Chapter 4 I have some fun with Terri and Carrie as well as finding out a family secret.
Chapter 4 of Swinging in the Neighborhood (Terri and Carrie)

Chapter 4
Terri and Carrie

Terri ran back into her house to wake Carrie up so they could get dressed. Then we all could head to the lake for some fun. I returned to the garage just as my dad pulled back into the driveway. Dad got out of his car and he came up to me asking me what I was doing up so early. I told him I was going fishing with Terri.

“Why are you home instead of at work?” I asked him.

“The company is sending me to New York and I came home to see if your mom cared to join me and we could have a weekend getaway,” Dad replied. “Now son if she does, I do not want to hear that you threw a wild party or anything, you understand,” he added.

“I understand,” I replied as the gears in my head started to move.

I stayed out in the garage getting the fishing gear together as dad went into the house. I could not hear what he and my mom were saying. I was thinking of spending Thrusday, Friday and Saturday cuddled up next to Terri and Carrie in my bed. My mom finally opened the door leading into the garage; I turned toward her as she looked at me.

“John, your father and I trust you but I am going to tell Terri’s mom that you are here alone and if you need anything to check with her,” mom said to me from the doorway.

“I will be fine mom,” I replied thinking there went any fun in the house if Terri’s mom knew I was here alone.

I was sitting out in the garage placing new line on one of my poles when my dad came out. Dad told me to make sure that I took my key to the house with me for they would be gone when I got back from fishing; I told him I would remember to take them along.

Dad reached into his pocket pulling out five twenty dollar bills as he said, “Here son in case you get hungry while we are gone.”

“Dad there is food in the house I could make and eat,” I replied.

Dad looked seriously at me as he said, “That’s the point I don’t want to return to find our house burnt down because you cooked something.”

I took the money and placed it into my room. I found my mom and I told her to have fun as I told her I was off to go fishing. I also told my dad bye, he told to remember what he had told me about any parties as he adjusted the belt in his pants.

I grabbed the fishing gear and I headed over next door to Terri’s house. I knocked on the door and her mom left me in. Her mom’s name is Brenda as I am tired of calling her Mrs.___ in my stories. Brenda asked me to join her in the kitchen.

Brenda had on a short leopard print robe. It showed off her tanned long lovely legs all the way up to her thighs. I even got a quick peek of her butt as she stretched to acquire a coffee cup from the cupboard. Brenda asked me if I would like a cup as well. I told her sure just so I could see her ass again. This time when she reached up, I got to see most of her ass.

Her ass was the same shape and size of Terri’s. It was as if I was looking right at Terri’s ass. Brenda filled the cups with coffee and she sat down across from me at the table. I told her thank you as she handed me one of the cups. Brenda told me that she had been talking to my mom on the phone.

“Your mom asked me to keep an eye on you over the weekend,” Brenda said as she smiled at me.

“Yeah she said she was going to tell you that they were going away for the weekend,” I replied.

“Now if you need anything or want anything you just ask me John,” Brenda said as she took my hand into hers giving me a very sexy and lovely smile.

I almost choke on my coffee when she did it. Her touch and look was like the touch and look Terri gives me when she wants to have sex. I quickly tossed that from my mind believing my mind was just playing tricks on me. I sat there with my coffee in one hand and Brenda‘s hand in the other.

Brenda leaned forward bit over the table, which caused her robe to open giving me a direct shot of her tits. Her tits were just hanging out in plain view directly in front of me. I noticed her tits were just like Terri’s except they were big derby boobs. Brenda was looking and smiling at me as I gawked at her big tits.

“Anything John you just ask me,” Brenda said as she patted my hand smiling.

“MOM, I am sure John does not want to see your FUCKING TITS,” Terri yelled out with anger as she walked into the kitchen.

Brenda sat back up straight pulling her robe together giving a little sigh as she looked to Terri and replied, “Probably not when he has yours to see,” as she gave a little laugh before she got up giving me a quick look then she walked from the kitchen.

Terri sat down where her mom had been and she looked at me. I looked at her as I told her hey I was not doing anything. Terri told me she knew that and that her mom can be quite the flirt sometimes especially around a good-looking man.

“So I am a good looking man am I,” I replied smiling.

“Yes but one that I could mess up if I have too,” Terri said as she wrapped her arms around me giving me a nice long kiss.

I was not sure if she meant if I ever flirted back with her mom she was going to mess me up or what. However, I did know or at least I thought her mom was interested in something from me. I told Terri that I had something to tell her.

“I already know,” Terri replied as I looked at her funny. “Mom told me about you having the house to yourself this weekend; Terri added flashing me a smile.

“Well it was not like we could have done anything what with your mom knowing and all,” I replied as I shrugged my shoulders.

Terri gave a big smile as she replied, “Don’t be to sure about that just yet,” as she winked at me.

Terri and I talked some more at the kitchen table waiting for her cousin Carrie to get dressed. I was glad of that as it gave my hard throbbing cock time to go down after the little incident with her mom. That was the first time I had thought seriously about her mom. Terri had been the only girl up to then that I had ever thought about and now here I was with Terri, Brenda and Carrie running around in my mind.
Carrie finally came out and the three of us took off for the lake. We decided to walk as we had a ton of stuff to carry most of which we put in a little red wagon. Carrie told us that her mom had wanted to know whom that good-looking stud was out in the kitchen.

“Christ my fucking aunt wants you as well as my mom,” Terri yelled out angrily.

“Well at least we are still keeping it in the family,” Carrie replied with a little laugh.

Terri stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes were glaring at Carrie as she walked over to her. Terri whispered something into her cousin’s ear.

Carrie said, “Oh I did not know,” looking toward me

The two girls took off walking leaving me standing there with the wagon wondering what Terri had told her. They did not even know I was still standing there as they walked away. I just shook my head as I thought “Women,” before I finally caught up with them.

We finally got to the lake and Terri pulled a new blanket out of the red wagon as she said, “Look John another new blanket we wore the other one out,” giving a little laugh.

Carrie helped Terri lay out the blanket as I stood there watching them. They both were dressed in tee shirts and shorts. I had no idea what they had on under them; most likely bikinis I thought. I was about to find out as they kicked off their sandals and stood on the blanket.

Carrie looked over at me and she saw that I was watching them; she whispered something to Terri who laughed then shook her head yes. Their arms wrapped around each other as they kissed. The kiss was a deep and passionate one.

They used their tongue to lick at each other’s lips before they slipped their tongues into each other’s mouths. These two girls were really into kissing each other I thought as I watched them. Carrie broke their kiss as her hands went down and she pulled Terri’s tee shirt out from her shorts.

Carrie slowly lifted the shirt up over Terri’s head. Terri was standing there in a white bikini top. The top was pushing her tits up nicely making them look even bigger. Terri’s white top showed off her dark summer tan as well. Terri smiled at me as her hands went to the bottom of Carrie’s tee shirt.

I watched intently as Terri pulled the tee shirt over Carrie’s head. Carrie had on a bright yellow bikini top; her deep dark tan glowed as my eyes went to her top. Carrie’s huge breasts were poking out the sides of the top as well as overflowing the top. I mean almost half of her big melons were hanging out from the sides of her top and the other half over the top.

Terri rubbed her hands at both of Carrie’s tits. I watched as Carrie’s nipples went rock hard poking out through her top. My cock was poking straight out of my trunks as well. Carrie shook her tits making them bounce, as my eyes followed them.

“You like those big tits don’t you John?” Terri asked me with a smile.

I just smiled back at her not wanting her to know that I truly did. They wrapped their arms around each other as they embraced again. Terri bent down slightly so her tits pressed against Carrie’s big tits. They rubbed their tits together as they kissed again. I could not remove my eyes from them as they did. My cock was hard and throbbing in my swim trunks.

“Look we got him hard already,” Carrie said with a smile as she pointed to my cock.

“He’s hard all the time,” Terri replied running her tongue over those luscious lips as she looked at me.

With their tits still pressing together, they gave each other some tongue as they kissed. I saw Terri’s hands go to the side of Carrie’s shorts. Carrie placed her hands onto the sides of Terri’s shorts. They turned cheek to cheek looking at me as they both slowly pulled each other’s shorts down.

I stood there thinking I was about to see their white and yellow bikini bottoms. However as they dropped each other’s shorts down to the ground I could see that neither of them had bottoms on. They both kicked their shorts in my direction. I got a quick peek at Terri’s lovely patch of pussy hair as she did.

I looked down to see how much hair Carrie had on hers. There was no hair at all on her pussy. Her pussy was completely bare except for two big meaty lips that hung down from her pussy. I found out later that it was the in thing out in California to shave your pussy and Carrie kept her shaved.

I watched as Carrie slipped her small hand down between Terri’s legs. Terri gave a little jump and her head moved back as Carrie’s hand caressed at her pussy. Terri placed her hand down between Carrie’s legs I watched as Terri’s fingers slipped between those meaty lips.

They stood there kissing while they caressed each other’s pussies; I just stood there watching rubbing my throbbing cock through my swim trunks. Carrie slipped a finger then another one into Terri’s pussy. She started to move her fingers in and out, as they kissed.

Terri left out a slight moan as she removed her hand from between Carrie’s legs. Terri wrapped her arms around Carrie’s neck as she began to rock on Carrie’s fingers in her pussy. She was kissing Carrie madly as Carrie’s fingers were running in and out of her pussy. Terri rocked faster onto her fingers as she rubbed her tits against Carrie’s tits. Carrie was looking right at me smiling.

“AHHHh,” Terri moaned as I saw her thighs started to quiver.

I believed that Terri was having an orgasm as she clamped her thighs tightly onto Carrie’s hand. Carrie broke their kiss as she removed her fingers from Terri’s pussy, I could see Terri‘s wetness on her fingers. She brought her fingers up to her mouth where she used her tongue to lick at them as she looked at me.

They looked at each other. Then they looked over at me. They reached up behind themselves and together in unison, they undid their tops. They both removed their tops at the same time freeing their tits. They smiled at me as they tossed their tops to the ground as they slowly walked toward me.

I stared from one set of tits to the other as they bounced toward me. I could not make up my mind as to whose I liked the best. Carried had those huge big round jugs while Terri had those puffy derby tits. Before I could make up my mind, the girls were on me.

They both took a hold of my tee shirt and lifted it over my head tossing it to the ground. Terri started to kiss me on my lips as Carrie rubbed her hands across my chest. Carrie traced her fingers around my nipples on my chest.

Carrie moaned out, “Girl he has a manly chest,” as she ran her tongue over both of my nipples.

“Girl look at what else he has that is manly,” Terri cooed out as she pulled my swim trunks down letting them fall to the ground.

My hard cock sprang from my trunks. It danced proudly in front of them until I felt their hands on my cock. We stood there in the nude all three of us kissing as they pulled at my cock. One of the girls would kiss me then the other would kiss me before they kissed each other. My cock twitched in their hand each time they kissed each other.

“Lie down John,” Terri said after a sensual wet long kiss to my lips.

I lie down onto the blanket with the girls standing over me. Carrie dropped to her knees along side of me. I watched those huge melons bounce as she got onto her knees.

Carrie’s hand went to my dick as she said, “Girl you were not lying about his cock,” as she started to run her hand up and down on it.

I looked back over and up to Terri, she had the sun to her back and once again, I saw that mysterious glow around her. She looked so lovely and heavenly to me as I lie there looking at her. My eyes followed her as she dropped to her knees beside me.

Terri looked at me tilting her head slightly as she asked, “John why are you looking at me like that?”

I was about to tell Terri just how lovely she looked and how I always see this glow around her body. However as I opened my mouth to say those words to her all that came out was, “AHHHhhhhh.”

Carrie had taken my cock into her mouth and she was sucking hard at just the head of my dick. Before I could recover Terri had her lips on mine kissing me deeply and passionately as Carrie worked her mouth up and down on my cock.

Terri broke our kiss as she looked back to Carrie. Terri watched her as she sucked on my cock. I could tell that Terri was enjoying watching her cousin suck my cock. I reached up to her tits as I played with her derby nipples with my fingers.

“MMMmmm his pre-cum is nice,” Carrie said as I felt her tongue lapping at the head of my cock.

“I want some too,” Terri yelled out as she went down to join Carrie at my cock.

I squirmed on the blanket as the girls ran their tongues together over my cock. The girls would kiss then lick my cock; one would be licking the head of my dick as the other licked down the length of my cock. They would kiss each other then one would suck on my cock. I think they were swapping my pre-cum with their tongues. I closed my eyes as I fought the urge to blow cum over them both.

“God you were right about him having a nice big dick, I never had one like this,” Carrie said to Terri running her hand up and down the full length of my cock. “Look at these balls would you,” Carrie added.

I felt Carrie cupping my balls in her hands as Terri’s mouth slipped down onto my cock. Terri had become quite good at sucking cock over the last year. She was able to take most of my cock into her mouth at the start of spring. Today I felt her lips pressing against my pubic hair as she took all my cock deep into her mouth.

Carrie rubbed my balls as she yelled, “Go girl suck that big cock.”

Terri did just that as she worked her head up and down the full length of my cock. She would suck at it hard with just my dick head in her mouth. I felt my balls start to heave and roll in Carrie’s hands. I could fight the urge no longer. My cock twitched a few times then I felt it throbbing deep in Terri’s mouth. It throbbed once more just as she had it all in her mouth.

I yelled, “TERRI AHHH I AM…,” was all I managed to get out.

My cock shot off deep in her mouth. I fired four or five thick ribbons of cum into the back of her mouth. Terri’s eyes got big then she pulled her mouth from my cock. She was almost choking but not quite as she lifted her mouth from my cock. Terri had cum running out her mouth and dripping from her chin.

Terri used her hand to milk my cock as Carrie moved to her kissing and licking cum from her mouth. I had to push Terri’s hand from my cock as they kissed deeply as it felt like she was trying to rip it from my body. They kissed deeply for a while as I watched them working their tongues into each other’s mouths. The deep kiss turned to little kisses at each other’s lips before they both turned to look at me.

“I get the next load,” Carrie said smiling as she grabbed at my now soft cock.

“Only if I let you,” Terri replied before kissing me deeply on my mouth.

Terri shoved her tongue into my mouth and I tasted my own cum as we kissed deeply. It did have a strange taste but it was not that bad. Our tongues were flicking back and forth in our mouths as I heard Carrie.

“So he is BI also?” Carrie asked with a smile on her face.

Terri broke our deep kiss as she replied, “Soon very soon,” as she smiled down at me.

I saw that glow around her again and I knew. If Terri wanted it, I would make it so. The girls were laughing and talking up a storm as I just lie there with a smile on my face wondering what was going to happen next.

“You guys want to get high?” Carrie asked as she pulled a little pipe and a bag of what looked like grass to me.

By that, I mean lawn mower grass. I sat up when Carrie had said that. My brother had told me about getting high smoking something before. I watched Carrie dip the pipe into the bag stuffing it full. Terri looked over at me.

“If you try it John, I will,” Terri said with a smile.

Carrie lit the pipe and I watched her sucking at the pipe. She took a mouthful of smoke and she held it in for a while. Carrie blew a little bit of smoke out as she handed the pipe to Terri. She in turn handed it to me.

I wanted it to make it as if I knew what I was doing. I mean after all I just had some hot sex with two lovely girls who thought I was a stud. I wanted to give them both the impression that I had done it before.

I took the pipe from Terri and I brought it up to my mouth. I sucked at it as I inhaled deeply at it. My lungs filled up and my chest started to burn. I withdrew the pipe from my mouth gagging and choking on the smoke that I had inhaled. I handed it to Terri as I coughed up smoke choking on it.

Carrie busted up laughing as she said, “Don’t hit it so hard the next time.”

Terri took a small light hit from the pipe and she started to hand it to Carrie. She told Terri you have to take in more than that. Terri took a few more hits until she coughed as well. Terri handed the pipe back to Carrie who took another long deep hit.

“You guy will get the hang of it after a few tokes,” Carrie said as she blew smoke out again.

I took the pipe and this time I took a couple small hits. I did not choke or cough this time around. I handed it to Terri who hit it again. The three of us sat there with no clothes on passing the pipe around. I soon realized that I had a big smile on my face and I felt very relaxed as I looked at Terri and Carrie.

The three of us lay down on the blanket. I was in the middle of the two girls. We all were looking up into the sky watching the clouds drift by in the openings of the trees. The girls were talking about what the clouds look liked. While to me, it looked as if the clouds were barely moving and the sun was flickering on and off as the leaves blew in the wind. We all lay there like that for close to an hour holding hands.

“I am hungry, lets eat something,” Carrie said as she got up off the blanket almost falling over when she stood up.

I got onto my side and I propped my head up with my hand as I watched first that lovely big ass of hers swaying side to side as she walked to the picnic basket sitting in the wagon. Carrie stopped and she turned back toward me smiling when she saw I was checking her out.

Carrie bent over as she got the picnic basket from the wagon. Her ass was facing right at me when she bent over. Her butt cheeks rather flared out when she bent over making her butt look even bigger. I could see those meaty pussy lips hanging down from her pussy. I wanted to run over there and take her from behind.

I was looking right at her smooth white round ass as I ran my hand down to my cock. I started to rub my hand at my cock that had been growing hard as I watched Carrie. I was stroking my cock as I thought about fucking her deep and hard from behind.

Suddenly I felt Terri’s arm sweep mine from under my head. I rolled onto my back as it did. She grabbed the arm she had sweep from my head and then my other hand from my cock. Terri jumped on top of me as I rolled over she pinned my hands down over my head.

“I saw what you were doing John,” Terri said as she brought her face down to mine. “I thought you wanted me for lunch,” Terri added with a smile before she licked at my face with her tongue.

“I do and I think I will,” I replied, as I broke free of her hands.

I wrapped my arms around Terri and somewhat just rolled her over so that now I was on top of her. I had her arms pinned over her head now. I am not for sure whether it was the grass we had smoked or what. Nevertheless, as I gazed down into her lovely blues eyes. The sparkle and shine that came from them were more brilliant than ever.

I just gazed into her eyes for a while as she gazed into mine. I was thinking how lovely she was and just, how wonderful it was that she was sharing me with her cousin. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her to let her know I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. However, the words would just not come out.

“I am going to let go of your hands Terri.” “But you can’t move yet, OK,” I said to her still holding her hands above her head.

Terri shook her head yes smiling at me. I left go of her hands as I slowly slid down her body. I parted her legs with my legs making room for me down between her legs. Once down between her legs I slowly ran my tongue across the inner part of her thigh. I licked gently at one thigh then at the other.

I started to kiss along her entire thigh up toward her hairy pussy. I kissed across her pussy to her other thigh. I used my tongue to write I love you on each of her thighs.

“AHH John what are you doing?” Terri asked as her hands went to my head.

I looked up to her as I replied, “I am having lunch.”

I moved my face to her pussy where I started to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips. I took a hold of one of her pussy lips with my mouth gently pulling it away from her pussy. I did the same to her other pussy lip. Terri’s pussy lips were lying at each side of her pussy as I placed my hands to her thighs.

I pushed her thighs up and apart making her pussy open up just a little bit. I shot my tongue up into her pussy flicking it as I buried it deep into her pussy. I started to run it in and out of her pussy as if it was a cock. Terri moaned softly as she ran her hands through my hair.

I removed my tongue from her pussy as I started to flick it all around her pussy. I was lapping wildly at her pussy as she pulled my head into it. I moved my hand up to her pussy as I continued to lick at it. I slipped one then another finger up into her pussy. I started to run my fingers in and out of her pussy.

“AHHHh John that feels really good,” Terri moaned out as she started to buck her pussy against my face and fingers.

I pushed my fingers deeper into her pussy as I rubbed at the inside of it. My fingers rubbed up against something that felt rough, as it was not smooth like the rest of the insides of her pussy. I rubbed my fingers at the rough spot. Terri jerked a few times as my finger rubbed at that spot up in her pussy. I rubbed at it some more.

Terri moaned, “AHhhhh,” loudly as she started to thrash about as I played at that spot with my fingers.

I just kept rubbing at that spot in her pussy with my fingers. I was also flicking my tongue at her swollen clit as I did. I felt Terri’s pussy clamping around my fingers as I rubbed harder and faster at that spot.

“JOHN, AHHHH, John,” Terri shouted out repeatedly as she squirmed wildly on the blanket.

Suddenly my face became wet with something from Terri’s pussy as she moaned loudly. It was liquid but it did not have that pee taste, as I knew what that tasted like from our other fun together. I just kept rubbing that spot and flicking my tongue at her clit. Terri’s pussy seemed to let go suddenly with a big gush of that liquid followed by a long stream of her pee this time as I withdrew my fingers.

I tried to pull my face away but Terri had her hands pulling me into her pussy. I took the full splash on my face. It lasted about twenty seconds or so. Terri left go of my face, which I pulled from between her legs as I got up onto my knees between her legs.

I looked at Terri who was breathing hard and still slightly squirming on the blanket. I also saw a big wet spot on the blanket from between her legs. Terri had her eyes closed and she was just rolling her head from side to side. I noticed that Carrie was standing there beside us rubbing her pussy; she must have been watching us.

“DAM John I want some of what ever you just did to her,” Carrie yelled out.

Terri suddenly sat up and she wrapped her arms around me pulling me tightly against her. I wrapped my arms around her not knowing why we were hugging. I ran my hand up and down her back as we hugged.

“Terri, are you alright?” I asked.

“Just hold me John, just hold me,” Terri replied. “Tell me that you will never leave me,” Terri added as she rocked in my arms.

I whispered, “I will never leave you Terri,” repeatedly into her ear as I held her.

We stayed that way for a while with Carrie standing over us looking at us. Finally, Terri and I stood up still embracing as we did. She had her face buried into my shoulder. Terri broke our embrace turning from me so I could not see her face. She was looking toward Carrie not at me.

“Dam girl you’re crying,” Carrie said as she wrapped her arms around Terri.

“Yes but these are tears of joy,” Terri replied. “Wait till he does that to you,” Terri added as she broke her embrace with Carrie.

Terri turned back toward me. The glow I saw coming from her was twice what I had ever seen. She walked over to me taking my hand into hers. She kissed me on my still wet face.

Then she hugged me again as she whispered, “Thank you John thank you,” Then she added, “I think we all need to cool off,” as she ran toward the water.

Carrie was right behind her and I was right behind Carrie. The three of us jumped into the water together. We swam and splashed water at each other for a while. Then Carrie swam over to me and she wrapped her legs around my lower body as she kissed me deeply. Terri swam over and she hung on to my back.

I could feel my cock getting hard against Carrie as we kissed. I felt Carrie’s hand wrap around my cock. She pumped at my cock a few times before she rubbed it between her thighs. I felt her rubbing my dick against her pussy. Carrie moved forward making my cock slips up into her pussy in the water.

“AHhhh,” Carrie moaned out as her lips left mine.

Carrie was staring at me as I stared back at her. She started to move a little on my cock. Her pussy was gripping at my cock as she moved up and down on it. I just held on to her as she did. It felt strange fucking her in the water. In a few seconds, Carrie was bouncing on my cock.

“Hey you two you better not be fucking,” “Get off him, CARRIE” Terri yelled as she pushed Carrie away from me splitting us apart.

That caused my cock to slip out of her tight pussy. Carrie smiled at me then she gave Terri an angry look as she swam away from us both. Terri swam over next to her shaking her finger at her.

“You can’t do that with him unless he wears a rubber Carrie and you know that,” Terri told her angrily and yelling at her.

“I know I just forgot that’s all,” Carrie replied smiling at her then over to me.

I swam over to them and said, “How about we get something to eat before we do anything else,” as I figured that may stop them before they end up in a fight or something.

We all swam back to shore and I helped the girls out of the lake. The girls were giggling and talking so I did not think they were mad at each other or anything. This was good because I wanted a piece of Carrie. The girls made us all some sandwiches and we ate while we chatted.

We were all sitting together still in the nude when we heard a big splash across the lake. We all looked toward the splash and we saw four or five other younger kids from our neighborhood. Damn it I thought there goes any more fun. The girls scrambled for their tops and their shorts, which they put back on as I slipped my trunks on as well.

Once dressed Terri said, “Lets head back home,” “after all John has the house to himself.”

The three of us walked home and the girls helped me put the fishing poles away. Terri told me that they were going to go home and shower then they would be back. The girls each gave me a long kiss with plenty of tongue action before I saw them to their house.

I went in and showered myself then returned to the living room to wait for their return. We had gotten back home a little after one in the afternoon. I sat there listening to the radio until almost four o’clock before Terri and Carrie came walking right in through the front door.

“Sorry we took so long our moms cornered us and they wanted all the juicy details from at the lake,” Terri said as she sat down on the sofa next to me.

“Yeah, we had them both rubbing at their pussies,” Carrie added.

“CARRIE,” Terri screamed as Carrie sat down on the other side of me.

“You told them what we did at the lake?” I asked giving them a weird look.

Both girls were silent, not a word came from their mouths. Carrie looked across at Terri as Terri looked back at her. They sat there leaning forward just staring at each other.

Terri finally said, “No John, we were just pulling your leg that’s all.”

I saw Carrie shaking her head no before she leaned back into the sofa back. I figured that they were just joking so I left it at that. Both of the girls had on low cut tank tops and shot shorts. I was looking down Terri’s top then down Carrie’s. My eyes went from checking out Terri’s tits then her legs. Then I checked out Carrie’s tits then her legs.

“John we can’t do anything because my mom wants you to have supper with us as we are having a BBQ,” Terri said as he dragged my head away from looking down at Carrie’s tits.

Carrie jumped up from the sofa as she said, “That does not mean I can’t tease you,” as she started to dance to the music.

Terri wrapped her hand in mine as she cuddled up next to me. She told me to watch the moves this girl has. I turned toward Carrie who was swaying her body to the music. She ran her hands up through her long blonde hair teasing it up over her head as she moved her hips. Carrie looked sexy as she danced in front of us.

I looked at Terri and I saw that she had her eyes fixed on Carrie. I looked back at Carrie as she swayed in front of us. She would bend over with her head up looking at us as she left her tits hang down. Carrie was now moving her hips and swinging those tits to the music.

My cock started to stir in my shorts as I watched those huge tits hanging down swaying to the beat of the music. Carrie smiled at me as I gawked at her hanging big tits. She then turned around so that her ass was but a foot from in front of us.

Carrie turned and looked at us both licking her lips with her tongue. I watched her fleshy ass through her shorts, as it gyrated to the music. That girl could shake each of her butt cheeks. My cock was hard and throbbing in my shorts.

“She turns you on, John doesn’t she?” Terri asked into my ear followed by her licking at my ear with her tongue.

I did not say anything I just kept my eyes on that hot ass of Carrie’s. Who shook her ass some more before she turned back around, She lifted her tank top over her head as she danced in front of us. Carrie bent over a little as she shook her tits free of her bra. Her huge tits jiggled as they popped free.

Carrie straighten back up as she danced to the music. She rubbed at her huge tits as she swayed this way and that way. I glanced over at Terri out of the corner of my eyes. I saw that she was rubbing at her pussy through her shorts.

“I see she turns you on as well,” I whispered into her ear before turning my attention back to Carrie.

Carrie reached under one of her huge tits. She brought it up to her mouth as she stuck her tongue out. Carrie licked at her hard nipples as she swayed to the music. Carrie went from one tit to the other licking and sucking on them. My eyes just happened to glance down to the crotch of her tight shorts.

I could see her pussy lips right through the white shorts that she had worn. Carrie must have seen my eyes move to her crotch. She started rubbing at her pussy with her hand. Carrie never missed a beat of the music as she swayed her body while rubbing between her legs.

I swear if either Terri or Carrie had touched my cock it would have blew nut juice into my shorts. My cock throbbed and twitched as Carrie danced her way over to us until she was smack up on us. Carrie dug wildly at her pussy with both of her hands moaning as the song ended.

Carrie stuck her hands right under my nose and under Terri’s nose. I could smell her wet pussy juices on her fingers. Carrie ran her fingers along our lips until we both opened our mouths. Terri and I sucked at her fingers for a few seconds before she withdrew them.

Carrie wrapped her arms around my neck as she kissed me deeply as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. She broke the kiss and did the same to Terri. Carrie broke the kiss with Terri and she sat back down beside me.

Terri leaned against me again as she whispered into my ear, “She gets me so wet when she dances,” as she placed her lips to mine kissing me deeply and with passion.

Terri’s lips no sooner left my mouth than Carrie turned my head with her hand as she said, “Remember you owe me one from the lake today,” as she too kissed me deeply and with passion.

When Carrie was done kissing me Terri looked at her as she said, “Carrie, be a dear and go check just when this BBQ is to start,” giving her a smile and a wink.

Carrie got up from the couch and I watched her shake that hot fucking ass of hers as she headed to the door. Carrie turned and she smiled at me as she went out the door. Terri took her hand and she pulled my head back toward her.

“John, you like her don’t you?” Terri asked looking seriously at me.

I replied, “She is just fun that’s all,” as I could not tell her the truth.

The truth was that I was beginning to find her a whole lot of fun. I do not mean I was falling in love with her or anything like that. I guess you would say that I lusted for her. I could not wait to get my hands and my mouth on those tits. I wanted to taste that meaty pussy of hers. I also wanted to slip my cock back into that tight pussy of hers.

How ever what I wanted most from Carrie was that fucking hot ass. Now how could I tell Terri the girl of my dreams that I wanted to stick my tongue as far up that lovely ass of Carrie's as I could. I had seen butt fucking in the magazines and I wanted to bury my cock deep in her cousin’s hot fucking ass. I could never tell Terri the girl of my dreams something like that.

“Well you just remember she can have fun with you but she can’t have you,” “You understand me John,” Terri said as she stared into my eyes.

I told her yes just before Carrie walked back in through the door. Carrie told us it would be about 15 more minutes or so. Carrie told Terri that their mom wanted them to help with something; Terri got off the sofa and joined Carrie by the door. I told the girls to go ahead without me as I think I should stay indoors a little longer as I stood up pointing down to my big bulge in my pants.

They both gave a little giggle as they went out the door. I sat back down as I tried to relax hoping my boner would go away. I sat there running today’s events through my mind, not the sexual parts of it but the; I love to drive John crazy parts.

Terri had told me I was a good-looking man, whom she could fuck up if she had too. Then there was her knocking my head from my hand at the lake before she jumped on top of me telling me that she saw me staring at Carrie. The pushing of Carrie from my cock when we were in the water. Ending just now with you just remember she can have fun with you but she cannot have you. Did all that mean she did have feelings for me? Was she in love with me as I was with her? I sat there thinking about that for 15 minutes or so before, I headed over to Terri’s house.

On my way across our lawns, I noticed that there were more than a few cars in Terri’s driveway as well as some parked out by the road. I walked between our houses to get to their backyard. When I walked from between our house, I saw a group of about eight or nine people milling around out back by their patio.

They looked like mostly couples. I did notice that some of the women had low cut tops and short dresses or short shorts on. I just chalked that up to it being so hot out. I saw Terri and Carrie down by the swing so I hurried down to them.

“Who are all these people?” I asked Terri.

“They are members of the club,” Terri replied as Carrie just stared at me.

I figured she meant a club like the American Legion or the Moose club. I did not have time to ask any more questions as Terri’s mom Brenda yelled down it was time to eat. The three of us ran up and filled our plates with the hot dogs and hamburgers. We found three lawn chairs that were away from the main picnic table where the adults were eating.

As I ate, I watched them at the picnic table. They were feeding each other, kissing and I thought I even saw some grab ass going on. Every now and then, I saw Terri or Carrie pointing to some one then whispering something into the others ear before they left out a laugh. I thought they were laughing about the same things I was seeing so I did not pay much attention to them as I ate.

When I finished eating, I walked up to throw my paper plate away. Terri’s mom Brenda was standing alone near by so I went over and I thanked her for the supper. Brenda wrapped her arms around me as I just stood there. She pressed those big fucking tits of hers into my chest. I believe that she may have even rubbed them against my chest as she hugged me.

She broke her hug as she said, “Anything for you John my dear boy,” as she rubbed her hand along the side of my face looking strangely at me.

I just smiled and hurried off, as I knew that was more like a flirt than anything else was. I sat back down in the lawn chair scanning the back yard for the girls. I did not see them anywhere. I did see a woman, I should say a rather sexy looking women in a low cut white mini skirt walking toward me. My eyes rather followed her bouncing tits and swaying hips as she walked up to where I was sitting.

The woman bent over and she whispered into my ear, “I can’t wait to try you out,” giving my ear a lick with her tongue before she walked away.

My eyes followed her walking away and I saw Brenda stop her. Brenda was telling her something as she pointed back toward me. The two of them gave out a little laugh before they both looked toward me smiling then turned from me and walked away hand in hand. I saw them heading into the house through the back door. The girls were coming out and I saw Terri’s mom tell them something as she pointed toward me.

The girls came walking toward me as I stood up and asked, “What was that all about?”

Carrie laughed as Terri replied, “Nothing John but I am supposed to keep an eye on you to make sure nothing happens to you.”

“What,” “Why do you have to keep an eye on me?” I asked Terri.

“John, that woman wanted a piece of you,” Carrie replied laughing. “You should just tell him Terri, I am sure he will find out sooner or later,” Carrie added smiling at Terri.

“OK, but not here lets go back to your place John,” Terri said.

The three of us returned to my place. We went in and once again sat in the living room. I turned some music on and as I sat back down between the girls; I saw Carrie taking that bag of dope out again.

“We better get high before you tell him, Terri,” Carrie said giving me a smile.

Carrie filled the pipe and we passed in around amongst us. Terri and I did not cough that much this time around. In no time, the three of us were high as kites again. I had gotten up to get us something to drink leaving them two on the sofa. I returned and I gave the girls their drinks.

“So Terri just who are all these people and what is this all about,” I asked as I stood in front of her.

“John if I tell you; you’re going to have to promise not to tell anyone not even Paul,” Terri replied. “You understand?” she added.

I shook my head yes. Terri told me that those people were member of “The Lovers Club.” Terri went on to tell me that her mom and dad were members as well.

“Just what is this Lovers Club?” I asked with wonder.

Terri looked to Carrie then back to me. Terri told me that it was a club where the members all practiced open relationships and free love. Now I was high so my brain was not working right so I just got this dumbfounded look on my face as I stared at them both.

“She means that the people swap partners when having sex,” Carrie said. “Out in California they call it wife swapping,” Carrie added with a smile.

I looked to Terri as I asked, “Your mom and dad have sex with others?”

“Yes John that is what I have been trying to tell you about ours being a special relationship,” Terri replied smiling.

“So that is what you meant by having a special understanding and a strong bond,” I said to Terri.

Terri told me yes and that she more or less grew up that way with her mom and dad. Terri went on to tell me that everyone at her house would normally be walking around in the nude including her as they liked being in the nude. She explained that was why I see her mom in her robe so much.

I always wondered about her being in just a robe most of the time. I stood there letting this all sink into my mind that was still high. I thought about seeing her mom, Terri and her dad all in the nude. Then my mind began to think about the free love part.

Then it suddenly came to me as I blurted out, “TERRI do you have sex with your MOM and DAD?”

Terri got a serious look on her face before she replied, “NO, I could have sex with my dad if I wanted too but I don’t,” as she stared blankly at me.

Thank god I thought to myself then it hit me again as I asked, “What about your mom?”

Terri just sat there with a worried look on her face before she replied, “Yes I started with her last year.”

The living room was silent except for the music from the radio. I just stood there staring at her with my mouth hanging open. I was shocked at what she had just told me. However, at the same time I could feel my cock twitching in my shorts.

Terri started to cry as she yelled, “I knew I should not have told you,” as she wrapped her arms around Carrie crying onto her shoulders. “You think I am a bad person or worst that I am sick in the head,” "You will leave me now I just know it," Terri sobbed out with her face buried into Carrie’s shoulder.

Carrie looked up to me as she said, “JOHN, just don’t stand there.”

I may have been high but I knew what she meant. I walked over to Terri and I sat down beside her. I pulled her head from Carrie’s shoulder. I looked into her face that had tears cascading down from each of her lovely blue eyes. I used my fingers to wipe her tears away.

“Terri, I told you before you could be anything you wanted and that anything you wanted to do you could.” “I have always tried to give you all your wants and needs.” “This is no different,” I said to her still wiping her tears.

“I do not think you are sick in the head or a bad person Terri,” I said as I stroked at her hair. “Terri, I told you before and I will tell you again I will never leave you,” I added looking into those lovely sparkling blue eyes of hers.

Terri threw her arms around me hugging me tightly as she whispered, “Thank you John thank you,” into my ear.

I sat there holding Terri in my arms. I looked to Carrie sitting there smiling at me. I saw a lone tear running down her cheek as well as she mouthed “Thank you” to me as well. I held Terri until she calmed down; I sat there holding her hand.

“So all the stuff we have been doing over the years, you did not learn from out of those magazines,” I said to Terri.

“Some of it was but mostly I learned from watching mom and dad and others during one of their parties,” Terri replied just staring at me again to see my reaction.

I smiled as I replied, “Remind me to thank your mom,” as I gave a little laugh.

The girls smiled as they laughed and then Carrie said, “Tell him the rest too Terri.”

Christ there is more I thought as I looked at Terri. She told me that her mom had told her that if she and Carrie wanted to sleep over here tonight that they could because of the party at their house. My mouth dropped open again as they both told me that it was true.

“You two are pulling my leg again,” I said.

John, we were not pulling your leg when we told you we had told my mom and my aunt about our fun at the lake,” Terri replied smiling.

“And we are not pulling your leg about spending the night,” Carrie added as she smiled at me.

“Come back over with us so we can get our sleep over bags and we will prove it,” Terri said giving me a smile.

The girls each took one of my hands as we walked over to Terri’s house again. We went into the empty house I figured everyone were still out back yet. Terri told me that they would only be a few minutes. I stood there by the door waiting for them to get their stuff. I heard someone walking into the kitchen from the outside. I saw that it was Terri’s mom Brenda, who when she saw me she came over to me.

“So did Terri tell you that I was letting them spend the night with you John?” Brenda asked me.

“Yes and I promise nothing will happen Mrs._____,” I replied.

Brenda came over to me and she put her arms around me as she whispered into my ear, “That going to make for a boring night,” as I felt her tongue licking at my ear.

“MOM,” Terri yelled as she came into the living room.

“I was just telling John to take care of you two tonight that was all,” Brenda said to Terri laughingly.

She walked over to Terri and Carrie and as she gave them both an hug she said, “Now you girls have fun tonight,” then she turned back to me as she added, “I know I would,” as she gave me an wink with her eye.

Terri grabbed me by the arm as she angrily said, “Come on John lets go.”

We walked back to my place and Terri left Carrie into the house before she turned to me and said, “John don’t you ever let me catch you trying or doing anything with my mom.” “I mean it John,” “I swear if you do I never want to see you again.” “Now promise me, John,” Terri added.

“I promise,” I replied.

Terri and I walked in and the girls told me to sit down on the sofa, which I did. The girls got their over night bags and they told me that they wanted to show me just what they had brought with them. They both unzipped their bags standing in front of me.

“This is what we are going to wear tonight,” Carrie said as she pulled out two see through baby doll outfits.

“This is to add to our pleasure,” Terri said as she pulled out a long hard plastic vibrator that we had seen used in the magazines.

“We also have this,” Carrie said pulling out a bag of weed and a big funny looking pipe from her bag that I found out later was a bong.

Terri was standing there smiling as she took her bag and turned it over dumping the rest of it contents onto the floor as she said, “We also have plenty of these,” as twenty or thirty packs of rubbers landed onto the floor.

I stood up and I reached into my pocket as I said, “Well I will pay for the pizzas,” throwing the five twenties my dad had given me onto the rubbers.

The three of us got into a group hug. We kissed each other with plenty of tongue action. Terri suggested I put on some slow music so that we could do some slow dancing. I put some on and I took Terri into my arms. Carrie sat down on the sofa watching us.

I danced Terri around the room kissing her deeply as I stuck both my hands down the back of her jean shorts. I was tapping my finger at her asshole as we danced. I was also pulling her into my hard cock in my shorts. I slipped my finger into Terri’s ass hole.

“Ahhhh John,” Terri moaned as she broke our kiss. “If you are a good boy I will let you have my asshole tonight,” She added whispering it into my ear.

I almost came in my shorts when she told me that. We danced some more with her grabbing my cock a few times before the song ended. When it was over Terri gave me a deep wet kiss using a lot of tongue.

Terri broke free of my arms as she said, “He is all yours Carrie,” giving her a quick kiss as they walked by each other.

I took Carrie into my arms and we danced. It was hard to kiss with her dancing, as she was just so short. However, I had a hold of her great ass as we did. Carrie turned around so that her ass was rubbing almost on my dick. She looked up at me with her head against my chest.

Carrie unzipped her shorts and she took one of my hands. She pushed it down inside her shorts as we danced. I ran my fingers down her bald pussy to those meaty lips hanging down there. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers finding her pussy wet with her juices. I dipped my finger into her pussy as I pulled her butt against my cock.

“AHHhh John,” Carrie moaned out as I slipped another finger up into her pussy.

We were no longer dancing as she was just leaning against my body as I took my fingers in and out of her pussy. I looked at Terri on the sofa. She had her hand down inside her shorts rubbing her pussy watching us. I gave her a little wink before returning my attention to Carrie.

Carrie tilted her head up toward mine. She puckered her lovely lips up to get me to kiss her. I kissed her deeply and with passion as I dug my fingers deeper into her pussy.

I was trying to find the rough spot in her pussy like the one I had found in Terri’s pussy. After a while, my fingers touched at that rough spot. Carrie jumped a little when I started to dig my fingers at it. Carrie started to rock on my fingers as I worked them at her spot.

“AAHHhh Shit John, Carrie screamed out.

Carrie went limp as she started to shake against me. I withdrew my fingers from her pussy. She moaned again as pee or something flowed out her shorts. It soaked her shorts, her thighs, her legs and then leaked onto the floor. Carrie shook once more before the stream from her pussy stopped. She turned throwing her arms around my neck as she pulled my head down to hers.

Carrie kissed me madly before she said, “JOHN I LOVE YOU,” with feeling in her voice

I was shocked when I heard those words coming from her. I looked to Terri who had been playing with her own pussy watching us. Terri was no longer playing with her pussy as she stared at me with no expression on her face. Carrie turned and saw that look too as she turned back to me.

Carrie winked at me as she said, “That just came out John I did not mean it.” “Where is the bathroom John I have to clean up?” Carrie then asked.

I showed her before I joined Terri on the sofa. Terri just stared at me not saying a word. I was just about to tell her that I wanted to hear those words from her lips not from Carrie’s lips.

“That better not happen again with anyone,” Terri said giving me the eye.

“WHY, TERRI?” I just blurted out.

“Because stupid you are mine,” Terri replied before she kissed me deeply and with passion.

I broke our kiss as I took her face into my hands, I looked right into her lovely blue eyes as I said, “Terri, I will only ever love you.”

“I know John, I know,” Terri replied as she ran her hand on the side of my face.

We hugged as I thought; I have finally told her that I loved her. Terri may not have told me she loved back. However, I did take because stupid you are mine as meaning the same thing. I hugged her even tighter as I thought about that.

I whispered into her ear, “Terri I will never leave you, I promise.”

The night was young and I was the happiest man on this earth. I will tell more about the sex with the girls that night in my next chapter.


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