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The examination was not done yet....
Dr Visit Part#2

Erin’s eyes opened widely as she grasped the sheer enormity of Dr. Thompson’s cock. It’s head was a massive mushroom shape. It almost pulsated. The doctor walked between Erin’s legs and easily slid his big cock into her. Her tight little underused pussy squeezed his large shaft as he gently slid it inside of her. He watched her mouth gape open and eyes roll up into the top of her head. She felt every inch of her insides stuffed with his manhood. He thought to himself that he was going to fuck this little thing silly.

Gentle at first he started pumping it in and out. Then faster and harder. Erin’s whole body welcomed the feeling as her pussy was pounded like never before. She begged him to jam her harder. She wanted to be ravaged. Her whole body slid back and fourth on the vinyl exam table with every in and out thrust.

The doctor knew what he was doing. He held her down pinning her to the examination table with his cock alone. She could not escape he thought if she even wanted.

Erin was about to have an orgasm when the door to the room opened. It was his assistant, Allison. Allison looked at both of them and then shook her head. She was obviously used to this kind of thing. It did not seem to surprise her. She entered and closed the door quickly.

Erin was cute and young, probably in her mid twenties. She wore conservative clothing at her job which did not show off her 34 dd breasts and round ass. She wore black framed glasses that made her look somewhat nerdy, but when they came off she was not. Her long blond hair was held up high in a tight official looking bun.

Without missing a beat the doctor asked Erin to come over and help him with his examination. Before you could blink Erin had stripped out of her clothes and now revealed a body any woman would die for. Her tight hour glass figure was tanned and smooth. She definitely looked after herself.

A shake of her head released her long flowing blond hair that stopped just above her ass crack. Allison asked the doctor what kind of examination was needed. The doctor told her a full body one.

As the doctor continued to fuck her tight begging pussy, Allison softly kissed Erin on the lips. Allison’s soft long hair covered Erin’s face and tickled her sensitive breasts and nipples.

Allison ran her long sharp nails gently up and down Erin’s body from her neck to her hips. She did not scratch her but pressed firmly. Erin’s body shuddered and wiggled as this was done.

The doctor told his assistant it was time for him to cum soon so it was her job to hold Erin down. Allison gently held her wrists so she could not move and continued to kiss her face slowly moving down to her breasts. Her rock hard nipples were nibbled on and circles were made around them with her tongue.

Erin sounded cute as she moaned quietly. This turned the doctor on even more. Every thrust into her pussy elicited a gentle unnhhhhhhhhh. The doctor watched her body from head to toe for signs of an impending orgasm. He could see her little toes curl up with every thrust he made inside of her. He watched her clench her fists and the muscles strain in her arms as his assistant held her down. Her mouth wide open and eyes closed. What was she imagining he wondered?

As an enormous amount of seed welled up inside him he held off as long as he could. He felt his heart beating faster. Almost at the point of no return. His cock hardened and engorged. Her pussy, a perfect tight fit for him. He liked smaller women. It was a sexy thing. They seemed so innocent and tight.

Just as he was ready to cum he told Erin to look at him in the eyes. She opened her eyes and stared at him. She looked so young and innocent. He grunted as he pumped her full of his juices. It felt good.

Erin felt his cum released inside of her. Her tight pussy milked out every last bit.

As he was finishing inside her Erin felt a warm sensation come over her entire body. She started shaking and breathing fast. She had never felt anything like this before. An orgasm of epic proportions was about to be released from her body. Allison could tell she was going to be loud so she placed her right hand over her mouth.

Her whole body tensed up, her back arching off the table. The doctor held her down by her arms and still pinned her by her pussy with his erect gigantic cock. Allison covered her mouth and grabbed her hair with her other hand.

Muffled cries of joy, still loud came from Erin’s covered mouth. Her hips bucked and squirmed with such power they moved the doctor who was standing against her penetrating her. This went on for a good minute. Erin’s tight little pussy and tits had never been stimulated like this before. These two knew exactly how to make her cum well.

Every inch of Erin’s little body had received a workout. All her muscled had stressed and strained as she convulsed with orgasm after orgasm from the attention.

The doctor watched somewhat satisfied and gleefully as his cum mixed with her own orgasmic juices cascaded from her tight little pussy. It flowed down the insides of her legs to her ass crack and then dripped off her and pooled on the examination table.

She lay there still convulsing every few seconds. Moans of joy came from deep inside her.

The doctor was not quite done with her. He still had five minutes until his next appointment. Her innocence and moans had turned him on so much he had to fuck her just a little bit more.

He had his assistant flip her over on her stomach on the edge of the exam table. Poor Erin’s legs were so jelloey she could not stand. His assistant held her against the table by her arms stretched. The cum that had dripped from her now soaked her stomach and made her slide a bit while face down on the edge of the table.

The doctor hardened immediately when he observed her from behind. He rounded tight ass begged to be violated. He could see she was clenching it together. It begged to be spanked. Her precious virgin little asshole was puckered tight, the entrance like a little star.

He knew this would be tighter than her pussy so he poured some lube between her crack. He watched intently as it followed the crack above her ass down over her asshole and disappeared between her legs.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and separated them. Erin tried to get up but he pressed against her with his legs. His massive cock head probed and gently fought its way into her asshole entrance. The shaft then burrowed in inch by inch. Erin cried out in pain, but begged him to continue.

Once fully entered the doctor pumped her for several minutes. The tightness of her asshole got the better of him and he ejaculated into her. Erin lay there crying. She liked the pain though. In some kinky way it turned her on. The doctor was surprised. He pumped her full of a fair quantity of cum yet again. When finished he pulled out and gave Erin a gentle smack on her right ass cheek.

He asked his assistant to get Erin dressed while he went to examination room two for the next appointment.

Dr. Thompson left. After he went, Erin and Allison kissed and fondled each other delicately. Erin rubbed Allison’s pussy through her work pants and gave her a small orgasm. With her other hand she reached around and squeezed the hardest ass she had ever felt. Her hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her warm pussy. She needed to explore this further sometime. The girls exchanged numbers and went about on their way.

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2013-07-06 05:34:29
I think you messed up with the names


2012-04-22 22:42:25
That was hotter the the 1st part and i agree i think she should get preg. and be with the nurse as well!! keep writing!!

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2012-02-13 06:31:48
both girls should get pregnant....that Dr. is obviously a man whore and fucks whoever he wants. Have the girls live together and be pregnant at the same time.....he should fuck the shit out of his assistant with Erin helping....

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2012-02-12 08:26:28
Both the girls should get pregnant and live with the doctor and raised the kids! Parents by day and fuck buddies by night, happily in love ^^

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2012-02-11 09:20:18
I hope part#3 has Erin pregnant with the doctors baby...

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