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Posh girls shouldn't go to slums.....
The slums are dirty, dark and deep.

Have you ever been to the slums? not the model government ones, the ones beside rail tracks and warehouses, where the mafia run their recruiting schools and crime are so common they don't interest the newspapers. I live near one auch slum, although my dad prefers lower middle class tag.

he says we once had 5 bighas of land somewhere, but I've only seen oil grease and smoke all my life. we work in the petroleum industry you see. even my sister is oily, although she's usually at home taking care of my 5 brothers.

with our income and environs, women are hard to come by, and the last piece off as we saw was a year back, when some high school girls had come to ask if we had running water. as my dad put on a filmy english tone, i checked out the goods. There were two of them, accompanied by a policeman. One was about 5'2, short hair and fair face with a skinny figure and nerdy specs. ughhh! the other was taller, and more rounded. her blouse swelled nicely around the chest area, making a shadow in the sun. i imagined seeing a nipple poking out of her bust. her figure curved slightly inwards down the waist, and began expanding just where the blouse met her skirt. below the knee high skirt, i could make out thin white legs, her muscles flexing beautifully as she shifted her weight from one leg to another.

i was so mesmerized by her body that i didn't notice that they had finished with my dad and were asking my name.

'Huh' ?

'So do you go to college? ' specsy asked.

'class xth pass.' i muttered

'oh. what do you do? ' asked sexy (the other one).

'nothing...err....i mean i work in a factory. Western.....' she cut me off. ' how much do you get? '

my dad replied with a figure doubled my real wage.

'oh. and do you like living here? what did they mean by that? where else was i to live? in their posh bungalows?

'ye...eah. its nice and calm round here. and people are nice.'

' oh. i see. thank you' specksy sneered at me and the two walked off. i heard them laughing as they left. the gentle sway of their skirts almost drove ne nuts. i was rudely brought to reality by dad.

'what happened to you ? never seen a high class girl before? '

i didn't say anything. and got a spanking for that. but the memory remained. from then on the American xxx stars were replaced by sexy gal, as i named her.

on a practical note, i never expected to meet them again. and if i did, what would i say. 'may i please kindly fuck you? ' but life had different plans.

a year passed since then. the area got more crowded as people from all over the country came to make money. my wages rose slightly, so that i had a little money left for myself after handing the rest over to my aunt cum foster mother.

one day, it so happened that my brothers were either in school or playing around. my dad was off binging and his sister (really his wife as far as sex went) off to some work.

our house has two stories, and a small space in front. its walled and the only entry is via a metal gate (an iron door really). i was busy doing the laundry, when a knock came. it was so gentle that i almost didn't hear it. washing my soapy hands, i opened the door.

i could hardly believe my eyes. there stood sexy and specksy. just like last time, except that specksy looked green and weak. sexy spoke.' err remember us, we came here for a survey. you should, we were the only ones who came here'

remember? that was the understatement of the century. but i pretended to be a little confused.she continued ' anyway, we were doing some community service and she felt sick so i decided to ask for help. a little water and shade will do'

she spoke as if we could offer nothing else. i felt a little hurt, and angry. but i let them in. it would do no good for my reputation yo be seen turning away a girl who was ill.

the two walked straight in, not bothering to remove shoes. i closed the gate and followed. specky sat on the chair, her head rolling. sexy was trying to put some water in her mouth. it spilled, making her blouse translucent. i clearly made out her bra curve, and could tell that her body had gained some meat since last time.

as i stared, sexy asked' where is the toilet? she's going to throw up.' she started walking inside. 'this way i said and led her out. looking baffled she and specksy followed.

i led them to where we bathed and washed clothes. the clothes tub was still there. specksy barely reached the cemented area, before she threw up- tight into the tub.

there went my last one hour of effort. her condition notwithstanding, i felt pissed. sexy knelt down beside her, and i got a nice view of two skirt clad asses. my anger changed to lust. pulling out my new phone, i clicked a pic of the two bent babes. just as i clicked, sexy turned around and saw what i was doing.

her eyea flared. she stormed at me and snatched the phone.' you sick perv! ' she flung the phone against the wall. it split into battery, body and back flying in different directions.

i lost control. grabbing hee hand, i pushed her backwards, where she fell over specksy, spilling the vomit coated laundry all over the floor. i took two steps and landed a kick on her face. blood spilled from her lips, making her into a vampire. grabbing her blouse, and landed two slaps on her face before slamming a punch into her tummy. she doubled over in pain. specksy was again vomiting so i didn't bother.

things would have ended there, had i not stepped on phone body, cracking it. my rage returned. grabbing their hair, i dragged them into the house the way I'd seen dad drag aunt to bed after a good binge.

specksy seemed to have passed out, but sexy was recovering. climbing on top, i bit her cheeks savagely, and then bit her lips in turn, drawing some blood. her eyes were wide in terror, which turned me on. i pushed my tongue into her mouth, caressing her buccal cavity, tasting her fear tinged saliva. her teeth felt salty, guess I'd broken something there. there were tears by the time i pulled out.

as i sat up, she resumed her struggle, kicking and clawing at me. i pushed her hands away, and holding them with the left, punched her with the tight a couple of times. this took the fight out of her, and her hands pulled away, only to caress her sore stomach.

as i sat on top, i had an excellent view of her torso. i noticed how her blouse had lost a button in the dragging and exposed a bit of her cleavage. unable to resist, i undid the others, opening her blouse to reveal her bra. it was high class just like her.

made of some silky stuff, it had an even smoother border and rope like straps. i decided to keep it. but taking it off meant pulling her up. grabbing het hands, i pulled her into my arms. she fell over me like a rag doll. i smelled her hair and bit her ears, i had an idea.

pulling her earring out, i checked its shape. it had a long and pointed end. i took it and aimed for her left breast. making a guess as to her nipple, i pushed the object in.

sexy let out an ear splitting scream, and i quickly stuffed the hanky hanging from her waist into her mouth. she began to struggle and a few more punches were delivered, the last on her breast. she spit out the cloth and began to fight. i stuffed it again inside, and slapped her half a dozen times, until she quitened down. i repeated the process with her left tit. i now pushed her down again and clicked away. sexy lay crying, as the place around the puncture reddened. i grabbed her glands through the bra and squeezed them roughly. they felt like pillows, their size larger than my hand. i squeezed until they were flattened in my hand. the punctures became still more red, as i pressed her breasts roughly together. sexy just kept squrming, her head arched in pain. i clicked away.

grabbing her by the head again, i pulled her to my desk and stuffed some tape on her lips. i now tied her hands and legs with spare mosquito net rope, and left her squirming.

i heated some water with an immersion rod. dragging her to the corner of the house, i began cutting off her long tresses, for a souvenir. i had learnt haircutting as an alternative, and soon she had an army cut. i carefully took the hair in a paket and kept it away.

the water was quite hot by now. i removed her bra, causing her to jerk violently as the earrings were removed. her naked breasts hung like a cow's udders as she kneeled beside the bucket. disconnecting the power, i removed the heater. she looked quizzically. moving to her back, i grabbed her head, and pushed her head down, such that it extended in front of the tub. her breasts were plunged in and it took all my strength to keep her from pushing off. she fainted.

dragging her back in, i checked her meat. it looked shiny and reddish brown, with some scalding at places. i clicked a few more pics. i laid her on the bed, and took a few more pictures of the two passed out girls.

i sucked sexy's tits, imagining that they had been roasted. taking a few pins, i stuffed them into the glands, taking care to push them in deep. more blood flowed, waking her. she now made a pathetic expression, begging me to stop. not that i planned to.

grabbing her belt, i opened it. then the skirt, which took some time. she closed her legs, as i pulled her skirt off. her legs were smooth and long, but the thin panty pulled my attention.
it was thin like the bra, and barely hid her hair.

u undid her legs, and spread them. pulling her crotch near my face, i smelled her sex. it smelled of piss. but i wasn't put off. i pulled her panty down, and pulled my dick out.

her vagina looked like a line cut on her crotch. i slowly parted the folds, to expose reddish flesh. it tasted like her mouth. placing my penis at the door, i began to push, holding her steady as she desperately tried to push me out. i finally hit a barrier. she shook her head as i began to push again. her vagina felt soft, warm and tight, and i knew if i didn't push, I'd cum right there.

i lokked into her desperate eyes. i grabbed her jugs like handles. and i thrust. whatever held me bacjmk tore, and i was sure there was some blood. i held in there for a while, savouring the feel of a defeated girl who had just lost her maidenhead. her eyes were closed, and she wept silently. her body was limp. taking a marker lying nearby, i wrote on her face
and put the date below it. just to add to the effect, i coloured her eyelids and lips.

all this only heightened my lust. i began to thrust deep into my bitch, squeezeing her boobs as i pushed in and out. as i neared orgasm, i pulled her up to face me. pulling her eyelids up, i made her look at me as i came. the vacant look gave way to shock as i seeded her. teardrops formed on her eyes. as they flowed over 'taken', i licked them up. she was well and truly broken.

just as i pulled out, i heard the door open. guess i hadn't closed it properly. in came my dad, my aunt and her neice. dad was drunk, his hand openly caressing the girl's breasts. as he entered, he saw the scene. and undid his pants.

as i gaped, he pulled up specksy's skirt, ripped off the panties, and plunged in. the girl awoke, staring in horror at him. he didn't seem to care. he kept fucking her, her body rocking to his violent thrusts.

as they say, like father like son. the two women stood transfixed near the door. still naked, i grabbed shilpa (the neice) and pulled her into a tight embrace. locking lips, i smooched the shocked slut until we both ran out of breath.

she looked shell shocked. one half of me felt that suddenly the world would come back to normal and dad would thrash the hell out of me. but then i looked at him. he had pulled specksy almost off the bed, her legs over his shoulders as he kept pumping into her. contrary to my idea, she had substantial boobs, although not like sexy. i smiled. let him have the left overs while i concentrate on better things.

shilpa was still in my grasp, and had begun to struggle. but this obedient creature was far more weak than the fiesty bitch who lay on the bed with cum oozing from her.

turning back to shilpa, i caressed her breast. it felt malnourished and small in my hand, although i knew she was the pic of the local boys. as they say, if you've tasted meat, no vegetable tastes as good.

still i couldn't turn back. grabbing both of her mammaries, i squeezed hard, pushing my fingers and thumb into the centre roughly. she let out a scream of pain. i kissedher again, tasting her juicy lips, while i mashed her mams.

i now lowered my hands. getting to her vagina would mean undoing her knot, so i grabbed her ass instead. it felt soft. holding them, i pulled her closer to my body, feeling her well abused tits rub against my chest.
her eyes now welled up with tears. she looked so helpless in my hands, so much more than sexy had been, and so mich more easily. as her body wracked with sobs, i reached for her salwar zipper.

once it was out of the way, her kameez followed. unlike sexy, she had on an old torn pair of lingerie a size too small for her. someone's passovers surely. i got rid of them without ceremony.

her nether parts were exposed. she hastened to cover them. i looked at sexy, hef ampler body in full view.

'What are you hiding? you see the girl on the bed. her body is much better. and I've already taken it. i just had some spare left, so i took you. so let's get over with it'

the expression on her face defied deion. imagine s mix of shame, hate, fear, jealousy, shock and awe, in short every expression yould see on a bitch once she's lost her clothes. yes, shilpa had been wooed by every guy to no avail. she was the best you see. and now she would lose her virginity knowing she was second best. i laughed. and plunged in.

she felt tight. and honestly better than sexy. i tore her maidenhead at first shot. like removing a plastic wrapping. and i told her so. she kept crying.
once i was done, i turned to her ass. her ass was black, and had pimples on it.

'dont you ever clean it? ' i asked

no reply. i pointed at sexy again. 'I DO CLEAN MY ASS' she screamed out. all the people, fucker and fucked, turned to look at us. my dad gave me a grin as he pumped his load into specksy's mouth. she looked like she was gonna puke.

i applied some boroline on her hole and my well 'oiled' dick, and pushed. nothing happened. it seemed impossible to push in. but i kept it up. i could tell it hurt her twice as much as in her dry twat. after what seemed like an eternity, i had most of my dick in. dad had finished with his girl, and turned to look at us.

i now pulled out, encountering some resistance here as well. then i pushed in, and she let her now common shrill screams. i pulled out and pushed in again. i got a rythm going, pushing in nsd out of her impossibly tight scat hole. it made me cum sooner than i planned. grabbing her ass, i squirted load after load in her. and pulled out. phew!

she let out a large fart. man did it smellm i kicked her hard, and she fell against the wall.

i looked around. the two girls. my aunt n dad were looking at me. dad spoke.

' couldn't wait eh? don't blame you. she needed that. but rest now, she's not running away. '

'well she's in no shape to walk let alone run. ' i smirked.

' yes. but you see, even when she is, she won't '

i was confus. did they plan to keep her hostage or what?

my aunt spoke ' son, we chose her as your wife. all preparations are made, you'll soom be married. '

shilpa sat up and buried her face in her hands. i felt dazed, and then smiled. life won't be that bad with a twat around, even if it was low class.

(continued by shilpa.....)

i sat naked and humiliated on the floor. was a decent marriage too much to ask for? did he have to do this? and who were those two bitches with air conditioned boobs?

i didn't have timecto think as my rapist-hubby poured a bucket of cold water over me. i got up, and the semen trickled down my legs. my groin felt like it had been ripped apart. i limped inside.

the old man was in the old woman again. the two bitches were hugging and crying. my rapist wasn't around. looking at me, the taller one said

' you've been raped too? these people are animals. we must escape. if we can get out, my dad has friends. these assholes will rot in hell'

i felt sorry for her. she had been raped too. how many girls' lives had they ruined that day? i felt sick, when sjmhe spoke again.

' you must be a local here. you can get us out. by the way I'm shweta and this is priyanka. we were duped into coming here, lest you think we live im these kind of places.'

at that instant, i don't know what happened. my pity and fellow feeling evaporated. so they thought they were still better when they lay there raped and abused? and that asshole thought so too.

ive always had a temper problem . occasionally people have been hurt . its not my fault. a husband's loyalty is a wife"s greatest possession they say. and these bitches had tried to steal it.

i saw a knife nearby and some cords. in an instant, the knife was in shweta's flat tummy. blood erupted, feeling warm on my hand. she looked shocked. i pulled out, and slashed it across her neck. more blood. screaming began somewhere. shweta convulsed in pain, and then lay still.

i looked up from the dying bitch and saw the other. she looked like she had seen a ghost. i felt no pity. taking the knife, i pulled her towards me by her hair. 'nooooooo' the knife went between her breasts, and a spurt of blood came out. her eyes rolled, and she fell face first on the bed, her body held up by the knife. revenge, is a bitch.

i heard him coming back. and smiled. i wanted to see his expression when he came in. after all, he too should be prepared for married life,

[the author does not wish to condone any form of non consensual intercourse or manslaughter. understand that it is fantasy, and must always remain so. if you think otherwise, go meet a doc. but if you agree, do tell me how the story is. it's the only way i can improve. ]

[note: in the reviewa for ' breaking of neha', i was told that punctuation and caps are missing. I've tried to improve matters. problem is, i type from a phone and formatting options are very limited. I'm trying to get a laptop, and this problem will be solved when i do. ]

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