the way the other woman with me was Helen. She and I have been having a kind of friends with benefits relationship for quite some time. We don't always involve Elly but over the last year she has enjoyed the attention and physical pleasure she gets by letting us fondle and caress her. Oh shit I’m just rambling. The truth is I have wanted to get you in bed for years. Since my husband left I haven’t been with a man and I’m kind of out of practice”.

I said “ Please don't apologize. The show was a total hit. I had to come downstairs and take a nap to recover. I hope everything and everyone is alright over there”.

Jenanne said “ Well Elly went off to her room in a snit. She was upset when the little show she had planned for you got upstaged by Helen and I. All the excitement got me so worked up I went off the deep end and made a bit of a fool of myself. Helen was so embarrassed when I told her you were watching she went inside to hide saying she was going to massage Elly's ego and probably a lot of other things. So now I’m sitting here all alone and feeling very foolish”.

I said “ If I can be of any help I would love to come over and massage your ego and other things”.

All Jenanne said then was “Oh yes please. I'll leave the front door unlocked and be in the living room waiting. If you will massage the other things first my ego will be fully healed”.

l ran and took a quick shower hardly taking time to dry off and threw on some cloths. I entered her house quietly and peeked into the living room. Jenanne was sitting totally nude except for a pair of black high heeled shoes. She was on the couch with her head back and eyes closed. Her feet rested on the edge of the coffee table spread wide and the object of my desire protruded from her vagina a good three fourths of an inch.

I walked quietly over to her. It appeared she was napping but I knew she was aware of me as she was shaking slightly with anticipation. I stepped over her leg and positioned myself in the gap between them. As I stared at the protruding love button I noted how smooth and unmarked her skin was. No blemishes or stretch marks were to be found. Her breasts were large and well rounded looking as if they were over full of milk and in need of sucking. The large erect nipples stood pointing up and probably had just been tweaked. I was beside myself with desire.

I knelt down placing my face about a foot away from her luscious pussy. I could feel the heat emanating off it as I leaned forward and touched the top of her engorged clitoris with the tip of my tongue. The little beast came to life by flexing just as a man flexes his cock. As I pushed forward with my tongue her clit would flex and push back.

We both moaned with pleasure at the same time. I felt a little splash of liquid hit my chin. I pulled back and realized I had just been squirted with either urine or some of the bartholin fluid now running off her wide open pussy lips. Jenanne had reached under her legs with each hand and had her outer labia lips pulled wide open. I buried my face in her snatch while licking, sucking and generally plundering the whole area. Her moans of ecstasy were loud and long. Sucking the large protrusion into my mouth was to intense and almost started an orgasm. I pulled up and looked her in the face. As she stopped moaning and panting she giggled at my soggy face. I was sloppy wet from my eyebrows to my chin, covered in a coating of clear viscus pussy juice and loving it.

While I had been orally ravaging her pussy I had unleashed my dick. As I had raised up to look at her I laid my rigid cock in her vaginal cleft. I was slowly rubbing it length wise back and forth bumping her large man in the boat on each stroke. Each time I hit him she would swoon and moan softly. After a couple dozen slow strokes I pulled back and plunged my dick into her in one long swift lunge burying it to the hilt. We both sucked in a breath with the sensation it brought.

After letting it just soak in her hot sheath for a few moments I began taking long pleasure filled strokes. Jenanne whispered “I see we have an audience”. I turned to see Helen and Elly standing totally nude in the entry, watching us with rapt attention. I assumed they had been there for sometime taking in the show we had been putting on. I whispered back to Jenanne, “ what do you think, should we ignore them and hope they go away or invite them to join us”.

Jenanne smiled and motioned for them to join us on the couch. Elly slipped in beside Jen and Helen sat next to Elly. Elly's eyes were fixed on my shaft sliding slowly in and out of her grandmothers pussy. She was mesmerized by the act of fucking. I looked over at Helen and she was just as fixated as Elly but had already started massaging her clitoris at a steady hard pace.

Jenanne leaned forward a little and kissed me hard and wet. She then put her lips next to my ear and whispered “you better be fixed. I can tell my granddaughter is going to demand you fuck her sooner than later and I don't want her pregnant”. I put my lips next to her ear and said “I took care of that years ago. Are you sure you won't mind me screwing her”. Jen whispered to me “it wouldn't do me any good to object, but I do want you to do something else for me. Give Helen a good fucking before you go home today. Her ego is in need”. I whispered “ it would be my pleasure”.

We had continued to slowly pump away as we whispered back and forth. As she sat back I started pumping harder and faster. Soon I was pounding away at her making a slapping noise as I hit bottom each time. I was holding her clitoris with my left thumb and forefinger rolling it back and forth. Jenanne started to moan and pump back at me building her climax to it's crest. As it broke she started to shudder with orgasmic spasms. She reached up and pulled my hips to her so I would quit pumping and she could savor the feeling. Our companions both sat in awed silence as if they were witnessing something momentous and sacred. As tempting as it was to let go and shot a load into Jen I held back the climax I was on the verge of having to save something for later.

Elly jumped up and returned a minute later. I was still kneeling in front of Jenanne with my cock buried and we were enjoying the post coitus pleasure before I pulled out. Elly sat back down next to her grandma with a warm wash cloth and handed it to me saying “for your face”.

I realized my face probably looked like a snail had crawled all over it leaving dried slim. After washing it off I slowly pulled out of Jenanne. As I did I had the two heads of our audience leaning over close to observe. A lot of female love juice and my seeping semen started to run from her open vagina. I took the wash cloth and used it to cover and cup her mound. Jenanne sat there and shook with the pleasure of the warm cloth pressing her well used pubic mound.

My dick was still rigid and wanting release so I looked at Elly and Helen with an evil leer and asked if they minded me moving over to them. Elly just nodded her consent with a big eyed scared look and Helen said in a soft lewd voice “Oh please do”.

I moved in front of them and knelt down. I took Elly's left leg and Helen’s right leg and raised them to each side of me resting one on each of my shoulders. I began by running my hands up and down the inside of the two very different but sexy legs. As I reached the crotch on each I would linger there putting pressure against there vaginal openings with the side of my hands. I slipped my little finger into Elly's pussy and held it there. Helen opened her other leg wide and I could see into her slightly open vaginal canal. I inserted a couple of fingers and began stroking as I massaging her clit with my thumb.

They were both responding with moans of pleasure. I glance over at Jen and she was watching me work on the other two, she used one hand to press and rub the wash cloth into her vagina and the other to stroke Elly's other leg. I lowered the two legs I had been stroking and slide in front of Helen. She assumed I was going to fuck her but after pulling her butt out to me I lowered my head and proceeded to eat her out with great enthusiasm.

I had slid my left hand under Elly's leg again and now inserted my index finger into her very tight pussy just past the first knuckle. It felt like it might be the biggest thing she had ever had in her so far as she was rigid and holding her butt up off the couch.

Helen was moaning and secreting juices like a faucet had been left on as I continued to plunge my whole face into her wide open pussy. I felt as if my face was wrapped in a big soft wet baseball mitt. When i plunged my face totally in there was no way to breath so I would hold my breath and massage her insides with my nose, tongue and chin. When I came up for a breath of air I would concentrate on her clitoris. I had to stop as she was close approaching climax and I wanted her to finish with my dick inside her.

I raised up and asked Jen if I could borrow her wash cloth. She handed me the sopping wet cloth and reinserted her hand between her legs. The cloth was warm from being between her legs and I quickly smeared her and Helen's female essence around my face in a failed attempt to clean up.

I pushed my over- ready cock against Helen's gaping pussy. It slid in easily to what I thought was going to be a loose sloppy fit but as I pushed forward to maximum penetration she clamped down with surprising force and held a grip that showed off her magnificent vaginal muscle control. After she held the clench for a good twenty seconds she began flexing the kegel muscle every few seconds almost milking my overexcited cock. I moaned loudly and my body spasmed with the ecstasy I was experiencing. I was hard pressed to not shoot my load right then but wanted badly to have her finish with me.

As I regained control and started slow pumping she fell into rhythm quickly by flexing tight on the in stroke and relaxing on the out stroke. The sensation was like having magic fingers manipulate me. We started to gain momentum with both of us breathing hard and moaning loudly. As we reached the peak of perfectly timed mutual orgasm I heard Elly yelp.

I had switched to my middle finger and plunged it brutally into Elly. Helen and I continued to stroke and thrash about. It seemed as if I would squirt two or three times at the bottom of every stroke then stop on the out stroke while experiencing a dull pain in my rectum then start squirting again at the bottom of the next stroke. As with the earlier orgasm I was slightly nauseous and had a pain running thru my groin into my anus. I was finished but Helen was still experiencing the end of her climax with little jerks that caused her to flex tightly around my cock. Even with the pain I was feeling I knew I had just fucked the most talented pussy of my life and was about to collapse.

As I sat there with my still rigid cock buried deep in Helen's flexing pussy trying to recover I saw Elly lean over and whisper in her grandmothers ear. They both looked at me and Jenanne replied in a soft voice “that’s your decision to make and if you want to try today it depends on whether John can keep it up and perform one more of his magnificent fucks.

I knew that was a bit of an overstatement but it inflated my ego as she had intended and gave me the extra boost I needed to prepare for what Elly was going to want me to try in a very few minutes. Helen picked up on what was about to happen and with a sly smile began flexing her vaginal muscles faster bringing my cock back up to it's most rigid state. I was about to faint from the pulses of pleasure she was giving me.

With a serious look on her face Elly stated “it's my turn now”. I looked over at Jenanne and she winked. I was loving what Helen was doing with her muscular pussy and really did not want to pull out. I felt funny taking advantage of someone so young with two mature women at the sides watching me but Elly had a look on her face that said, if I didn't perform she would be humiliated for the second time today. I slowly extracted my cock from Helen and felt a great loss as she clamped down hard for the entire extraction giving me the feeling someone had a hand around my cock that I was forcefully pulling free.

I moved to the center between Elly's long slender legs and pulled her butt toward me. As with the older women I leaned forward and placed my lips against her vagina. The older women had large pubis mons that I could bury my face in. Elly had a small petite mound that I could cover with my mouth slightly open. Jenanne and Helen both had moved closer and were watching intently.

With Elly's thighs wrapped around my head and her legs over my shoulders I wanted to include all three at once. I reached under a leg of each older women and ran my hands up their legs touching their open crotches. On my left I began massaging Jenanne's large clitoris slowly with my thumb and two fingers. At the same time on my right I had inserted three fingers inside Helen and was trying for a forth.

I worked Elly's pussy over with my mouth and tongue making her pull back as the sensations became to intense. Her hands were behind my head guiding me away from her small clitoris. Either she wanted to hold off any climax or the feeling was to intense. Both women were enjoying my hand manipulations. Jen was breathing faster loving having her long clit pulled and rolled between my fingers. Helen was a lot more verbal as I had now managed to insert my right hand into her up to my knuckles. I was pressing hard in hope of getting to my wrist. This was my first time at attempting fist fucking and I wonder if many men ever get the chance of pleasuring three females at once.

Both Jenanne and Elly had stopped me. Jen was holding my left hand still and Elly had pushed my head away slightly. I look up to see them both watching Helen writhe and buck as my hand had penetrated past my wrist and she was in the throws of a violent orgasm. Her hands were around my forearm and urging me to pump my arm and fist into her faster and harder. If she hadn't been urging me on I would have had to stop. She was screaming as if in terrible pain. Both Jen and Elly stared in fearful fascination. The orgasm lasted twenty or thirty seconds and Helen collapsed breathing hard and moaning with each breath as I slowly extracted my hand.

I raised up and looked Elly in the face while asking if she really wanted to do this. I was having a lot of second thoughts as my cock is a little longer and fatter than average I knew it was going to cause her a lot of pain. I also knew her cherry was broken but assumed it was done with something smaller than a penis. She smiled nervously and said she was ready.

Jenanne had gotten up and returned with a towel she tossed me and a super slick sexual lubricant she applied liberally to both my cock and Elly's small pussy. As she did she lubed up the inside also by shoving her finger in and out of the petite pussy causing Elly to tense up. After wiping my face and hands again I pushed the head of my cock against Elly's small lips forcing them open. The vaginal canal was so small it was going to be difficult for us both. I hoped I could make it slow enough that she would stretch without tearing.

I doubted I could manage to shot another load today as I had already far exceeded any expectations I might have had. My dick was performing well as it was still rigid after all the use it had been put thru. Of course I was receiving more visual and physical stimulus than anyone could ask for.

I was holding steady pressure against Elly's inner labia but was afraid to press any harder. She had a pained look on her face so I held where I was but didn't force it in further. I leaned close to her face and kissed her tiny mouth then told her to put her hands on my waist. As she did I said I’m afraid to go deeper so you pull me and I will follow what you want so you won't have to take more pain than you can handle.

She began experimenting by pulling me with a small bumping motion. She would grimace with pain each time I hit her. In one so young it was strange to see the determination to endure pain, even if pleasure was the ultimate goal. There was a slow headway being made as I could feel her hot pussy slowly covering more of the length of my dick. The pressure I was feeling inside her was mind blowing. It felt like someone with a very strong hand was squeezing the head of my dick as hard as they could. As the whole head was in and almost and inch of the shaft I think she believed we had completely succeeded. She leaned back relaxed and stopped pulling. I held still and she looked at me smiling with a look of pained accomplishment on her face.

She only had about three inches of cock in her so I didn't push in any further. Had she looked down she would have seen there was another four inches to go. Without moving I flexed my dick a couple of times. Her eyes opened wide in surprise at the rush it gave her. After sitting there a minute or so I ask if I could start pumping her. I think she was getting some pleasure but was more enthralled with the idea of fucking and she quickly agreed to my proceeding. As I started I would pull back slowly and feed it back into her gently but not go beyond the depth we were at. As we slow fucked I glanced up at the older women. They both had a look of envy, as they remembered how sensual fucking can be when your young and as tight as Elly.

As her small pussy became accustomed to my size I began stroking faster and bumping a little bit farther into her. Her eyes opened wide again as I invaded another half inch and she leaned forward enough to see more than half of my cock was yet to enter her. Elly gasped out loud “Oh my god, I can't take all the rest of that inside me, I think it's hitting bottom already”. Both older women leaned over for a better look and watched up closely as I took a couple dozen strokes. They both reassured her it would most likely all fit. She looked again and said “i don't think so “ but started trying to meet my thrusts.

The friction inside Elly was taking it's toll on her nerve receptors. She was starting to breath hard and loose her self in the erotic feeling of being fucked. I was still trying to go gently but pounding a dick into anything that hot and tight was turning out to be a massive turn. I now had a good five inches plunging in and out of her. The last two inches must have looked like a couple of feet to her. She was perspiring from fear, passion and exertion. Each time she looked down and saw the last inch and a half to go she would exclaim loudly “Oh god I can't take any more” and immediately double her effort to pound her small pelvis against my thrusting hips. With a little more than a half inch to go I hit bottom. When I did she jerked and yelled out.

I stopped pumping and we both sat still soaking up the pleasure her immature overstretched vagina was bring us. She had started to breath slower but her heart rate was still quite high from the fear, effort and excitement of her first real fuck. I could feel the thump of her heart beat in my cock.

Both older women sat close to her and each stroked there own vagina’s languidly as they watched in anticipation of the fucking to resume. Elly asked me to start stroking again and said “Please don't stop even if I beg you to. I think I was almost ready to cum just like Grandma and Aunt Helen do”.

I started feeding my dick into her in long slow strokes. She was pushing against the back of the couch try to match my thrusts with her small butt. She was soon panting and moaning from the intense pleasure my strokes were bringing her. We were pumping fast and hard. I was hitting bottom on each stroke causing her to jerk with the pain. I looked down to see she had taken my full length and I was slapping my pelvis against her butt.

Elly started to cum and so did I. She was trembling and shaking with her head thrown back. Her butt and pelvis would convulse with each climatic spasm. My dick was doing the same but I could tell I was shooting nothing into her as I had depleted myself with the gobs of sperm I had seen running out of Helen's talented pussy. As we finished I needed to pull out badly to get off my aching knees. I was a little to fast and Elly's bladder let go. I was being soaked with a hot steady stream of urine splattering against my chest.

Both women burst out laughing loudly. Poor Elly was embarrassed beyond words but the stream kept coming. I stood there without moving taking her full load. I said nothing but found it perversely exciting to have a sweet thing like her piss all over me.

It brought back memories of my wife who was very much into water sports when we married and soon had me converted to a more than willing participant. I knew I was in for an exciting time when she insisted we start drinking huge amounts of water. Her favorite thing was for me to give her a urine douche after we had fucked for quite some time. It would always bring her to an immediate earth skaking climax. I figured the hot piss gushing into her simulated being filled with a massive load of cum. She also loved to sit on my face with her pussy pressed to my mouth and force me to drink as much as I could hold. Ah! Fond memories.

When Elly's stream dwindled and stopped I smiled at her and said “I’m sorry for pissing you off”. Elly smiled sheepishly and started to apologize then realized what I said and laughed. Jen said I think the couch and carpet will need a good shampooing. She leaned over and kissed Elly on the cheek and said “don't worry honey I have had a lot worst things happen during and just after sex. I wish my first time was as exciting as yours. Thanks for letting Helen and I share part of it. It's a memory I will cherish for ever”.

We soaked up all the urine with towels and scrubbed the large glob of semen from under Helen’s crotch. I joined everyone in the master bath for a friendly grab ass filled shower but no one was ready to start another bout of fucking for which I was thankful. We all napped in Jenanne's king size bed where my dick and balls became an object of show and tell. Both Jen and Helen wanted to experiment and give Elly a lesson in all the different techniques of performing fellatio. I stayed hard for the entire session which lasted at least forty five minutes with all three females taking turns sucking and stroking my cock.

Jen kept chiding me about not being able to climax for Elly as it was important for her to learn to swallow a mans load. I promised to try and do better next time. Jen laughed and said “If I have anything to say about it there will be a lot of next times, that is if we haven’t scared you off”.

I left late that evening completely sated and in need of a nights sleep. An hour later I was just going to bed when the door bell chimed. It was Helen and she was anxious to come in. As enticing as the thought of her pussy was I had exceeded my sexual capacity for the day and maybe for the week.

I reluctantly invited her in. As she stepped in she wrapped her arms around me in a firm embrace. I thought at first I was going to have to decline her advances but soon realized she was crying and not looking for sex. She was holding me in need of comfort. What she wanted was to thank me for restoring some of her confidence and in her words “ The best fuck of her life”. I complimented her on having the most exotic pussy I ever had the fortune to enter.

I explained I was on my way to bed as I was completely done in. She apologized turning to leave when I asked if she would like to join me. I quickly explained I would be of no use sexually but missed having someone to sleep with. Her smile as she swiftly accepted was beaming. I knew as we walked to the bedroom I had done the right thing. We stripped each other naked and jumped into bed holding one another close.

We talked for a long time as we pressed our naked bodies together and fondled each other. She explained about how young Ellen had been raised saying “ Elly's parents had no time for her and Jenanne has taught her sex is for pleasure. She has been worrying for sometime how Elly's first time with a male was going to turn out as we new it would happen soon. Elly is very sexual in nature and we both were concerned she might choose poorly and wind up with some asshole like my X husband. A first experience should be a good memory to take with you through life. Mine was a very brutal nightmare and has haunted me ever since”. We slept holding each other and I woke with memories of the greatest day of my life and the best nights sleep I have had since I was a kid.

I think the future is bright for me, the two Dykes and the Tyke.

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