Clint’s Story, part II...

............Maurice watches Clint disappear through the door with Bernie; the door shuts behind them as their eyes look back toward Maurice.
......Clint turned to look at Bernie but his eyes could not help but focus on Jenny-s elevated ass. Clint-s prick rockets to full size. A throbbing, straining heat seeking missile...

......Clint took off for Jenny but Bernie intercepted him.
--- CLINT ...I do not want you injuring her !

--- Oh...Oh..., ok...

......Bernie speaks:
--- First the scene Clint, we have added some darkness to give a mysterious look to our girl, for an erotic affect. She is tied to keep her from moving... [Pause...]

--- She is drugged Clint, to lessen the pain of her first anal experience, and because she would not let you fuck her in the ass if she were conscious... In other words this is rape... [Bernie pauses again... hoping Clint will change his mind...]

......She looks at Clint-s face. Bernie has been in the sex business for a couple of decades. She knows that look.
---This guarantees you get what you paid for, first into her ass..., Bernie says. Are you sure Clint?

..... Clint and Bernie look at his wife. Clint-s eyes are welded to Jenny-s exposed ass. He can see the darkness where her anus is... he can see a hint of her bum-hole...he is leaking pre-cum.

---- Oh ya... I am sure... I need to fuck her in the ass Bernie... it is driving me crazy... [There is a change in the tone of Clint-s voice.]

......Bernie continues;
---You can see she is bound with a mask. The mask keeps her from keeps her from biting her lip..., while giving the illusion of a captive woman... best we could do Clint.
---The heavy restraints over her back help prevent injury. We do not know how she will react to having her ass fucked..., drugged or not... The bindings will stop her from throwing you out of her, and it keeps her on the bed...

---We gave her a cocktail of sorts... Her conscious will not remember this. She will awaken thinking she has a hangover. But, her ass will know it is being fucked so she may react to it...strongly... we do not know... [A lie actually, Bernie knows this business inside and out.]

...Bernie takes Clint by the elbow and walks him to the foot of the bed. She talks for a couple of minutes on anal technique.

...Bernie tells Clint she will be in the room monitoring the ready should she be needed. Bernie picks a chair away from the action with a good view. Bernie-s mind jumps back and forth from the present to scenes in her past were action like tonight-s has taken place in her presence... FUCKING MEN!
...Bernie slowly takes a deep breath... keeping her composure. She has tried to dissuade Clint... to no avail. She will monitor Clint closely...

...There is a dark cloud on the horizon and time is becoming a factor... and it has nothing to do with Clint. They-ve got to get Jenny out of here.

.....Clint eye-s this fantastic female form; he looks her over but his stare is centered on her ass.
--- WOW! It looks so fucking sexy. I am going to fuck her in her ass...

......Clint moves his face to her ass..., pushes his tongue into her crack and touches her bum for the first time. His hands dart out bracing himself... Clint nearly falls on her... what a rush... my god this is pure fucking heaven... [He says to himself.]

-------- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!

--- Shhhhhh..., keep it down man, we do not want any complains... Bernie says to Clint.

......Clint nods but Bernie-s voice barely registers...

.....Clint pushes his tongue into her ass..., so tight...tonguing her... Clint buries his face as deep as her crack will allow... He spreads her cheeks with his hands and devours her ass...

--- God damn, this is better than I ever imagined..., better than what the guy-s said. [Says out load, forgetting Bernie is in the room.]

......Clint licks her. Her moans are barely audible... Her hips move... Her ass moves... but not that much.

......Clint laps away at her for many minutes, licking and poking to his heart-s content. Clint finally slows his pace and with a glance at Bernie, moves back hauling his drawers down to his knees.

...Bernie rises and comes closer to Clint and his prey...
--- Easy does it Clint; remember we have not done anything to stretch her ass so she will need to be gently taken Clint.

...Clint presses the tip of his cock against her... with only his saliva for lubricant. [ His buddies at work told him that is the best...]
...Clint smiles to himself as he presses forward. Bernie cannot do anything about this...he had the foresight to put that in the contract...

.....Her bum opens begrudgingly... like an arm pushing thru a twisted coat sleeve... Clint slips slowly into her bum...

--------- Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh m-y-y-y ... God!

--- Oh... Oh... Arghhhhh... oh... oh... oh... Oh God, Oh God, Oh God...

......Clint-s head rolls back... he jerks uncontrollably...he cannot hold... Clint cums... he is shaking, the milk man delivers...

...Clint stays in her ass until his cock softens...leaning over her, holding himself up...his hands pressing into the mattress... Bernie by his side...
...Clint is weak...shaking... Bernie stays near, she does not want any difficulties...

...Eventually Clint goes to the bathroom to clean up... at Bernie-s insistence... tick, tick, tick... she says.

---- Bernie, do we have time for me to fuck her again?

...Bernie looks at her watch;
---- No Clint... I have to clean her up, and cover this up... I do not need cops involved...

...Clint-s head drops...

--- Clint; [Bernie says]; come see us... we have client-s who want anal who-s husbands will not fuck them up the ass... Let-s try to hook you up with one of them; or more. [Bernie winks.] Maybe even a virgin ass for you Clint... Some of these women are nearly as attractive as Jenny...we would not have to drug them... You could enjoy their reaction... fun, fun, fun, Clint.

......Clint-s facial expression changes dramatically.
---- I never thought of that... ya..., thanks Bernie. [Got to tell the guy-s at work about that, Clint thinks to himself].

---- Here are keys to a rental in the under-ground garage Clint... There is a cell in it... keep that phone on you... Maurice will call you on it...

--- But what about Jenny? ... What are you going to do with my wife?

--- I will explain... Let-s go Clint... I am running out of time.

...Clint leaves quietly with Bernie. They ride the elevator down to the garage... Bernie stands in the elevator and watches Clint leave in the rental... a grey Buick.

.....Bernie and Clint had an amicable conversation in the elevator as it descended... Clint was given some of the low down on the trouble looming... he was surprising co-operative.

...Once Bernie was sure of Clint-s departure she returned to 1205.

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2013-01-14 08:59:12
I sincerely doubt if the polpee that signed that knew what this was about. This is redistribution of the wealth ugly style. Already the city has been victimized and citizens have lost everything in this relentless drive to pack more and more illegal aliens into residences where only one has lived before. These folks have an office with OIC's S.E. community center. Probably got it free. And they are the ones who tried to get the proposition through that would basically give illegal aliens political power. Already the county is being filled with polpee fresh out of the penententiary, so these will be operatives . There has already been large amounts of stimulus money, strangely enough, for a consensus between corrections and mental health. Doesn't that sound kinda strange? Well, here's how it works. The corrections guys who can't find a job are told that if the keep an eye out for child abuse or look for mentally ill polpee they don't have to get a job. So they can't fi

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2012-03-21 13:01:43
The top 5 pizza places I've ever been to:5) The White Horse, St. Cloud Totally deeifrfnt. Small, it's on the appetizer menu, but the flavors are amazing. Take a chance on something exotic, you won't be disappointed.4) Some place I forgot on Rush Street, Chicago I tried to eat 2 pieces. Not even close. Messiest thing I ever ate, and well worth it. 3) Sammy's Pizza, Hibbing The original location has been moved, but the pizza is still simply awesome. Thin crust standard, extra sauce sometimes. Always a staple on the trip to the hometown.2) House of Pizza, St. Cloud Wow. To get any variety delivered is real good, but to eat the pizza in the restaurant with it served on the grate is amazing. You always have leftovers, and they are a treat. Best in Central Minnesota by far, in my opine.1) Red's Savoy Inn, St. Paul Hands down the best pizza I've ever had. It starts with the early 70s decor, the 5-pack-a-day older servers who always call me honey and the most amazing pizza ever.

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