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Friends I lost a few years ago make contact once again
My best friend and I were partners, as usual, tonight at the card table. His wife and my wife were also partners in this game of Spades. We got together at least two Friday evenings out of every month, and had been doing so for over five years. Every time, it was a night full of table games, good food, fun, and laughter. This night, however, was a bit different. My friend's wife excused herself to the bathroom, and my wife went with her. My friend, while they were gone, told me he had something to tell me.

"Yeah? What's up?" I asked.

He then proceeded to tell me that, for the past ten years or so, he and his wife had been inviting couples and singles over for the occassional weekend. During these visits, they would all play games, then watch porn, then all end up in bed together. I was floored! While I had seen things like this in porn, I never imagined that I would ever know someone that partied this way. I also never imagined what was coming next.

"Debbie and I want you and Cathy to join us. We've got some porn already loaded in the player, just waiting for your say-so," he said.

"Well," I started, knowing my cock was getting harder as I just knew my wife would say absolutely not. "Let me talk to Cathy and see what she says. I kinda doubt she'll agree to it, but we'll ask."

A few minutes later, Cathy and Debbie came back. Cathy was red-faced, and looked angry. "Micky," she said, "we're leaving! Now!!"

I knew then that Debbie made her the same invitation, and the result was exactly what I thought it would be. I said goodbye, and we left. On the drive home, she was livid. She just couldn't imagine that they thought we were "that kind of people." She finished her tirade by stating we'd never talk to them again.

And she was almost right. It was almost ten years later, when I was working home alone, and watching porn during lunch. I had not talked to Debbie or Mike since that night, but I had beat off to the idea many times over the years. This time, I was so very horny, I had beat off at least three times and was still rock-hard and watching porn on-line. I debated this for about an hour, then picked up the phone and called Mike's least, the one I knew he had ten years earlier.

Tom my surprise, he answered. After talking for a few minutes, I asked him if I could come over and visit for a few minutes. He said sure, so I got in the car and made the 10 minute drive to his house. Once inside, he poured me a drink, and we sat in the living room. I apologized for not talking to him for so long, and said Cathy was adamant that we never visit again. I then got up the nerve to ask if he and Debbie were still into group sex.

He said yes, and he still wished at times that we could have been a part of that. I then admitted that I'd fantisized about the four of us, and gotten off, many times since that night. We both laughed a bit, then he said "well, you know, I've still got last weekend's movie in the player. Would you like to watch with me? Maybe we can get off together at least this time."

"Sure," I said. "Let's do it!"

He turned on the player and the 50" flat screen, and the movie started with two guys and a girl. She was sucking one guy, he was sucking the other, and the last guy was sucking on her tits. I immediately got a raging hard-on. I glanced over at Mike, and he already had his cock out of his pants, slowly stroking it.

I got the hint, and pulled mine out, too. After a few minutes of staring at the screen and slowly jerking my cock, I suddenly felt another hand cup my balls. I looked away from the TV and say Mike had moved closer to me and had my balls in one hand, still stroking himself with the other.

"Do you mind? he asked.

"Not at all," I said. Do whatever you want.

At that, he bent over and took my cock in his mouth and started giving me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever had! He took my cock into him mouth slowly, rolling his tongue around the head as he did, squeezing my balls with his hand, gently rolling them around.

As he did, I moved my hand between his legs and took hold of the first cock I'd ever touched other than mine. I felt pre-cum on the head, so took my finger and spread it around, under the head, and around the top of his shaft. He moaned on my cock, which felt incredible!

He then came up from my cock, and asked if I'd like to taste his dick. I figured I'd gone too far to stop now, so I said sure, bent over, and slid his cock as far into my mouth as I could. He layed his head back on the couch, and placed his hand on my head, guiding me up and down on his cock. After a few minutes, I felt his cock get harder and start to twitch. I pulled my mouth off his cock, not quite ready to swallow my first cum just yet.

He asked if I'd like to go to the bedroom. I said sure, so we both stood and walked to the back of the house. I followed him into the room, and was shocked to see his wife in the bed, totally nude!

"I hear you guys have been having some fun without me!" she said.

"Yep! Looks like he's finally come around and wants to see what our lifestyle is all about," Mike said.

Debbie looked at me and said "come closer...I want to get a good look at that cock of yours."

I walked closer to the bed. She immediately sat up, then slid to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock. I looked over my shoulder, and Mike was standing just behind me and to the left, stroking his cock while watching his wife give me a blow job. After a few minutes, he suggested we all get on the bed. He had me get in the middle, while he laid on one side of me and she on the other. The alternated playing with my cock and my balls and sucking my dick, while I just lay there taking it all in.

After a while, while Mike was sucking on my dick, Debbie climbed on top of me, lowering her pussy onto my shaft. Mike kept playing with my balls while she rode me for a while. At one point, she took hold of his cock and pulled it toward my face. I moved my head over for a better reach, and slid my mouth down over the head of his cock. I could tasted the sweetness of his pre-cum as I sucked each little drop out.

Finally, she said she wanted to lay down and have me fuck her while she sucked on Mike's dick. We switched places, and I slid my cock as deep into her as I could, fucking her slowly while I watched her play with Mike's cock. After a few minutes, I heard Mike start to groan, then he started fucking her face harder and deeper. I could tell he was cumming, and she was swallowing every drop as fast as he gave it to her.

When he finished, he rolled over and sat on the side of the bed, watching us. Suddenly I felt a hand cup my balls and a tongue licking my ass hole. I thought it was Mike, until I noticed he was still sitting on the bed! I started to look behind me, but before I could, I heard a voice say "Mom, is it my turn yet?"

"Absolutely, honey." Debbie said. Then she looked at me and said "it's time to fuck Amber now."

Amber...who was six the last time I saw her, was now a gorgeous, and naked, sixteen year old who had her hand on my cock and legs wet with her own dripping juices! Without pause, I pulled out of Debbie and turned around. Amber immediately pushed me down on the bed next to Debbie, got on her knees, and took my cock deep into her mouth, tasting her mom's juices on me. Mike then climbed back on the bed behind Amber and started fucking her from behind, while Debbie lay there watching, finger-fucking herself.

We continued for what seemed like hours, alternately fucking, sucking, swallowing, watching porn, drinking, back to fucking, sucking, and swallowing. Needless to say, even though I never told Cathy about this day, this was not my last visit to Mike and Debbie's house! They, and their daughter, son, and a cousin, have all become very good friends of mine!


2012-02-04 08:40:12
Great story . Chat me up some time soon.

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-02 10:23:57
OK, so this guy cheats on a wife who didn't want multiple sex partners. I like the idea of sharing but my wife isn't into it although she's not totally against the 'fantasy' of two guys with her. She won't ever do a foursome or FFM but MFM is exciting to her in a fantasy. But I'd never look outside for something I know would piss her off.
Oh, and the ending to this story went too far and totally got me limp so a 2 out of 10 from me.....sorry.....

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