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My Bully fucks my mom
The majority of my life I was a loser, a short, skinny, redhead (ginger) kid. You could best describe me as wimpy. I had been home schooled by my mom (44) (who was also a tutor) for most of my life, however as I had no social life my dad thought it would be a good idea for me to spend the last year of education in a public school (which was right around the corner from my home) to attempt to make friends, I had no real decision in the matter. My dad was a sports freak and always tried to enter me into some kind of team, but I had no interest, so I rarely spoke to him. He thought this idea of public school would make me more “normal”. Since I was home schooled I had no friends, this made me and my mom extremely close and we would do everything together. My mom could be described as a MILF, she had short blond hair, big tits (38DD) and a fat ass, she was the main source of masturbation for me. When we used to go out I noticed both men and boys the same age as me (17) stare at her and shuffle with their cocks, almost trying to say “look what I’m packing”, I tried to not take notice as it angered me.
I had been attending public school for around 3 weeks, and there was a boy named Sean who picked on just about everyone besides his 3 to 4 friends. He looked intimidating he was tall, had black hair (skinhead) and was well built. I despised this asshole he would always call me “ginger” and slap me on the back of the head. The only thing I had over him was intelligence; he was a retard and would only be in school twice a week as the other 3 days he went out with his uncle to help re furbish houses around the local area, it was part of his course. Every time I walked pass him he was bragging to his friends about how he fucked all these girls, he was a bit crazy I once noticed him once take a bottle of vodka out of his bag a take a swig.
The first few months of school was hell, but I was doing pretty well and was passing with flying colours therefore I was looking forward to the parents evening meeting later that night. Both my parents would usually turn up but my mom and dad had a huge argument and my dad temporarily moved out to give my mom some space, however temporarily turned into 5 months. I was standing in the hall waiting on my mom to come down the stairs so we could head off to the parents evening. As she walked down the stairs my cock got stiff, she was wearing a skin tight skirt emphasising her fat ass and a tight fitting sleeveless shirt which showed a bit of cleavage, her tits jiggled as she walked down the stairs. I had to pretend to scratch my leg to head the rock in my pants, “ready darling?” mom asked “yep” I replied, I let my mom walk out the door first to get a glimpse of her ass, it was bouncing and swaying side to side I almost came on the spot.
Everything went well in the meeting, besides the few dozen boys staring at my mom, but on the plus side I didn’t see Sean, but as we were walking down the hall, BOOM, Sean walked out the of a classroom with his uncle. I seen him grin and bit his lip as he looked at my mother, he said to his uncle “ill met you in the car” as he approached us. “Hello Buddy” I was shocked and confused, “Hi Sean” I replied with a confused look upon my face, “are you not going to introduce me?” mom replied while giggling, “this is Sean mom”, Sean offered his hand to my mom and my mom shoke his hand, I noticed Sean stare at my moms tits as they bounced, “I am one of your sons closest friends Mrs. Stevens”, “Really?, he hasn’t told me he mad any friends”, by this point I was really baffled. My mother then asked Sean how his parents teacher meeting went, and started to sing my praises on how well I was doing, “Well it was ok” he replied “most of the time I’m out with my uncle re furnishing and mending houses in the local area”, “Really?!” mom asked “theirs actually I few things around are home that need fixed up” (I thought to myself only If dad didn’t move out there wouldn’t be anything in the house in need of repair). Sean told my mom that him and his uncle could show up tomorrow afternoon and fix up a few things. “That would be great!” mom said. “Bye Bud” Sean said with a sinister smile on his face while he walked away.
The next day in school I seen Sean, he approached me and said “hello ginger, cant wait to mend a few things round in your house today, I never knew your mom was such a MILF, wouldn’t mind fucking that fat ass, hahaha”, I was infuriated but knew I couldn’t do anything as he would pulverise me, he slammed me against the wall and walked away. When I got home later that day, I was greeted by mom “Hi honey, how was school?” “Ok” I replied. Mom was wearing skinny jeans (her ass looked so good in them, I thought it was going to bust out of them) and a vest top which was very loose around the cleavage and if she bent over her jugs nearly fell out, the look of mom got me horny, so I went up and had a quick jerk over her. I was lying in bed after tugging my cock and I heard to door bell ring. I jumped up and sprinted down the stairs, when I opened the door there was Sean standing in a pair of paint stained overalls with a tool box, “where’s your uncle?” I asked, he shoved me out of the way “move fucktard, hello Mrs. Stevens it’s Sean”, Mom exited the kitchen to greet Sean “Hi Sean”, Sean explained to my mother that his uncle was sick (yeah right I thought). Mom explained to Sean what needed to be mended, and Sean carried out the work, now and again he would look at my mom’s tits and ass while shifting his cock. When I went to the bathroom I overheard Sean talking to my mom about education and how he would need help in his studies, my mom told him that she was a personal tutor at that she could assist him in his studies. When I exited the bathroom mom told me Sean would becoming round the next few days for some help in his school work, Fuck I thought to myself this assholes trying to bang my mom.
The next day when I arrived home Sean and Mom were laughing together. I noticed that Sean kept asking how to solve this problem and do this equation as every time he did, my mom would bend over to look at the question and her 38 DD’s would dangle in his face. I noticed he would also drop his pen so my mom would pick it up and her ass would be right in his face, I was so pissed and just wanted him to get of my house.
The next day in school I had seen Sean laugh with some of his friends and thrusting while showing them something on his phone. As he walked towards me he said “your mama’s got the best piece of ass I have ever seen” and revealed what was on his phone it was a picture of my moms ass that he must of took when he dropped his pen.
I had to stay back in school for about 90minutes to complete some work a teacher asked me to do. On my way home I remembered Sean was going to be in my house again for another tutor lesson with my mom, my heart sank and I began to sprint to my house, and then thought to myself nothings going to happen he just an asshole bully who speaks vulgar about women and my mom has always said to me the thing she despises most in the world is bullies, so I began to walk again. When I entered my home I walked to the kitchen to say hello to mom, but as I walked in she wasn’t there, then I heard talking from my mom’s room. I quickly rushed upstairs and noticed the door was slightly open as I peered through I was shocked to see Sean grinding his cock of my mom’s fat ass while grabbing her large tits. He said “get on your knees bitch” and my mom did, my dick started to tingle and get hard as I was about to see my bully, my tormenter the person I hate most on this earth fuck my mom. My mom took of her shirt and bra to unleash her massive jugs my dick instantly got hard and I started to jerk off. Sean started to grab and squeeze her tits. My mom began to rub her hands up Sean’s body, and lowered them to his belt “what have you got for me” she said undoing his belt and pants. She then pulled down his pants and boxer shorts, her eyes light up, as a huge piece of meat dangled in front of her face, my jaw dropped at the shear size of his meat pole, this must of been at least 8inch flaccid. “Fuck me Sean that’s huge! What a nice big dick you have” she said as she slowly jerked his member. “Wrap your lips round that salami, you dirty MILF” Sean said, “my pleasure” mom replied. She started to suck and gag his cock down her throat and cough as he grabbed her hair and forced his cock down her throat. “Hhmm slurp slurp, Hhmm are you getting bigger for mommy?” I didn’t think it was possible his cock could get bigger but as he slide it out of my moms throat it was at least 11-12inches, it glistened with my moms saliva, his head was around 4inches alone Sean was Hung! He started to laugh as he rested his cock on my moms face it covered her entire face, he began slapping his dick on moms face, “hahaha, you like that pork?” he said. He then grabbed my moms fat tits and thrusted his cock in between them, moms body was shaking he was thrusting so hard, I continued to wank my 6inch cock. Sean then lifted my mom and bent her over with her palms on the wall. He teased her pussy with his huge knob. He didn’t even use his hands to push his dick in my mom’s pussy, he rammed it all the way down my mom’s tight cunt, “AHHHHH!” she screamed in pleasure but in obvious pain also. He started to pound my mom’s pussy; he grabbed her hips and was slamming her. Her fat ass checks were rippling with the force of the pounding. “AHHHH, YEAH, YEAH, FUCK ME WITH YOUR FUCKING HORSE COCK!” Mom screamed. Sean grabbed moms hair and pulled it back while saying “you like me fucking your pussy, don’t you?” “YEAH, STRETCH MY CUNT!” Mom replied. Sean slide his cock out of mom’s pussy and lifted her. Her arms were around his neck and legs wrapped round his body, he began to slam mom against the wall, the entire house was shaking, mom’s tights were bouncing and jiggling as she begged for more “YEAH, YEAH, HARDER, HARDER!” His cock was being buried into mom’s pussy. Mom’s face was clenched in pleasure and slight pain, then I seen Sean’s face clench, “Get on your knees slut! I’m goanna cum!” Mom dropped to her knees as Sean wanked his horse dick, “Gimmie all that cum honey” “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, IM CUMMING! AHHH!” Huge spurts of thick white cum shot form his cock and splattered all over mom’s face “Hmmm, that’s a good boy”. His cum was so thick it shut moms eyes shut. I seen Sean take a picture of mom’s face covered in his cream. “I think I need some help for maths Mrs. Stevens’s hahaha” “No problem hun” mom giggled

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Good write next story

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Please make a sequel dude. Don't change anything! Make seans uncle come over and fuck his mom too!!! Story is so hot!

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