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Everyone has a fantasy about fucking a coworker, for me, it came true.
It was getting close to lunch time and I was already restless. I was blankly staring at the computer on my desk, not concentrating on anything I needed to do, and instead thinking of a wild romp involving the new temporary employee.

There was a light knock at the door behind me, taking me out of my reverie. I turned to see you peeking around the door as you opened it. You had just started the previous day. I was told you were hired to do a report for the company and that I had been assigned to answer any questions that you may have.

The day before, while you had been in the adjacent office, going over the parameters of the report with the boss I couldn’t help but notice you. You wore a modest skirt, accentuating your sensual curves. Your breasts, full and perfectly proportioned, pressed again the light blouse you were wearing. You face was beautiful and shone with a vibrant passion for life.

As you left the office your eyes met mine. They were a light shade of brown, absolutely stunning. Your smile was infectious. It shot an electric sensation go through my body causing me to get temporarily light headed. I smiled back at you. You didn’t shy away, just waved and crinkled your nose. You were scheduled for the rest of the week and suddenly I had this feeling that it was going to be a great 7 days.

You had come by on two occasions the previous day. On the first, you had only inquired about how to format the report you had been working on. You stood at the door, leaning into my office as you asked. Your hair fell over your shoulders as you leaned forward and your blouse fell open a bit, offering a brief glimpse of your cleavage. You asked me a question but I was only half-heartedly listening. I could feel a stirring in my loins. Not now, I think to myself. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the opening of your blouse, hoping that I would get another view. When I finally shifted my gaze up to your face you had on a knowing look and a sly smile. Then you simply stepped out of the office and closed the door behind you.

Later, when you returned you had a rough draft of the report compiled. You set the draft down on my desk and leaned over my shoulder and pointed out key passages as I read. I could smell your scent, not a perfume, but a sweet feminine scent. I could hardly concentrate and I felt my pulse quicken. As I turned to speak to you I notice your blouse had been unbuttoned one button from what it had been earlier. My heart skipped a beat. Your breasts were full, clad in a white lacy bra which stretched your blouse so that, from my position, I was awarded a gorgeous view. I thought I might fall out of my chair. I felt your hips press into my side as you stood next to me. My cock was beginning to get very hard. I turned toward you in my chair as you collected the draft. You were looking straight at the bulge in my pants with your lips slightly parted as you ran your tongue over them. You simply gave my shoulder a light squeeze as you turned and left.

For the rest of the day and into the evening my mind was constantly focused on how you would look naked, or clad in only in a blouse and knee high socks.

I awoke this morning with a raging hard on and sleepy memories of passionate, erotic lovemaking with you in my dreams. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. My cock was in a constant state of attention and I was thinking of doing anything and everything to you, for you, with you. Now, here I was sitting, kicking back in my office chair, engulfed in thoughts of hard, wet, steamy sex with a person I barely knew, but wanted, badly. And then there you were…

Your face had a radiant smile that seemed like it was meant just for me. You step into the unit and shut the door. You peek around the door into my boss’s adjacent office and notice it was dark and unoccupied. “I came in to pick up some notes I may have left in here during the staff meeting the other day,” you say to me, casually. “You might check the boss’s office,” I feebly suggest.

As you turn the light on and go into the room I watch the way you move, the curves of your body and the way you stand. You knew I was in the doorway watching and almost seemed to be posing at times. I could feel an excitement growing and I was feeling slightly out of breath as my dick grew and throbbed as I stood watching you.

You turn and say; “There it is!” pointing to a manila folder hidden under the desk opposite the door. Before I could move to pick it up for you, you had bent over from the hip, with your legs straight like you were reaching down to tie your shoes. Your skirt rode up your legs to a height that almost revealed the bottom of your panties. You ass was magnificent. Nicely shaped, with your skirt pulled tight around it, it was too much to resist.

I stepped up very close behind you, wanting to press myself against your ass, but instead, stopping right before making contact. “Can I help?” I ask. You lean back into me, grinding your luscious butt onto my crotch. “I hoped you would,” you reply. You moan as you lay your head on one arm folded across the desk and hike up your skirt with the other, while rubbing against me.

I hold onto your waist as I return the gesture, grinding my hard dick against your ass. By now my cock was immense, wanting to be freed, wanting to be inside you, and you know it.

In one fluid motion you stand up and turn around while dropping your skirt. I kiss you hard and feel your hot, probing tongue enter my mouth. You press your body against mine. I could feel your breasts against my chest and I pull you tighter against me. I reach around and squeeze your ass with both hands.

Your breathing grows heavy, and I get extremely excited. We let go of each other as I step back and look at you. You kick off your shoes and I stop to admire your legs. They were lean and smooth as silk.

Your panties are so skimpy I think to myself you may as well be wearing nothing at all. I reach for the buttons on your blouse. Starting from the bottom, I release them one by one. Your blouse opens to reveal your gorgeous breasts. I lean over and kiss you as my hands move up to caress them. They are large and I am surprised by their firmness. I run my hands down your sides and squeeze your ass, then still kissing slide my hands up your back and undo your bra.

You let out an audible sigh as your bra comes free. You reach up and loosen my tie and begin to unbutton my shirt. I promptly take my tie off and kick off my shoes as you reach my belt. Your fingers play over the belt and squeeze my bulging cock, thinking to yourself how it turns you on how much I seem to want you.

I step back, reaching to slide the blouse off your shoulders, watching it fall to the floor. You shrug off your bra and proudly display your tits. They are big and perky, with areolas the size of a quarter. They looked perfect. I move my mouth to your left nipple, feeling it grow and harden as I suck and lick it. You’re cooing as I move to suck the other nipple. You unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants, which then fall down around my ankles.

You kiss me deeply, and then continue down my body, kissing and licking my chest. You reach my stomach and your hands slide down my back and into my underwear, running your hands over my ass and down my legs, taking the underwear with them. I step out of the clothing as I feel your lips rubbing up and down the entire length of my hard cock.

I watch as you kneel in front of me, kissing and licking the underside of my dick from the base to just underneath the head. My legs shake as you grab my ass in both hands; my cock hard as steel, wet with your saliva and twitching with excitement.

You look up at me with these big, beautiful eyes and begin to position my dick over your wet mouth. Your lips move over the cock head and down the shaft until you have swallowed all of it. I groan with pleasure as you suck on my entire cock, flicking your tongue across the bottom then releasing pressure, sliding your mouth back, letting my cock come almost complete out of your mouth, and then going back down slowly to swallow even more.

I run my fingers through your hair, grabbing a handful and pumping my hips slowly as you continue to take me deeply into your mouth. You start to move faster and I feel a surge building deep in my being. You take my entire length into your mouth. I feel myself coming up against the back of your throat. I can feel you struggling not to gag, but you seem to be enjoying it.

You grunt and slurp as my cock drives in and out of your mouth. You are damn good at what you’re doing and you definitely take great pride in that fact. I can feel an orgasm coming. I lose all sense of time and place as the sensation builds to climax. My cock throbs, pumping a huge load of cum down into your throat. You swallow it all, pulse after pulse.

My orgasm is so forceful my legs begin to shake and I feel weak. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I look down in amazement as you slide your mouth off of my cock. You lick your lips and kiss me, our tongue darting around, wet with both my cum and your saliva.

I kiss your face, your neck, moving down to your shoulder as I caress your body with my hands. I continue kissing down your shoulders and arms, and then move over to kiss your breasts and sick on your nipples. They were rock hard. I suck first the right nipple while following the contours of your left breast with my off hand. I shift to your left nipple and flick it with my tongue.

I kiss my way down your stomach, arriving at the waist band of your panties. I reach up and with both hands pull your panties down to your ankles. You step out of them and lean back against the desk. You sit back on the desk and spread your legs wide, giving me total access to your fabulous pussy.

I consider wetting a finger with my mouth, but upon seeing how wet you have become I see it isn’t going to be necessary. I insert the finger, slowly at first, searching for the ridge accompanying your g-spot. I bring my tongue up across the outer lips of your pussy, as you put your legs over my shoulders, put your heels on my back, and pull me toward you. I lick circles around your clit and slowly work my finger as you begin to moan.

You begin to really grind on me, making more noise, moaning, groaning and yelping, telling me to not to stop. I keep licking and sucking your pussy as you run your hands through my hair. You arch your back, lost in the sensation. The noises you are making are no longer coherent, which I take a sign that you are enjoying it. You breathe deeply and tell me that you want me inside you. I am more than happy to fulfill that request.

I get up and sit down on the office chair. I have a huge smile on my face to go with my erection. You look at my cock, sticking straight up and grin, slide off the desk, step over to me and slowly lower yourself onto my swollen cock. Your pussy wraps around my shaft like a glove as your put your arms around my neck. You rotate your hips and move further down onto my penis.

You lean down and we kiss me, tenderly, as we sit like this, my cock deep inside you, not moving, just experiencing each other. As we kiss I run my hands over your body, across your back, caressing your breasts. I feel your pussy begin to grip my cock, gently at first, making my cock twitch in response. It is subtle, and feels wonderful. Your pussy contracts around my cock causing it to throb, the throbbing making your pussy contract again, only this time more insistently.

You gently rock on my cock and I lean back in the chair, moving my hips to your slow rhythm. I reach up and hold both of your breasts in my hands, lightly squeezing your nipples between my fingers. You arch your back and put your hands behind you on my knees for stability, grinding your pussy onto my cock.

I lean back again, arching my hips to drive deeper into you. You bear down on me, gyrating onto my dick, taking every inch into you. Our pace quickens. You begin to raise your hips a little higher, taking longer strokes of my cock. I sit in awe as I watch you ride me, watching my cock split your pussy.

I pick you up and lay you down on my office desk, never missing a beat. We become more vigorous, as my cock pistons in and out of you. Your wetness is flowing now, drenching me. I marvel as my dick is engulfed time and time again. You change your rhythm, from fast and frantic to slow and back again. I love the sounds you make, I feel like a stud. The smell of sex fills the office.

I begin to fuck you harder and harder. You eyes roll back into your head and you lay back. I can feel my cock bumping into your cervix and breaching the very depths of your vagina. You look almost delirious, your hair flung about, your hands scratching my chest, wrapping your legs around me to pull me in, trying to feel every inch.

I feel my cock throb once, getting ready to explode into you. “…Cum for me…” is all you could muster. You are on the edge of ecstasy, wantonly riding my stiff cock, on the verge of an orgasm of your own. I ram my cock as hard and as far into your pussy as I can and you take it all. We intertwine, creating a sexually synergy which I have never experienced before, losing track of time and setting.

I feel my orgasm building and increase pace to bring it on. You can feel my balls slap against you. You reach down and slide your fingers along my balls and feel their smooth tightness. My whole body trembles, and you begin to feel a tingling that is unmistakable. Your clit is burning and you beg me to go faster, faster, faster. You think to yourself, “Yes, harder, ram your cock into me! Slam it into me, tear me apart with your cock!” We sound like animals. Our moans and gasps are louder as we lose control, I feel my cock twitching and jerking inside your cunt. Our bodies shake and quiver and tremble and we lose awareness of all else except each other and our pleasure.

The whole event is leading up to one great crescendo, our bodies bursting forth with pleasure. I feel my cock swell, then just explode, pumping stream after stream of warm cum deep into you. The whole time you ride my spurting cock for all it’s worth, grinding yourself down on it, taking the entirety into you, squirming on it. I can feel your cunt pulsating as my cock continues to throb and pump cum into you. Our heads spin for a time, and finally, the last moments of our climax draw to a close. We breathe heavily, almost glowing, I move up to bury my tongue in your mouth and I pull you into me, feeling your heartbeat through my chest.

As we slow, you moaning softly, I get my breathing under control. All I can think to say is, “Wow, I didn’t know there could be sex like this!” You shock me with what you say next, “You’re not finished yet are you?” I was incredulous; we had been sucking and fucking for almost an hour. You stand up, letting my cock slip from your pussy. You watch with a gleam in your eye, telling me that there is still one hole I haven’t taken.

My cock, which seconds before was quickly wilting, now jumps back to attention. I couldn’t believe it; my dick was fully erect again. I didn’t know I was capable of a marathon session like this. Your reaction was priceless, a mix of twisted dominance and fear over what you had just suggested. I bend you over the desk with your head resting on your folded arms and your beautiful ass sticking in the air, waiting to be fucked. “Be gently with me” you say, “I’ve never had one in there.”

I move up behind you, rubbing my cock against your buttocks and running it across your ass hole. I think to myself that my cock will never fit in there. I rub my dick against your still sopping pussy, and then push it in to get some lubrication. You groan with pleasure, sending a jolt through my penis.

You shake with anticipation as I put my cock head against your ass hole, guiding it in with my hand. I rub it a little then you push back and the head of my dick disappears into your ass. You take a sharp intake of breath, and then sigh. I ask how it is and you reply “Big!” I hold you by the hips as I slowly push myself into your tight little asshole. You groan and push back against me as I enter you. When I am all the way in I stop. You think to yourself, “Oh god, it feels so fucking big! It’s so good; I never thought it would be like this.” Your ass hole is tight and hot and I can feel the tightness of your sphincter around the base of my shaft. I start to gently stroke my cock in and out and I can feel your hole relax, accepting my dick.

I start to move more. The lubrication is sufficient and you start to move with me. I don’t know how much I can take. The smell of sex was an aphrodisiac and just watching my cock pump in and out of your ass was getting me to the brink, again.

This is fantastic, I think to myself. Your ass hole is amazingly tight. I have never fucked anything like this. My cock is getting bigger, harder, ready to cum. I keep stroking my cock into you as your noises become constant moans of pain and pleasure, holding onto the desk as you brace against my thrusts, moving in concert with me, fucking me with your ass hole.

I hold you by the hips as I ram my cock into you, your tight asshole pulling and stroking my cock. I feel it tense and begin to throb and pulsate as I fill your ass with my cum. Despite being my third orgasm it feels as strong as anything I have experienced before. You let out a long breath as you feel my cock explode inside you and I feel your pussy pulsating from inside your ass.

We stand like this momentarily, breathing hard, reflecting on what we had just experienced. You, bent over the desk with your head turned to one side, hair a mess. Me, behind you, leaning on your back with my cock still sunk deep into your ass hole. We are both covered in sweat and the smell of sex still fills the air.

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2013-07-09 20:31:41
Thank God I needed a good fuck me and my hubby. Liked it a lot

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2012-02-24 10:31:06
I liked it. Sort of personal, like a lover wrote it to me. Came pretty hard near the end ;)

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2012-02-17 14:53:28
Stupid way to tell a story, addressing your prtner in a chat , no value there, sorry

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2012-02-03 18:16:40
It got me very very wet! I liked it.

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