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A day with my gf and my bf
It was 7 o’clock when my alarm finally shut up. I rolled out of bed and found my work uniform spread over the floor where we threw it. I heard the sheets rustle as I pulled up my black skirt.

Awww baby you leaving already you have like 30 minutes before you have to leave for work

Danni baby I have to get food first.

But Hannah do you have to go why don’t you just stay in bed and we can play again.

I saw her reach into the nearby draw and pick out a toy she wanted.

No Danni baby I cant play now put the vibrator back.

But Hannah I’m so wet baby.

Danni no don’t do it

Or what you’ll spank me again.

Hmmm god why do you have to be such a tease.

I watched as she flipped the switch on the vibrator and pressed it to her clit. Her hand travelled to her boob and she started to pinch her nipple between her fingers. Her body started to wriggle and her moans got louder all the time her blue eyes fixed on me. She knew I couldn’t resist her soaking wet pussy so I immediately jumped back into bed.

You know I always win so why bother fighting.

My lips crashed to hers as she lifted up my skirt. I ran my hand down her body to her belly button then through her soft brown curls. She moved my thong aside and placed the vibrator to my clit. I felt my pussy start to tingle as my clit began to swell.

Ow god baby.

I kissed down her neck and across her collar bone towards her firm tits. I looked down to see her DD tits bouncing in front of me. Her nipples were rock hard as I wrapped my lips around them starting to lick and suck. Her moans got louder as I took the vibrator off her. I knelt between her legs and thrust the rampant rabbit deep into her pussy. I saw her reach towards the draw again and pull out the double vibrator and pushed me back against the bed. She replaced the rampant rabbit with the double vibrator forcing it all the way in. She crawled down between my legs kissing my thighs then started to lick my clit.

I have to make sure your nice and wet hunny.

She then began to nibble on my clit making me scream in pleasure. Before I could argue she thrust 2 fingers deep inside me. I tangled my fingers in her long brown hair.

I think your wet enough baby. Do you want me to stick it in Hannah.

Yes Danni baby stick it in me.

She started to rub the other end of the double vibrator against my clit. I couldn’t help but moan as I felt the vibrations against me. Eventually she thrust the other end inside me. She lent back and tangled her legs around my hips pulling me closer. Both of us started to moan and thrust our hips so the dildo would go in further. Once our pussys had swallowed the dildo our clits were touching as we started to move our hips we were rubbing each others pussies and causing more moans. After a few minutes our moans had got louder and louder until both our bodies started to wriggle. The tension built up in my pussy before exploding through me. I watched as Danni’s body thrashed around. Once I had calmed down I slid the vibrator out and stood up fixing my uniform.

Hannah can you pick up a guy I think we need some real dick.

I think we do.

I grabbed my keys and headed out of the door. I walked down the road towards work. As I walked through the double doors to the grimy bar I was greeted by my manager.

Hannah this is my new employee Steven can you look after him today.

Sure no problem.

I looked over to where he was pointing and saw a tall athletic man with short ginger hair who was surrounded by girls. I couldn’t help but scan his muscular body myself. My pussy began to tingle as he walked over and helped me with some of the liquor boxes. After working with Steven I was starting to become rather attracted towards him. Every time he bent down I could imagine his bending me over the table pounding his rock hard dick into me. Suddenly it was the end of my shift and the manager came through the door to the store room.

Hey guys thats you lot finished so Hannah you can go home say hi to Danni for me.

I saw the confused look on Stevens face.

Danni is my girlfriend.

I saw the smile disappear from Stevens face.

We are both bi and she know the manager well hey ermmmm do you want to grab a drink.

Ermmmm sure.

The smile returned and we went to the bar and sat on the stools and started to talk. After a couple more hours I felt like I knew everything about him and I was falling for him. I could tell he was nervous when I mentioned Danni because his breath would start to shake and he would edge under the bar more. I figured I would have some fun with him so I told him all about what we done this morning and how I really didn’t want to come to work I wanted to stay in bed. He never looked me in the eye and he could hardly speak.

I love Danni to bits but a dildo just doesn’t do it for me anymore.


I think I either need a new toy or a man.

But what about your girlfriend.

Ow we do this all the time we have an open relationship she sleeps with guys and so do I.


And sometimes we share for a change.

Ow ok then.

I looked at him and got off the stood before pulling him off too. I looked down to see a rather big tent in his jeans.

Hannah I’m sorry your just so….. and the story.

I placed my lips to his and felt his arms snake around my waist pulling me closer. I could feel his big dick against my leg and lost control I wanted him so badly. I locked my fingers with his and ran out of the building and towards the flat. We reached the flat so I stopped outside the door searching for my keys but Steven forced me against the wall kissing me with intense passion. I could feel his muscles tense as he lifted me off the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel his bonner against my pussy. We finally parted and I got the door unlocked and ran up the steps to my flat. I opened this door with ease and told Steven to be quiet because I heard Danni moaning in the bedroom. I walked into the room to see Danni playing with her clit while watching a porno.

Hey hunny I brought us something. Steven

I saw him slowly walk into the room with his head to the floor. I walked over and kissed him again. I heard Danni moan again. I slowly undressed Steven leaving him in nothing but his boxers. I placed my fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down to see his throbbing 9 inch dick. I stood up and kissed him again manoeuvring him towards the bed. I pushed him down and started under dressing myself. I watched as Danni crawled over to Steven and tried to kiss him but he turned away focused on my undressing so she kissed down his body and began to suck his dick rubbing it up and down and running her tongue over his head. She got up and pressed the head of his dick against her pussy and she sank onto his hard cock. Suddenly she screamed in pain.

Hannah he is too big it hurts too much.

Let me on that dick.

She gently got off him and placed her pussy in front of his face as I thrust his dick deep inside me, I couldn’t help but moan as his hips started to force his dick further inside me. Danni started moaning as Steven licked her clit and ran his tongue from her pussy to her ass. I started to grind down on his cock making him groan. Next thing I knew Danni had her lips around my nipple nibbling and licking while playing with the other pinching it between her fingers.

Yea Danni god he feels good.

You like his big dick baby.

You like my fucking big dick inside you baby

I got off his dick and started to suck it, both me and Danni taking turns to make Steven moan. I licked his balls as Danni took every inch of his cock into her mouth.

How does Hannah tastes on my dick Danni

She always tastes great.

Suddenly I heard Steven groan and I was placed on my knees with Danni’s pussy in front of me. I couldn’t help but moan as Steven rubbed his throbbing dick against my clit before thrusting it deep inside my pussy.

Fuck her pussy hard Steven

Lick her pussy Hannah make Danni scream baby.

I leant down and rested my head between Danni’s legs teasing her by licking the inside of her thigh. I knew she’d had enough when she forced my head towards her clit.

Hannah you know that’s mean.

Steven was thrusting as deep as he could into me I couldn’t help but scream as yet another orgasm rocketed through my body.

Steven she likes it hard don’t stop fucking that wet pussy.

You like it hard baby you like having my big dick inside you

I screamed again as Steven slapped my ass hard. I started to suck on Danni’s clit making her squirm this made her moan which made Steven slap my ass harder.

God Hannah I’m going to come

Fill that pussy up Steven

Don’t stop baby fuck me just like that hunny.

You want it inside you baby.

Hell yea fill me up Steven

Right then I shoved two fingers into Danni to make her moan more.

Hannah don’t stop Im almost there

This only made Steven go faster and harder soon all of us were about to come. After a few seconds I felt Danni’s pussy tighten around my fingers as she began to scream. I felt my whole body tingle as Steven thrust deep inside me before filling my wet pussy with come.

Shit Hannah fucking hell baby.

I felt Stevens dick slide out of me and his come run down my legs. I saw him collapse beside us on the bed. He pulled me towards him and held me in his arms as Danni got up off the bed.

Where are you going?

To find me one of them

Good luck hunny
I heard Steven giggle as Danni left the room.

So did I satisfy that dick craving you had.


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2012-02-04 05:05:32
Great story, needs something leading up to it. Keep writeing you got to practice to get good

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