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I had wanted to fuck my sister for a long time, so one night I just did it.
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Coerced Sex With My Sister

When we were kids my sister and I slept together, bathed together, and even shared some clothes. I was only ten months older that Ginger so for two months we were the same age.

I had seen her naked for years so when Mom tried to put an end to it we didn’t stop…we just didn’t let her catch us. We only had a two-bedroom apartment but Mom was given a set of bunk beds. I took the top. However, after Mom checked on us we would sleep together. That first morning Mom rolled me out onto the floor and spanked me good.

All that did was piss my sister off so she climbed up in bed with me. Mom didn’t dare drop her to the floor from up there but she did get a few spanks on her bare ass. It wasn’t enough to discourage her from sleeping with me.

When I turned fourteen an older cousin told me about how good sex was.

That night I wanted to try it but Ginger said no, so I waited until she climbed in bed with me and fell asleep. I coaxed her onto her back, got between her legs, and shoved my cock into her pussy.

Ginger’s eyes flew wide open, her mouth twisted into a scream, and my hand covered her mouth.

I whispered, “If you scream, I’ll have to kill you.”

The nightlight that we always used allowed me to see the tears seeping from her eyes as I fucked into her once virgin pussy. It felt great and I quickly filled her with fresh warm cum.

She never said a word but she sniffled a lot and slept down in her own bed. Mom was impressed when she woke us up in the morning for school.

Ginger was extremely quiet and Mom kept trying to get her to talk but she wouldn’t.

That night she slept in her own bed but I waited until she was asleep and again I slipped in with her and stuck my cock into her as I covered her mouth. When I had cum I climbed up into my bunk. I listened to her sniffle until I fell asleep.

The next night she didn’t fall asleep but I did.

After that I managed to fuck her about every other night for a week. Finally, she just started to let me do it. Her heart wasn’t in it but she stopped trying to fight me off and she never told Mom.

It was some time in the beginning of the third week that Ginger invited me into her bed. Her fanny was up in the air and her head was down on a pillow, When I tried to force my cock into her it slipped right in without any resistance at all.

Ginger said, “Oh that was nice. K-Y was the answer all along.”

I questioned her about it and she said, “Well Mom knew what we were doing that very first night and told me to let you. But it hurt so badly that I wanted to stop. It was Mom that suggested that I let you try every other night. When it still hurt a lot she suggested this position and gave me the lubricant. For the very first time your cock feels good inside me.”

Stunned I asked, “So Mom knows about us and she approves?”

Ginger said, “Yes, she knows and I guess she does approve. At least she didn’t tell me to stop. In fact she wouldn’t let me quit.”

I just kept sliding my cock in and out of her wonderful pussy. The lube kept me from cumming too quickly and we both enjoyed it more. Finally, I started pumping cum into her depths.

Ginger said, “I’m glad she wouldn’t let me quit. She did say something about foreplay. She said that I would lean about that in time. Now I have to let you fuck me anytime that you want too…even on the floor in front of the television when we are all watching a movie. Even with Mom watching us.”

I rolled her onto her back and repeated, “Even with Mom watching us?”

Ginger smiled and said, “She really wants to watch. In fact, she really wants you to fuck her.”

I said, “You can’t be serious.”

Ginger said, “Don’t get dressed. Just come with me and stay outside Mom’s door.”

Soon Ginger was standing just inside Mom’s doorway, naked with my cum dripping down her leg.

Mom seemed excited when she asked, “Did the K-Y Jelly help? Did your brother’s cock feel any better? Did you have an orgasm?”

Ginger laughed and said, “Boy do you sound excited. You should just let him fuck you. Then you’ll know the answers to everything yourself.”

Mom mumbled, “Yeah! Right! As if that boy would want to fuck an old lady like me when he has you to fuck.”

I stepped into the room behind my sister and said, “I’d love to fuck an old lady like you. I think you’re beautiful. You are a MILF and I’d be proud to stick my cock in you as often as you’ll let me.”

Mom just smiled and threw the covers back exposing her naked flesh to me. Mom had really nice big boobs and for the very first time I was allowed to see them in all their natural glory. Her nipples were long and stiff, her areolas were dark, and her breasts were quite round and as I was well aware…they were completely natural. I remember Dad used to tease her about how other men had thought that she had breast implants after Ginger was born. Apparently they had doubled in size and stayed that way. I really miss Dad. He was a great father. Now I suppose it is my job to take his place in Mom’s bed. A job that I would try to do very well.

I looked at Mom as she lay back and spread her legs. I looked at her hairy pussy and she said, “Your father loved my thick pubic hair and made me promise never to shave it. With any luck your sister will look like this in a few years too.”

Ginger said, “I’m going to shave mine off. I don’t want to look like an abominable snowman down there when I’m wearing a skimpy bikini.”

Mom laughed and said, “Neither did I! That’s why your father took me to all of those nude beaches. That way my pubic hair could be admired by all of the men.”

I asked, “When did Dad take you to nude beaches?”

Mom laughed and said, “It wasn’t always easy. We started putting you in camps for a week in the early summer and another week in later summer.”

I thought about it and said, “I remember those camps. I really liked most of them. But what about Ginger?”

Ginger laughed and said, “They would take me with them.”

I looked at Mom and she said, “Well, your father liked showing off his two girls.”

Ginger added, “I wish Daddy was still alive to take us.”

I looked back at Mom and said, “Then I want you to take us. As often as you can…all summer long.”

Mom said, “Summer is still a few months away. How about you stick that thing in me.”

I got between her legs and slipped the head in, Mom inhaled deeply and held it. I shoved about half of the length in and Mom went, “Oh!” Then I shoved the rest of my cock into her and she exhaled loudly. As I started to saw into her she moaned, she groaned, and she told me how wonderful my cock felt inside her.

Fucking Mom was interesting. I got the distinct impression that she had wanted me inside her for a long time. Dad had been dead about three years, maybe I should have climbed in her bed right after that…I had thought about doing exactly that…but I didn’t. What had I missed in all those years? I’d have to make up for lost time. I figured that Ginger was okay getting it every other night so I could fuck Mom all I wanted too in between until Ginger started to complain about not getting it enough. Then I just might have to set her up with one of my friends…but which one?

When I filled Mom, she hugged me and she kissed me and she thanked me from the bottom of her heart.

Then she said something that Ginger had said, “You can fuck me on the living room rug right in front of the television with your sister watching us.”

I asked, “Do you have any dirty movies?”

Mom said, “Boy do I! Your father had quite the collection. He had an extensive private collection too. Your sister and I are in a lot of those.”

Ginger said, “Dad made a lot of movies of me with other girls my age. Dad and their fathers would take movies of us girls making love, taking baths together, and playing around.”

I gave Mom a funny look and she added, “The fathers never touched either of the girls. The other mother and me were usually there. It was always between the two girls.”

Ginger added, “There were only a few boys, the other girls brothers, and all we ever did was suck their cocks and giggle when they came so quickly.”

I asked, “How come I never got invited?”

Ginger seemed upset but finally said, “I didn’t want you see me like that. I thought that you would think badly of me. I couldn’t take that.”

She cried just a little and then said, “Like a couple of weeks ago when you fucked me…I didn’t want to tell you that it hurt really bad because I wanted you to like me. So I asked Mom and she said that it was supposed to get better. I was so proud that it was you that took my virginity. My own brother. I’ve dreamed about that for a long time.”

Then Ginger climbed up on the bed with Mom and I, and then we cuddled until we fell asleep.

In the morning we had a very long talk before we got out of bed. We talked about how I could have sex with them anytime that I wanted too, how we all wanted to go to nude beaches, and possibly nudist camps and outings. We talked about making our own home movies and even inviting some of the other girls that Ginger used to have sex with. We talked about school, college, and what we wanted to do later in life. We even talked about me getting Mom pregnant. We talked about Ginger and I dating, bringing our dates home, and having sex with them in our rooms. We discussed starting a web site of Mom nude and selling memberships. But mostly we talked about me having sex with them at home, outdoors, and in public places.

We agreed that we liked our future prospects and that we loved one another more than we had before.

The End
Coerced Sex With My Sister
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