True next part of my sexual adventures
My Life with Paul Part 4.
I headed to the boys locker room where I was to meet up with the hot four studs that had fucked me in the park the day before. I had given them all blow jobs behind the school earlier. I hoped they would be waiting for me.
My father is a good preacher. He is a good man but very busy with prayers and he also likes to keep in shape at our own gym. I have often watched him work out and in his den working on sermons. He is a very dedicated man.

Not to be out done my mother is also dedicated but in a different way. I haven't actually watched mom the way she dedicates herself to redeeming black hoodlums by the dozens in our basement. She even takes my brothers who are all shades of brown from light brown to dark brown or black. Mom told me that there is black in her part of the family but has never told me if was her mom's side or her dad's. For some reason it has only shown up in my brothers. I am totally white. I can remember mom taking my two older brothers and two of my younger brothers downstairs a few times. I have asked them how she redeems them of their bad seed but they have told me that is only between them and mom.

I remember my two older brothers getting angry about something or other when I was only about thirteen and they were fifteen and sixteen. “What the fuck do you do with all those black boys in the basement mom? Dam you must be doing something to them. They fucking come in here by the droves all angry and leave happy.”

I was surprised when mom answered him saying. “Steve and Carl it's about time you boys came downstairs and get some of my praising.”

I remember them both being surprised at the time as I was surprised but then I guessed they were black and probably did need her teachings. It was obvious they didn't pay attention to dad's sermons in church. I remembered they followed mom to the basement. Mom was wearing that housecoat of hers and went down the basement and closed the door behind them. I had forgotten about them going to the other room to study for class the next day.

I wanted to know the details of mom's teachings when my two brother's came up from the basement well over an hour later. Mom looked beat and so did my brothers. They were all panting and saying. “Thanks mom. We needed that.”

I asked my two brothers Steve and Carl what they learned from mom but they refused to talk to me about it and I didn't press them for information. I know they were heading down the basement a lot ofter that first time though. It wasn't just the two of them though. They headed down with other muscular black hoodlums from then on. Friends of theirs from school. Just two weeks ago one of my younger brothers joined my older brothers going downstairs he just turned fourteen. Since then he wants to go down two or three times a day with mom and her other black hoodlums. It is amazing even through pregnancy mom is dedicated to helping those muscular black hoodlums.

Her and dad must sure have quiet sex to get her pregnant because I never hear their bed springs at night. Yet now she is about eight mouths pregnant again with her seventeenth child counting myself.

I went to the boys locker room after I had dropped off my purse in the woman’s washroom. “It's about time you got here.” Tony said. He was standing just inside the locker room. The other three hot boys Tom with his dark red hair was beside Tony. Sitting on the bench was Jason the other Italian boy with black hair and beside Jason was blond Ryan. All stood up when I got in the door. They varied from 5'10 to over six feet tall. I gathered they had been waiting for me because all of them were nude. Their nice sweaty bodies gleaming in the light in the locker room.

“Don't just stand there bitch.” Tony said. “We need to fuck the ass off you.”

“I do have a name guys. It's Marie.” I said

“It's slut as far as we care when your with us.” Jason said.

I didn't need to be asked twice and unzipped my dress on the side and let it slide from my body. I stepped out of my loafers and went to where I saw a mattress on the floor. “Should I just lay down guys?” I asked.

“Get on your knees like the fucking bitch dog, in heat you are.” Jason said. I wasn't even on my hands and knees yet when Jason was behind me. I gather they had discussed who was going to fuck me first before I arrived. Jason grabbed a hold of my cheeks and spread them open. He must have seen his target my hot pussy because before I had a chance to move his cock pressed into my pussy pressing against my clit. My hand went to my clit at the same time. “Your wet already slut.”

“Yes fuck me hard Jason.” I moaned. “I've been waiting for this all day.”

“Well suck on this then slut instead of talking.” Tom said his long hard white cock pocking me in my left cheek. I opened my mouth the same time Tom grabbed my head in his two strong hands and rammed his cock into my mouth. I didn't even choke this time as his cock slid down my throat like it belonged there. “Suck that cock of mine slut.”

“Fuck this is so hot.” Tony said as he leaned over me. “His big balls covered in black hair swinging into my eyes. “Shit. Shit. I got to jack off.”

“Me too.” Ryan pipped in. I looked up to see Ryan's big cock on the other side of me.

I had been concentrating on what Tony and Ryan were saying I hadn't payed attention to
feel Tom holding my head as he pulled his cock out of my mouth until only his cock head was in my mouth. Behind me Jason rammed his entire cock into my wet pussy as I messaged my clit. Suddenly I felt myself spurting and spurting. I could hear myself moaning around Tom's cock as suddenly he rammed his cock down my throat again. I could feel Tom's huge cock expanding in my throat and knew any second he would be shooting his big load down my throat.

Meanwhile behind me I felt as Jason's large hands now had a strong hold of my hips as he rammed that beautiful big cock into my pussy over and over again. His cock expanded in my pussy and both men were both hosing me down from both ends.

“Hurry the fuck up.” Ryan yelled. “I need her hot ass. I remember that hot ass around my cock from last night.

No sooner had Jason pulled out of my pussy had he shot the rest of his load across my back. Then I felt Ryan push a couple of fingers into my wet pussy pulling it out again. He did that a couple of times and then pushed his fingers into my asshole. His fingers slipped into my ass a lot easier this time than the night before. “Oh fuck your still tight slut.” He moaned.

Tom had shot his cum down my throat as he pulled out of my throat and I could taste the last shot as it landed on my tongue. It was salty and I loved the taste. Tom stepped to one side just as Tony rammed his Italian sausage down my throat.

“Take this fucking cock in that hot tight ass slut.” Ryan said pushing his entire cock into my hungry ass. It felt like I couldn't get enough of that big cock into my ass. I tried to push my hips back. Then Ryan pushed hard and my mouth swallowed Tony's entire cock to his big balls.

I was once more being fucked from both ends. This time it was my ass full of big thick cock while my I gladly wrapped my tongue around the cock in my mouth as best I could. Then I moved my tongue to one side and Tom's thick cock went sliding down my throat. I could even feel my neck expand as his cock went down my throat. “Fuck just like fucking a tight pussy.” Tom yelled. He pulled his cock out of my throat until only his cock head was in my mouth. I took a quick breath through my nose just as he rammed his cock down my throat again and again.
I pushed my ass back as Ryan withdrew his cock from my ass. It felt so good in my ass. I wanted it there always. I didn't have long before he rammed it up my ass again. He had a tight hold of my hips as he rammed in and out of my ass harder and harder. His big balls slapped my pussy lips as I fingered my pussy and messaged my clit. I wanted to yell for him to fuck me harder but my mouth was stuffed with Tom's delicious cock.

They both hammered my holes. Over top I saw Tony and Jason stroking their hard cocks. The last of their last loads still dripping from the end of their cock holes. Both looked so good. I saw their big balls swinging as they stroked their cocks and knew both of them had to have at least one more load in them meant for me.

I held my head up to give Tom better aim with his cock. He held my head in both hands as he rammed his cock down my throat. “Oh shit bitch. Oh shit I'm going to shoot my load. Yea bitch get ready.” He moaned.

Behind me I could feel my body push forward as Ryan rammed his cock hard into my ass again and again. “Oh fucking shit you have a hot asshole bitch.”

“Shit here it comes slut. Here comes my cum slut.” Tom yelled and I felt his cock expand even more in my throat and knew he was cumming down my throat straight to my stomach. He pulled his cock out slowly and the last of his cum splashed on my tongue. It was so good and I licked my lips. I didn't want to miss one drop of that cum.

With my mouth empty I could moan to my hearts content feeling Ryan fuck my ass hard. “Yes, yes stud fuck me. Yes make me your bitch. Fuck me hard stud. Oh yes Ryan fuck me.”

“I am slut. I am fucking that fine ass hard. Fucking so hard my balls are aching. Oh shit they can't hold my cum any longer. Here it comes slut. Take it all slut take all my cum you fucking slut. Oh fuck feels so good.” Ryan moaned and groaned loudly.

He pulled his cock from my ass. I didn't have time to move before I felt another cock in pussy. I looked up to see Tom, Ryan and Jason standing in front of me that only left Tony. I looked over my shoulder and saw the tall Italian sweating leaning over my shoulder. Then his big thick cock penetrated my pussy. I pushed back. I needed this cock in my pussy. But I also needed to suck a cock at the same time. “Come on someone feed me your cock. One of you studs must still have cum in your balls.”

I didn't have to wait long before Jason offered up his long cock. I opened my mouth and took it into my mouth. He pushed it down my throat. “Fuck the slut's still hungry to swallow cock. Dam she's out done any fucking slut we've gang banged guys.” Jason moaned as I swallowed his cock down to his balls.
“No kidding Jason.” I heard Tony yell from behind me as I felt his cock slam all the way into my pussy. “Fucking slut. I love this one. We can pound her dam pussy and ass as hard as we want. All the others by now are begging for us to let them go calling us all perverts and promising never to let us touch them again. “Fuck she's so damn hot.”

“Shit. I'm already to shoot another dam load. Take my load you fucking cock sucking bitch. Take my dam load. Swallow it bitch.” Jason moaned above me.

I swallowed hard as Jason's sperm went right to my stomach from his cock. I wanted to tell him to pull his cock and shoot some on my tongue so I could taste how delicious his man juice was. Then Jason pulled his cock from my throat and the rest of his load landed on my tongue. I let his entire load land on my tongue before I swallowed it. It tasted so good. But to my amazement instead of staying hard like before his cock began to wilt.

Then to my surprise I felt my face splattered on both sides as I looked up to see Ryan and Tom just finishing jacking off. Their cocks began to wilt after shooting their double loads on each of my cheeks.

Behind me Tony continued ramming his big cock in and out of my hot pussy as I fingered my clit at the same time. I felt yet another orgasm shake my body at the same time Tony shook himself and I knew he was having another orgasm himself. I moaned with lust feeling my pussy accept his offering. I panted. “Oh thank you Tony. Thanks for that load. Who's going to fuck my ass or pussy now?” I pleaded.

“That's enough for me.” Tony said. He went over to were his clothes were and started getting dressed. I couldn't believe these hunks were finished fucking me. Tom had also started dressing as well as Jason and Ryan. “Your the hottest bitch around. Lets make plans for our next to ether. Tom said.

“Give us your phone number bitch so we can call you and set up a date.” Jason said.

“But I live with my parents can't we arrange something now? I moaned.

“How about tomorrow.” Tom said pulling his t-shirt over his head. “Meet us outside the gym tomorrow right after school.”

“Okay.” I moaned. I was still laying on the mattress laying on the floor of the boys locker room. “Fuck I wish you guys could stay and fuck me some more.”

“See you tomorrow.” Tony said going to the boys locker room door followed by Tom, Jason and Ryan. They all left yelling behind them. “Tomorrow behind the gym slut.”

I managed to pull myself to my knees and was just standing up when the door of the boys locker room opened. To my surprise Tony the black boy that had been at my house back home walked in. “Shit your a fucking slut like your mother.” He said and I could tell by the sound of his voice he was surprised.

I was even more surprised by Tony calling my dear mother a slut. My dear mother I respected and loved my entire time and Tony was calling her a slut.

End of Part 4.

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2012-12-26 01:01:32
I don't think the guy below me can distinguish between fiction and non fiction

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2012-02-13 17:15:54
I guess Barbie's mother really is a slut as if I didn't guess that all ready. It sounds like some of her brothers are even screwing their mother. The only stupid ones so far are you Barbie and your dad. But I guess when a man is so pure and good he has no clue what others do especially his own wife. I hope in my heart he never finds out. I fear what it would do to him to find out his wife is nothing but a slut. Probably kill him. I am sure by now Barbie you have put two and two together to figure out your mother is nothing but a slut for black men and boys. Wake up. But what ever you do don't tell your dad.

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