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Dan and Gina moved in..........
Dan and Gina could not get enough of each other. After she moved in with him, they would start fucking as soon as they come from work. Their "warmup" would take about 20-30minutes because they still had to make dinner. He arrives normally ten minutes before her. When she comes home he would have made the bed so that it is ready for them when she comes home. When she enters the house he would pick her up and kissed her while he was carrying her to the bedroom. Sometimes they would stop in the lounge and he would take off her skirt and her blouse while she take off his boxers. She loves a cock in her mouth while he loves to eat pussy. They would normally go into the 69 position and just eat and suck for as long as possible. After ten minutes he would lay on his back while she rides him and then she would lay on her back so that he can pound her pussy until he squirts out his cum.

On the Wednesday afternoon after a "hallo" fuck session she told him her mother called and would like to see her the weekend. Her mother would like to see her new boyfriend, but she doesn't know that Gina has moved in with him. Her dad is very conservative and would be extremely unhappy if he found out she lives with a man whom she isn't married to. Dan said he would love to meet her parents but they would have to sleep in seperate rooms. Dan said that sucks, you know I need to eat your pussy every night. I know she said and you know how I love to suck your hard cock at two in the morning. What are we gonna do he asked her. Well I will be doing a bit of sleepwalking if that is ok with you. That sounds awesome. Can we go on Friday morning. He said he will take the day off. What are you gonna wear for the three hour trip. Whatever you want she said. Can you put on that white loose skirt and a white see thru lace panty and a loose t-shirt. Don't tell me you are gonna have your one hand on my pussy and the other on the steering wheel. That is my plan, what do you want me to wear. Your grey shorts and no boxers. What if my cock becomes hard he asked. I will have to suck it and maybe you can squirt some cum on my tits.They had a laugh and he started kissing her and roll her on her back to fuck her wet pussy. He pound her for about ten minutes before he squirts out his cum.

The Friday morning they were on the road early and his hand was on her leg as soon as they hit the highway. She took off her shoes and put her left leg up against the dashboard and she rested her right leg agains the gearlever. She basically spread her legs wide open He could see up her leg and her white panty was sticking out under her skirt. She looked down and laughed as his cock became stonehard. Are you ready for your first blowjob. The road was quiet and she started sucking his cock for about ten minutes. I need a cock in my pussy now she said. I am getting to horny. Well there is a resting place 10km down the road. I want to fuck you on the bonnet. There are a few trees so the other roadusers won't see us. He pulled off the road into the trees and she jumped out. She kissed him feverishly as his tongue was swirling in her mouth. Fuck me now she said. He pulled her panty off and put her on the bonnet. He started slowly but got so horny that he went faster and faster. Turn around he said so I can fuck you from the back. As he shove his cock into her pussy from the back she threw her head back and kissed him. He rammed his cock into her pussy for about five minutes before he cum on her butt. You are really horny what is going on she joked. I can't get enough of that pussy and butt of yours. You can have it whenever you want it. They drove off and reach Gina's parents' house at about midday.

Her mum came out and give her a big hug and a kiss. You are becoming a beautiful woman she said and this must be Dan. Her dad came out and look at his daughter and gave her a big hug. Welcome Dan he said, I can see you are a fine young man. After lunch Dan and her dad went to the living room and Gina and her mum stayed in the kitchen. He is nice her mum said, how serious are you two. We are very serious she said. You are wearing not much clothing her mum said. Mum I am young and this is the fashion in the city. Are you having sex with him her mum asked. Without hesitating she said yes mum most young people do at my age. That is fine my child her mum said, but don't take things so serious, learn to know him first. I know him well mum. Are you two living together. Yes mum we do said Gina. You know your dad won't be happy but I will not tell. You of course know you cannot sleep together in this house. I told Dan mum and he respects your houserules. You should show him the rest of the house. Gina went into the living room and ask Dan if he wants to see the rest of the house. Yes of course he said. Come on she said and she took him to the winecellar downstairs. She opened the door and switched on the light and he could see all the wines her dad has collected. There were stairs and he said let me go down first, because he knew if she comes down he would be able to look under her skirt. He went down and she closed the door. As she comes down she lift up the front of her skirt and he can see her lace panty and the shape of her pussy. Because he only had a pants on with no boxers his cock made a tent and she could see he was becoming horny. He kissed her and start stroke her pussy. Can I eat your pussy quickly. He went down on his knees and eat her clit and pussy lips. Her pussy became juicier and her pussy lips became swolen and he knew she was really horny. Let me suck your cock before you fuck my pussy. She went down on him and sucked his cock while she was spreading her legs so he could see her pussy. After a few minutes he picked her up and fuck her while kissing her. He was so horny that it wasn't long before he squirt his cum inside her pussy. We better go before my parents becomes suspicious. They went upstairs as if nothing had happened.

That night at the dinner table they chat and laughed and Dan felt very welcome. Gina volunteered to do the dishes while her mum and dad chat to Dan. They were sitting with their backs to Gina and she was facing him. As he was chatting to her parents she would lift up her skirt and showed him her pussy. He had to keep a straight face and she did it twice while she was doing the dishes. He realised he still have her panty in his pocket which he took off in the cellar. He became really horny but couldn't move as Gina's parents would see his hard cock and Gina was having a giggle at his expence. As she was drying the dishes, she would bent over and he could see her butt. He was really horny now but he had to talk to Gina's parents and keep a straight face. About ten minutes later her parents said they are going to bed and her mum told Gina that Dan is to sleep in room next to the kitchen and she would sleep in her old room. Dan's room is just about a few metres away from Gina's room and he knew he is going to fuck her hard that night. After her parents left the kitchen Gina went to sit next to him where his pants was still making a tent. You are going to get it tonight he said. I am going to fuck your pussy so hard you are going to scream. She just laugh, and told him we will have to keep it quiet otherwise my parents might wake. I need to fuck you now because I am so horny. I know she said and went to sit on his lap. She was bouncing up and down while he kiss her breasts. They were really quiet as Gina didn't want to wake her parents. He squirted his cum in her pussy and she kissed him. I am going to bed now but at 1200 I am coming to your room. Well it is 1130pm now, that half and hour will be long. It will give you time to recharge she said while she kiss him again. See you in half an hour.

On the dot at midnight Dan heard the doorknob turning. Gina came in a short robe and he knew she was totally naked under it. She put her finger on his lips to be very quiet as she didn't want her parents to wake. She kissed him feverishly with her tongue in the back of his mouth. His hand moved towards her naked ass as his cock became very hard. She started moving down his chest and started kissing his cock. He turned her around and started eating her pussy. After about five minutes she said to him "I need your cock in my pussy". She rolled on her back and he started pounding her pussy. After a few minutes he squirted out all his cum on her tummy and pussy and they fell asleep until five in the morning when she snuck back to her room.
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