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Please read chapter 1 & 2 first to get full effect
We lay on that spot for almost an hour, although given the chance I would have chosen to stay longer. We got dressed and parted ways as Colin said I would see him soon, his parents were staying in a hotel in two nights time, we would have his place to ourselves. I handed him my mobile number at the back fence before we left.

When I entered the house it was dark and quiet, everyone had gone to bed and not noticed that I was missing, I should have been relieved but I couldn't help feel anger. Was I that unimportant?

That night when I lay in my bed I wrapped my arms around myself and fell asleep in seconds, dreaming of Colin.

I awoke the next morning to my alarm blaring music, alerting me it was time to get up. I showered to wake myself up, unable to help touching the places I could remember Colin touching. The day went by as usual, a touch of shopping with my friend Anna then back in the house alone for dinner. My mum and dad were taking another few days to themselves, they booked a last minute weeks cruise and left this morning.

Jack was out at the pub with his friends, refusing to fulfill his babysitting role since he can't stand to look at me. I decided not to bother cooking and ordered pizza instead. Turning the TV on to watch the soaps I smiled, in a house as busy as mine it was a rare occasion to have the TV remote to yourself.

The door knocked and my heart leapt before I remembered I had ordered pizza. I collected the pizza from the door handing the delivery man a 20 and closing the door.

I lay on the couch eating pizza out the box and drinking some of the strange looking stuff I found in a bottle in the kitchen. It looked and smelled disgusting, the bottle revealed it to be whiskey, but the taste was surprisingly sweet.

I lay there for hours, I hadn't been so relaxed in a very long time. So relaxed that I must have dropped off, the next thing I remember was hearing the front door open, loud voices and thuds.

Jack and two of his friends that I hadn't met before stormed into the living room, I jumped when they came in, my vision slightly blurred. I don't know if the disorientation was due to just waking up or the whiskey.

The tallest of the two men looked fairly young, maybe early 20's. He was tall and thin with Black hair shaved almost to his head. His facial features were all wonky like he had been in one too many fights in his life, he watched me as I watched him, a smile on his lips that seemed sinister to say the least.

The shorter man was around my height, and looked more than double my age. He was a stocky and his belly clearly created a shadow over his jeans. His hair line was receding and his face showed signs of wrinkling but his expression seemed playful, his eyes seemed delighted, so much so that they were the only thing about him that seemed young.

"There she is, my slut of a sister" Jack yelled far too loudly considering we were all in the same room.

I looked up at him then looked back to the carpet, unwilling to argue with him.

"Nothing to say, skank? It's fine boys, feel free, she would fuck anything that walks anyway, you two should take your chance!" he continued.

I stood up and went to leave, just because I won't argue back doesn't mean I had to sit and suffer this. As I walked past the boys to get to the door Jack grabbed my wrist.

"You will do as your fucking told, sit back down!" he shouted in my face, the smell of whiskey off his breath was intoxicating alone.

I tried to remove his hand, I tried to tug away from him but he held my wrist still. A minute of silence passed, Jack spent the time looking me up and down with an expression of utter disgust plastered on my face.

He pushed my wrist away with such force that I fell to the ground. He stormed out the room and seconds later I heard the front door open and close. Confused and worried, my voice became barely a whisper.

"Where did he go?"

The short stocky man took two steps towards me before answering.

"Just giving us some private time darling, I'm Trevor and this is my friend Johnny, we're here to look after you."

Suddenly my brain started revising all the details so far, sinister looks, playful eyes, Jack mouthing off about these guys taking their chance with his skanky sister. In the seconds it took for me to put two and two together I started to shuffle backwards and away from the scary man introducing himself to me.

Trevor lunged towards me before I had the time to process my thought any further, grabbing my nightdress and pushing it up to my hips as he pinned me to the floor.

I started to struggle against him but I couldn't move. I decided to resort to screaming but within a few seconds of the scream escaping my lips I felt something being pushed into my mouth as I looked up and saw the stranger named Johnny standing above me looking down, a smirk on his face, almost as if he was playing a game and knew he was winning.

I felt stubble press against my thigh and I could no longer deny what was happening next. Trevor was licking my thigh as the first tear slid down my face, while Johnny was pushing me up so I was sitting. I tried to use this opportunity to make a run for it but Johnny grabbed my arms and help them behind my back.

My moment of bravery only ended with Trevor clutching his face, my knee must have made contact. I felt myself relax for a second before I felt stubble scrape along my ear.

"Your gonna regret that, little whore" he whispered in my ear.

I was aware of only one presence at that moment, he held my wrists behind my back and stayed still breathing in my ear. Suddenly his friend has joined him. I heard a strange noise, a clipping swishing type of noise, a noise I didn't recognise. I felt a hand move up my body until I felt my skin going cold, they had cut my night dress from the bottom to the top and as Trevor cut the rest off Johnny tied my hands behind my back. To my surprise it didn't feel like rope, the feeling reminded me of the wire stuff you buy as washing line to wrap round the poles.

Something was placed over my eyes and tied behind my head, although I didn't know what it was, I knew I wouldn't be able to get it off, these men knew exactly what they were doing and it was obvious they had done it before.

I felt a hand run up my thigh, it felt rough, like wrinkled leather. Another hand roughly handled my boob, squeezing it tightly then letting it fall back into place, repeating this process over.

The rougher hand started to peel away my thong and trace faint lines back and forth across my shaved pussy, it almost felt nice, I suppose it would have been if it wasn't some old revolting man who owned the hand caressing me.

The younger of the two removed his hands from my breasts and flipped me round. My face was pushed against the floor, my cheek feeling the chill of the laminate flooring. My ass was pushed up, positioned so it was in the air with my arms tied just above it behind my back.

I felt a hand grab roughly at my ass cheeks while the other pulled down my thong. He started to slap at my ass, digging his fingers into my flesh each time he did so. It hurt so much I felt like I should be bleeding.

I heard the zip of his trousers being pulled down and the shuffle of his jeans falling to the floor, the buckle of his belt thudding against the floor.

A minute passed when all I could do was brace myself for what was coming next, but it was not what I expected. I froze in shock the first time I felt the belt coming in contact with my ass. At first it felt like it burned, followed by the stinging. He struck again, I could feel the heat rushing to my ass as it went slightly numb, only for several seconds before he struck me with it again. Tears streamed down my face as I felt it starting to sting again.

A thud signaled that he was on his knees and without warning he thrust his dick in my pussy. He was not big, probably only 3/4 inch but it was painful due to how dry it was, he didn't care about comfort, he wanted to inflict pain. I could feel the hairs at the bottom of his belly push against my arse.

He roughly pushed in and out of me, a new tear leaving my face with every thrust. Johnny sat in front of me motionless although I was close enough between his legs that I could feel his hard dick against the top of my head through his jeans.

I must have been so focused on trying to think of something different that I didn't hear the door open, I heard Jacks laugh but Trevor didn't stop, only put his hands over my wrists to push himself in further.

"Pose!" shouted Jack as the two strangers repositioned me. My face was now resting on Johnny's lap, his cock would be in my face if it wasn't for the thin layer of his jeans.

I heard the shutter of the camera on Jack's phone and I was suddenly confused. Footsteps walked towards us while Trevor slowed his pace, he panted, showing just how old and unhealthy he was.

My head was dragged back by someone pulling on my hair, the blindfold was pulled up but not off, allowing me to see for the first time in half an hour.

The first thing I seen was Johnny's creepy smile which made me wish the blindfold was still on.

It took me almost ten seconds to notice the phone that was getting dangled in front of my face, it was Jacks, I tried to focus on the screen, squinting to do so.

Trevor's cock fell out mid thrust and he roughly forced it it straight into my ass.

The shock cleared my vision, as the tears streamed down my face and I screamed a muffled sound through the foreign object in my mouth.

The screen showed a picture of me bent over naked in a doggie style position with my face in some guy's crotch. Clearly they had set it up to hide the tied hands, blindfold and gag. Looking like a plain old threesome:

The text underneath read:

I believe you've met my sister, the slag

A message popped up on screen:


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2012-06-27 09:37:28
It wasn't all bad, the ending was a good twist, but a shitty resolve. Though I agree with the writer; you're not being forced to read it!


2012-06-11 16:10:11
Oops, that last one was me, but log in must have timed out. Anytime I post I try and not make it anonymous as I feel "If it's worth saying, it's worth standing behind."


2012-06-11 16:08:12
I love it. Not every story has a happy ending. Life is beautiful and sucks. In human history we remember the horrible things more clearly than the wonderful for a reason. We learn and grow from mistakes and hardships more than from our successes. I would love to see a part 4 in the future, but let it brew and never give up on what you love. If it's true to you, that's the story you need to tell.

Anonymous readerReport

2012-06-11 16:07:34
I love it. Not every story has a happy ending. Life is beautiful and sucks. In human history we remember the horrible things more clearly than the wonderful for a reason. We learn and grow from mistakes and hardships more than from our successes. I would love to see a part 4 in the future, but let it brew and never give up on what you love. If it's true to you, that's the story you need to tell.

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2012-04-13 16:37:18
The 1st two were awesome but this one sucks

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