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Welcome back readers, friends, I know I know I'm not writing enough... I blame it on a total lack of alchol and a fit of depression associated with not having enough money to buy alcohol... for some reason dog food and well real food is more important than beer. I have no clue, I'm rambling and I should be setting you up for the next chapter... OK we are picking up right where I left off... I'm hoping you'll be amused and even maybe laugh a little bit as your otherwise amusing yourself. Someone asked on another story how I can mix Arabic and roman numerals, I'm the farking writer! I can do damn well what ever I want ... besides there are no decimals if I use roman numerals. What else do I need to address... Yes I will start writing more in fact, I expect to start writing a whole lot more because I have a shift change someing up and I'll be able to be a bit more nocturnal and that will be good. All that said and I'm sorry for the long ramble, don't forget to let me know what you think. Oh right please forgive any spelling errors... maybe someone can talk me into correcting that crap later... I did the best but some of the spellings are so esoteric that I'll never figure them out.

She folded the note and taped it to the top box, “Excellent Janet if you would send this down with the first secretary please.

“Yes Mam” she responded and pulled the dolly out of the room.

Glenn heard the door open and close then “Mr Jamison?”

He stood up and walked to the front of the room “Yes?”

“I’m Melissa Martinez, Ms. Sanderson sent me down to interview for the secretary position. She also said that I was to deliver these boxes, there is a note”

“Okay Miss Martinez?”

“Its Mrs Martinez I got married a year ago”


Melissa shrugged “so what are you looking for?”

“Can you type?”

“About 40 words per minute?”

“Good you know all the departments and where everything is?”

“Of course?”

“Do you have any special talents that I should be aware of ?”

“Not really” She smiled

“I see well? Why should I choose you over the other candidates?”

“I really don’t know sir”

“I see” Glenn walked over to the boxes and picked up the note and read it and put it in his pocket. “Great he unstacked the boxes and pushed them against the wall. He then looked at Melissa “What size do you wear?”

“Four Dress.”

“Small, medium… you know?”

“Um Small I guess?”

Glenn dug around in the first box… he found a pair of shorts.. the tad read XS he peeled the adhesive tag off and switched it, he was curious if this woman would wear the outfit he then selected a shirt. Boss lady upstairs says all of my workers have to wear these uniforms? He said handing it to her. Would you be willing to wear this?”

“Um I don’t know can I try it on?”

“Sure there is a small bathroom in the back”

Melissa stepped quickly toward the door in the back and Glenn opened the door for her. Melissa flipped on the light and took off her blouse there was a rod with hangars for clothes convenient she thought as she hung up her blouse and then she folded her skirt. She smiled to herself as she slipped on the shorts they were quite snug, she wondered if this was the way they were supposed to be, she really wanted to impress Mr. Jamison the shirt was too tight across her chest, he smelled so nice she thought. Maybe if I take off my bra it will fit better, the thought passed from her brain to her hands without her really looking at it and she was standing in what amounted to hot pants and a half shirt her grape fruit sized breasts were smashed up good inside the confines of the cotton shirt and she paused a moment to put on some lip stick and straighten her hair and then walked out of the small cubbyhole of a bathroom.

“Well Mr. Jamison what do you think” she said stepping out and doing a little twirl.
“It looks good on you” Glenn said ogling the bare flesh and the only just covered flesh.
“You will hire me won’t you Mr. Jamison? I do so want to be your personal secretary”
“I have three other candidates to interview Mrs. Martinez, tell you what I have a little writing assignment for you then, since I’m sure you and your colleagues are equally qualified. Write a little essay for me and Deliver it to me close of business today?”

“It will be my pleasure Melissa breathed,”
“Good now you have no issue with the uniform?”
“Oh no Mr. Jamison I love it.”
“Great if you’ll change and go back up and send down the next candidate?”
“If that’s what you want Mr. Jamison I’ll do it but I know I’m the best girl for the job.” She said swinging her hips as she wiggled back into the bathroom she took off the uniform and paused a moment she peeled off her panties and brought them too her nose the sweet smell of her moist pussy permeated them, they were also quite soaked with her juices. She then put her skirt and blouse back on. She exited the bathroom and walked straight up to Glenn “here Mister Jamison something to help you decide” she handed him her bra and panties. Dumbfounded Glenn laid them on the desk and followed Melissa toward the door.
“Oops” she squealed and bent over right in front of him and his hips bumped her butt “More than that when you hire me mister Jamison” She leaned forward even further and spread her legs her skirt riding up higher and higher and Glenn got a glimpse of Melissa’s darkly thatched pussy and her little pink pucker hole. She stood up and straightened her skirt and walked out of the room blowing him a kiss as she left.

“That was just fucking weird” Glenn said to himself and he sat down at the desk. I wonder what else I can get away with he pondered.

About ten minutes later a Petite Blonde walked in “Mr Jamison?”

“Hello?” Glenn said

“I’m Sara Mitchell from the secretarial pool”

“Nice to meet you Sara” Glenn stood and walked over to shake her hand watching her as he did so. He saw her nostrils flaring slightly and then her eyes dilated. He pulled a Chair up right next to her and sat down. “Please sit down” he said

“Thank you sir” she replied

“Can you type?”

“Yes about 45 words per minute”

“That’s pretty good”

She blushed, “Thank you sir”

“And you know how all office business is handled here?”

“Yes sir”

“Would you be willing to wear this uniform?” he asked handing her the shorts and shirt

“Mmmkay” she said

“Well don’t just agree try it on, there’s a…” but Sara was already standing she worked the zipper to her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She then removed her blouse revealing that she was wearing a matching set of white underwear” She then glanced over at the desk.
“Oh are you collecting underwear?” she asked as she slipped her hands around her back and removed her bra. And tossed it to him, she then slipped her panties down and flipped them into his lap with her foot. She stood there naked in the center of the room. She had small breasts capped with small pink nipples and her pussy was shaved except for a thin strip just above her slit and her hair matched” She slipped on the extra small shorts and shirt. “Kind of big aren’t they?” she asked pulling the shorts up high which gave split her fat slit and the shorts bulged. “If you choose me you’ll never know if my clothes come off or if they are really painted on”

“Miss Mitchell are you in a relationship?”

“No I haven’t found a guy who can meet my needs”

”I see and I meet your needs? He asked fingering his wedding band, I don’t know but you definitely turn me on. She smiled as she fondled her smallish breasts under her shirt.

“I’d sure like to find out she said smiling”

“Well I’ll tell you like I told the last applicant write me an essay on why I should hire you and deliver it to me by the end of the day.”

“Yes sir” she said thrusting her chest out

“Now please get dressed and send in the next candidate”

“Yes sir” she said and moved forward “Are you sure there isn’t a little something I can’t take care of first” as her hand caressed the front of Glenn’s pants.

“Yes I’m quite sure” Glenn said using all of his will power to not go ahead and bend this tiny girl over and have his way with her.

“She Disrobed again and pulled her clothes back on looking somewhat hurt that Glenn would dismiss her without letting her suck him off or anything.

Glenn sat as his desk wondering what the hell was going on, it seemed that suddenly every girl he met was throwing herself at him. He was married for gods sake, There was a knock on the door, “come in he said

A curvy red headed woman walked into the door. “Hello I’m Glenn Jamison”

“I’m Penny Parks” the girl said, “I guess I’m your third candidate”

“I guess so it’s a pleasure to meet you” again Glenn shook the woman’s hand and again her nostrils flared and her eyes dilated.

“Well I guess first things first how fast can you type?”

“Oh about 50 words per minute”

“That’s good”

“If I mess anything up you can spank me” she blurted and then covered her mouth with her hand as if surprised by what she said.

“I can spank you? Excuse me?”

“Oh Mr Jamison I don’t know what came over me it was just you were sitting there and we were talking..”

“Its fine Penny it has been a weird day for me too”


“Your not the first person to come into my office and act like a fool”

“You mean the other girls?”

“Did far worse”

“Really did they?”

Glenn nodded “They did”

“Oh my God is this their underwear?” Penny asked walking to the desk where two pairs of discarded bra’s and panties lay

“It is”

“Did you make them take it off?”

“I think it was more of a gift for my consideration?, how long have you worked here Penny?”

“Four years in the secretarial pool.”

“Are you married or have a boyfriend”?

“Yes and two little daughters”

“That’s good, why should I choose you above the other candidates?”

“I really don’t know I am one of the top secretaries in the pool”

“That’s good to know, now go over to those boxes there against the wall and take out something that will fit you and you can use the bathroom in the back to try it on, If your disinclined to do that I’ll understand they are kind of skimpy uniforms”

She rummaged through the boxes, “no this doesn’t leave much to the imagination does it?” she said holding up the shirt and shorts

“No it really doesn’t”

“Will you be wearing the same uniform?”

“Yes apparently it’s a executive directive that all people in my department wear this uniform.

“Well if your going to wear this and it will get me out of the secretarial pool I’m in”

“Okay then could you please write an essay explaining why I should hire you over the others?”

“Mmmm yeah I sure will” she said her eyes drifting up and down glens body as her hand massaged one of her large breasts.”

“Good then you may go and send in the next person”

“But I don’t want to can I please stay and watch the next person please, please?”

Glenn sighed “Sure I guess but not a peep from you then”

“Yes sir Mr. Jamison” she scuttled back to the farthest most desk, picked up the phone “Yes Emily send Courtney down I’m going for a bathroom break” Glenn sat down in his chair once more and waited playing solitaire on the computer. Two games later there was a knock on the door and a Curvy looking brunette walked in.

“Hello Courtney I’m Mr. Jamison” Glenn said getting up and walking to her.

“Hello Mr. Jamison, I’m Courtney Grisham…”

“You can type?”

“Forty dicks per minute?”

“What was that Courtney?

“I mean forty strokes a minute, I mean, forty words a minute”

“How long have you worked her?”

“Six years?”

“Do you have any questions?”

“What will I have to do?”

“Field questions and keep track of the rest of the staff when I get it”

“Will I get to be on your staff?”

“If I decide to hire you you’ll be the first on my staff”

“Oooh you mean you’ve never had a woman on your staff before?”

“Courtney what are you talking about?”

“I… I don’t know I’m suddenly so horny I can barely keep my hands still. My nipples are throbbing; I need someone to suck my nipples and my clit oh god. Please Mr. Jamison, I need a hard cock. She fumbled with her blouse, and whipped it off; her hands dropped to her waist slipping off her skirt and underwear in one swift move. “I need your cum” she moaned as she pulled at the front of Glenn’s pants. Please please let me slurp your cock.”

“Courtney restrain yourself” Glenn said pushing her away

“No you don’t understand”

“Courtney you are being a very bad girl” he grabbed her by the hair and swung her around as he sat down on a chair and pulled her body over his lap his hand came down on her bare ass with a loud smack. A second smack as he held the near naked wiggling woman on his lap. Four more slaps and Courtney was crying

“Please daddy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be a bad girl”

“Then stand up” Glenn said

“I’m so sorry Courtney cried Mr. Jameson you’re just your cute and your sexy and I just can’t resist you.”

“I expect you to be able to work while you’re in the office with me Courtney, hands at your sides girl. He said and smacked her ass again.”

“But its so hard, she whimpered”

“Now are you going to be able to keep your clothes on if I hire you down here?”

“I can’t promise anything… No I will I can I will”

“Good then I’ll just assume that since your just about naked you won’t mind wearing the uniform”

“No I’ll wear whatever it takes!”

“Great no write me an essay on why I should hire you and turn it in by the end of the day please”

“Yes sir” she whimpered picking up her clothes. She exited and Glenn walked around the partitions where he found Penny with her skirt around her waist and her hand in her underwear. “You too Penny better get back to your desk I have some things to do”

“Yes sir” she said standing “are you sure I can’t interest you in a little”

“Go now” Glenn said slapping her cotton-covered ass

“I’m going she squeaked” and she was out the door a few minutes later.

Glenn picked up the phone and dialed Mrs. Sanderson’s office, “This is Gabriella Sanderson”

“Miss Sanderson this is Glenn Jamison”

“Yes Mr Jamison what can I do for you?”

“I was wondering about the secretarial candidates?”

“Was there some problem or would you like to interview a few more?” Gabriella bit her lip she had watched the whole thing on closed circuit

“No I was wondering if I could choose more than one?”

“I see well I don’t see any problem with it are you going with two or three or all four?”

“I think all four might be best to keep things from getting out of hand”

“Very well Mr. Jamison, have you decided about the add we want to run for your assistants?”

“I’m sure whatever you have prepared will be fine Mrs. Sanderson”

“Very well Mr. Jamison how many assistants do you believe that you will need?”

“I’m thinking eight to ten?”

“Okay then I’ll start setting up the interviews for next week”

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